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I had no idea you did this. Looks great.

why can't wood look like wood?

hello fellow white man

I hate it when they say 'far right'!

it's meant to make most people pass them over. They're not far right, they're just nationalist.

what happened?

@Cait_Bradshaw - MA unironic love of elle reev

Poster today with that newspaper headline and "sounds like you've had a little to much to think".

they'll be easier to use as political pawns.

chimpouts and whatnot have been shown to have very little effect on people's beliefs.

our movement has to get past that idea.

look at all the black riots in the sixties to nineties. were civil rights rolled back even a little?

but more likely to form a riot or roaming mobs of looters.

^ gotta go back

Pepe's getting jealous.

I've been inspired to give a rabbit react to all pics here now regardless of wildlife in the pics.

I've noticed the same. they keep trying a new one to see if it sticks, to see if the latest round of propaganda will work better. racist, then nazi, now white supremacist. what's next?

unapologetic person of pallor

virgin security guard vs chad white supremacist πŸ‡

at least you learned to not oppress while being white

I see the racial separatist flag there!

check out twitter's takeaknee hashtag and poast replies like this to tweets:

old hickory branch? very trad.

do you have 'little free libraries' outside MN? We have a local member who leaves cards in those.

how'd that rally go? how many showed up?

chosen college

Like the urban riots after civil rights and integration led to a backlash? It didn't, and this will do nothing as well if we don't make it. People respond how they're taught to respond. We have to tell them what to think about this.

Spain is in Evrope

tell them to get tranny cheerleaders to be even more #woke

Nathan or Eli should make a personal call to any member that get married or has a kid.

It escalates. one is a phone call, four is .... I don't know.

a field guide. knowing the difference could save your life.

I said she should have got sam hyde on there.

put it on your resume

extra-curriculars: intolerance

interesting. I'd be afraid that they'd ask me what I did.

"where do you see yourself in five years?" "literally hitler"

dang. what were your key performance metrics?

number of posters hung? banners dropped? hate crimes commited?

real suit and tie nazi here ^

That video was seriously funny.

What can these guys really do? you tell them ice is at your door, what do they do? Send in their own security team to protect you? They prob just tell you how to act and document it.

you could give them false info about where to send legal assistance.

you'd waste your own time just as much

if we can get them to send lawyers to far off places, it's worth our time

get them to send lawyers to far off jails

speak in german

talk about how scared you are to go back

request: post the tweet url so that I can click, retweet it.

I'll find this one, but in general it would be nice

wow. and this is a non-political group?

The white supremacist fall collection.

Awesome banners!

maybe have a close up of the banner when you made it as well, on the ground, so that people can see exactly what it say when you tweet it out

yeah, that better make the news

you should contact all the places near you, posing as a hysterical pussy-hatter

smaller rags too, like oc weekly

but it sounds like you want to wait first?

would they prefer a tiki torch in a book? nitwits.

don't you know it's 2017? People are revolting against the modern world.

ok, I sent them a story idea using the two socal banner drops

linked the tweets of them

Wow! I didn't look at the full sized photo until you said that!


hello fellow generation zyklon

^virgin walk emoji

I would have said 'boomer scum your time is done'

optics πŸ”

anyone got that news story of some guy who put a racist poster on some arab's door and went to prison?

it's pretty much so we don't get our discord shoah'd again.

I'd avoid windshields. private property.

creepy, also legal trouble since it can be considered harassment if the owner is non-white or something.

pretty cool though

daytime hours

motivation? invitation!

white supremacy would be: 'your destiny is ours'. which would be funny.

Very positive response to my question about resettlement at MN governor's forum today. Even normies see what's up and want people to say it.

for some people, it feels good to lie to people and get away with it. to tell them ludicrous things knowing that they can't deny them.

squawker reads like an alt-right gawker

how do we make it? well, opposite that it was created. deportations, affirmative action for white people.

good choice. chess is huwhite.

check out that based white banner

why would action, leadership, and identity trigger them?

The triggerings will continue until demographics improve.

valhalla. perfect.

"Bernhard is a parent of a college-aged student, so she says this fight is personal." They taught my baby about white identity! 😒

category 4 toxic whiteness

meh. he knows there's nothing we can do.

nice. I left a comment.

I don't think Murdoch's Jewish. You sure about that?

I've seen a writer I trust insist he's not jewish

I'm really sick of people just saying anyone/anything they don't like is jewish.

don't get me started on (((rideshare lanes))) on hiways...

got a few more coming too

Eden Prairie, MN


@Deleted User actually led this drop

it's a fun news article, but try not to push this too far. There's a mountain of evidence for OoA and you sound like a flat earther if you really insist that humans all came from europe.

This morning I dropped a banner with my local group. My first time doing this. Later I met up with a local business owner who had some trouble after word got out that he gave to david duke's campaign. He's an awesome guy and plans on opening his bar back up .... but needs staff he can trust. Then took him to a bbq at a member's house. great time had by all. I then articulated my plan to use the 2018 election as a platform for our group to advance white identity. The ethnostate starts in Minnesota.

so how'd losing your job really go down? one call saying you're a nazi and you were out?

you guys had a meet up yet?

tell him, "prove it"

show us how it's done

@reactionarytree cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

You wear this to a school? What kind of school is like that?

very cool

I couldn't imagine wearing an ie pin into a school. amazed that he likes it.

yeah, that's a whitepill alright.

do it πŸ“Έ

a fellow teacher could out you.

but if you're in the union....

prob don't have tenure yet though

@Scrummy you moved to alabama finally!

miss the needles?

I'm not seeing anything anti-white on there.

I don't want to pile on a guy for one reply like that. what was the context anyway?

I guess it's fair. I just didn't know the context.

yeah, I was looking for that option too

activates the almonds

already shoah'd

and we're not even done!

just did it.

"miss me yet?"

^ 'white activist' again!

lol. comment sections will never be the same after the alt right.

that's a popular hard left account that posts stuff like that. ignore it.

Lots of jews there. I actually saw the guy do it, looked jewish. Not long after, a bunch of cops were there scouting the area out.

a/b testing. cerno talks openly about it.

how about trannyism?

jews and trannyism?

now we don't know if tucker's pro-white.

that explains all good things I hear coming out of there.

I still think weddings or births should mean a call from eli or nathan.

white pride: it's what's for dinner

one of our members made those little papers, only about 2x3 inches. great for sticking places, in cracks, or on the backs of road signs where the sign meets the pole.

so maybe the dogs will stop biting white people?

Help, my brother is #woke!

lol. Tell them not to dilute the message.

gay and non-binary

st cloud, mn

I'd recommend you make it easier for us.

I'm not reading through that stuff, most people aren't. we trust you.

just post who to email, more or less what to say, I'll do it.

He's a bridge. We need that.

"am I being detained, diversity officer?"

Who is this?

It's ok to be a white judge.

thank them for their service.

not a white pill

our activism got some responses that we didn't see at the time.

wow, looks very professional.

Cops were right on ours tbh.

wasted no time. thinking of contacting the state patrol or NLG to ask about the legality here.

thought crime

Our group leaves small attack dogs nearby to dissuade anyone who'd take it down. Our banners can stay up for weeks, with enough dog food.


white onion = white pill

Still waiting on Jill (((Stein)))'s recount myself. ⏱ πŸ‘΄πŸ»

Great job, CA!

@Deleted User Remember back in the 90's when the OJ verdict redpilled people, WN shot straight up?

I've just used those free websites.

I just google youtube downloader.

bunch of free ones

I want them to separate ashkenazi from sephardic.

The point is that if we stay on point with optics and message, we'll get better and better press, like we got above. @Le 99% (Bay Area)

white pride, wisconsin wide

that was the cville discord, we always knew it was insecure.

Sorry if you get this but.... you know they all think it's a white/black thing, right?

wow. great work!

tfw no askenazi iq

they've wanted it for a long time, israel.

Crush the urbanite. 🀠

Whites for Trump

I'm seeing more lefties and blacks talking online about Daniel Shaver, a white guy killed by the cops for no reason. If you're on social media, get it out there.

Example of a tweet to retweet about Shaver:

'The new face of hate'

Local Oregon IE guys should reach out to whichever group this was.

of course, as an example to the other flyers.

yes. showing any potential fliers what the city fathers will do to them as well.

In march? Pretty cool to see that though.

The winner of the 88th edition of Miss France is actually French, MaΓ«va Coucke.

just noticed this. I have a degree in physics, minor in math, so I can answer questions about that. I don't always check this, so feel free to tag me.

Don't know a lot about general relativity to be honest. That's a good question. I don't think the big bang itself would be a factor, but if something has been moving relative to us for a long time and then slowed down to catch up with us, it would be younger. Likewise if an object spent a lot of time in a high gravity environment, it would be younger. Also since it takes a finite amount of time for light to travel, when we look at galaxies very far away, we're looking back in time.

I like it when we post stuff we did irl online, max exposure. Always more interesting to see real activism online instead of another article.

shitlib/altright alliance

we were just talking about you in general

looking good, bro

Oh, I forgot about this since I have the whole server muted. So yes, relativity just says that objects moving through space can't go faster than light, space itself expanding isn't really covered by that, since it's not moving through anything. I haven't really studied GR so I don't know all about that though.

"Well, as I understand it, the modern view of light isn't so much that its a particle/wave as it is something that exists in spacetime itself."
Modern physics doesn't need to make a hard distinction between 'objects' and light, the same set of equations governs them. They both exist in spacetime, it's where everything exists, and they both have wave particle duality. Electrons have wave properties too, if you send them though a narrow opening, they behave in a way that a pure particle never could.

is there any way to get notifications from just one channel but not the others in a server?

Nice, but I'd really like these guys to testify about who ordered them to do what.

Got your iphone, abdul!

We were talking about the haitian revolution earlier today. Good time to bring that up. 'do you think that will save you from the dusky hordes?'

Is the tumor resigning too?

The tumor is to Mccain was jeb was to W.

the tumor's our deep state inside the deep state

used to be


doesn't look like a tranny to me

Cool stuff, but discoveries that blow away all previous science come along all the time, and then are quietly discredited and forgotten.

odd, not all are getting previews. @Envian and I did this.

Excellent. Not sure why they didn't all preview, but 9 photos there.

almost like there's another agenda out there. Good this is getting out there though.

I think our shrine to Justine has the potential to go viral just like the one for Kate Steinle did. Help me out with this. Here's the tweet and here's the newspapers that I'm targeting.
City Pages is one of those free weekly liberal rags focusing on arts, culture, local stuff like OC Weekly. Submit tips here: I used the phrase 'white nationalists' with them since no CP reader would say 'identitarian' or whatever. These nitwits have given us advertising before.
(red) Star Tribune is the biggest newspaper in Minnesota and it would be great to get it in there. 612-673-4414 is their regular number, but not staffed until Monday. 612-673-4470 is for urgent news, I called and the woman sounded kind of interested. I also emailed [email protected] from this page and alerted them to white activists doing this
Submit tips to second biggest paper right here

Ok, since antifa destroyed that, I'm trying to get this in the news again. High potential to go viral.

Can also email aphanews, they're a smaller right wing news source here that's growing. [email protected]

AI, I think.

I think my destroyed memorial has even more potential. I don't do reddit, but if someone here does, mind throwing it up on the donald?


which dept?

police dept? news?

no meme, and I can't really use photoshop, but just posting the two photos there side by side should be enough, right?

and now we have the mayor elect condemning us

effectively, yes.

south minneapolis is their 'hood, and no one else would really do this.

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