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@Uilliam Cionnaoith - MD similar issue. Can't seem to find the channel in the sidebar though.

Are mom and dad getting a divorce?

I'd be down to learn. I took a ballroom classe at uni a few years ago and really enjoyed it

Hard earned Pro-Tip: Wash your hands immediately after cutting or handling any kind of hot pepper, especially if you plan on scratching yourself at any point in the near future.

Alternatively, have a box of disposable gloves handy in your kitchen.

I actually did a mess load of meal prep last night with haul from the farmers market if anyone wants a quick run down

Hit up the farmers market first off

Half the tomatos, corn, and green beans were already gone when I took that photo

Total cost for the produce was like $35

Jersey Fresh fam

The peaches are amazing right now, juicier than the tomatos even

I basically cut up everything but the corn, tomatos, peaches and baked them in the oven. Also put together four pounds of lean ground turkey with eggwhites and jalapeรฑos, spread it onto a baking sheet and cut it into strips so I could add it to the meals

Important to heavily salt your eggplant and let it sit before cooking it. I drained about a cup of water out of two eggplants that way. Really cuts down on oven time

As weird as it sounds, meal preparation actually soothes my autism

Medium rare chicken

I'll be honest, it's difficult for me to get moist chicken these days unless I've ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธrined it

That's why Ive been doing the pseudo-meatloaf thing with the ground turkey

Most of them are in Philly lol

Great British Baking Show: Master Class is great too. It's just the two judges making the challenge recipes to their own standards. No contestants, politics, poz or anything, just good natured banter and baking. Plus the recipes are actually really good.

It's sold as Accent in some American markets too.

So that's a no on the pocket snakes then?

@Charlemagne MD I fucking hate those crustpunks man

Philly too

It's gonna be a literal circus

Pack it in guys, it's been a good run.

So no walking past any?

War elephants perhaps?

Everyone bring your library cards

Hey guys

Re the AAA bail bond

Gat dam there is some autism in this chat

Call ร  formal break ?

I'm in the hospital w/o my mic otherwise I'd do it myself



Food for the week ๐Ÿ™Œ

It's in the carrot family tho

Depends what's being marinated tbh

The important thing is salt content and the amount of time you marinate for. Most other flavor compounds don't permeate meat much more than half an inch or so.

@Mark Vandal iodine tabs are good in a pinch. Easy to stash in a go bag and super lightweight

Would save our guys a good bit of cash too

We're gonna get sued by OSU now ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Skywriting. Just throwing it out there.

I'll do you one better. Something I picked up for my personal collection

Slide rules are the last implicit stand of nerd identity

That one from Auckland wasn't me lol

Maybe he was tired of his wife calling him her 'boytoy'

Lol I read that and my first thought was "Republic of Florida.. Literally who"

Any pointers beyond RTFM when it comes to not breaking powertools/stripping bolts/don't do X to Y because Z

Been having a time of it lately.

Also is there any kind of 'how not to be a greenie round the shop' manual beyond binging AvE vids?

@RevStench generators and compressors at work and a project car held together by zipties and bailing wire ๐Ÿ˜‚

Gen Z is still young. They'll find us in time

Thanks! I'll remember that next time Im dealing with one

I'm glad we helped out, but unfortunately that would get meme'd into the Immaterium if we put it um

No, that's OUR idea

Lmao like 98% of the groups and people on there are Muslims calling Israel on their bullshit

House Intel report: no evidence of collision

^Remarkably well researched video on social identity theory

There are still men truly worthy of the name European.

Might be worth dropping some cheeky posters around St. Mary's College campus (it's a private college so you might not be able to actually go on campus)

Holy shit I thought that was Lakewood NJ for a second ๐Ÿ˜‚

Lmao everyone involved is going to be dead from old age by then

One of the recent articles in whitepills made mention of a Facebook pace that seems to be coordinating the spread of misinformation about us. If anyone has a spare sock it'd be great to keep an eye on

We put up some material in the area and in one of the articles written about the action, this Facebook group is responsible for most of the outcry and subsequent mischaracterization and misinformation about our organization

Nothing about those flyers mentions Jews.
Still anti-semetic.

Methinks he doth kvetch too much.

Old and busted - > @Koba

<- New hotness

Non regional diction is perfectly fine

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