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Who has the full video of Phoenix dancing and Wayne and Patrick making some remarks to that lefty?

I wrote this for our local group. We've had trouble getting our local group members to join IE but I don't think that will be the case anymore after last weekend.

"I was in Charlottesville, the Spencer speech in Gainnesville, the Spencer speech in Auburn, the Lee monument protest here in New Orleans and many other events. At all of these I met people who I would become good friends with, brothers in the struggle. This past weekend at the first Identity Evropa national conference was, without question, the best event I've ever been to. The unity, comradery and brotherhood I felt among the largest gathering of identitarians the US has ever seen was like no other event. There were no NSM or TWP there to larp as brown shirts, there were no neo-confederates, no fascists, no white nationalists. We were all there united as identitarians under one banner.

Not only did we form friendships with our brothers in IE, but we became part of something much bigger than ourselves. The sense of purpose and honor that everyone exhibited at the conference was inspiring. The humility of our members and leaders was something foreign to me. I was used to being snubbed by Richard Spencer, ignored by Eli Mosley, talked down to by Evan McLaren. As soon as we arrived Patrick Casey walked up to us, shook our hands and introduced himself, and asked for our opinion on matters. Jared Taylor did the same when we ran into him.

There were nearly 200 people at the conference that was planned in only two months. The outstanding quality of the men and women running this organization was beyond impressive. The location was beautiful, the staff was very accomadating and most importantly there were no leaks and no protestors. We never once worried about antifa showing up to harass and assault us. On the ride there I told my friends that this is the first event I've ever been to that I didnt have to prepare to defend myself from violent antifa. This is the way it should be, this is the right way to operate a movement.

This extraordinary conference and flash demonstration with high quality, ordinary young men and women juxtaposed to Spencer's speech at MSU with TWP skinheads larping as nazis, engaging in street brawls makes it very clear to everyone who is serious about making a movement to save western civilization, and who is an egotistical sociopath only seeking attention.

I absolutely implore you, if you are at all serious about honoring your ancestors struggle and preserving the great civilization they built for our descendants for a thousand years to come, I implore you to join Identity Evropa."

@William Russell lol, nah that was me saying that.

@William Russell wait are you talking about the most upboated post or did we actually get an application?

Great propaganda here, we're the fun organization guys.

@Paul - MI lol, a quote from that article. "Spencer's intellectual lights and moral compass have failed to point him in the right direction for several years now. Possibly his petulant vanity and envy of what Identity Europa have achieved might just do it.Β "

If I could get some feedback on this article I wrote for our local group that would be awesome. Feel free to leave a comment on the article.

@Prestor John Can you elaborate? How could I word it to make it better?

I hope the rhetoric about americans and anglos isn't too divisice. I'm walking a fine line here.

This South African mentions the recent protest.

Is this article satire?

"Allsup wouldn’t confirm if he and Identity Evropa would be partnering for campus events with the College Republicans in the future, but other members of the club who refused to give their name outside of the alias Sam Hyde said he was still living in the area." @canadianwall

This was a worthwhile read surprisingly. It kind of shows all of our mistakes and how GenID is in a much better political position than we are.

@wayne peek you got the locations for our photos too right?

Me and @Goose helped with some landscaping at Fort Pike, a fort built for the war of 1812 and used in the civil war by confederates and then yanks when it was captured. It's been closed since hurricane Katrina. The state funding has dried up to preserve our history but millions are spent to destroy our confederate monuments.

@Brunswick yep. I sent them to Wayne and he said he would post them with the national day of action on the 9th.

@August Baldur - CO Great read. Wish I had writing skills like that. I could never put my fears of AI so elegantly, thanks for giving me the words.

The industrial revolution was a mistake.

Our North Louisiana guys did a memorial for the baby who was burned to death by a black woman in Nachitoches.

Absolute unit.

Ay wayne, trying to speak like a southerner?

simple action, powerful editing.

@Ben - OH alright, I'm a little behind on dues. How do I pay dues with crypto?


that was my question btw.

@John O - lol, I'm still coming for ya. one day...

poast pr's

Oh you mean like the ok hand sign?

@Asatru Artist - MD quitting porn will change your life

@The Eternal Anglo Lots of ways you won't hate yourself anymore. You'll conserve energy. You won't get brain damage. You won't be a hopeless addict (porn has been proven to be more addictive than heroine) I could go on.

I think I saw Odin the other day in the form of a shirtless homeless guy with a pagan tattoo on his forehead.

t. Catholic who's been watching too much Vikings

>not even intentional, just a fruedian slip

>Patrick is a vampire

I always knew, but no one would listen.

Japan is to cocaine as western civilization is to meth. Sure it's not as bad, but it's definitely not the model society. Still sick to it's core and completely corrupted by globohomo consumerism. Yukio Mishima tried to warn them.

So what is everyone doing for their regional actions?

Guys, I'm doing a banner drop this weekend and I've been working outside and I went duck hunting last weekend. My tan looks straight mestizo. Am i gonna get kicked out for not being white enough? lol.


I dont even look iberian or mediteranean phenotypically, just my skin. And I was pretty pale before the duck hunt.

I'm sure they can figure it out.

@DickHead Pretty sure they know who we are. Thats why we have such strict rules.

@DickHead there are plenty of other chats to join for that.

@Grossly Incandescent Are you making these?

@Grossly Incandescent yep, If I payed for it, do you think you could do a Cajun specific one? I know the story and everything I would want you to do, you would just have to turn it into a children's book.

@Deleted User I didn't know Peter Sweden joined IE! BASTE!

@micbwilli Whats the deal with that presidential alert system?

how do we get on their level guys?

post links to your band stuff bro

My wife and I just had a new baby guys, that makes 2 down and 8 to go.

wait, we can flash confederate flags during actions?

My wife had a baby last friday, do you guys even demographics?

oui, #2 and its a boy.

@Grossly Incandescent lol, strategic marriages are definitely in all of our kids futures.

@Koba Thanks man. Thats 2 babies down, and 8 to go for me. Gonna have a large clan one day.

ye, its been a winning week in the demographics game

is there a fireside in 10 minutes?

It's terrible

It's hardly intelligible

wait what happened with dicky?

Can't believe they brought up Guillaume Faye and the French new right in this, a journo actually did some basic research for once. but more importantly it seems like this struck a chord with them, perhaps using Greek statues was working and might be worth revisiting.

UK is a lost cause, farage left ukip citing islamophobia.

@Hakujin - CA little pity for the brits you say? don't get me started.

are we allowed to talk about gilet jaunes in here? The French are taking their country back.

@Hakujin - CA radicalism is in our blood, it was always just a matter of time before the French decided they had enough and were gonna go ape shit.

it's very relieving to see true resistance coming from my motherland

@Reinhard Wolff Have you seen JF Gariepy's interview with Thomas Rousseau of Patriot front? If so, what did you think of it? I'd like your opinion both as the leader of IE and, if willing, your personal opinion.

@Logan Wut does he have to say about him?

@Logan cool, is he a PF convert? lol

Have you seen JF Gariepy's interview with Thomas Rousseau of Patriot front? If so, what did you think of it? I'd like your opinion both as the leader of IE and, if willing, your personal opinion.
@Reinhard Wolff

Have you seen JF Gariepy's interview with Thomas Rousseau of Patriot front? If so, what did you think of it? I'd like your opinion both as the leader of IE and, if willing, your personal opinion.
@Reinhard Wolff

lost 25 pounds since the last conference, plan to be in peak physical condition for this year's conference

devsquad? almost misheard that.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Just came here to post about that article. I did an interview with Byron a while back and always wondered why he fell off because I knew his music could be very influential. Reading that article is pretty sickening man.

@Gumbo - AZ You in Louisiana borther?

@Gumbo - AZ Ah, u changed ur @ in here. You're in our local chat right?

@Nome Sayings I'll wait for official announcements but this does not bode well for the Trump presidency.

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