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2018-11-08 01:58:41 UTC

It’s really hard to know what must’ve been different about those south/south-east counties

2018-11-08 01:58:44 UTC

And Austin + Houston, to be expected of/c

2018-11-08 01:58:49 UTC

How can you be in IE without being woke on the JQ?

2018-11-08 01:58:51 UTC

I'm not sure that is true, there was always a difference between NRX, AnCaps, NatSocs...

2018-11-08 01:58:52 UTC

@GingerRose99 Please reference the <#388558559752880139> channel.

2018-11-08 01:59:11 UTC

Can pledges see <#388558559752880139>??

2018-11-08 01:59:23 UTC

Is Patrick static for anyone else?

2018-11-08 01:59:25 UTC

Hmmm, good point. Not sure.

2018-11-08 01:59:28 UTC

1. First things first, you should make sure you can login to the IE Members Site. Yes! We have a members website with merch and a way to check all of your info and dues. If you have not logged in yet, you can do so at Register with your membership email address, which is typically the email address you applied with. Set your password and you will be able to sign in.

2. Mercury is the name of our proprietary server which will replace this IE national server. It is hosted from Rocket Chat software, meaning you can enter the URL into the Rocket Chat application, either on mobile or desktop. Or, you can simply enter it into your browser. To login for the first time, click 'Forgot Password' to set your password with your membership email address.

Note: If the first time login fails, it is most likely because your username wasn't set which was a previous error on our end. Please message me directly for that and I can help you.

2018-11-08 01:59:32 UTC

@Hakujin - CA who are you referring to? Jared Taylor denies the JQ — to my understanding.

2018-11-08 01:59:33 UTC

@Bogl - CA not really

2018-11-08 01:59:43 UTC

A bit

2018-11-08 01:59:44 UTC

Patrick have you been talking to Steve Bannon?

2018-11-08 01:59:49 UTC

That's true.

2018-11-08 01:59:50 UTC

Interviewers should start signing people up for Mercury

2018-11-08 01:59:55 UTC


2018-11-08 02:00:01 UTC

We need to unite like Voltron. Monochrome Voltron.

2018-11-08 02:00:04 UTC

Not too bad @Bogl - CA

2018-11-08 02:00:19 UTC
2018-11-08 02:00:23 UTC

@JohnAtlas sort of. i think in his latest podcast he mentions it a little. he said yeah there is a jewish role in bringing in migrants

2018-11-08 02:00:26 UTC

@Hakujin - CA because the JQ isn't a necessity for becoming Identitariam. An Identitarian knows that his people are separate from other people, not necessarily the intricacies of those other groups

2018-11-08 02:00:28 UTC

@Zilna Jestov - Your name looks good in that official member color.

2018-11-08 02:00:30 UTC

“I’m a Nationalist”

2018-11-08 02:00:31 UTC


2018-11-08 02:00:35 UTC
2018-11-08 02:00:36 UTC
2018-11-08 02:00:37 UTC

2018-11-08 02:00:46 UTC

Nothing wrong with us Nationalist

2018-11-08 02:01:10 UTC

@ThisIsChris - That's gorgeous.

2018-11-08 02:01:15 UTC

@Selma Thank you. You too.

2018-11-08 02:01:18 UTC

We should make a *principled* exception for the Hodge Twins

2018-11-08 02:01:19 UTC

I’m an “American” nationalist

2018-11-08 02:01:27 UTC

There are republicans who want to deport millions of (brown) illegal immigrants. They may still be civnat, but I'd rather see them in power than neocons or liberals

2018-11-08 02:01:38 UTC

@VinceChaos That’s good to hear

2018-11-08 02:01:52 UTC

@R O M A N V S hell yeah

2018-11-08 02:01:55 UTC

Where did that "strain of individualism" come from?

2018-11-08 02:01:59 UTC

More effective to assimilate to the way of normie existence to exert influence and understand the mentality of our fallen brethren.

2018-11-08 02:02:10 UTC

2018-11-08 02:02:16 UTC

We need a banking system

2018-11-08 02:02:17 UTC

@Ryonne Controversial question!

2018-11-08 02:02:19 UTC

Greetings fellow Subway Powerade enthusiasts, it’s is I, you’re one and only model Identity Europa member.

2018-11-08 02:02:22 UTC

Identitarians come in many shapes and forms

2018-11-08 02:02:24 UTC

Just saying that this entire concept of America being a country built on individualism didn't exist until the 1960s.

2018-11-08 02:02:25 UTC

You know what would be cool? An app that sells phone screensavers. Have it put it directly on their home screen or whatever and not save it to photos

2018-11-08 02:02:26 UTC

@R O M A N V S what about Elliot?

2018-11-08 02:02:32 UTC

Jews etc.

2018-11-08 02:02:33 UTC

Hodge Twins are unironically woke

2018-11-08 02:02:42 UTC

MAGA is a Trojan horse for [white] identitarian nationalism

2018-11-08 02:02:42 UTC

Goldman Sux

2018-11-08 02:02:42 UTC


2018-11-08 02:02:54 UTC


2018-11-08 02:02:54 UTC

Hodge Twins are proof that lifting BREAKS THE CONDITIONING.

2018-11-08 02:02:58 UTC

Elliot is a bit too short for entry @John O -

2018-11-08 02:03:03 UTC

in minecraft

2018-11-08 02:03:06 UTC

How tall is he

2018-11-08 02:03:06 UTC


2018-11-08 02:03:08 UTC

How woke is Elliot?

2018-11-08 02:03:08 UTC

@Selma True

2018-11-08 02:03:09 UTC

I’m a showty

2018-11-08 02:03:11 UTC
2018-11-08 02:03:15 UTC


2018-11-08 02:03:19 UTC

@R O M A N V S not at all

2018-11-08 02:03:25 UTC

@Selma your cool

2018-11-08 02:03:28 UTC

Idk, but his t h i c c n e s s makes him look short lol

2018-11-08 02:03:30 UTC

He's just a lunatic

2018-11-08 02:03:33 UTC

Big bad cheese Cheerio man

2018-11-08 02:03:38 UTC

NRx tho

2018-11-08 02:03:39 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff So what you're that diversity is our strength?

2018-11-08 02:03:42 UTC

Look at me, we are the 5th column now

2018-11-08 02:03:44 UTC

We civic now!

2018-11-08 02:03:46 UTC

Make lifting mandatory

2018-11-08 02:03:49 UTC


2018-11-08 02:03:49 UTC

I'm a right-wing populist

2018-11-08 02:03:59 UTC
2018-11-08 02:04:03 UTC

@R O M A N V S how are the Hodge twins woke?

2018-11-08 02:04:10 UTC

Just a sec

2018-11-08 02:04:20 UTC

The power of the will can make huge political changes in a short time.

2018-11-08 02:04:23 UTC

I’m a “western chauvinist” 😜

2018-11-08 02:04:23 UTC

Boy do I have a treat for you @VinceChaos

2018-11-08 02:04:25 UTC

exactly, need allies or all will attack us

2018-11-08 02:04:25 UTC

@JohnAtlas - Based

2018-11-08 02:04:26 UTC

Look at any political movement in history.

2018-11-08 02:04:32 UTC


2018-11-08 02:04:58 UTC

IE is the best ever because we actually understand the issues and the values without being idiots

2018-11-08 02:05:01 UTC

@R O M A N V S link it to me, too. I haven't been up on /fit/ lore in a long time

2018-11-08 02:05:08 UTC

Just peak the Hodge Twins TL; absolutely lit

2018-11-08 02:05:09 UTC

I am okay with ALLYING with civ nats and practicing Taquiyya

2018-11-08 02:05:19 UTC

2018-11-08 02:05:46 UTC

It’s a 2 min vid, well worth the watch. Huge laugh! Big!

2018-11-08 02:06:03 UTC

Steve King nationalism!

2018-11-08 02:06:14 UTC

Wait Trump didn't name the Jew? That's it I'm voting Bernie Sanders next year

2018-11-08 02:06:20 UTC

King is King. He wuz / iz kang

2018-11-08 02:06:28 UTC

We shouldn't have to worry about Israel, we should only have to focus on our future, unfortunately that isnt the case due to situation at hand

2018-11-08 02:06:34 UTC

Tucker is extremely skilled in the practice of white taquiyya

2018-11-08 02:06:37 UTC

I see @JohnAtlas is also a Hodge Twins connoisseur

2018-11-08 02:06:39 UTC

Trump can't name the son in law.

2018-11-08 02:06:50 UTC
2018-11-08 02:06:51 UTC

Those people are frauds and freaks

2018-11-08 02:06:58 UTC

In 2020 trump should drop Pence and name King his VP

2018-11-08 02:07:03 UTC

Tell the truth, but joke about it; that is the whole of the law

2018-11-08 02:07:05 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff How do we most effectively use autism?

2018-11-08 02:07:09 UTC

White homelands must exist

2018-11-08 02:07:13 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Is there a car pool from the airport in Appalachia.

2018-11-08 02:07:18 UTC

Despite Barbara Spectres BS

2018-11-08 02:07:28 UTC

White countries for white people shouldn't be considered radical

2018-11-08 02:07:31 UTC

Ben Shapiro is our greatest ally.

2018-11-08 02:07:45 UTC

Damn dude, I love the Hodge twins

2018-11-08 02:07:53 UTC

@John O - it's that twitter link I posted

2018-11-08 02:08:01 UTC

We the shadow government now.

2018-11-08 02:08:01 UTC

I just watched it

2018-11-08 02:08:05 UTC


2018-11-08 02:08:10 UTC
2018-11-08 02:08:10 UTC

Cernovich can't join

2018-11-08 02:08:20 UTC

2018-11-08 02:08:27 UTC

funny stuff Hodge twins. Tyrone!

2018-11-08 02:08:28 UTC

Loving black people is okay, as long as you don't love them more.

2018-11-08 02:08:33 UTC

Exactly, can't stand him @Freiheit - CA

2018-11-08 02:08:39 UTC
2018-11-08 02:08:42 UTC

yeah ive watched them on Crowder they are indeed funny and make edgy jokes

2018-11-08 02:08:42 UTC

@Rabbidsith IE should do autism outreach

2018-11-08 02:08:44 UTC

I bet Stefan Molymeme is a deep cover /ourguy/

2018-11-08 02:08:54 UTC

Trump train

2018-11-08 02:08:57 UTC

@JohnAtlas Indeed.

2018-11-08 02:09:04 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I wish they'd return to jazz instead of rap (and blues of/c)

2018-11-08 02:09:05 UTC

Stefan Molyneaux redpilled me about race and IQ so I kinda have to thank him.

2018-11-08 02:09:07 UTC

Stefan is definitely undercover

2018-11-08 02:09:12 UTC
2018-11-08 02:09:13 UTC

I hierarachically love black people

2018-11-08 02:09:16 UTC

@Gimlet Autism outreach when?

2018-11-08 02:09:21 UTC

@JohnAtlas minecraft recruiting was a thing

2018-11-08 02:09:28 UTC

the meetup app has republican meetup groups

2018-11-08 02:09:30 UTC

@Gimlet Who is going to be our director of autism outreach?

2018-11-08 02:09:31 UTC

Stefan when counter signaling against us strawmans the worst most wignat argument. but then he talks about demos and white birthrates

2018-11-08 02:09:33 UTC

Based Hapa gfs as a cover?

2018-11-08 02:09:41 UTC

I love black people who take after Marcus Garvey

2018-11-08 02:09:42 UTC

Influence the culture of you local community, if not the politics

2018-11-08 02:09:44 UTC

/our/ girl

2018-11-08 02:09:48 UTC


2018-11-08 02:09:49 UTC


2018-11-08 02:09:52 UTC

2018-11-08 02:09:54 UTC

oh gwaawd

2018-11-08 02:10:02 UTC

That's good

2018-11-08 02:10:05 UTC


2018-11-08 02:10:06 UTC


2018-11-08 02:10:07 UTC


2018-11-08 02:10:23 UTC

I still have my blockbuster card can i exchange it for identity evropa points

2018-11-08 02:10:37 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Should I run for 'gov?

2018-11-08 02:10:37 UTC

@Selma yes

2018-11-08 02:10:41 UTC

Look at me, we are the tactical nihilists now

2018-11-08 02:10:43 UTC


2018-11-08 02:10:49 UTC

2018-11-08 02:10:55 UTC

Ohh yeah who suggested buying all the crashed blockbuster stocks and using it to disseminate red pill media?

2018-11-08 02:11:05 UTC

The confirmation email hasn't come

2018-11-08 02:11:06 UTC

@ThisIsChris Going through with the IE Blockbuster buyout is an absolutely fundamental part of our 2019 strategy

2018-11-08 02:11:13 UTC


2018-11-08 02:11:19 UTC

@Mikolas VHS recordings of Ethnarch Deep Dives

2018-11-08 02:11:23 UTC

In civnat circles women can get away with more racial talking points than men can <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-11-08 02:11:30 UTC

The mission is to put Patrick in the White House unironically

2018-11-08 02:11:36 UTC

Women can get away with more in general smh

2018-11-08 02:11:37 UTC

Cernovich is a Hebrew with a brown wife...

2018-11-08 02:11:41 UTC

use your wamin powers @missliterallywho

2018-11-08 02:11:43 UTC

Women sometimes have to be a little more extweem to be noticed.

2018-11-08 02:11:46 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff what do you think about trying to point out double standards like how whites can’t have their own groups and institutions?

2018-11-08 02:12:00 UTC

@Freiheit - CA Thernovich?

2018-11-08 02:12:02 UTC

@missliterallywho So you're saying I should transition?

2018-11-08 02:12:08 UTC

Turner diaries is a massive larp

2018-11-08 02:12:13 UTC

respek wahmin

2018-11-08 02:12:20 UTC

@Jacob that's exactly what @missliterallywho was saying'

2018-11-08 02:12:25 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff I am on the same page as long as my catgirls are allowed in the ethnostate at the end. ;)

2018-11-08 02:12:26 UTC

White man is always the most scrutinized; when is it my turn to run up and then discard FBI crime statistics

2018-11-08 02:12:40 UTC

@ThisIsChris Blockbuster nationalism when?

2018-11-08 02:12:43 UTC

Missed the last 5 minutes can somebody summarize?

2018-11-08 02:12:45 UTC

Women status: respected

2018-11-08 02:12:48 UTC

Ethnostate in my house

2018-11-08 02:12:48 UTC

thats awesome to hear that people support us in private

2018-11-08 02:13:13 UTC

Esoteric in the sheets, exoteric in the streets

2018-11-08 02:13:14 UTC

Ethnostate is house, must build fondation first.

2018-11-08 02:13:15 UTC

Oh esoteric sounds so ...esoteric

2018-11-08 02:13:15 UTC


2018-11-08 02:13:22 UTC

@Nemets craft beer nationalism

2018-11-08 02:13:22 UTC

@Sacramento Honestly.... no.

2018-11-08 02:13:28 UTC

Learn from Blockbusters mistakes

2018-11-08 02:13:34 UTC

@Nemets Gentrification increases property value.

2018-11-08 02:13:35 UTC


2018-11-08 02:13:36 UTC

Scott Greer is /ourguy/ for example

2018-11-08 02:13:42 UTC

@micbwilli @Jacob said you can buy the whole of blockbuster's assets for like 64k

2018-11-08 02:13:44 UTC

@Nemets Godspeed. You'll never get me outta tha woods

2018-11-08 02:13:46 UTC

Scott Greer literally wrote for Radix lol

2018-11-08 02:13:48 UTC

Quite a few close to me know and support many things we in IE do

2018-11-08 02:13:50 UTC

we could probably swing it and re-brand

2018-11-08 02:13:58 UTC
2018-11-08 02:14:07 UTC
2018-11-08 02:14:09 UTC

Welcome to my ethnostate fam

2018-11-08 02:14:09 UTC

Did you see your future office

2018-11-08 02:14:11 UTC

Don't be like Sealand.

2018-11-08 02:14:14 UTC

Very cool Patrick!

2018-11-08 02:14:18 UTC

Barron Trump is probably on pol

2018-11-08 02:14:18 UTC

@Virgil very woke

2018-11-08 02:14:23 UTC

Patrick’s telling us about his day now

2018-11-08 02:14:27 UTC

Barron Trump is on the youth server

2018-11-08 02:14:27 UTC

@Selma look up Bit Taweel

2018-11-08 02:14:28 UTC

The huWhite House

2018-11-08 02:14:34 UTC

That's cool Patrick

2018-11-08 02:14:50 UTC

@Virgil That moment when you realize that a bunch of weebs and autists are challenging the most powerful people on the planet.

2018-11-08 02:14:53 UTC

The lowest time preferance

2018-11-08 02:14:55 UTC

@celticflame can you point @GingerRose99. In the right direction as she is new

2018-11-08 02:14:56 UTC

@Nerv - VA - Thank you!

2018-11-08 02:15:03 UTC

Barron Trump has a squad of kids that curate his /pol/ feed and post in his name, and set up /pol/ campaigns to gain him notoriety

2018-11-08 02:15:10 UTC

@ThisIsChris They still have one super busy store in Alaska. It's a place where Internet in your house is $5 a GB and video rental is useful.

2018-11-08 02:15:14 UTC

2018-11-08 02:15:15 UTC

If i see her,will do @SuperTomPerry -RI

2018-11-08 02:15:23 UTC

when we gain power it will be renamed Evropa Palace

2018-11-08 02:15:27 UTC
2018-11-08 02:15:30 UTC

Teal House

2018-11-08 02:15:32 UTC

Throwback to when Patrick convinced people he was at the vigil after Defend Identity

2018-11-08 02:15:41 UTC

Oh gwaawd

2018-11-08 02:15:56 UTC


2018-11-08 02:15:56 UTC

you saw Holt irl lol

2018-11-08 02:16:00 UTC

@celticflame shes here now, this is her first fireside, and maybe she could join womens group or somthing as well

2018-11-08 02:16:01 UTC


2018-11-08 02:16:02 UTC


2018-11-08 02:16:05 UTC

Sorry Bir tawil

2018-11-08 02:16:05 UTC


2018-11-08 02:16:12 UTC

I can't help but think of the ambiguously ethnic teacher's pet character from "Recess"

2018-11-08 02:16:14 UTC

Will look and ask

2018-11-08 02:16:15 UTC

I found it!

2018-11-08 02:16:17 UTC

Bit tawil, yeah

2018-11-08 02:16:17 UTC

NPC 1: Who's that white guy over there?


NPCs in unison: DRUUUMPFFF

2018-11-08 02:16:19 UTC
2018-11-08 02:16:24 UTC

It’s funny....because it’s funny

2018-11-08 02:16:34 UTC
2018-11-08 02:16:39 UTC

I love it how they use "white nationalist" now. @Reinhard Wolff Much better than neo-nazi or white supremacist.

2018-11-08 02:16:54 UTC

next is identitarian

2018-11-08 02:16:58 UTC

after that is victory

2018-11-08 02:17:03 UTC

Our dues pay Patrick's bills

2018-11-08 02:17:05 UTC

@ThisIsChris @micbwilli I actually think I calculated it wrong. But I still can't imagine it being super expensive.

2018-11-08 02:17:12 UTC

Teal Triangle >>> Blue Checks

2018-11-08 02:17:15 UTC

They demonixe nationalist now, even without the prefix white

2018-11-08 02:17:19 UTC


2018-11-08 02:17:37 UTC

Trolled epic style

2018-11-08 02:17:41 UTC


2018-11-08 02:17:42 UTC

@GingerRose99 Welcome aboard! Would be good to talk later.

2018-11-08 02:17:42 UTC

Did that guy really for that?

2018-11-08 02:17:44 UTC

@TMatthews I'm fine with paying for /ourguy/.

2018-11-08 02:17:48 UTC

@Rabbidsith They called so many people white supremacist that the normies asume it means just a white person now.

2018-11-08 02:17:48 UTC

Jesus Chris

2018-11-08 02:17:58 UTC

@GingerRose99 - Welcome < 3

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