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Parody account. No affiliation with Vlastimil whatsoever.

JK this is me. Thank you for the invite, @Reinhard Wolff . Can someone verify me?

Maybe @Niko - WA can verify me

I'll delete it

Don't worry, the kids are alt right

She sucks, but this is an overton window shift

I was thinking the same thing

.to links are sketchy

click at your own risk

They're losing hope

I know a 14 kid family


more like hopes

T-Giving sounds like the most alpha holiday ever

Sometimes when Snapchat covers us I do a response, but I might actually just let it be this time.

It might even have been a net positive. Sure, they did the whole "racist, white supremacist, etc" routine, but they also called us college educated.

Besides, "racist" is getting played out already.

Everyone needs to upvote Alt Hype's comments right now.

It doesn't even take that many votes to get to the top. We can easily turn this video into a funnel towards us.

The funny thing is, most of his audience probably never thought about race and IQ and assumed there is no correlation. What he just did is informed thousands of people that this is actually up for debate. He totally played himself.

@this_that5553 @DeusVolk I don't know how to link the comment on mobile. Are you looking at the right video? It's the first one, not the second.

I think that's the first .to link I've seen that wasn't a scam

This thread is FILLED with civnats making easy to refute claims

"muh skin color", "muh melting pot", "muh constitution"

Let's pile up on them and drop massive redpills

So, if I read a few good books, will people think I'm super smart?

Ann Coulter just retweeted McFeels

@Banjo Take this to general, please

If you haven't made a Goodreads account, you should. It's really fast and easy.

It looks like they just closed voting, though

Ya, I'm surprised there were any survivors

Buzzfeed laid off 100 people and they allegedly had around 800. We did it, guys, we're bigger than Buzzfeed.

James Allsup has been reelected to the presidency of the WSU College Republicans

He did step down after Charlottesville

But they voted him back in

Ya, we're looking forward to growing IE in Eastern Washington

I just explained race realism and peaceful separation to my boomer dad.

I think I'm starting to get good at this.

I expected something, but I'm honestly amazed.

How do people still have those posters?

Were they in the last siege pack?


@Temujen I'm definitely up for flyering in January

@Praetorian We'll probably be planning something in Seattle soon. Just stay tuned on the state server.

Maybe build up a reputation editing political pages

wait, really?

you sure he didn't say the same in an interview?


I meant to say editing non-political pages

go write articles about kittens or something

then suddenly drop redpills

Maybe the reason they largely ignored us until now was because our actions weren't big enough

But now they feel like we graduated

Kind of like how Democrats are the racists of America

You Will Not Replace It

weights could drop and be a disaster

I ended up doing some in Cheney before I left

Should we donating to this?

IOTA is at $4.30 right now

Should I wait for it to dip?

For Bitcoin I think that's a bad strategy, but IOTA is more volatile

@Goose Crypto is financial, no?

@Aeyannic_Order I might just wait a day and buy it if it doesn't dip

Could I make an altcoin moon by buying it and then shilling online? Would that even be ethical?

I could find some coin valued at $0.00001, buy up a crazy amount, and post about it all over 4chan and Reddit.

Alternatively, we can short a coin, get Anglin to endorse it, and buy the dip.

dude gen Z kids would find it hilarious if we short some SJW company

I speak Polish and some Russian, in case anyone needs practice

Or can teach me more Russian

Does anyone know good resources to learn how to pick stocks?

Is it that hard to beat index funds?

Why would it be so hard to find stocks that can at least slightly beat the market?

Everyone wouldn't be doing it because the stocks would become overbought, but, ya, some of those are good points

So, here's the thing. Index funds naturally are going to include some obviously shit stocks that drag down the average. So, would it really be that difficult to find something that is at the very least above average?

IOTA isn't particularly new to my knowledge

There's probably a lot of shitcoins released every day

cryptos can't "absorb" each other

I mean, it's theoretically possible for some big brain developer to make that happen, but I don't see what the incentive would be to go through that whole shitshow

I'm trying to visualize how that would even work

I guess the Bitcoin code could be changed so that more Bitcoin is created, and those new Bitcoin could be split up and redistributed to the holders of the coin being "absorbed", and the one getting absorbed could subsequently be deleted.

It sounds to me like it's either bullshit or overblown

It's not like Bitcoin transactions just hijack power from unsuspecting bystanders, the computers on the network have to supply that power

Large transaction fees are a problem, though, and I think Bitcoin will eventually be replaced by something with less insane fees and faster transaction

oh, so I guess what you're asking is basically about transaction fees

ya those are an issue

It should not cost 16 fucking dollars to send money

People use whatever power they can suppy

So these Ireland comparisons are pretty dumb

Remember, here at IE, we care about per capita

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