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How is everyone getting there? Flying? Road trip?

I'm in CA, my brother and I are considering attending

All the profanity in the left's propaganda and protest signs/chants speaks volumes.

Confirmed + 1 (brother)

We're going to road-trip it ๐Ÿš

Can I get IE permissions plz?

@Erika Thanks! It's not showing up on my end at the moment.

Cville is in August. Are you referring to the DC free speech rally? @Aiden- OH

Next thing you know, the church is burning bibles

Maybe sharpie a few anti-sodomy bible verses on the flags and leave them up

What did the Furher say about being demonized by the Judenpresse? Ain't that a good thing?

Tbh after the recent hate spree of Youtube comments on those pride videos, I'll bet normies would love it if we burned a pride flag

Most people are not down with fellating the gay community, no pun intended

(ok sorta intended)

If our identitarian message does not combat degeneracy what is it worth?

We already burn books. It's whatever.

If we don't burn it, we need to claim it as the official flag of Racial Separation


And not edgy normies will secretly love us for it, deep in their hearts

Gays are inherently about white genocide. They are a genetic deadend.

Burning the flag without comment is worrisome. Making a speech explaining the nuance of the act first would be useful.

*could be worrisome

I'm not worried personally

Normies already don't believe the sensationalist bullshit the media writes about us.

A point about the media: The Daily Stormer is our most popular platform. If it was able to generate funds via ad placement it would be bigger than many mainstream outlets. So, fuck the media.

I dunno guys, the rally organizer who lives in Cville thinks it's a good idea. He might know a thing or two.

In addition to a stack of (((books))) I also intend to burn the Spanish language manual that came with my sewing machine.

tfw listening to Alc-Right Rises with the window open while an illegal you just called ICE on works right outside <:moonman:321808243519389707>

^^ I second this

I was literally just thinking about the Unitarian flag down the street...

@johnhimself That is kind of brilliant

It's only illegal to burn the US flag. Rainbows are fair game, as long as the fire itself is legal.

They sound tired

Are they saying "No cops"?

Cucks, cat ladies, and gibs-grabbers, disgusting


2017-07-10 22:32:38 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Technically the way that sentence is structured [REDACTED] is the informant. Perhaps though, the writer is simply retarded and does not know how commas are to be used.

*Niggers are literally destroying this country* REEEEEEEE

Impressed with her honesty there. She's living an incredibly common life these days. Basically everyone I used to know operates their love life like her.

Did she advertise her partner count btw?


These thots all just need a little amateur therapy + public shaming

They're broken people, it's quite sad

A lot of these girls feel very trapped

I'm organizing a drive out of San Diego

Driving: $500 in gas, split between up to 8 people

Yeah, it's cheaper

If you can afford to take more time off

I thought her name was Yvette? Different person?

If that's her, this has been a very good day.


I'll settle for prison for now

She deserves worse. Fucking 8th grade teacher.


Saw her on Tucker months ago, absolutely psychotic

@negronaut You a Beach Goy? Tell the gang we're having a bonfire at that same spot in Huntington on the 29th

we = So Cal IE and friends

Just being alive must be hell for these people.


The mission is to preserve Southern heritage

If you're not down, don't come

Those are all identitarian flags

The original American Identitarians

Yankees get out reeeee

I've been very back and forth on whether to attend the rally, based on estimations of violence. If security would rather we not attend, I am more than happy to stay behind and prep for the party.

McCarthy did, I scrolled up

Just the sheer size of the crowd alone is enough to keep me indoors tbh

Most IE women are not going to the rally, as far as I know

The higher-ups are working on it, haven't shared with us yet

"Women" is basically a specific group

We are grouped on here, so

They don't have that kind of agency though. They always wuss out. (Fingers crossed)

I will stay behind and wringe my hands worrying for my brother's and boyfriend's safety ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

>about women
>to women



For my men (brother, bf) who are attending but not keeping up with the server-- Can someone give me a quick rundown of prep? Should they bring shields, helmets? Both are fit & hand-to-hand combat trained.

@Radical Agenda Do you still need a sweatshop slave to print tshirts in your basement? My brother is interested

<@323220344397758466> Use all the big words you want honey, bottom line is that you're a genetic dead end and that most certainly does not fit the bill of being on our side.

Sorry for your loss @Grenadier

*one day* minus the rifles

Doesn't he have Jewish kids or something?

I can't remember the exact association but I'm pretty sure he has a familial conflict of interest re: the JQ

Can one upvote without a reddit account? Probably not, huh?

Email is the first thing it's asking for @Deleted User

@PicBoy What time zone nibba

If that head to body ratio is any indication you're looking at a future big brain nibba right there

I will try to attend the next San Diego banner drop with my DSLR for better photos.

Lol @ comment "I can smell the virginity from here" as the couple who made the banners is trying to make a baby

Inb4 it's a girl

Implying that a negro of such caliber is capable of saving money/anticipating consequences for his actions

2017-10-09 20:44:56 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Usually it gets reported to law enforcement and they cut it down safely

Though it's not in any way illegal to put up in the first place

@Amulek Only thots say that

They only partially quoted both banners

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