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Thomas from Rhode Island payed my tuition for the year. He is in the Massachusetts chapter!!!

I'm watching the local elections

Kate Brown won for Oregon Govener, this is a great loss to Oregon State!!!

Knute Bueler conseaded

He was a candidate for Oregon Govener.

I am Pro Life

How do you regester for mercury?

I'm a right-wing populist

The confirmation email hasn't come

I can't hear him

How long has IE been around


Dogs are dogs

Any people from Oregon still on the chat?

When do I get full membership?

I'll ask my interviewer about it!!!


I have a class at 6 pm pacific which is 9 pm eastern!!! I can come on until 5:50 pacific (8:50 eastern) if that is okay!!!

I'll come on tommorow before class, and try to listen during class, I have a few tricks up my sleeve if you know what I mean!!! If I have to leave early, I will come to the Saturday one!!!

Oh my gosh, the liberals accused Wife With A Purpose of Weaponizing Normalcy!!! I didn't know that Normalcy could be weaponized!!!

Normalcy is our greatest weapon against the left!!!

I have to go

@Argument of Perigee
That was an accident

I didn't see that my microphone was on, sorry you guys!!!

What did you guys hear?

What did you guys hear other than me singing hungry like the wolf?

I just washed my hair and my parents have 80s radio, I love "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran!!!

Did I sound good?

I can't sing well if it would save my life!!!

Couldn't not can't

My hair is in a braid now so it looks good!!!

Tell us about past leaders, my step dad told me the founder of IE went to prison for Armed Robbery. He is also quoted by the SLPC saying really horrible things. I'm asking this to find the truth not to make accusations.

It's okay

I know you are good Patrick!!! Thankyou so much!!! By the was I Don't judge Domingo PTSD can really mess with a person. We all make mistakes!!!

Hey Y'all

Who is PJW?

I love that picture!!!

@SuperTomPerry -RI
I accepted the invite but it says there are no text channels.

51 countries have banned corporal punishment most of them because the U.N. is seeking to end corporal punishment (physical discipline) worldwide. These countries have laws in place that prohibit any use of physical force to dicipline a child. If someone is even suspected of swatting thier child they (Child Protective Services) will investigate the accusation, in the meantime the child or children in question may be placed in state custody!!! This is giving the state the power to take children away from thier parents based upon an accusation, the state doesn't even need proof to do so. I am so glad that The United States of America, England, and The Czech Republic refused to agree to this ridiculous proposition. Most European countries have this law now or have agreed to enact it in the near future!!! These laws are a greater danger to European families than you may realize, because now the state has the power to legally kidnap children whose parents are suspected of swatting them on the bottom.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN
The United States has not agreed to the proposition to end corporal punishment!!! I think anyone with any good sense here would freak out if they did!!! I'm just saying that The UN is destroying the family!!! What about protecting babies from circumcision or the unborn from being aborted, they don't care about those things, but God forbid a child gets a swat on the butt!!!

What about old people, they tend to be overweight!!!

I intermittent fast

I think Feilds should have opted for the judge to decide his innocence or guilt, judges are held to higher standards than jurors are!!!

We have to be so careful these days even when we are just defending ourselves!!!

He could receive the death penalty

@Patrick Casey - VA
What is your opinion on the United Nations Covention on the rights of children? Did you know that they are trying to ban corporal punishment in the home and in schools World wide. This ban would make it possible for authorities to take children out of the home based upon an accusation!

I am personally in favor of corporal punishment!!! Think about it, how many delinquents were around in the past versus now!!! Back in the 1950s spanking was prominant and there wasn't nearly as much crime, and children were better behaved!!!

Up until the last few decades it has always been commonplace to physically dicipline your children!!! All of these studies say that spanking makes people mentally ill, gives them a lower IQ, makes them more violent, ect. Spanking has nothing to do with it!!! I think that abuse can cause major problems, and I think if you are spanking your kid all of the time then that can cause problems, but giving your kid a couple of spankings is not going to scar them for life!!! You know what will scar them for life, A lack of dicipline!!!

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