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Utterly insane,I wish you good luck!

Nice looking

Wow,absolutely wonderful Banner,Very Professional Banner! My dad used to do professional hand painted signs,helped once-even he would be quite impressed! ;)

Wow,that looks delicious!

Congratulations! so precious!!!โค

Great work!


Question for a serious low techy here- I know there's some start up step by step websites like WIX out there-have been in the process of trying to finish getting my jewelry business started,have priducts made but need to finally get it online and start selling. For someone with no experience in that technical field,what would you suggest? I know there's Etsy,which charges you,same with ebay but is a lil cheaper but want to get started on my own route. Any Helpful advice or those with skills?

As I would Rather keep my focus on my artistic hand beaded jewelry skills and use a simple version thats super easy for me to use

Outstanding Banner! Wow,you can see it from Far away easy. Awesome job Guys!!!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜โค๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ท

@ThisIsChrisThankyou so much,really appreciate it!

Right on!

@Deleted Usergreat to hear,definitely helps.Makes ya feel good inside. Obviously your mom was quite impressed and really enjoyed herself. Good for you,what a proud son,proud mama๐Ÿ˜‰โค

@Deleted Userinteresting, appreciate it

Looks good

Decided to check out the Shopify app,try going from there. My dogs are driving me nuts with concentration though since its Wednesday,evil garbage man day. But going to it soon when quiet and can focus

@Deleted Usercool,i may just do that

Just eat some eggs over easy๐Ÿ˜‰

Must be butch i bet,lol

BBQ is always good

Oh wow,very cool! There's actually quite a variety sometimes in it,it can surprise you. I think its good to enjoy the various perspectives & enjoyment it has to offer that most don't realize. Then again i enjoy a variety of foods. Also got spoiled when we visited my aunt & uncle's,they had a restaurant in France many years ago,so in occasion got to sample the goodies. Also got lucky since they helped do our small backyard wedding many years ago too.

Yes quite true. My Aunt Monique makes the best dishes! They are lucky to have their own garden where they live up north now,so also enjoy those when we visit. Soooo true about the BBQ,insane variety alright.

You should just share some of your favorites at least. Oh yes,I've seen the videos,lol!

Lol,well hey Texas,of coarse ya gotta share now! Some of Hubby's family from there too,gotta love em

Must share a few now,got my curiousity goinh

Awesome looking forward to it๐Ÿ˜Š

Awesome, good for you!

Homemade ingredients,spices. Sorry cant think right now. Thinking of others going through hard times right now & trying to figure out way i can help them

Kids grew up close with me,like more daughters to me

Interesting write up

Really love it,very nice

These punks who bully and post crap like that pisses me off. Could never stand it when i saw it growing up & still gets to me. They need to learn some lessons

That Miyashiro post is total BS!

Sonora is very nice

My friend Matt lives there last i heard. I always love going to their celtic faire and the small town life, the folk are sooo nice. It feels more natural to the way i originally grew up in small town & how i miss it. Really like it there

@Deleted Usercongratulations!!!

Yes they are,gotta watch for future recruitment

Wow those comments were quite something to see. Looks like more are alot more aware and finally starting to speak out,thats good to see.

Was really good to watch,nice seeing it all

@this_that5553it sounds neat,but still really unsure of bitcoin,don't know all that much of it. But i like the concept of OpenBazaar. Something to think about more once i get going

@John O -hmm ok,i like that

An old friend once showed me a different way for tuna. She used to smash the heck out of it constantly with fork so there was no bulk left to it,add lots of mayo and if i remember correctly pissibly some hard boiled eggs to it? Not sure of last part,but she definitely mushed the crap out of tuna so it was super light amd fluffy like. Lots of extra lil work to it

Sure,also just remembered actually she used the hardboiled Eggs Whites only,not the yoke

@Darthhow do you go about putting up an ie news alert,i type in but comes up with many different stories. Is there a particular app you use?

Nicely done,way to go!

@Deleted Usernicely done,keep on going!

@PicBoyreported and tweeted its a fake acct too

I reported it and just retweeted that its a fake acct

2017-12-30 05:30:51 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2017-12-30 06:13:23 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

Finally started reading a lil of The Poetic Edda lastnight. Actually decided to try my hand at doing 1 personal reading of 1st verse video,just to see what others think. Have been trying to upload all night with constant problems,so i dont know.. anyways really enjoying it.
And have "Why We Fight" on the stack to read next. Need to go back and start over White Identity too. Was reading e version of Culture of Critique but was getting too draining after awhile so may come back to again later.. Enjoying the Edda though for now

2017-12-30 07:02:44 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

It finally uploaded correctly,only after 4 attempts, ugh.. but yeah it Worked!

2017-12-30 09:27:40 UTC [Literature Club #general]  


2017-12-30 20:43:40 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  


Thats Wonderful,Congratulations!!! Wishing you both a lifetime of Love,Happiness & Laughter to carry witth you always!!!โคโค๐Ÿ’

@Perihelion - CAwow,quite the intriguing concepts on next scale attacks. Way iver my head technically but i understand the basic precempts. Makes 1 wonder how best would 1 do to fight this head on if directed in your sphere? Bet my uncle would have some great strategies...hmmm wheels cranking...

@APmessaged you back. Unfortunately have had to put all business on hold,on back burner for now. Got thrown into alot of family personal stuff going on

Well my head feels like stuffed wool right now do to alot of stuff going on in family so bare with me...
For the past year or 2,i have been slowly building up a small hand beaded jewelry business, getting products made now some in small bulks here n there,ready to sell. Got some business cards made off of Vista Print. Have looked online into Etsy & Ebay that want to charge you a lovely fee per item that you try to sell off their sites,decided not to do. Have looked into and started setting up app called "Shopify"- they give ypu a 14day trial period to start setting things up,give you some sample pages for you to set up,display your items for sale,seem the best to go by. Have gotten emails back on directing traffic to your site once you get it made,etc and how to help with the business aspects of it. There are some free sample pages u can use or some u pay fee for,all depends on your set up and way you want things, etc. So far seems the most solid from what i have compared to other sites in the past. Just need to get it done,set up. Because at the time i would have got started a bunch of family emergencies have happened so haven't had chance to finish setting up. I have kept somewhat track of receits,costs it has taken to make all my products,but still have alot not done so best to keep a quickbooks aspects of business costs set aside for your product's. Have taken lots of patience and time to build products up,so not something you do relatively quick. Still learning barely by the curveballs thrown at me. Plus what it will cost to ship products, and what you also have to factor in. Am alot closer to trying to get it off the ground but like i said have now had family issues to deal with so having to set aside and come back to again in lil while when i get better time,rtc set aside. Please excuse any fuzziness,really drained right now from driving lots hours,stress & little sleep.

Just 1 example of my product i have made by hand,take alot of time and patience


Not to mention costs of supplies i get off ebay or local,etc. Like Silver,gemstone beads like the Amethyst,Opal,Pearls in bottom set,or some of the Swarovski crystals,silver & silvwr chain in top 1. Alot of factors...

Anyways,thats as far as I've gotten. Takes time,sorry can't be of any further help right now folks. Like i said,so close to launching but am having to put on hold to help with extended family matters

Oh also have a magnetic reader white Square thing to use too

http://triton.news/2018/01/kate-steinle-flyers-posted-campus-california-college-republicans-regional-vice-chair/ I Don't know if this was already shared

Also,put into perspective that I made a photobox out of cardboard & cheesecloth and couple decent lightning setups to photograph some stuff with,play around with,that also takes time to get every item done,which I'm still learning & playing with since some pics take and others don't. Also costs for Display,bags,etc too. Lots of aspects still fiddling and learning by trial or fail. And if you decide to sell at craft fairs or other faires to get your name out,besides it going online and getting started. And other business apps that can help you or books,what have you. Factor your costs it takes to make item,add in your time it takes to make it & times by 3. When i took old jc jewlery class in past, teacher told us to times the item by 3. That's material costs,time,etc

Best to keep solid stable accounts to go by instead of hit and miss,otherwise you have to go back and figure out all over again & thats alot of wasted time

Also if for instance you have to go by price of silver that you use if you hand sauder a silver ring,how those stock prices flutuate. Not to mention the costs you can't apply for say your own quality hand tools you might use to make a piece. Nor your work space. But thats off topic a lil. Anyway hope ya get the jists of tryung to start up your own company and many facets you have to factor into it

Sorry its not alot of tech jargon but what goes into prior to it. Like i said,learning as i go

Oh wow,i bet he does quality work too. Generally off Ebay,but i have also bought stuff at small local stores or once a year at trade shows when they have them at fairgrounds. When your able to inspect them up close at these shows,thats when you can find a lot of quality items. But sometimes there's also cheap stuff so you have to know what your looking for.

What state is he in? Does he also sell online?

I've cut obsidian stone before in class long ago,i know doctors still use it in some surgeries too. I have alot of respect for your dad cutting his own stones not easy,nor saudering custom jewelry. Good for him!

Ok cool thanks. I've ordered from Rio Grande before too. I'm nowhere near your dad,lol
But just trying to start something eventually. Bookmarked his page thanks!

California, yes used to do too,been awhile And it all adds up.

http://psuvanguard.com/identity-evropa-recruitment-poster-found-on-campus/ The usual statements of we will not tolerate this on our campus...

Sometimes he just can't help but be bluntly honest, lol

2018-01-12 06:32:50 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

I like both

It is of a sorts,wasnt too derogatory

I just dont like that they lunped us in with others that literally left swastikas

Ya,another words only left leaning,at least thats what i get from it

?? Good question

Wasn't there an old member up there from prior or something? Could it be a leftover?

I remember hearing something vaguely about that

So it is a copy maybe then from someone trying to do something?

It is black and white

Just did double look


Ill repost it there

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