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I'll should be able to pay my dues either tomorrow or Tuesday morning at the latest.

2017-12-30 03:15:21 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-04-02 01:55:38 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Just got through reading Rules For Radicals, it was a pretty thought provoking read and it broke down many of my pre conceived notions about activism. I'm looking forward to discissing with everybody on Tuesday.

2018-04-04 01:54:52 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

I think White National is a modern description of a notion that has been in place since the founding of most European derived nations

2018-04-04 01:55:40 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

@Bjorn - MD Genetically Bosniaks are but culturally they aren't

2018-04-04 01:59:13 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

If a Bosniak were willing to convert away from Islam and change their name if it is deived from an Islamic source, then I wouldn't have an issue accepting them as white

2018-04-04 02:03:55 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

I can understand that, but Bosniaks and frankly Albanians are small enough groups that it wouldn't matter

I'd be careful, I dated a girl from work once, turns out she was psychotic and insane. After I broke up with her I still had to work with her and she would use work as an excuse to follow me around all day.

But I also know people who met their spouses at work, so it depends

Maybe you could try just slowly transitioning her away from it by telling her about the toxicity of the culture

Maybe you could try introducing her to a new hobby or activity that could help her cope. Like biking, cooking, mma or something to that effect.

The SD are probably the best option for Sweden right now. But still they are not an ethno nationalist party, they are more of a Tommy Robinson-esque civnat party.

@Asatru Artist - MD Unfortunately to some, but the Nordic Resistance Movement are pretty solid guys from what I gather.

Absolutely NRM have a lot of potential but I don't think that France is lost. France today is as white as America was in the 1950's plus it has one of the largest and most robust nationalist/Identitarian movements in Europe.

@Reinhard Wolff True, I think that the small size of European countries works more in our favor because they can't build infinite suburbs to escape the diversity. They have to face these people directly on a very regular basis.

Womp womp

To be fair that just looks like one of the typical cringey things that teenage girls do.

A bunch of the girls I went to school with would wear shirts like that, but they either grew out of it or ended up as single mothers

@TV Sounds about right, most of the girls I knew who were with blacks, were trailer trash from broken and destitute families.

@Smitty83 My friend, IE has helped so many lives and people in the movement. It's given most of us a real purpose at the vanguard of a new and burgeoning political movement.

Womp womp fam

@Reinhard Wolff Do you think that speaking to people directly about IE and handing them flyers is an effective form of activism?

Here is a really good article that Greg Johnson wrote about we can make the future of the movement, successful.

I would be interesting if Trump's comments on South Africa caused the msm and the rest of the establishment to openly condone and encourage the land grabs and farm murders.

@Bjorn - MD How so? From what I've observed, they are just trying to sweep the issue under the rug so far.
The left has been going through a consecutive psychotic episode ever since Trump's election. So at this point I can see them justifying anything, no matter how evil.

@Bjorn - MD Maybe, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Guardian or some other outfit publishes an article soon, condoning the murders as a response to White ownership over the South African economy and their disproportionate influence in South African culture.

Agreed, they are insane, depraved and very out of touch, so nothing they do surprises me any more.

@Deleted User Goblin? No Ruth is a beautiful English woman

And like clockwork the media begins its campaign in support of the South African government . Starting off with TYTat the absolute bottom of the barrel

John McCain was as anti-White and anti-American as the most far left radical Democrat. He was the epitome of a neocon and a warmonger.

Breaking Bad is for cucks, the Sopranos was the greatest show ever made.

I dunno that new Bill Nye show on Netflix is fantastic

In all seriousness the Wire might have Breaking Bad beat and it is right up there with the Sopranos for me.

@Kingfish Might just do that sometime, I didn't know there were any Sopranos fans on there.

Yeah I just made it through the whole series a few days ago

@Conatus I saw it, I think AltHype was absolutely right about Spencer, but he seems to have gotten really blackpilled. On the same video he was saying that we should essentially give up on countries like Ireland and if they don't resist, they deserve to be replaced.

@Conatus I understand the point he was trying to make but I think that there is no universal way to stop replacement that can be tried in every single white nation. In Ireland there might be a different strategy that might be required as opposed to the United States. I don't think that just giving up and allowing history to take its course is a very good solution and it is extremely psychologically damaging to the movement.

But I'll also say that as time goes on, Spencer will become even more irrelevant. At this point he has nothing and nobody wants to work with him because they know that they will get sucked into his enormous ego or they'll get screwed over by him. I'll watch the debate between him and Althype next week but beyond that I don't care about Spencer anymore.

Agreed, not Elagabalus was a hell of an emperor, he made Augustus look like a cuck.

I think we can all agree that the Slavs are superior in every way to the barbaric Romans.

Were Romans actually white tho?

The Romans were created when a group of Poles moved to the Italian peninsula and mated with the local sub-Saharan Africans.

@TylerHess The Spartans were actually black

@TylerHess Yes, the Trojans were black too

Friendly reminder folks, all Europeans are black except for Slavs. Only Slavs are the true whites.

This right here is what the Spartans really looked like.

@Bjorn - MD Seriously though, I don't get the obsession with Hitler. What does he have to do with Sweden in the 21st century at all? What's the point in even bringing him up? Sweden has its own history of racialist and nationalist movements to draw upon.

Perfect Roman leader

Moar moar moar

Ben Shapiro is the 21st century John Wayne

Ben Shapiro's father

@Bjorn - MD He's just honoring our Judeo-Christian heritage

Judeo-Islamo-Sufo-Druzo are our European values, America is a multicultural paradise and really what is European๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

@Freiheit - CA Albino African pygmies my friend, they are the only pure whites.

Agreed, McCain isn't worth the effort now

Can we go back to sperg posting about the Romans,please?

@elizabethchristine It's just sh*@posting mostly, and Richard has done a lot of damage to both this organization and this movement, so I can understand why people are upset with him

@elizabethchristine He may be well spoken but much of the criticism that he gets is well deserved.

@elizabethchristine I'm confused, most of us, including myself. on here have done plenty of IRL events.

Everything being said, Spencer is no longer going to be relevant at all to the movement. He's fun to meme and dab on, believe me, but maybe it's time we move on and leave him in the dust.

@MrDefault Dude, what is that from?

@elizabethchristine Spencer brought me here to IE too, but then I listened to what literally everyone who has ever worked with him told me about him and it is disconcerting to say the least.

@TylerHess Agreed the only time I would ever listen to an podcast was when only Greg and the French guy were on.

@TylerHess I'm at the exact same point and I imagine most other people here are too.

Are his ideas really all that brilliant though? For the most part he just seems to be repackaging talking points that white nationalists have been using for decades.

Listen to Greg Johnson

@elizabethchristine What's wrong with Greg Johnson?

@Rogue The Irish are the true master race

@John O - I dunno about that....

Greece just needs to go ahead and leave the EU, being Germany's debt slave isn't working out for them

@Albo Greychak - MI Dude Kosovo is Poland

Texas is being annexed by America

We should do this more often and call it, Saturday Sperg Night

@Patrick From what I understand we're getting one in Ohio and in a few other places around the country..

I've been around this movement for almost eleven years and I'm far more hopeful today than I've ever been before. I think the collapse of the Alt-Right was ultimately a good thing because it created a space for white identity politics that mainstream and credible people like Tucker and Ann Coulter are eagerly jumping into now that the stigma is starting to dissipate.

@Bjorn - MD Cossacks are actually pure Slavs for the most part. They have their origins in the Orthodox Ruthenians who moved to the Ukrainian frontier of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth before it was annexed by Russia. The name Cossack is Turkic in origin and means something along the lines of bandit or outlaw but it was given to them by Tatars and other Turkic Muslim peoples because of the Cossack's penchant for raiding Tatar settlements.

@Bjorn - MD You sure about that? I've read that the early Terek Cossacks were Orthodox Ossetians , but the largest groups, the Kuban and Don Cossacks are Slavs.

@Bjorn - MD I'm not sure they mixed with enough Tatars to have an overall effect on the Don Cossack gene pool. Tatars were the sworn enemies of the Cossacks, plus they were Muslim, so intermarriage was probably heavily discouraged.

@Bjorn - MD To be fair though, I've read that a lot of the Slavs up by Murmansk mixed heavily with the local pre-Slavic Finnish tribes. So maybe that's why their a little lighter in complexion.

I dunno know about all that, I definitely agree that there is a lot Sarmatian admixture, at least in South Russians and Ukrainians. But the Mongol and Turkic elements in ethnic Russians is minimal to non-extistant. Russian peasants were essentially forbidden to marry outside their ethnic groups, so the few Russians who do have distant Mongol-Turkic ancestry are usually descended from the aristocracy, but those people are few and far between. This website here has pretty good data on the exact genetic composition of ethnic Russians.

I think that is just the name of the website, not sure if I buy the Khazar theory either, but their data is still pretty good.

@Bjorn - MD I believe I've seen genetic studies on the Ashkenazim that say that are of mixed European and Middle-Eastern Semitic decent. Of course that doesn't mean all that much because most Turkic people are only linguistically Turkic and not genetically Turkic.

Interesting, not sure where the Italian admixture comes from though, I would thought it would have Slavic and Germanic.

Remember folks Theresa May and her German counterpart, Merkel, are both conservatives.

@Sam Anderson That's surprising to hear, I thought Prager hated all forms of white identity politics

I thought we let only furries in...

Furry Identitarianism fam

We should change our name to Identity Fvrropa

Furries are the ultimate expression of the Faustian man and the intergalactic , Spencerian, Nietzschean master race.

Womp womp

@MrDefault No shame in my fur game, my friend

@missliterallywho I identified as a White nationalist for years, but the problem with the term goes beyond the antics of 1.0. The problem is with the term white, our enemies can easily misuse that term and apply towards everyone with light skin, non-Europeans included.
Furthermore the term allows them to break race down and claim that it is just a difference in melanin.
That's why I like the term Identitarian, because it is something new and it can't be defined by our enemies in the same old fashioned, stereotypical ways that White Nationalism can be.

@missliterallywho It doesn't really matter whether people buy it or not. In an argument or on the political stage, White can be obfuscated into oblivion. Furthermore the term itself, disconnects us from our pre-American, European hetitage.
I think Indigenous European or European for short is a better term to use. Because it can restore our connection to our ancestral homelands and it is much more difficult to obfuscate.

@Asatru Artist - MD Indigenous European, off the boat Africans cannot reasonably be defined that way, regardless of what leftists say.

Every race is slavic

Antifa sure are a classy buncj

Meds need to stop appropriating Slavic tracksuits

@ButMomShesA300YearOldLoliVampire We should avoid uniforms, the optics aren't that great

@Grayson So I take you are a LDS? That's pretty cool, my dad and his family are from Utah and he was raised as a LDS .

Blackpilling and negativity are the death of any political movement. 1.0 was all doom and gloom, especially in the 2000's and look how far that got them.
We don't know what the future holds, but given the state of the establishment our future looks bright.
Even if we become a minority in our . nations, we will still exist as the plularity and the strongest group economically.
We still have time to set up a political movement the right way.

I've always wondered if conservatives see Israel as the ethnostate they are not allowed to have and that's why they are so staunchly pro-Israeli.

When I think of beautiful women, Arabs aren't the first that come to mind

I believe some arabs like the Sudanese and the Yemenese are full blown mulattos.

University of Cincinnati

Fortnite btfo'd, World of Warcraft ftw

Kids these days need to play more rpg's. In my day we played Elder Scrolls and Fallout NV

I doubt this is going to be a worthwhile investment on the part of the Chinese in the long term. They seem to be giving African nations money with no strings attached, which is effectively the same thing as burning money.

I'm guessing they are trying to force African nations into debt and force them to give the Chinese access to their natural resources. If that's the case Western nations might altruistically assume the debt of most African nations.

I don't think that soy actually lowers testosterone in any really noticeable way. The estrogen contained in soy are phytoestrogens , plant estrogens, which are thousands of times weaker than the estrogen found in humans. The evidence that points to soy feminizing men is at best inconclusive.

It would be interesting if African nations guilted the West into assuming their billions of dollars of debt.

Nike is lame and for Meds, Adidas tracksuits are the way to go.

I understand why people support Bolsonaro, he certainly says a lot of things I like but I don't think he'd make a good President for Brazil.
He speaks without thinking and generates a lot of bad publicity, needlessly.
If he were a bit more optical, subtle and calculating, he might have a larger base of support and more legitimacy.

@Asatru Artist - MD Not quite, Trump is much more calculating with what he says, than most people give him credit for. Trump knows where the boundaries are, how to bend them and how to move the overton window.

Supposedly they're scared the supreme court is going to ban abortion. Or they just want an excuse to dress up and get attention, probably both.

The Identiarian wives and gf's will come with time, fam

Our dues collection specialists

Identity Columbia

Identity Americana

Identity Wakanda

Casapound America

Get shorter

Manlets are chads

No steak, 100% Vegan protein

We need to recruit women in order to gain any degree of legitimacy in mainstream American society

So no more Hail Caesars?

Does anybody take the, is x white, joke seriously?

Yikes, didn't know that, I thought it was just obvious s***posting

@Caboose Heck yeah, satanism and skull masks are very appealing to middle America

@Singleton Mosby WV Associated with 1.0 unfortunately



@Reinhard Wolff Have you read any Lovecraft?

Long live the Empire!

The Haunter of the Dark and Dreams in the Witch House are my favorites

and Rats in the Walls

Do we accept Yithians, are they white?

I've always thought that Dr.Pierce was born in the wrong time, if he were just getting started today, he could have really accomplished something.

And here comes the guitar....

@Reinhard Wolff Will you play some live black metal ?

@Reinhard Wolff Play some Nokturnal Mortum

It's funny that Latinx are against white, European Identity while they named themselves after a European group.

At one point Latin was a coherent ethnically European Identity and the Latins were a European tribe with no connection to the new world. So the term itself really doesn't describe the majority Amerindian peoples of Central America.

They probably had issues with obesity in the first place but then compounded the problem by eating enormous amounts of junk food and fast food.

@Ben Rainsford - OH I know some people who are on a keto diet and it works for them.
What worked for me in the past is figuring out how many calories and grams of fat my body burned a day and eating a deficit of both.
Whatever works just depends on your body type.

Depends on the grains, 100% whole wheat grains are fine but definitely cut out white bread and anything that contains enriched flour.

@Salo Saloson We aren't going to be able to make all the damage that the left has done, disappear overnight no matter what we do. Elections are important because they are the foundations of change.

@Salo Saloson 2050 is not a deadline, even if we do become a minority we will still be the plurarity in the US and be most powerful group economically.
And that's if we become a minority. But we might not because conservative European American, birthrates are very high right now and Mestizo and Asian birthrates have taken a nosedive.

The Sacklers are parasites, in a just society they would be in prison, serving a life sentence.

@Grayson Been tried already by 1.0 groups and those tend to be optic disasters, most notably at Shelbyville

Vivaldi, Rachmaninoff and Paganini for me

Schubert is also really good

My absolute favorite piece of all time

The original NazBol composer

@Asatru Artist - MD Honestly I listen to it to go to sleep lol

Impressionism isn't bad, in fact I like the experimental nature of a lot of impressionist art. It was a welcome relief from the increasingly stale and photo-realistic.

@Goose The Moderate Party won, and their are center right and a center left coalitions that both stand at about 40%. Sweden Dems got around 18% of the vote and are in a kingmaker position. But since neither coalition will work with them, Sweden might have some sort of snap election soon.

@Goose No, not great but could be much worse, so kind of a mixed bag. Sweden Dems got a huge boost in votes compared to the last election, and the Social Democrats (not the Moderate party I was mistaken before) barely scraped by and support for them is down to the lowest its been in about a century I believe.

The real question is when will Meds stop appropriating our Slavic Addidas tracksuits? Why can't they just wear Nike tracksuits?

I think the one with the Arc De Triomphe, is the best one for propaganda purposes.

@Deleted User What about using American statues and landmarks in the place of European ones?

Something like this Teddy Roosevelt statue

@Matthias I've seen pictures of that stature before and I always thought it would look good on a poster or a flyer.

@Deleted User I like it, especially the Iwo jima one. That really should be a poster

In Owens original tweet, there are a lot of CO's and other people who work in prison, in the comments, who are surrounded by convicts daily, saying that felons should not vote. Candace should listen to them.

75 degrees here in Appalachia

Did the fireside move into a different time?

@Reinhard Wolff I want to let people know about the upcoming Columbus Day Action in Columbus Ohio on October 7th, that the guys in Ohio are setting up, people are free to dm me if they have any questions.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I've lived in WV for most of my life and I know quite a few places with long trails

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Like something along the lines of hiking the Appalachian Trail?

@Wotan Klan-GA Goldwater was an interesting guy, half Jewish, I believe but more or less supported segregation.

Not surprising, I've read that a large number of Sephardic Jews settled in Georgia and South Carolina and more or less integrated into white southern society.

Tokyo can be pretty neat, but i've always wanted to go to Kyoto and Sapporo

Definetly not our guys, still a pretty good article though

And there goes the Mueller investigation

Did somebody flyer a high school? The reasons why that's a bad idea should be obvious.

@Sam Anderson Agreed, the title is attention grabbing but for all the wrong reasons. Idk, why he didn't just call it the Identitarian Manifesto. Not as catchy, but better from an optics standpoint. But still the book sounds very promising and I can't wait to read it.

@MrBland - VA The term White Nationalist itself, is not bad. But it's just some of the people in 1.0 who gave it a bad name. No matter what, the term White Nationalist will always be synonymous with neo-nazism. Where as Identitarianism isn't.

@JoeDrake Depends on where you flyer. If you go to a place where people know you, like a college you attended, then somewhat high. If you are going to a place where nobody knows you, then very small chance.

Not a big fan of sauces, but I put Cayenne pepper and Cajun seasoning on almost everything

@Flint How can somebody that young make a decision about anything? Much less a life altering decision like going transgender

I love that picture of Salvini, such an epic sh*tlord face

@Koba We are manlets because the material used to make people taller, went our brains instead

@Deleted User We need official IE branded crocs at the merch store

@Bjorn - MD I always figured that in the realm of politics, facts supplement feelings. Not vice-versa.

Not surprising, I'm a little skeptical of black women surpassing Jews and Asians in education

Activia isn't bad, but I prefer Oikos

@Grayson Sounds about right, my dad told me about the days where there were virtually no non-whites in the church

Can we chew ice if it's red?

Womp, Womp Cuomo

@Deleted User We might be getting a neighborhood in Cincinnati

IRL bloodsports

Yes we will be having a fireside for confirmed activists on October 1st, where we will go through all the details, step by step

Remember fam, come on out to Columbus. We need all hands on deck. We're trying something new and it could be huge!

@John Bud - IL No, traps are very heterosexual

Elagabalus, greatest emperor in Roman History, peak chaditude

@Attrition in the desert Nero was a cuck

@Rabbidsith Incels are even bigger cucks

@Rabbidsith Most cucked Roman Emperors

@Rabbidsith Caligula

@Gibson No they were Slavs

So are Turks white?

@Asatru Artist - MD She looks pretty white tho

@Sherlock Not really, they are indigineous Europeans and therefore white. If we are going by skin and hair color than African Albinos must be on par with Swedes

@The Eternal Anglo I don't think Petry is a lesbian. I could be wrong but I think she had a husband or something. A lot of French and German women really go for the butch look for some reason, even though they are straight.

@Bjorn - MD I haven't kept up with the AfD. So I'm not familiar at all with Weidel

@Bjorn - MD I've heard about Gauland, but are the rest of them our guys?

Call me crazy but I really don't see how Kavanaugh cannot be confirmed. There's no evidence to indict him on and at best, it's he said she said. Unless the dems want to blow their entire political capital on this and drag this out until after midterms.

@Max Bianco - NY Then Trump would just find somebody else, probably somebody more conservative.

@Max Bianco - NY It would be interesting to see what the dems would do in that case

@wayne peek I believe on websites where students review the performance of their professors, the bulk of her students described her as literally insane and she was in therapy before all this came out

Speaking of ratemyprofessor, they might have removed all reviews on Christine Blasey Ford

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN The left has gone so completely insane and comitted to burning up all their political capital in a a huge bonfire that I'd bet they'll try.

So do you guys and gals see a blue wave coming in November? I'm pretty skeptical to say the least.

@TylerHess I agree, the dems chucked a huge portion of their political capital into a proverbial bonfire with this whole Kav debacle. It's pretty hard to take them seriously now.

Reality is stranger than fiction, Lindsey Graham of all people<:thinkplant:359034245777457173>

@Jacob I don't see how Kav won't be confirmed unless the Rs do something really stupid like give in to the dems and order an FBI investigation into Kav.

@Jacob I wouldn't go that far, Graham is probably thinking that it is just more politically advantageous to be based right now.

Are they really dumb enough to be talking open and armed resistance on Twitter? Guess we should grateful that they showed us their true colors so openly.

@The Eternal Anglo True but they likely have decent financial backing from Soros and company

Macron is a very strange leader, on one hand he's a total establishment shill on the other hand he is at the very least, worried about overpopulation in Africa and I suspect that maybe, he's pushing African immigration because he wants it to backfire and make people less receptive towards African immigration. Just a thought.

I think Kavanaugh was just the beginning, in response the left will ramp up the anti-white racism even more, especially in between the midterms and the 2020 election

I don't think think we should change the dragons eye logo. But it depends on what type of people we want to attract. Evropa is esoteric but we would attract a much smaller following but more intellectual types people. On the other hand if we changed our name to Identify Columbia or Americana it would be easier to market ourselves and we'd attract more normie tier people.

@Sherlock It's simple and recognisable, what a symbol should be.

@Sherlock Why do you think it's boring? Could you provide an example that would be less boring and more aesthetic ?

@Deleted User I think potentially rebranding is better than forming a new organization and we should keep the dragons eye logo. But maybe change our name to something more American like Identity Columbia and change the color scheme to red, white and blue.

I think rebranding would give us a certain distance from Charlottesville and give us more legitimacy to appeal to the average Conservative and Centrist. But we shouldn't do it to get the media or the SPLC off our backs, we should do it so we can reach our target demographic.

@Asatru Artist - MD It would be an aesthetic change, not an idealogical change. It's not like we'd start accepting based Nigerians if we rebranded. So how is it optics cucking?

@Asatru Artist - MD It would be much easier to attract funding and humam capital if we rebranded. If we think that's optics cucking, we will always be a fringe group.

@Rabbidsith But it might stop conservative outlets from doing it

@Rabbidsith Tucker isn't cucked and Breitbart has a large following that could potentially support us

@Rabbidsith Right but the question is how do we get more power, by getting investors and capital. Which would be much easier if we had a name that was more marketable to the average American and potential investors.

@Rabbidsith By keeping the logo and the Identity part of our name, we wouldn't lose much in the way of brand recognition. Identity Columbia has a certain European and American ring to it that people can get behind.

@Bjorn - MD The capital of the USA is the District of Columbia

@The Eternal Anglo Columbia is a romantic name for America and has a long history of usage here in the US. Afterall our Capital and numerous other large cities and areas are named Columbia.

@ThisIsChris Exactly, plus she'd make a good mascot for us

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