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Compassion is subjective without action

Campus police mobilised over wrongthink fliers... This is real life

>Implying you've read non approved materials
> marked for re education internment

I thought it was 800k dreamers

Iron Ann went full RWDS?

That's still hundreds of views. Hopefully enough to get some PR buzz

Plebbit is cuckville

Not a free speeh platform

8 pol too

Jews just making shows about their own childhood now? How narcisstic

It amazes me how rapidly these Kikes have completely invaded the web based media

Stuff like this makes me think jews have no souls

Like you have a free pass to make anything and you make an ugly cartoon about yourself masturbating

jew summer camp is pretty much a jewish institution

The jew names himself. vice to deny them clickbucks

The more fat dykes and purple haired soygoys turn out for this thr better PR for us

It takes so much effort to be deliberately retarded on the race question

Sargon the Cuck stole kek symbolism from the chans for his personality cult and for this heresy he will be struck down by divine vengeance.

I haven't had the opportunity to watch it yet

Sounds like she has nothing except drama. F for the doxxed

California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI)

there's going to be some liberal butthurt come monday morning!

Triggering school admin into signal amplifying is the ultimate flier win

One in the oven

That's glorious

They get off on being persecuted but it might shut em up

6 million is straight up made up based on "demographic" data which is known to be wildly inaccurate (by some figures no jews died). It's actually used for numerological reasons because jew are superstitious about numbers

6,000,000 being the number who need to disappear to return them to the holy land

Individualists defined by ideology.... Ironically that requires dramatically less freedom of thought than ethnic identity.

Inb4 it's a maga wolf gril

tfw time is cyclical and it's actually 4000BC

Rules exist for pragmatic brand reasons not just feels

At least I assume that was me. Took em a while to say anything and apparently they are looking for the "author" which seems pretty clueless.

Typical empty virtue signaling bluster

But it does suggest the fliers were up for quite some time.

Whites are only 30% of the student body

Her parents being garbage is no doubt how she got the way she is

The full quote from the CSUCI article is " we will not allow outsiders or outliers to undermine our commitment to inclusive excellence.Β " which is reaching levels of transparent hypocrisy that shouldn't even be possible

I want to make a banner that says "outsiders undermine inclusion -- Erika Beck"

America reminds me of rohan in LOTR before they remember who they are

Drowned in gibbering nihilism and unable to even mourn their own dead

Well he lives literally inside their territory

Breeds mixed race armies

Stirs up barbarian hill people invaders by claiming they are oppressed

Subverts the king

The white pill here is that despite all that they wake up and win.

More deleted comments than undeleted comments. I'll say that's a whitepill.

If the jews keep this up social media will just be a POC circlejerk within a few years and whites will be forced into more radical platforms.

I knew by how freaked out npr was that this was gonna be gud

They get shoahd from campus rapidly

Social media gives greater exposure and provokes more of an overreaction from the school admins

They want to press vandalism charges for stickers.

Also a teacher literally took a sticker down and now shows it to all her students. Great free pr.


When jews run the world following where jews put their money is just smart.

Harass white students through newsletters, race bait, and organize anti white speaking events.

Because conservatives were too individualist and thought institutions weren't important

The normie world doesnt understand how to deal with trolling irl. It's become the ultimate power.

Yeah I looked it up once. Nothing indicating he is although he could be crypto. More likely just your basic cuckservative.

That's somewhat tailored to you.

Google now knows you

Yes sorta but cia is pretty incompetent. Our saving grace is the incompetence of our corrupt institutions

Make no mistake Russia plays the game for their own benefit. But currently supporting nationalism abroad helps undermine the global cabal.

@PicBoy very nice, very calm and collected

strong points but not aggressive tone or optics

Liberals' god is equality. So from a certain point of view....

T&E nationalism

I'm not aware of any rules saying ie members can't do independent activism as long as it is not represented as ie

Trump is using recent terrorist attack to push for ending chain migration.

If you still have siege packet material left then sure


r/the_donald is becoming new /pol/

This is excellent

Jews as an ethnicity have a much higher incidence of homosexuality

a glimpse into the scope of the IOKTBW campaign

You're going to have to download it

Not my oc

Build wall. Deport all illegals. Watch wages rise dramatically

Euegene needs to be bullycided

They literally will deny anything we talk about. This is very exploitable.

Northern modern poland is Prussia. Prussia's spirit lives on.

Pathological victims projecting the cause of their self loathing onto external circumstances.

Assault banners

Half chan is shilled to hell ever since Soros found out they were the real Russian trolls

Someone needs to clone iron ann and birth the child.

Taylor Swift is funnier imo

It would trigger the crap out of people after the nazi scandal

Had a long face to face conversation about race realism last night with an old friend who finds it morally detestable. But the conversation still happened and by the end he "appreciated my perspective" and consented he might come around to the idea in time. We are winning by inches!

should we expect a crazy surge in bitcoin unlinked to other crypto prices?

before they dump it? or is that exactly what we are seeing now?

Go buy that kid a beer and test him for redpill acceptance potential.

That comment "using your privilege for good" literally weaponized guilt

@Alexander-IA check out 16:50 where they discuss the relationship between disgust and authoritarianism

we can use that memetically

inducing disgust induces a desire for authoritarianism

it's actually the reason why the chans are /our chans/

infiltired content induces disgust and triggers the authoritanian program

Someone tweet them the south park where space jews are snorting cocaine as where the money went.

It hasnt gotten better largely b/c his gf left him for jamal

Evropa Memories is πŸ‘Œ

^ pretty great. Very impartial from what I skimmed. exhaustively sourced.

Race is like those digital 3d visuals where you have to defocus to see it. Before you learn to see it it's all just random. But once you see it it's undeniable.

Gattaca is about an untermench kike selfishly subverting the social order to gain privileges he doesn't deserve.

It is mailed out in batches when there are funds for it. Currently I think we switched tactics to large banner drops. Some local guys may have some left over for you.

It's a troll tweet

Exploiting poe's law

Or they can IVF huwhite babies into her womb

(Which btw is a meme we should encourage imo)

Reach out and show support. It will embolden his rhetoric if he knows people are hearing and supportive.

Its just a social engineering tactic to make it appear like there is mass consensus

James' ex has gotta be real salty about now

How do we applaud this Chad Weed CEO?

There is still ripple

She's right about how memes work but it'll never get through to them. The curse of being that one smart black woman among her own people.

So many uses for ethereum

But transaction speed limits are a problem.

Jew mods must keep their cuck heard penned

Enlighten her

Hungary is now Full

Tumor is a national hero as far as I'm concerned. Tumor for Nancy Pelosi 2018

Virgin tier sign too

Salty no coiners get out reeeeeeee

I do some machine learning light for work and have a masters in data science from Berkeley

I can answer basic questions

It's a lot of hype concealing a clever compilation of basic techniques but a very powerful concept once understood.

It's most useful applications involve large datasets. Currently there are innumerable opportunities for application. The limiting factor is usually expertise and leadership buy in.

Even still one of the most widely applied machine learning techniques is linear regression.

This fact reveals the simplicity at the core of the concept.

Its a beautiful simplicity though and there is a growing library of well documented algorithms for various applications. Even still > 80% of the work is just wrangling the data and pre processing.

If you want to learn check out look at winning solutions for problems that interest you.

For coding I recommend "anacondas" python distribution.

Comes with lots of machine learning and data wrangling libraries pre installed.

Getting involved in a project is another good way to learn.

My major stakes atm are ripple and bch.

I thought I'd write my thoughts on crypto trading for consideration and critique.
I call my trade approach Parity Plus Advantage

The basic idea of the Parity part is that all things being equal in long run all major cryptos should be roughly equal in market cap value. You can use this to evaluate a parity price of different currencies. For example ripple has 100 billion units. Bitcoin has 21 million. If bitcoin is worth 15k then ripple parity is 3.15.

The Advantage part is the idea that in long run cryptos with technical advantage in speed security and utility should steal market cap from other cryptos.

For example ethereum is faster and has more utility than bitcoin so we should expect ethereum to exceed bitcoin in parity price in long run. How much is a soft estimate.

Using these methods I've decided to hold bitcoin cash and ripple. But if these are priced past parity I may sell out.

I think btc bcc eth ltc xrp are the majors

But that may change with new comers

I'd consider anything with over 10 billion to be major currency.

I'm saying if they stay in use then they'll get closer in value in long run minus structural advantages

For example. Let's assume bitcoin and ripple are equally useful. Then ripple should be worth 3.15. It's priced at 1.6. That's a buy. Now let's consider structural advantages. Is ripple more or less useful than btc? I'd say more useful. So that's an added margin of comfort. End result: ripple is a buy, btc is a sell

Calculating parity gives you a baseline to start evaluating advantages or disadvantages

The presidency

The property values on every street named Martin Luther King

Star wars


Venezuela is launching "petro" a crypto backed by $250 billion in oil

That's a major challenge to financial system. Something to watch carefully

My county paper freaked out over siege at local university so much so a smaller publication called them out for over reacting and double standards.

ripple has the most solid real business application to date tackling trillions in international bank transfers, offering a lower cost and more secure alternative to the SWIFT system

it has done this by being in bed with the banks

all the authorative ripple servers are owned by financial institutions. This means it's only distributed among banks, not among the public. However, this also is an advantage in the sense that it's reliably transactable for normal currencies.

Ripple also as far more units that bitcoin. It will be priced at parity with bitcoin around $3.20

I use coinbase for BTC<->USD

and bittrex for BTC <-> other currencies

I would recommend Bitcoin Cash (BCH) over Bitcoin atm

Ethereum is also a solid platform although a little pricey.

read this to prepare for next level cyberwar in 2018

2018 the year old school liberal media dies in a firey bankruptcy inferno and neo liberal social media titans systematically destroy their own brands to stamp out wrongthink

I have sold out of ripple in favor of bch

Maybe carl was cucked one too many times

I think we are being purged from social media and need to fight back. False flag identity is a method.

Creating a separate computer login that has separate emails and social media would strengthen your false flag identity significantly

I think strategically the idea is to burn social media to ground and force migration

I could generate a script to run a browser through a template to help automate spoofing

You still need to setup the emails and accounts though

I think signing into a fake Gmail account while browsing google would be enough to generate a fake signature

The browsing could be automated

And money

They'll want to avoid purging their ad revenue click cows

I have 10k bet bch will reach parity

But will they expel the current rapegugees?

Parents with hyphenated last names

My 10k crypto currency fund is all from crypto gains. I cashed out my initial investment already.

This is natural selection at work

Looking to buy raiden tokens and cheezuz is it painful to transact outside exchanges. Probably speaks to underlying problems with bottlenecking. part of why im in BCH and RDN.

Wine facial

Transaction fees on ethereum running at about $2.10 per transaction.

My sister in law runs her own tutoring center. Snowballed from private highschool tutoring. She mostly just keeps them focused and shields them from neurotic parents.

She's started to sub out subjects she doesn't want to teach personally

Real money is in test prep though. most parents want to see certifications and high test scores from you to prove you're worth the price.

I don't know about sbd but the exchanges I use to cash out only allow cash out in BTC/BCC/Litecoin/Ethereum

There are a lot of exchanges though so it's hard to say

Ending Indian presence would help tech work so much

Everyone esp immigrants agree their countries are shitholes

Esp indians

>Haiti and El Salvador are not shitholes
>Haitian and El Salvadorians must stay in usa because their countries of origin are dangerous and impoverished
Pick one

Lololol this is why despite the cucking trump is best thing to happen to usa since Jackson

That's a pretty strong relationship for sociological data.

We cant have two kings of madagascar what with Steve miller

The candidate said that he hoped his daughters do not grow up to be β€œcareer obsessed banshees who forgo home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils who shriek from the top of a thousand tall buildings they are [SIC] think they could have leaped in a single bound β€” had men not been β€˜suppressing them.’ It’s just nuts.”

Lol btfo by their own spytech startups

Pointer math

Add data type size to array pointer to access each char

Assuming your language won't let you index the array like a normal person

That's all indexes are anyway. Array pointer + index * data type size

I think you have to use &array to let it know you're treating the array like a bit literal

Ok do this for c++ *(array+2) to get value

Array + 2 for mem address reference

refuse to use enemy terms

it's like fighting on terrain they've entrenched and prepared

make them fight on your terrain

I actually cheered when I saw it land on the livestream at work

I truly believe space is what can bring europeans together in a non combative way

That's spicey

SF is going to become a shithole once all the whites and asians leave

Orlando Rees... the memes are time traveling again....

majority of movie revenue is now sales outside US

black protagonists rarely do well in asia market which is largest

so they fact they even made this movie at this budget means it was at least partially a propoganda piece not profit motivated

even if it does super well in america it'll tank in asia and overall be a lost profit opportunity

ie memorial opportunity

>A test that measures people on capacity to agree with npr finds npr listeners score highest

>Meanwhile people who think paying 80,000 to be taught subjective Marxist bullshit is a bad deal are retards

No one says that. It's their internalized shame

This israeli is advocating aborting more white babies because of school shooter. Please inform her shooter was jewish and mental illness is a genetic mental trait

pic related

I've always hated the academic concept that if you cite enough sources (even if they are utterly unsourced themselves) that what you're saying is more plausible. It's extremely Talmudic.

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