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Hi all. I love Elle Reev 😃

I just sent in my dues, @Apollo

We’re having one in GA

Taking it with us keeps Antifa from claiming a victory by taking it, themselves

They’re identitarian, but not GI (yet)

Great music. Good aesthetics. The video Leaves one wanting more, which is good.

Reminder: you’re getting cyber bullied by Jack ^

It’s better to hold it, anyway. Pictures are way more powerful with people in them. Can’t wait to see!

And you can’t even make out your faces

Having people out there is much more powerful, and you don’t even have to worry about getting doxed

They look great

When you don’t take your banners with you, you allow the left to have small victories like this. Learning experience.

Let’s not give our enemies ANY victories.

Lol I thought he was wearing rain boots

A little bit of smart activism can have a huge return

“Identity Evruope”

And, as we’ve broken from other public figures in the “alt-right,”, our reputation and image has improved ten-fold

“Only we can be us”

All the right people on our side

All the wrong ones... in other groups 😉

Tbh, any news that makes the distinction between Identitarians like us and the rest of the alt-right more apparent to the average person is good

IE is where quality people go

Make him join IE 😉


You should get some shots with activists in them in the future. From that distance, facial features can’t be made out, and it adds a personalizing effect to see people with the banner

Yahoo picked it up as well

Why pay to be popular online when you can be mad online for free?

Like, who needs a brand?

We don’t need people to be able to find us or anything

Why does Starbucks even need a logo?

Trump hotels? Just call it “Hotels”

Wish I had one of those IE badges they were talking about

Operation Homeland guérillas in Charlottesville rn

Thanks for red-pilling the students, school

Come back and save us.

His own video disproves his comment

We clearly all walked away

“Be careful. Nazis like to hide razor blades under the Parthenon.”

Which part of Germany are you in? @Valaska

I can put you in touch with people there, if you aren’t already.

They’re sowing discord between Spencer and us

Of course, we don’t really mind this...

It don’t *ever* get the idea that the SPLC is going to be in the business of admiring, or helping us. They always have a motive

They’re just taking advantage of it

Make them locally

If you order in big batches, it’s not too expensive

Great thread

A perfect way to be proactive

Faith Goldy RT'd

Don’t leave banners behind, friends.

Sheeiit i was just in Berlin

Yeah, really great action.

Always assume someone is watching

That bridge picture is excellent

@NITRODUBS Tall girls in short skirts are supremely powerful

Embrace it

“Legs too long” humble brag

This is literally me

Problem on your end @celticflame

The chad @NITRODUBS and the Virgin bf

Our soft side?

Fred Perry polos

AfS won’t get anywhere near that. It’s the Sweden Democrats who are the nationalist party polling high. AfS is much smaller, and much newer.

Big dox of Atlanta Antifa, who have given us a lot of trouble.

Much more to come.

Definitely a white pill for me 😃

Reminder not to become obsessed with fringe-right conspiracy theory, folks. It’ll drive you crazy.

Eh, in a way they’re right. The Dems are ruled by the Old Boys to a similar extent that the republicans are. It’s Why Bernie got screwed.

The democratic voting base is moving left much faster than the party.

Abrams may well win it. Hard to say. Regardless, GA is going to be one of the next white-minority states. It stands at about 54% right now. Likely lower in reality, as census is coming up.

Atlanta is whitening quickly though.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN You can have your preference, but the facts are that the cities are by and large whitening, and suburbs are not. And if you are someone who has a desire to live in a rural county somewhere, understand that such counties are the easiest to flip demographically. Some can literally be flipped with a few section 8 apartment complexes.

@Goose Yes, unfortunately, which is why people like us need to do it.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Cities are places of power and influence. Suburbs are where community goes to die, and it’s by design.

I won’t pretend that American cities are bastions of community, but before the government intentionally busted up white ethnic neighborhoods, they were

You had mentioned suburbs earlier

My outlook is really *only* positive regarding cities. Suburbs everywhere are darkening. Try going out to the countryside, and tell me what you see. When I do it, I see meth face and trailers.

I’m not trying to be insulting, but American country communities are far from healthy.

I like the country, believe me!

Regardless of where our future lies, we’re going to have to find our way together, and not as individuals.

That ship has sailed

@Logan Atlanta Antifa has never been suspended on twitter, but someone doxxed all of them, after they’ve given us a lot of trouble.

Nice to see their PayPal shut down

Saw an interesting painting today

@Papa Pizzagate I knew I recognized it from someplace...

Personally, I’m a Jason Jorjani Loyalist. That is my ideology.

I’m an Esoteric-Jorjanist

@Flint I’m late but it’s “gee-yay” (g-pronunciation like “Guy”)

@FACINEMA As social conditions continue to deteriorate, and when the economy inevitably does as well, it will be the communities we build that help to sustain us. These don’t just pop up out of nowhere, though. It’s up to us to put in the hard work so that we may weather the storm. We should all be taking steps to live more closely together, to help each other when we need it, and to start businesses together.

The solutions to all of our problems are going to be much more complex than going “trad” out in the countryside. That is simply unrealistic for many people (and frankly, unappealing to me, personally).

It’s up to us to provide an example for our people, and that’s a great task and privilege. It won’t be easy. Just as communism and fascism provided answers to the questions of industrialization, we have to provide the answers that our people seek to the questions of our age.


Wtf I love modern art now!

@OMGDwayne All of the problems that the West is facing today go far beyond the effects of Jewish influence. We all know that Jews are over represented in left-wing circles, but all of the laws you mentioned could never have passed without the support of White leftists, liberals, and in some cases, even conservatives. If you become obsessed with blaming one group of people for issues that they only played a part in, you risk alienating the types of people we’d like to appeal to.

It’s a very 1.0 approach to things. As Identitarians (and Identitarian isn’t just a new word for WN), we have to focus on leading by positive example, developing healthy, Identitarian instincts within our people, and crafting sound Identitarian philosophy and political solutions. Even if everyone were “Jew-aware” tomorrow, and there were no Jewish representation or influence in the US govt, we’d still have the average sociopathic White US politician to deal with.

@sigruna14 Rhetorical practice aimed at swaying an audience could be useful.

@Evan Thomas It’s “White GeNOcide,” borther

Get real, buddy.

No rules against snakes.

@Alex Kolchak - NY Even the term “optics” fails to capture what the issue is actually about. “Good optics” implies that we can just put a new, fresh coat of paint on worn out White Nationalist ideas, and expect to win people over.

With this in mind, it should be no surprise that IE is growing, and optics honestly has little to do with it. We’re crafting our own aesthetic, and our own movement in a disciplined way, with the best people.

“Confront Anti-White Hatred”

One could even say “Anti-American” to reframe anti-white hatred as anti-American

@Andrew-KY Identitarianism and white nationalism are different things. “White Identitarian” isn’t a term we use, and Identitarian philosophy is not just white nationalism rebranded.

I don’t want to come off as rude, just informative.

Martin Sellner provides a great overview of identitarianism in his YouTube videos. The basics of the philosophy, however, are the ideas of “multi-level” identities (local, regional, national, racial), and the idea of ethnopluralism.

It’s important that we aren’t just rebranded white nationalists

We have to live a new philosophy, and believe in what we’re espousing

It’s up to us to determine what identitarianism will look like in the US, but the foundation of the philosophy has fortunately been laid for us by the European groups.

Being fit and wearing clothes that fit properly is more or less uniform enough. Aside from that, a stand-out T-shirt does the job well.

Suits get to be too... stuffy, old.

It takes one guy in an ill-fitting suit to ruin a picture

Some of us look best in nothing

If I’m going to be called a Nazi, I’d rather be called a hipster Nazi than a suit and tie nazi

Hands crossed in front is bad body language

Always avoid!

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