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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a scam is P2P lending as a lender?

I agree entirely with what you're saying, these are all things that I've considered. I currently have 8% of my savings at lending club. I have a base of 25% of my investment in 3 year loans between A and C. The rest is used to buy loans that are less than 5 months to maturity and yield over 2% APY. Over the course of a year, my yield is at ~9%.

My primary concern is that this is a scheme, and that my money won't be there to withdraw when it's all over.

After I found out they had a trading platform, I was in the clear.

How do you make withdrawals without incurring charges?

Not IRA, personal savings. I might sound like a lunatic, but I don't trust any retirement fund.

Err... Cash money, not personal savings.

Gotya. I wired it in and incurred a $25 fee.

The bank. It was because I wired it, but LC reimbursed me. They only reimburse deposits, though.

Once again, I might sound like an insane person, but I'm trying to get all my money out of financial instruments rn. When the economy starts to recess in a few years, I think It'll be best to be liquid.

I hate playing this game. It's rigged from the start. I just need to buy a house and rent out a room.

I don't delude myself into thinking I'll ever be a full time landlord, but my money has to go somewhere, and playing this gets me in fits.

Oh yeah, I'm not retarded.

Orlando is inflated af

@Havamal Did you do any work recently at your house? Did you hang any pictures?

It probably wasn't that, it's just a personal paranoia.

If you have a multimeter, and you want to spend a little while in the init, you can always try to diagnose it yourself.

@Deleted User I'm about to qualify to take my Journeyman's test. I have two options for the next few years:

1) Stay with the company that I started with, who have told me numerous times that I am foreman material, but are the lowest paying electrical contractor in the state

Or 2) Move to a rich, liberal city, save some money, find a state that I want to live in permanently, buy some property, and start working towards my Master's

Obviously, becoming Master is the next step, but would it be too bad to put it off until I'm 30?

@Deleted User In Florida, you only need one Journeyman per 4 workers, but that's not enforced. You don't need a Master on the job.

The only reason to get the license is for the Contractor license.

I'm probably going to go with option 2. Just wanted to see if you had any relevant advice one way or the other.

I don't think they're blowing smoke up my ass. Construction is booming here, and they need guys who can show up sober to be management.

Bonkers status: Clonked

I need to start prepping just to have something to eat the week before a storm. These people cleaned out Publix like a bunch of hyperventilating baboons.

I used to have a co-worker who bought a house in a college town, replaced the drywall with plywood, and advertised it as a party house. He rented it for $50-$100 cheaper than the average place, and still made a killing because repairs were minimal.

The trick is that you have to get the parents to buy into it, because most of the time, they're paying for it, not their asshole kids.

Step 1: Don't do drugs

Step 2: Do almost anything else

Easy as that

Yeah, me too, but I work 80 hour weeks around 3 months out of the year. I understand the chronic pain thing, too. I'm 6'3", so my back is falling apart already. But I've never done coke, meth, bars, perks, or any of the other shit that people try to sell me.

I feel for these guys, but they've got to get their shit together themselves. No one else can do it.

This hurricane is gonna totally ruin my aquaponics

I can't remember exactly what it was. I wasn't expecting it to do well in 90Β° Florida weather. The other stuff is radishes, beets, and onions.

Thanks man, I've gotten pretty lucky. It's been overcast about 3 days out of the week every week for about 2 months.

Aquaponics is stupid easy. I highly recommend it. Just feed the fish every 2-3 days

Aquaponics is aquaculture+hydroponics.

Fish poop fertilizes the plants.

Look into it. Mine is big and semi-permanent, but you can make a little one with a 2 gallon fish bowl.

When I buy some property, I want to do hugelkultur

You don't need a tree. You can just get a huge pile of green wood chips. A place by my house has a 20 ft pile for free. They're low quality for landscaping, but perfect for composting.

My family house in New York had hand hewn logs. It was one of the first houses in the area. I used to daydream about what it was like to walk to the middle of nowhere all alone, chop down a few trees, and start building yourself a new life.

This guy does good introductory level hydroponics videos, if anyone's interested

What exactly do you mean by this?

I do green fertilizer in my traditional garden. I've been thinking about all that, but I'm moving soon, so I'm not sure that it's worth it.

I just like hydro and aquaponics for the technical aspects. It helps to soothe my Autism.

Is there any chance that anyone in I.E. would like to get together and buy some property? I know that it seems kind of LARPy, and we really don't know each other, so one guy totally fucking everyone else is a real danger, but in the VFP general the other day @Deleted User , Nathan, and some others were talking about it.

I just joined I.E. a week ago, but I've been following you for a while. I was cautious about joining because I was worried about whether or not the risk would affect real change, but this is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm an electrician, but I can do everything from drywall to plumbing. I know there are others who are capable tradesmen as well.

Of course, this is a low time preference endeavor.

We just need to be prepared to strike when the iron is hot.

I want to stay away from a mortgage, and I don't have the money to buy a property outright. I'm close, but I won't be there in the next few years. Also, I'd rather not put my entire savings into a property, so if I could collaborate with 2-4 more people, that would be ideal.

I don't know if we should start a new channel. Maybe we should start a new topic in an existing channel. I can see it dropping off and people losing interest from a lack of activity if it were autonomous.

I was thinking cohousing, too, but then you get into legal trouble if we're declared a criminal organization for whatever reason. We should get a lawyer on board.

I'm in FL btw. If I leave this convo for a few days, that's why.

Ain't sceered

Stay safe, btw, dude. Where you located?

I want to get an AR10. Should I just say fuck it and get an M1A?

Is DPMS any good? I'm very suspicious of an AR10 for $500.

Florida. Join the server 2 posts above you.

Killing hogs with .308 sounds great

I would be worried about security.

@JesseJames Is the national server back up?

Oh, gotya

Me too

Why don't they just post it in the fucking state servers?

@JesseJames You screwed up hard

My cousin's father in law is one of the largest dairy producers in the NE. Every year, he buys a few dozen more acres, and absorbs all these beautiful 200 year old houses.

My cousin and his wife are living for free in one. It's kind of crappy, and they have a kid, but all he has to do is fix it a bit

I'm only 22. I have a few years.

That's the problem with flipping, though. People only look at the gross, not the net, and say "I made $30k!"

I'm stupid man, I've never even considered a refi

@Wotan Reborn Being invaluable to society=freedom. Money is just a metric to measure how valuable you are

Yeah, I'm just being a semantic dick

When they stopped letting enforcers play hockey, I stopped caring

I've never had a problem sucking rats in screw type connected EMT

You can also just use a plastic bag, a shop vac, and jet line if you're doing it on the cheap

Not yet, going to take my Journeyman's in a few months. I had a convo with you about it a week ago.

It's cool, Florida

I'm probably going to quit. I'm thinking about moving to Seattle, where I can get $35/hr so that I can save up for when the housing market drops.

Maybe California. Idk yet.

The company I work for is huge, and since the pay isn't great, a lot of my coworkers are Haitians or Hispanics. I get a bit tired of it, and I'm not sure I want to be in charge of a bunch of guys who resent me for being white boy in charge

Got my job 2 weeks out of highschool

I was college bound, pretty happy that I missed out on that

My family has been oven middle class for 3 generations. My mom still flips out at me, despite my p nice net worth.

My dad and I are the first out of three generations, cousins included, on both sides, not to get a 4 year diploma.

I need to get my Master's, but I want to see the country a little while I'm still young.

It's definitely a top priority.

I think it was Vice, they were talking about all the not see aspects of the group

I for one don't care, good for them. But they shouldn't be appropriating history

Who's this?

No man, sorry. Meant the lady the Facebook group is for.

@Deleted User I know there was a guy who started drinking Soylent exclusively a few years ago, next thing you know, he cuts off his wee wee and grows his hair out.

@Deleted User that's why Hipsters are such soyboys

Be a man and go straightedge

They would virtue signal for a decade or two, but in their hearts, they would be happy to live in a good school district

I was screwing up so bad with that flag, my dudes

@Joe-MN Even more Trad: PVC pipe

@Tim - NH Noice. I wish my brothers were a little more WN.

When she gets old enough, I'm definitely hooking my sister up here.

How old's your brother? What are his politics like? @Whitelash

@Whitelash#3099 Cool, he reads a lot of Moldbug?

@William Russell Where do I apply to build the wall?

"You will not replace us, end immigration now"

Will do

Where do I find a fat purple hair gf?

@Marlow Beautiful baby

Koba bought some weird ass Chinese electronic lightbulb.

My bad breh

If I could do it over, I would try to be a machinist. I'm an electrician, and it's good work, and it takes a smart guy, but it's not so technical that the nogs can't do it.

@Deleted User Don't go to trade school.

Don't recommend it to people

If you're in a union state, talk to the union first.

If you're non-union, just get a job and they'll pay for your education


People don't understand that trees are living things, and they'll hire anyone with a saw to show up and ruin the aesthetic of their yard.

Line work is dangerous as hell. I think it's 1/100 mortality or something like that.

The wage is awesome, and you get all the overtime you could ever want, though

35 per 100,000

Not that bad

@RevStench Thanks, modern education system for painting the trades as work for the Morlocks

Everyone wants to be an Eloi

@JesseJames It's a lot to do with their parents. My mom, to this day, nags me to go back to school, even though I'm worth more than half my cousins, despite being a decade younger than most of them.

Brainwashing the natives into thinking they're too good for skilled labor brought about the current immigration crisis' in the West


@von Raudenbusch PA is the only state where I would ever do Union work. Every other Union state is full of the laziest pieces of shit.


It's way worse in NY though

Come to a right to work state, white man. Let the Socialism lite fail while you real your reward

@JesseJames The TRS guy, right?

I really don't consume TRS stuff. I'll check it out.

I'll probably catch flack for this, but I'm not a huge fan of Mike. I should probably check out the other ones, but I just haven't yet.

@GoyMeetsWorld If I remember correctly, that's exactly how it got it's name

Is the Polo store too Hispanic?

What is that, a Sportster?


Fucking Haitians. What the fuck is faciling lights?

Bix nood

@Deleted User O wouldn't use pallets for gardening, fam. It's usually made from pressure treated lumber

Oops, didn't read all the way down

@Brandon Ironside- ND Awesome read. I get so tired of guys complaining about the JQ, and saying that they can't get anywhere because of them. Do what you can, harness that agency, and make shit good for yourself.

Blaming the Jews for our failures is like the blacks blaming us for theirs.

One group has a more cohesive society and higher IQ than the other. Of course they will do better. I think the question of whether or not they're actively working to destroy us is up for debate, but whether they're good for us isn't.

About time someone condemned these "Identity Evropa" people

2017-10-09 20:44:27 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@Tony V - CA#7460 Post a pic of yourself with as much visible as you're comfortable

@Deleted User Good luck, sometimes you have to deal with shitheads.

It's not nearly as exclusive as it used to be

@Deleted User Without doxxing yourself, are you an owner, or just a foreman/superintendant?

I knew you were a Master. You ever think about renting it out and taking it easy for a little while?

"Welcome to the Lib/Con chat, how Centrist are ya?"

It's dirty, too. I'm pretty happy I picked electrical, it's the easiest on your body.

@Deleted User Got a pic of your setup?

I'll keep my eye out

@Deleted User That's what I was thinking. He could have one of those GFI breakers.

In that case it probably is the moisture. Just elevate the unit so that it doesn't collect water.

How is the unit connected to your panel? Is it plug and cord, or hard wired?

@Deleted User Do they make water proof covers that are water tight when a cord is plugged in?

@Deleted User If it's tripping the GFI, it's probably where the cord hits the outlet.

Post that pic

@Deleted User You're sure the GFI is tripping, not the breaker?

Ok, yeah, it's definitely moisture. When Greg gets back and you post your pic we can think about hardwiring it inside a weather proof box.

@Deleted User make sure you go outside to where your meter is and disconnect the entire house before you open your panel.

Huh huh huh

Good one Greg

Do you have a good program for that? I just got a new laptop, and I can't remember what I used on the old one @Gawsh Darn Goy#4287

Hell yeah

@Evan Thomas#4159 Dude, this reeks of terrible decisions

It just has the je nais sais quoi of a scam

But will they be able to catapult drugs over? Where are the high intensity lasers to vaporize incoming packages?

To destroy inanimate objects

@Evan Thomas He mentions "The great Tony Robbins". I would be skeptical of anything said by someone who holds him in that high regard.

@Deleted User Stay warm, you maniac

I just saw my buddy at work for the first time in a few years. He's 60 and his wife just pushed out his 3rd healthy kid. If you're older and childless, you still have a chance.

@Havamal I made some potato soup yesterday, the first day it got below 70 this season. Hit the spot, great suggestion

Florida, the land of eternal swamp ass

@missliterallywho A slim chance is a chance
@ThisIsChris Yeah, I think late 30s

@missliterallywho I wouldn't suggest it, but....

Watching other guys work all day sure is exhausting

Fam, I'm a big bad heavy machinery operator. I'm too good to associate with those dirty plebians.

I need it, man, I'm skinny as hell

You're right though, every professional operator I've seen was 300+lbs


You work outside? I thought you did custom stairwells and shit

Is that wine?



Stouts and porters are great, but it's not a great 75Β°+ beverage

No, I mean you can't drink it in the summer.

There aren't too many opportunities for me to enjoy it in FL Should've been a machinist. This shit is so implicit

Greg's a master electrician, I'm just a late stages apprentice @Deleted User

Ooh, that sucks dude

You ever get paid by that guy?

There are a bunch of pieces of shit out there, man. Even amongst whites.

Low profile lovin'

>motion activated

Every server in the IE network needs a Chad react

He's like a schizophrenic @Reinhard Wolff

Are you employed? Union? @Deleted User

I didn't realize the Union was so strong in Texas

I was just asking because a lot of guys go to technical schools and lose out on thousands of dollars

Yeah, I think it was me

And Greg

I hadn't seen your avatar in a while, thought you were new

Destroying technical schools is my personal life goal

Oh, nvm

It takes a ton of discipline, and most people don't have it. My aunt and uncle are vegan, and their kids are vegetarian. They wind up eating Oreos and drinking soda for lunch. @Zyzz

Yeah, no shit

The worst part of having a huge family is a few of them are dipshits

Little brain Orlando police can't operate a fence

@Evan - NJ I like the flag, nice touch

Is the "Ruin a company with our endorsement, invest, then withdraw endorsement" a viable investment strategy, or was Papa Johns on the way down anyway?

I was thinking about electrical maintenance when I get old at a Ford plant or something

Move to the Midwest or Middle South and just kick back

@RevStench if we're still in touch in 10-15 years, hell yeah

Here's my plan.
1) Borrow a shit load of Bitcoin from p2p lending
2) Convert to cash
3) Bubble pops, you have cash, Bitcoin is worthless
4) Pay debnts

Question is, when will Bitcoin pop?

@Zyzz yeah, of course. I've been saying that for years. Just kind of bullshiting

Bro, this big black guy started a couple weeks ago, and he can't fucking do his job. He can't pull wire because he's too much of a bitch, even though he's 6'5" 230 lbs, he can't follow directions even though he asks questions all day, and he talks shit even though he's the most useless guy on the crew

I'm going to make him quit

Good luck man, it's treated me well. I have good savings from it, even though I'm underpaid. Even a bad company pays you pretty well.

Did you do the one with Erika?

The Florida Christmas party will be superior on every conceivable way

Was going to suggest German, but, you know

Does MT have a big union culture? If not might not be worth it

Florida has a union too, but no one's in it

If you're moving, go to a company and ask the guys there is they're in or not

@FivePointPalm It's incredible to me that Gattaca isn't Identitarian required watching

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