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Combine this book with The Art of the Deal and some basic NLP and you've got the social tactics that won Trump the presidency. http://elibrary.bsu.az/books_400/N_232.pdf

I should get Molyneux's book tomorrow

Any advice for choosing a niche for affiliate marketing ? I'm trying to create some residual income so I can free up my time.

How hard are private message boards to create? We should be able to get a cookie cutter version and make our own.

It's really easy although I'm not sure of the price. There's templates we can use to create an app. Then we just download it.

Money = Freedom

Well it certainly makes it easier

Well thankfully we're not white supremacists. We're identitarians.

Couple more here

Thank you sir

Hey is there any way I can get some of the Greek themed flyers "only we can be us" and so on?

I'm going to gently siege the strip

Yeah I'm going to try for that as well. The strip has so many cameras and cops. I work there as well so I have to be really careful.

The phrase is wearing thin

Anyone study NLP in here?

21 months for The Weiner!

Damn you guys did a lot!

Great job!

My cousin went there for Neurology and came back a total libtard...

@Deleted User well she has two white kids in New York City. They may be liberal but they're not degenerates.

Personally think that fun level in terms of our movement is a must. Of course I.E. is not a s**t posting group. We're real identitarian activists.

Oh the fun

The Lols

What do you guys think of memorizing lines and arguments and going out to a campus with a megaphone? These flyers take up space and show that we're active. But are we really recruiting that many people from it?

I'm just saying have no problem going to an open campus and practicing my free speech. All the flyers were taken down after about 3 hours at UNLV. I was going to flyer the strip and then the shooting happened.

Maybe do both? I guess I could get doxed by doing that.

But yeah just talking points of course

My brother just had a kid. He told me he wants ten lol

My brother got into Mensa with 135. His wife is probably 150+. My brother was also on the PGA tour for a bit and drove the ball 310. This kids going to have some serious genetics.

lol He said he's poked holes in all his condoms. He gonna try for as many as possible.

I need to get on it. Trad life goals.

As they advertise for La Raza wow

Not an argument!

Anyone have some white pills their haven't shared yet? I need some at the moment.

McCain! Lol I can't believe I voted for that guy.

Yeah I agree. We could probably take Montana if we all moved there.

I voted for him for president. I was 19.

Is anyone in IE running for anything?

I'm proud as hell to have Austrian blood right now.

Oh I can't stand that guy...

It's like she listens to our people or something

Looks like Catalonia is celebrating.

If this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will loll


We know what those marks are.

I might do this. I was thinking of getting sticker paper and printing out some small memes. Like four on a page. Just keep them in my pocket and put them up in random places.

He's just calibrating so his channels survive.

Non IE people posting at UNLV

Just put up 50 or so of these around UNLV with @Cardiff.

That is correct

It's war.

Apparently UNLV claims to be the most diverse university in the country.

A good book to read if you're interested mate selection theory from an evolutionary psychology perspective is The Evolutionary of Desire by David M. Buss.

We should start putting a # in front so we can get them plugged into our online stuff.

I sent that to some people. Wake up world.

Portland used to be such a great city... Then the hispter retards came in and ruined it.

Are we ever going to make a list of arguments and rebutles for the alt right? I think it would really help our movement if everyone was openly speaking about these topics and had a hand book detailed with what to say. Your interview was very safe, but I think that it also gained some ground and maybe a bit of sympathy.

Oh ok. Yeah I think that would be useful.

Ok awesome

Yeah. The old church next to the house I grew up in is now a mosque.

@Deleted User alright I'll take a look

Today we are all Polish.

BOOM!! Austria for the win!

Theyโ€™re all communists

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