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Thanks, Erika. I definitely want to go and would love to carpool rather than ride my motorcycle all the way up there.

I'd be willing to ride out east to like Jacksonville and meet up there if need be, to catch ya

ya, I figured as much. seemed like the logical place to ride up from the coast, unless a panhandle ride was coming from destin or PCB area, then they'd likely go up thru ATL

good good

Will the van have a safe space? I dunno if I can handle that much fash in one van.๐Ÿคฃ

I'm in Tally, just waiting on confirmation that a hate bus/van/short bus/Hillary ambu-van will be coming between here and Jax for me to hitch a ride.

Also, I'm all out of red bull, so I'm mixing the jaegermeister with mountain dew tonight. Totally white trash fash

I mean, I am willing to drive the van from Jax. I'm 39, retired Army, perfect driving record since I was 22 years old. But I gotta ride my motorcycle to Jax first.

ya that I get

ya I'm in tallahassee in, flight, hotel, + meals etc? Or...round-trip carpool, sleep on the floor in a hotel with 8+ other people, eat ramen and rice krispie treats?

who the hell would share info from this discord?!?

It must be true. I saw it on CNN.

Any updates on FL vanpool?

I don't WANT to have to leave thursday evening after work and hit the road on my motorcycle towards c-ville, but will if I have to. But being an MC primary-mode-of-transportation person, I need advanced planning more than most people do.

@Athena Marie thank you, that would be mighty white of you.

Hello, my goyfriends.๐Ÿ˜ƒ I messaged you about a spot, @Athena Marie

That was awkward. Someone else I had messaged, who was offering ride space, wanted to know if I had been to any statewide meetups first

I'd have to look through again to find it, but probably.

didn't mention anything about it when he offered the seats. said "to anybody"

then when messaged him, said he'd prefer to give to only people he knew personally...

yep, kendell responded after that exchange, so it's all good thank you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Consider me confirmed. Got my transportation plans done.

Is it a gas oven?

All I heard in that video was autistic screeching

They've learned to turn their nonsense into SJW bar mitzvahs. "Wow, if I virtue signal hard enough, stupid people will just give me money!"

It's federal statute that prohibits discrimination based on political beliefs.

-in the workplace

The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA)

Now of course that specifically applies to gov't jobs, but almost every state had adopted it to apply to private sector, too. EEOC would know which states don't. Can look there

@Athena Marie rioting is their job

@Tyrone @Athena Marie is renting a 15-seater ( think it's 15)

[REDACTED] was also involved in helping plan the acid attack on DeploraBall. 3 of her minions were convicted for that.

How to keep nogs busy at a protest: give them scratch-off lottery tickets where the silver shit doesn't come off

That leather handle thing has a metal or lead weight in it. called a blackjack. And ya, popo definitely considers them an offensive weapon

they're pretty much the same thing as a bike lock on a rope/bandana/etc. highly dangerous

It doesn't matter WHICH mag/tv/radio the journo works for, they will ALWAYS spin whatever interview you give.

Not just a written statement, you also must get them to agree to publish it in whole. They cannot have permission to publish anything in parts.

yes. If you do anything, make them agree to 1: let you approve it before they're allowed to publish, and 2: they must publish in full. You'll know they're trying to fuck you over if they won't agree.

oh, she has a disability placard as well.

I also likee how stupid the guy is to accept the "Oh, my account is locked down totally private, no pics of me or family, you can't have my name, just call me 'Bob'...but trust me to have a 2 hour conversation about seriously private stuff"

I bet his password is p@ssw0rd, too

mfw HWNDU is coming back:

lmao they're generally an offense-only weapon. Of course they wouldn't be allowed.

They scream "I'm here to hurt people and I don't care who"

like the tourniquet we all had to carry in our left ankle pockets in Iraq & Afghanistan

no, we carried them in our ankle pocket.

maybe...we had more important stuff in our shoulder pockets...but that's aviation ๐Ÿ˜›

smokes in one, PAX list in the other LOL

I loved giving my PAX speech: "The fire extinguisher is for putting out people fires, not the helicopter. The fire ax is for cutting holes in the walls to escape, not for stealing as a souvenir"

Springfield XDM

I'll bring bologna sandwiches and tendies made with gluten. Trigger their IBS

@Trixie Dixie go to a sporting goods store or amazon. A batting helmet is cheap af. I think mine was 30. Goggles fit perfectly with it on and helmet also covers ears which are a particularly sensitive place to get hit with anything

@MadDimension The one place I don't see it being talked about yet, is the Cassandra/Loomer/Posobiec,Cernovich cuck crew. Cassandra tweeted a couple weeks back making it explicitly clear that "she wasn't going", but other than that...alt-lite media is afraid of ruining their image.๐Ÿ™„

I asked Tim Pool via DM if he was going. It's the first time he hasn't responded to a DM lol

@MadDimension looking...give me a few.

@MadDimension Correction: she merely said, "I'm probably not going." It's been a few weeks and a few beers, so I forgot her exact wording :P) If you want, I can DM her and ask her privately if she might be going. She follows me ๐Ÿ˜‰

He's an adulterous degenerate,.

@MadDimension We got this, man.

@MadDimension one for men, one for women, and one for all other genders (re: antifa)?

@Mark Vandal IIRC (it's been 9 years now, or so) that particular brand of quick clot gauze (from your pic) we stopped carrying in combat due to a recall because it was "burning" itself to wounds, causing more trauma to the effected area. It LOOKS just like the ones we had when doc came around and changed all ours out. Maybe look into it, I dunno...or maybe manufacturer has fixed that prob since then.

good then, didn't know if was old pic or not

like I said 9 years or so ago, same brand, glad they changed that shit. was leaving really nasty wounds

Burning Man 2018? Dude...wrong channel. This is the Fyre Festival survivors chat.

ya probably not a good idea to bring stolen, military-grade weaponry.

I tried DM'ing you, Jacob

Jason Kessler handling [REDACTED] like a boss! (just ignore her)

@MadDimension I'm assuming ID will be checked to match the name on the guest list?

Serving alcohol will pretty much require that. All it will take is for some Antifa to get ahold of the ticket link, then give it to underage people, buy tickets for them, then call the cops b/c underage people being served alcohol

It's also a good safety measure, as this is how DJ20 got busted trying to acid attack deploraball. They had to buy tickets in their own names.

@greg-ky just give it to someone else, non-IE, to use ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

@lolyouwish mfw you'll go to a bar and likely spend much more than $12, rather than just spend $12. ๐Ÿคท

I think it should be SOP that if media tries to talk to any of us at Cville, our standard answer is to be, "covfefe"

Aaaaaand ban incoming.

Ya I wouldn't go off that.

Referring you to another state's laws is just setting yourself up to be wrong

@Baeravon if it presents the optics of merely being a weapon to attack, then it's a bad idea.

milfs make the best thots

Is it true that all terrorists have some AIDS...and that all AIDS have some terrorists?

- Why, yes, here's the picture.

If it's posted here, it'll be known by many outside the discord. Just sayin'

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.


The preferred fragrance of communists.

We all hope for the best, and would prefer it to be conflict-free. The use of wisdom, logic, and intelligence is the best choice. But everyone should be prepared to defend themselves if need be.

@greg-ky What happens is you get a lawyer.

@MadDimension agreed. We must exercise our rights.

If you're worried about dox'ing, you have other issues.

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