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Thanks, Erika. I definitely want to go and would love to carpool rather than ride my motorcycle all the way up there.

I'd be willing to ride out east to like Jacksonville and meet up there if need be, to catch ya

ya, I figured as much. seemed like the logical place to ride up from the coast, unless a panhandle ride was coming from destin or PCB area, then they'd likely go up thru ATL

good good

Will the van have a safe space? I dunno if I can handle that much fash in one van.🀣

I'm in Tally, just waiting on confirmation that a hate bus/van/short bus/Hillary ambu-van will be coming between here and Jax for me to hitch a ride.

Also, I'm all out of red bull, so I'm mixing the jaegermeister with mountain dew tonight. Totally white trash fash

I mean, I am willing to drive the van from Jax. I'm 39, retired Army, perfect driving record since I was 22 years old. But I gotta ride my motorcycle to Jax first.

ya that I get

ya I'm in tallahassee in, flight, hotel, + meals etc? Or...round-trip carpool, sleep on the floor in a hotel with 8+ other people, eat ramen and rice krispie treats?

who the hell would share info from this discord?!?

It must be true. I saw it on CNN.

Any updates on FL vanpool?

I don't WANT to have to leave thursday evening after work and hit the road on my motorcycle towards c-ville, but will if I have to. But being an MC primary-mode-of-transportation person, I need advanced planning more than most people do.

@Athena Marie thank you, that would be mighty white of you.

Hello, my goyfriends.πŸ˜ƒ I messaged you about a spot, @Athena Marie

That was awkward. Someone else I had messaged, who was offering ride space, wanted to know if I had been to any statewide meetups first

I'd have to look through again to find it, but probably.

didn't mention anything about it when he offered the seats. said "to anybody"

then when messaged him, said he'd prefer to give to only people he knew personally...

yep, kendell responded after that exchange, so it's all good thank you πŸ˜ƒ

Consider me confirmed. Got my transportation plans done.

Is it a gas oven?

All I heard in that video was autistic screeching

They've learned to turn their nonsense into SJW bar mitzvahs. "Wow, if I virtue signal hard enough, stupid people will just give me money!"

It's federal statute that prohibits discrimination based on political beliefs.

-in the workplace

The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA)

Now of course that specifically applies to gov't jobs, but almost every state had adopted it to apply to private sector, too. EEOC would know which states don't. Can look there

@Athena Marie rioting is their job

@Tyrone @Athena Marie is renting a 15-seater ( think it's 15)

[REDACTED] was also involved in helping plan the acid attack on DeploraBall. 3 of her minions were convicted for that.

How to keep nogs busy at a protest: give them scratch-off lottery tickets where the silver shit doesn't come off

That leather handle thing has a metal or lead weight in it. called a blackjack. And ya, popo definitely considers them an offensive weapon

they're pretty much the same thing as a bike lock on a rope/bandana/etc. highly dangerous

It doesn't matter WHICH mag/tv/radio the journo works for, they will ALWAYS spin whatever interview you give.

Not just a written statement, you also must get them to agree to publish it in whole. They cannot have permission to publish anything in parts.

yes. If you do anything, make them agree to 1: let you approve it before they're allowed to publish, and 2: they must publish in full. You'll know they're trying to fuck you over if they won't agree.

oh, she has a disability placard as well.

I also likee how stupid the guy is to accept the "Oh, my account is locked down totally private, no pics of me or family, you can't have my name, just call me 'Bob'...but trust me to have a 2 hour conversation about seriously private stuff"

I bet his password is [email protected], too

mfw HWNDU is coming back:

lmao they're generally an offense-only weapon. Of course they wouldn't be allowed.

They scream "I'm here to hurt people and I don't care who"

like the tourniquet we all had to carry in our left ankle pockets in Iraq & Afghanistan

no, we carried them in our ankle pocket.

maybe...we had more important stuff in our shoulder pockets...but that's aviation πŸ˜›

smokes in one, PAX list in the other LOL

I loved giving my PAX speech: "The fire extinguisher is for putting out people fires, not the helicopter. The fire ax is for cutting holes in the walls to escape, not for stealing as a souvenir"

Springfield XDM

I'll bring bologna sandwiches and tendies made with gluten. Trigger their IBS

@Trixie Dixie go to a sporting goods store or amazon. A batting helmet is cheap af. I think mine was 30. Goggles fit perfectly with it on and helmet also covers ears which are a particularly sensitive place to get hit with anything

@MadDimension The one place I don't see it being talked about yet, is the Cassandra/Loomer/Posobiec,Cernovich cuck crew. Cassandra tweeted a couple weeks back making it explicitly clear that "she wasn't going", but other than that...alt-lite media is afraid of ruining their image.πŸ™„

I asked Tim Pool via DM if he was going. It's the first time he hasn't responded to a DM lol

@MadDimension looking...give me a few.

@MadDimension Correction: she merely said, "I'm probably not going." It's been a few weeks and a few beers, so I forgot her exact wording :P) If you want, I can DM her and ask her privately if she might be going. She follows me πŸ˜‰

He's an adulterous degenerate,.

@MadDimension We got this, man.

@MadDimension one for men, one for women, and one for all other genders (re: antifa)?

@Mark Vandal IIRC (it's been 9 years now, or so) that particular brand of quick clot gauze (from your pic) we stopped carrying in combat due to a recall because it was "burning" itself to wounds, causing more trauma to the effected area. It LOOKS just like the ones we had when doc came around and changed all ours out. Maybe look into it, I dunno...or maybe manufacturer has fixed that prob since then.

good then, didn't know if was old pic or not

like I said 9 years or so ago, same brand, glad they changed that shit. was leaving really nasty wounds

Burning Man 2018? Dude...wrong channel. This is the Fyre Festival survivors chat.

ya probably not a good idea to bring stolen, military-grade weaponry.

I tried DM'ing you, Jacob

Jason Kessler handling [REDACTED] like a boss! (just ignore her)

@MadDimension I'm assuming ID will be checked to match the name on the guest list?

Serving alcohol will pretty much require that. All it will take is for some Antifa to get ahold of the ticket link, then give it to underage people, buy tickets for them, then call the cops b/c underage people being served alcohol

It's also a good safety measure, as this is how DJ20 got busted trying to acid attack deploraball. They had to buy tickets in their own names.

@greg-ky just give it to someone else, non-IE, to use πŸ˜ƒ

@lolyouwish mfw you'll go to a bar and likely spend much more than $12, rather than just spend $12. 🀷

I think it should be SOP that if media tries to talk to any of us at Cville, our standard answer is to be, "covfefe"

Aaaaaand ban incoming.

Ya I wouldn't go off that.

Referring you to another state's laws is just setting yourself up to be wrong

@Baeravon if it presents the optics of merely being a weapon to attack, then it's a bad idea.

milfs make the best thots

Is it true that all terrorists have some AIDS...and that all AIDS have some terrorists?

- Why, yes, here's the picture.

If it's posted here, it'll be known by many outside the discord. Just sayin'

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.


The preferred fragrance of communists.

We all hope for the best, and would prefer it to be conflict-free. The use of wisdom, logic, and intelligence is the best choice. But everyone should be prepared to defend themselves if need be.

@greg-ky What happens is you get a lawyer.

@MadDimension agreed. We must exercise our rights.

If you're worried about dox'ing, you have other issues.

@Gusty-Chan I'm just saying. If you're worried about dox'ing, then you really shouldn't be if you're not doing anything illegal. Antifa uses that "dox threat" all the time. It's a nothing burger if you're not doing anything wrong.

I got doxxed harcore after doing some work for Project Veritas. My phone blew up with threats for about a day. I showed them I didn't let it bother me, and almost like magic it all stopped.

That experience taught me two things:

1. hiding my identity doesn't work. It only strengthens the resolve of those wanting to harm you.
2. Not letting it bother me takes away their entire motivation for wanting to dox me.

Basically if you're gonna carry, have a good attorney.

@WhiteTrash I learned the best way to not get fired is to work for a small, family-owned business that hired you on the spot because you're a white guy.

Uh "community college" is no different from any public, state university/college. Same legal rights.

They can't arrest everyone. Where would they put us?
They won't. So, we still going to Lee.


I hear they melt if you squirt em with soapy water

The safety of a porta shitter. That's a good meme for how insane the left is

Well. Time to stock up on Depends. WHOS WITH ME

don't bring anything like that

Collapsible batons are viewed as an attack-only weapon. Carrying one makes you appear to be a combatant

Yes. They're a bad idea

They have mutual assist agreements with all surrounding agencies

It's a typical practice in any city with a campus PD within it

And it's not at all like you see on TV where they make it look like they have to get permission to go into an adjacent agency's jurisdiction.

tiki torches. get 'em at walmart for $2.50 each in the garden section

I may ask the guy I'm riding with if we can pop into walmart b4 we leave and grab a couple more, then @Sallie

lots of people gonna have fluid already, fwii

ikr? If California secedes, Florida should be 2 states, amirite?

We all did. It's not what you think

Can't even load it

How is it negative? It says he's in chambers now to decide.

He's deliberating...meaning: he's in chambers to make his decision...on the complaint. The complaint was from Kessler, requesting an injunction against the city from changing the permit

Antifa slashed 2 of our tires

We're getting the tires replaced with spare from another van in our group

Tires changed. We on the road back to hotel

@Erika Your team was johnny-on-the-spot Saturday. I've wanted to commend you all for how effective and QRF you guys were. Just haven't really had the chance until now

You guys were so busy and didn't want to bother you.

Any doctors, PA's, RN's, or radiology professionals who would know enough about my calcaneus x-ray to tell me what it looks like to them?

I'm horrified at what my surgeon told me today >.<

Oh I am for sure, he just made it sound like I'm doomed if I don't do this or this or this, etc

basically that.

my calcaneus is broken all the way through, that much is really obvious from the x-rays. and since my ER visit, it's spreading further apart due to achilles tendon pulling on it. so now there's a sharp edge from the fracture poking up into the ankle joint, which will cause traumatic arthritis if I don't get surgery, he said

my foot is super swollen right now, with some pitting he can't do the surgery for a few weeks until that goes away

so ya basically, I'm confined to my bed with my foot elevated above my heart. and bored watching movies lol

I guess my concern outright is that since it's worker's comp, I've been told sometimes doctors dealing with worker's comp cases basically just do what the worker's comp ins people tell them to do b/c it's such a pain in the ass for them to fight for what SHOULD be done

I would think that if antibiotics were difficult to obtain, x-rays would be even moreso.

That's really all I drive down here, my motorcycle

The old geezer mod

@Robtheroman Please remember to use for all media links when possible.

@Wotan Klan-GA See about going back and getting pics in the daylight πŸ˜ƒ

I had fun with her.

@NCSC Congrats! Girls are a lot of fun πŸ˜ƒ I have 3

thanks πŸ˜ƒ love my girls, and they love their daddy. they're super fun

@Scrummy I bought it off eBay back in December

I love it. They are forcing insane people to hate us even more, while at the same time causing reasonable people to say, "Uh...they're not doing anything wrong."

I only have one question for Moldylox: "How does it feel waking up each morning, knowing you are the reason mommy drinks for breakfast?"

@Reinhard Wolff I think it would be worth pursuing a #1A lawsuit similar to Auburn, C'Ville et al for any public university where administrators take down our literature, disallow it, etc in any public space where other free speech material is allowed (BLM fliers, anti-white rhetoric, etc)

I mean, it's one thing for a student to come by and take it down. Another thing entirely when administrators do it.

It's times like these where we must ask ourselves just one question: Do we call it Hurricane Richard, or Hurricane Spencer?

Send in a bio photo wearing a niqab. No way they'll be able to turn you down.

Just don't do that from accounts linked to IE. Our org doesn't want to be seen as harassing public officials.

All the POC, degenerates, and normies go into Debt College?

Follow backs, fam!

He said: "I'm the leader of IE." Banned.

whew lads. And we would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids!

the grass and trees also look photoshopped in

Did you happen to note with your payment the name and email address you registered to IE as? If not, nobody would have known who to credit the dues payment to.

My 3 ladies showing an FSU student what's up. Come get some.

Thanks man πŸ˜ƒ

Guess it wasn't okay 😦

dayum what is going on there?

Why are they drawing on some poor guy's garage door, @Erika!

Ya, like the headline.

It was Poland's annual independence day celebration. THAT is what drew thousands. Of course, the Polish also happen to be very protective of their nation, heritage, etc, so the nationalist youth are going to be part of that.

LOL a tweet in response to that tweet: "I'm not an American, and I'm ashamed." we give a f--- about your opinion, Marian! Go hate your own race in your country.

That was the thing I linked the other day, @Deleted User.

The professor who was recruiting his students to go and sabotage the chalk drawings after he got BTFO'd himself.

I'm reading the entire thing. There are clear bits of bias against us written into it, but it is exhaustively sourced, as you said. It's very factual and accurate, where facts are concerned.

But you can definitely tell a SJW intern wrote/edited the damn thing.

There's completely out-of-place comments in it at times, adjectives and descriptors like "chanted _Nazi_ slogans" which have no basis in fact nor are supported by any facts presented in the document, but rather, based purely on perception of the writer(s).

A smart attorney will get stuff like that tossed.

No, I haven't, but that's interesting and yeah, same premise.

Oceanside was my favorite beach area when I lived in San Diego. You know Mark Dice lives there, too. Good work guys.

@FivePointPalm I have those same shoes, they do look nice with a good pair of jeans

>yfw police use that video for felon in possession of firearm charges

He also needs to wipe his nose and take an antihistamine next time he goes out to do something like that.

that is gold. already stole it, thanks @Deleted User

I've been found out. I'm the 40-year old half-boomer plant

@Deleted User I've reset your role to jailed. This is a measure being taken until you've met with Mark.

Bitcoin: so easy to put your USD into it...extremely difficult to pull it back out.

No pinwheels. Please put links in brackets so as to hide the thumbnails @William Russell

Jeb "#MeToo" Bush

Has there been one case in the past 14 months of any such thing turning out to be true?

@Erika *nods* From what I read, MSU is under pressure of numerous lawsuits, including one with USA Gymnastics...which might actually have been her nail in the coffin.

They're good people. It's co-owned by a 24-y/o Canadian girl, liberal-to-conservative convert, and a 45ish y/o New York guy. Have helped them grow their platform over the past year.

Hah! They would never. I said, they're good people but, I'll DM you privately what Stefanie said after I thanked her for publishing it.

That guy misses the point of putting our name on it: any news coverage - including the negative - is good news. It makes people look us up.

Hah! We shall call them AntiBa - Anti banner action

Ya probably not the best of ideas, even joking, @Deleted User

I can't edit, can only delete.

The rules should have been e-mailed to you by your interviewer, @thorsmag.

Also, reading of the full rule on screenshots, the context implies that screenshotting the rules for your personal benefit is perfectly okay.

>more SJW's accidentally implying that black people are too poor or too stupid to afford something they already do multiple times a year anyways

Well, at least Roseanne Barr can die and go to heaven in peace now, knowing she no longer holds the title for worst national anthem performance ever.

google it. was a long time ago

@NeoRealist I've fixed it twice before. It doesn't take long for an editor to come along and revert all changes and scold you in private messages. You'll see.

Violate campus policy for failing to ask permission to post the flyers? LOL that policy won't hold up in any court.

Probably said it’s a driver distraction or something

I think I'm going to smoke my first brisket tomorrow. I love to BBQ and do a really good smoked pork spare ribs and butt, this gonna be interesting

Funny thing is, when I cook it's rarely the same every time. Every "recipe" I do, always includes a little (maybe more) beer in me while I do it, so I add stuff for flavor that always makes it a little different

ya I could give you my ribeye steak recipe (I kinda use the same marinade for any steak I do, too). Rarely change it, other than the brand of red wine I put in it. Always perfect.

I do scratch biscuits (so easy to do, you'll never wanna buy them in the can again), tortillas, alfredo sauce, lasagna, lots of different things

@Algrin "Bailey" Bagley - PA You just set it high, and go slow. And then lower it a little bit and cut again to the length you like. Then you best make sure to cut twice a week to keep it that way.

Push...pull back...push...pull back. Kinda like mopping, for that first cut πŸ˜›

It's a lot of work, good exercise. You learn fast why gas mowers became so popular lol

Wednesday’s and Saturdays...welcome to living old school πŸ˜‚

At 48 seconds in, @Reinhard Wolff says, β€œThere’s nothing you can stop this.”

Oy Vey, they now have a section dedicated to IE.

@Tyler0317 lol with Patrick throwin the deuces

There’s nothing to be gained by confronting a demonstration of that nature

All negative outcomes

well, we aren't WN org, either πŸ˜›

but ya it's better than the usual neo-nazi claim

Even in article thumbnails, such imagery is not permitted, sorry.

They gave me ulcers at Cville2.

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