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Just read the article. It seemed to paint us in a decent light. The infiltration of the Discord is becoming frightening though. Any steps being taken to weed out lefty journalists quote mining Discord or is that a futile endeavor?

Ah, so the quotes used in the article were from the prior infiltration. Guess that’s good to know you’re on top of things.


Tunnel Snakes rule!

I'm still for calling it the Senate.

"The Senate will decide your fate."

Oh dear.

Patrick, what have you brought upon this chat?

Git gud.


But we should be?

Our society is deeply sick.

The totalitarianism isn't visible like under communism, but it's absolutely true our society is in shambles.

"If only you knew how bad things really are."

We're living in the worst possible timeline.

Our mission is to save the West.

PUBG > Fortnite

IE frat parties when?

IE once we get our frat house.


Everyone knows the true white man's drink.


No Gurlz Allowed

Future IE HQ:


Ultimate IE HQ:


Cut out soda completely, always.

Ben Shapiro is not right wing anywhere it counts.

Thoughts on Hans-Hermann Hoppe?

Always thought Christmas Story is a great movie to illustrate how diversity ruins cities.

Look at what Detroit used to be.

Amazing that an illegal immigrant kills your cousin and you just double down on the ideology that killed her.

Our duty is to save our people whether they want to be saved or not.

"A man provides for his family, even if he isn't respected, or appreciated, or even loved."

Strange Death of Europe was a good read, even if it was written by a homosexual.

Yeah, Seuss is pretty cucked.

IE member passing out pamphlets on the street when?

We Mormons now.

Utah IE member Joshua Graham confirmed.

"We can't expect God to do all the work."

Patrick is drenched right now.

Patrick, when will you take the title of Caesar?

Patrick Caseyar.

Ave, true to Casey.


Patrick, I...

Donald Trump in IE Discord confirmed.

Alright, which one of you guys is it?

@Sam Anderson Fully Privatized Monarchist Ethnonationalism tho.

Now's our chance. We have to push for accepting Boer refugees.

When people see the media going after Trump for saying "White people shouldn't be killed" it'll be a HUGE redpill.

Well I guess he would have survived his presidency if he had started in 2008.

But I dunno. Presidency ages people.

That makes a lot of sense.

Where's Patrick traveling that he's gonna take five days to get there? Is he afraid of planes?

Oh wait, never mind. Guess he's going somewhere for the weekend.

Beeps out for Patrick.

The fireside hasn't started yet, right?

Wording, please.

"Bringing a full arsenal."

Amren's still on YT.


RIP /r/MDE and ChadRight.

Lazy IE members are to blame for white genocide confirmed.

Ave, true to Caesar.



Borgs are radical collectivists above all.

Fully Japanese Fat Shaming as a policy.

Patrick Casey wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

I've lost 20 pounds in the past few weeks.

Mainly change of lifestyle going to college.

Awww, come on. I want /pol/!

"Your taste in classical music sucks." -- Patrick Casey

Bach is the best German composer.

Magic Dirt.

"You will consume alcohol." -- Patrick Casey

Prohibition of alcohol in IE when?

The battery of Patrick's laptop is the true traitor within IE.

"You will interact with members of the opposite sex." IE SPONSORED GFS CONFIRMED

Manizing is just called being a slut.

IE laws against adultery when?

I'm not compelled to believe "open relationships" are anything but the dying stage of a normal relationship.

Will the guidebook tell us how to get GFs Patrick?

This seems like a good rationale to make IE exclusively male, just to play the Devil's Advocate here.

We really don't need guys just chasing girls.

Follow the One True Church of Patrick.


IE Roblox server when.

When is IE gonna have a presence on Club Penguin?

"If we're gonna be allowed to" WHO'S CONTROLLING YOU PATRICK

"I don't care where my picture goes." -- Patrick Casey

They laugh about our suicides. They have no remorse.

To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand Identity Evropa.

"I ... want a bunch of gang weed memes popping up." -- Patrick Casey

Patrick Casey has brought the luck of the Irish.

IE Bromance is best Bromance.

"Getting beaten over the head is less productive." -- Patrick Casey

"We just play video games and watch porn." -- Patrick Casey

Saw your new member orientation, Patrick, very based, very redpilled--

Political party creation.

I still gotta update my dues.

Just complicated now with payment.

Hey there.

I close my eyes and seize it.

Big announcement: Donald Trump is president.

He did tell us all to come.

Is anyone speaking?

I can't hear anything.

Crap, I can't hear anything.

Agh, still can't hear.

Switched to my phone, muted.

Now I gotta listen on phone.

"The troops as a concept, but not the troops as individuals."

Let us all only regret that we have one life to lose for my people.

Stop you tease.

IE officially endorses gay marriage.

Attention all Identity Evropa gamers: Patrick Casey is in trouble and he needs your help.

Who do you guys want for Smash tomorrow?

Someone's getting super banned.

Can dues still be paid with Zelle?

It's been a while for me.

Let's call it a furry convention ahead of time.

Hey Patrick, gonna need the longitude and latitude.

Trump confirmed for IE event.

How dare you insult Trad.

Mods fight me outside the Arby's.

"Take care of"

Frat Bro Nationalism.


Fedora and trench coat.

My coordinator has said the F word.

Ok guys this is epic.

Is /IOTBW/ posting cleared by IE?

Considering postering my private university tonight.

We are all in service to glorious leader.

Is there an IE Minecraft server?


If members are asking for personal information, should we notify leadership?

In direct messages.

gets the old Noggin Joggin.

Patrick Casey wants us to DeFOO.

Got an echo.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."

Tiocfaidh ar la!


Everyone saw it coming.

We gained in the senate too!

The only way to go is up!

Where did that "strain of individualism" come from?

Just saying that this entire concept of America being a country built on individualism didn't exist until the 1960s.

The power of the will can make huge political changes in a short time.

Look at any political movement in history.

We the shadow government now.

Ilia iacta es.

*Alea iacta est

Why does Patrick being a bassist make so much sense?

With Jared Taylor on saxophone and you on bass we'll have a pretty good band going soon.


Play Smoke on the Water for us.

I'm still waiting on that IE Minecraft server.

Didn't we literally just say we wanted to take over the GOP?

We all know you're just Richard Spencer in a mask, Patrick.

Hello fellow IE members. It's me, Spichard Rencher.


PAtrick Casey joins Doki Doki Literature Club.

Ave, true to Trump.

Augustus best emperor.

Just Patrick.

I respectfully disagree Patrick.

My professor in my political theory class just said "Identitarianism is becoming more central to American political culture."


Comparative politics, he also followed it up by saying Trump is a president who endorses identitarianism.

Real fascinating to hear that term outside of circles like this. Either its becoming mainstream or the prof is one of us.

God this Covington Catholic incident has my blood boiling. Anything we're planning to do for that boy and his family? Seems like they need some money and words of support.

God bless. The whole situation has been exploding since I've been in class and at the gym. Every day brings another reason for the Old Ones to reawaken.

Literally gonna happen. Nothing has demonstrated more to me the hatred the left has for all white people.

Race among Hispanics is complicated. There's a difference between the European Mexicans and the mestizos, for instance.

After all, the white Hispanics were the ones who elected Franco in Spain, or Pinochet in Chile. They have a very different voting pattern than the brown Mexicans.

Just visited my girlfriend in Midland, Texas this winter break. It is absolutely insane how much that city has transformed into Mexico.

You hear Spanish everywhere you go.

She's reluctant to leave Texas when we get married but I'm trying to convince her it's going to be no state for whites in short order.

O shit.


They posted one too many unfortunate truths about red hat boy.

I wonder how many Twitter accounts that literally called for people to enact violence on teenagers will get suspended too.

Don't jinx it.

Latin Not Allowed

Romanes Eunt Domus

Patrick the absolute madman.

It says, "Romans go home!"

Like we're ever gonna get a reason from Twitter.


I'm surprised we weren't suspended sooner, the bloody censors.

Look alive for the Discord.

We know those tech companies collude with one another.

How big is our organization at this point?

They can't just deplatform us like that.

Quick Patrick, threaten Covington so we can get our account restored.

Remember to have a disposable Twitter account, if they're also giving the hammer to those who associate with IE.

Tyrone is 80%.

*80% Democrat

I'm 57% Rep but my girlfriend is 75% Dem. Should I be concerned?

Absolutely. Shouldn't even ask.

I cannot believe Tyronisha is an actual real name.

What initially redpilled me was that Chicago torture video from a while back.

Things like this really do wake people up to the danger they face.

Saw this in a 4chan thread. Plans for a postering campaign like "It's Okay to be White" tomorrow night Thoughts?

Associate it? Elaborate.

Yeah, didn

*Didn't plan to.

Mm, seems like a decent message to spread though. This kid's had a strong effect on the public.

Say what you will about IOTBW but that was a massive propaganda success too, and that was a channer effort.

No, tell me.

An interesting concept. The theory would make sense if we were dealing with a limited resource like money, but all you really need to flyer is a printer and the will to do so. Both ends can be pursued with the same means, so to speak, which the same cannot be said of money per se.

Yup yup, but it seems like IE members have the general will to flyer. You'd wonder what percentage of those reading a /pol/ thread would actually go out and put up a poster.

Just a signal boost at the very least, but I see your point. I for one think there's a fine distinction between recruiting and propaganda, and that IE flyering tends to focus more on recruitment.

Patrick is busy personally materializing in the Twitter HQ and restoring IE's account.

"IE's gonna find another site and we won't miss ya!"

"It's not about how the media hates white people, they're just trying to distract from abortion!" -- Ben Shapiro

Patrick Casey Ben Shapiro public debate when?

Does that have something to do with Minecraft?

He's an intelligent guy, has a quick wit. He's just transparently influenced by his *ahem* tribal affiliations.

We are everywhere and nowhere.

"We are Identity Evropa, we are legion."

Ban assault smirks.

No one needs a high capacity smile.

Gonna get run over by the Blues Brothers/

We gotta make pledges stand outside for 24 hours and endure abuse from members.

"Too fat, go home."

Any clarification on the definition of β€œextremism?”

Kind of vague language like that is easy to abuse.

Aw shit, I’m a sperg. Looks like I’m gonna get purged.

We’re not ruled by a malevolent, self-aware AI?

Taking over the world for the glory of the robots one pro-white group at a time.

Eh, beware our organization isn’t neutered by optics.

Not that I think it has been, but the strength of our movement is in freedom of expression.

Smells to me like journalists as of late have published a few total flops (red hat boy seems to be a great offender) so the media is panicking and reorganizing.

I'd do the same if I just handed my enemies the win of the decade.

Government has been shut down for a month and all of a sudden journalists are getting laid off.

Really makes ya think.

Never heard these terms. I still use redpill.

That's what I thought I heard. Trump is reopening government but declaring a State of Emergency for wall funding.

"Conservatism" in general has become a bankrupt, Jewish-infiltrated term.

I mean at its core it's about right wing values divorced from ethnicity and nation. It's not surprising that it would fall from grace.

The investment in conservatism is almost a divide et impera tactic.

Who's the tallest?

Dear leader himself is a manlet, no worries.

How tall's Wood Ape?

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