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Meme magic is real

@AltRightMick that scratching out is not particularly secure most of the name can be made out.

Also @AltRightMick if you can see her plaintext password then your password security is not good. You should never store passwords, instead you're supposed to add a salt, calculate a hash, and store the salt and hash instead:

Idk if you maintain that kind of thing but should probably register a bug with whoever is maintaining your user system there.

>DOJ files suit against company for allegedly not hiring Americans

Basically whole front page of Drudge right now is white pills

Operation "Safe City"

@Deleted User awesome! Link(s)?

Thanks for the recs guys

# of jimmies russled

# of whites awoken

@Deleted User that's amazing and mind boggling. instead of rightwing deportation squads banging down the doors of every illegal, Trump *gave* "dreamers" against the wished of his own base a whole month to get it together and renew their permits and they still didn't. And these people were supposed to help the economy lol

@Wotan Reborn Weinstein failed fleeing the US, then tried to kill himself was prevented

DoJ launched an investigation into it, so that's not going to die anytime soon

Also construction on the wall has already started

DACA is basically dead as Trump keeps loading any possible DACA negotiations with poison pills

a bunch of cucks are about to be primaried out (has already happened, goodbye Luther Strange) and McCain is going to die soon

BLM protestors took over an ACLU meeting last week screaming "Liberalism is white supremacy"

^True, weather is fresh but too chilly for those from equator temperature zones

@Wotan Reborn for senator you mean?

@Wotan Reborn Who could fault you, he was the Republican nom. I was worse, I voted for Obama in 2008

Let's take this to <#358403210618339338>

@GoyDivision we took up the previous conversation you started in <#358403210618339338>, people love talking about it

@NCSC that's great! And the name Sigrรบn is ๐Ÿ”ฅ

I wonder if there's something implicitly white about rallying with torches. I assume you need eo ensure everyone has a high amount of self-control in order to pull it off, so that could be why.

Conservative Sebastian Kurz, 31, is set to take power and form far-right alliance

Previously unseen white awareness on /r/TheNewRight (they're usually civnat). Please upvote and leave a comment

That video was cool

@Valaska not a whitepill, deleted

The Green Pill

@Evan - NJ that's amazing NFL Owner On Anthem Protests: Inmates Canโ€™t Be Running The Prison

@DeusVolk Not a whitepill, please move

Incredibly redpilled (for a Fox News non-Tucker segment) asking where Democrat's anti American identity ends

Segment ends with an invitation to email [email protected] with your opinion on "Where does it stop?"

@Deleted User yep. unjailing you now

@Deleted User actually while we are at it, please change the username

Mods have discussed this a few times, yes

@Marius @Reinhard Wolff @sigruna14 Can one of you guys help with this?

@Deleted User I'll unjail you and we will figure it out tomorrow. Please just review the rules in the mean time.

@John O - White pill! I assume the wife is much younger?

Can't barage the Farage

I feel like Alt-Right activism is giving normal people the confidence to say the things they think out loud

"no one can calm him down" = "he keeps inconveniently naming the Jew"

DJT Jr's tweet reflects something Jazz hands McFeels is always saying: Democrats can't help but be anti-white

@Perihelion - CA any highlights in particular?

Fire rises fam. They also just canceled the 17 year long "temporary visa" of central americans fleeing some earthquake that happened 17 years ago

Wow Tucker was openly saying White Identitarian talking points. Have we crossed the Rubicon? Will Tucker be shoah'd?

"native born middle class americans working in the private sector" is the longest euphemism for "white people" I've ever heard

200 Parisians protest the weekly occupation of public streets for Islamic prayer in Clichy, a Paris zone, by drowning them out by singing "La Marsailles"

Poll: 37 percent of Alabama evangelicals more likely to vote for Moore after allegations

Amazing, I hope the tech giants get regulated.

Getting some defenders in the thread, pls upvote ^^ /r/NYC is much more conservative than the city, probably because it's a safe outlet for residents to discuss problems without having to tote a narrative

@David Darnell - MT that would be great

Thanks to anyone who participated in this thread today, it was amazingly net positive votes and spawned 79 comments! It was great to see comment threads ending like this:

I think propagating the message of our IRL activism through locality based mediums can increase the return on the investment and people are more interested when it's happening in their very own area.

@givemetheafd hitting a woman not a whitepill, removed

That description says...

No, post context. Main point about deleting this stuff is that the screenshot looks terrible, it looks like you are posting a video of a man hitting a woman. If you think the thumbnail doesn't do it justice then put the link in angle brackets <example>


Top comment: "You sure that's not Minnesota?"

Whenever I need some inspiration I rewatch this video

Who is Amy Siskind?

I need to come to this server more often, so much practical stuff to work on Pretty introspective recap of what I even hear normies now call "Trump Degrangement Syndrome"

@Fox we will resist the temptation together!


^From a left wing perspective, which I think is even better for us.

Last line: "To cut a long story short, there is no victory of the left without the broad alliance of all anti-establishment forces. One should never forget that our true enemy is the global capitalist establishment and not the new populist right which is merely a reaction to its impasses. "

<@&338760705945894913> @Bismark TX in IE main server would like an invite

If they seperate Jewish out, that would be fantastic because they also ask occupation on the census. It would really show that Jews control the media, banks, politics, etc.

This is the first non-Tucker person I've seen on MSM talk about white replacement

Actually I could use a redpill. Some lefty in reddit said to me "oh you know some french guy invented all your political views" and I was like, "uh no" (never to my knowledge) but then I learned some french guy was indeed writing about the great replacement recently. is he important to read? @devolved

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