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https://twitter.com/COSAntifa report for calling for doxxing https://twitter.com/AnglesAndMarks for actually doxxing, can link the dox tweet is needed

Includes Private Information

If its a whole account I usually do >Targeted harassment or >Directed hate against protected category, I know whites aren't a protected category but I usually just flip flop the two

Great stuff

We had something similar in my area, 3 kids run from cops, cop dies durng chase, 9-18 years + 7 years probation

I tried reporting that CO antifa page that called for a dox,but nothing came out of it,said to try a specific post, but what do i report it for since there's no doxxing/ private info option?



https://twitter.com/WestWAFrogHunt/status/1028771470586142720 You don't need to scroll too far into this account to find multiple tweets calling for doxxing of people from UTR2

Faceberg why <:sad:366743316475281408>


Neither page nor post, PPL or CO Antifa taken down

Both calling for dox of the guys at ICE

What's that first book?

So we're Asian nationalist now?

Phones and technology is something that worries me about being a parent, even though I have a while before I ever really have to worry about it

Videos like that are heart breaking and so infuriating knowing there's so many people in this country that are ok with it and want even more of it

No thots allowed within 1,000 feet of the IE House

@Deleted User I Was thinking that if you just do a standard Windsor KNot it could be a dragon eye

Yeah the pattern would be all over the plave when it was untied

Saw a FB post a few minutes ago making her murder a man problem, and not an illegal problem

Maybe a silly idea but is there anything out there or possibly just like a little pamphlet that could be made and passed out to people that we, for instance, run into while flyering wiht our basic talking points if they show interest in our ideas? @Reinhard Wolff

IE Megaphones for IE street preachers

Sounds like that guy with the katana on the subway


Will probably be a repost where he just replaces "white farmers" with "all those affected by government backed violence"

Coping hard here


Donnie you can't do this to us

His responses seem to mostly be "what about flint " and "what about PR"

Every tweet

"Trump wants people with farming skills who can speak our language and contribute to society instead of these people who live in squaller, what a racist"

"Breaking news: SA responds to Trump tweet: 'Its our right to kill the white people'" <:redpill:439924063377555497> <:redpill:439924063377555497> <:redpill:439924063377555497> <:redpill:439924063377555497> <:redpill:439924063377555497>

Hopefully people realize the lunacy of the situation

Realistically what could the US do to save the boer? If they gave immediate amnesty to any boer who came to the US for example, mobs would probably just wait at busy roads/airports

So much anti-white sentiment in the comments we could link replies all night and the tweet has been up 30 minutes

Probably asleep

I think it would help to note that its continued into Ramaphosa's presidency, makes people think its been going on for a long time without having to know Mugabe was president for 30 years and that its a systematic problem ("Wow two presidents in a row are doing this?") @Johnny B. Populus

I thought JLP was dogwhistling when he said Children on the Lie on TDS with Enoch

I was never really on board with diversity in TV/commercials, the black guy at the board meeting with the woman presenter etc, but I never really noticed how pervasive it is until recently, every commercial has to have some token

Here's another chart of partners vs stable marriage rate that might be a bit easier to read and has 3 different years surveyed


Also lads, I just got done with college orientation and it looks like I'm in for a year full of diversity

Gotta get one of those 0-Turn lawnmowers for ultimate 30 year old boomerism

@Ben Rainsford - OH Don't you know they already were when the first came here! Only after the racist Dems got to them did their love for free markets dwindle away

@Ben Rainsford - OH I've been keeping that in mind in the very short time I've been in here, shitposting is a hard habit to break

@Reinhard Wolff Need to have a son to get him to do it

Saturday Sperg Session

At least he's not James Bond

Every comment section announcing he said he won't play Bond was cat ladies fawning over him

Black cowboys, wtf I love civnat magic soil now

What pisses me off about the kneeling thing from the NFL, and a lot of the left's rhetoric I guess, is they say the US is institutionally racist and just hates black people while getting paid literal millions to play a game, or they hold political office

The fact anyone falls for that is a major black pill for me and it makes me see no hope if something so basic flys over their heads, how will they ever be able to listen to anything we say?

I don't know anyone who cares about all the legal trouble they get into though, they just want "big man be able run ball"

You work in a better place then I it seems than, there's about 4 kids who are MAGA guys

Man I'm just full of black pill

Yeah that video was real eerie

What's the easiest way to start building a family tree and searching who you came from?

The most I've seen is old pictures from when my maternal grandfather was a really little kid, I know almost nothing about my father's side

You'd think he'd have a bwtter camera with the money he has


Rise and grind Kings

Has Fox ever had a boer on their program to talk about what was happening?

I start class in 45 minutes, wish me luck lads

My older sister cried after the election

Next professor has a Polish last name, cross your fingers lads <:nervous:359009898115104770>

Saw the nose before anything else when he walked in <:sad:366743316475281408>

My management class has stuff on the syllabus about diversity, does AmRen or anything have articles on diversity in the workplace or anyone have anything off the tops of their heads?

@TV arguments against, decreased motivation/productivity etc. Thanks @Asatru Artist - MD , mind DMing so I can check it out later and doesn't get lost ?

Will do

Is that an L or an i before the 1

Can't on mobile i don't think unless I'm a boomer

I thought it was in case they ever got a ton of back lash a deleted it but not gibing them ad revenue, that's a pretty big brain reason

I wonder if Red Dead 2 is secretly pozzed

I only played Human Revolution

I still have an SMW2 cart in my house

Bayonetta is cool as heck

The best Battle toads game is the Battletoads Street Fighter cross over

Sunshine doesn't need a remaster, just a port, aged really well and is still beautiful

Here come the woman to ruin vidya talk

I'm not a gamer because I have no life, but because I want to oppress women

Sargon and PJW did a sit down with each other and PJW claimed Milo was basically the leader of the Alt Right in 2016

I guess if you say alt right is anyone who isn't a mainstream conservatives you can see where he's coming from

That debate help solidify my ideas and let me wrap them up nice and neat

If you can't have your ethnostate on Earth, there are plenty of other planets that will allow it, can't get much freer markets than uninhabited planets

There isn't a single person I've talked to who's really been open to even listening to what I say

Very black pilling in my experience

They all accept it and no one has really ostracized me or anything at least

Yeah, @Asatru Artist - MD that's part of it I think, my group of buddies from work that I play games with we talk about politics a lot, and they accept most of what I'm saying, pretty much all CivNats but realize the problems with blacks and hispanics, but anything past that they just won't change at all

Its most annoying when we get into and all start gettin uppity, I'm the one they disagree with so the ones not involved just think I'm the crazy one

I've basically said to myself recently that of course if a topic comes up I'll slip something in but I've planted enough seeds and hopefully one day, even if its later rather than sooner they say "huh, I guess Matt was right" and hopefully I can find a few people to talk to at college but its not looking good so far on that front either

Lowkey hoping someone comes up to me at school reading "Who Are We?" and asks about it

When I get that one I will

Ordered it earlier today actually

I don't know where my parets stand, my dad realizes there's less and less white people but hates Trump and Repubs, he's a "There's blacks and n***" type of guy, he's said that since I was a little kid

My mom worked at a retirement home for Jews so she kinda understands the idea of jews thinking their superior but thinks my dad is extra with the race stuff

Hopefully someone at school realizes the issues with all the black kids, which is a stupid large portion of kids it seems and I can get to them somehow

I need to stop black pilling myself all the time, don't want to turn into Alt Hype so early on

Cats cradle a dragon eye as a symbol of a safe place

What is even happening in that banner

"Johnson any thing to add to the file on the white supreeeeemacists" "Please let me quit"

There are at least 3 surveys done that show the more sexual partners the more likely the marriage is to fail, and the graph I have defines a stable marriage as only being together 5 years, which isn't long at all

Is that actually true its harder to concieve the first time you have sex with someone?

Or am I being bamboozled

PF I go to seems fine but I want to move gyms

As long as you're not like actully yelling, the employes at my local PF are fine with the usual gym stuff but the smith machines keep this thought in the back of my mind I'm not making as much gains I could be

A shake weight?

I do have a really old stretch armstrong in my house, yeah mid day its low energy and watching people have no clue what they're doing on a machine is pretty dumb, all the meat heads go at night

Looks like ocasio cortez

What's the 10 day rule

That was my initial thought too

Thanks, what's going on with the kids themselves who were being trained, or are those the ones you were talking about @Flint

At school today, I was waiting outside a room for the class to get out, out of about 20 kids, 3 were white and I could tell they were wi****r, very disheartening

Only one jew so far at school so far though, and tbh I don't think he'll be an issue with pushing anti white atuff

Yeah it has only been 3 days, really jumping the gun

Need to bet our money on Zoomers, I knew few white guys under 21 that don't like trump

I've never even seen the things she's talking about, pickled carrots, candied almonds? Just smells of pretentious shitlib in DC

I also like how she admits she lost 60 pounds and ditched the CPAP machine but can't realize the "White food culture" is better than hers, almost as if culture is something more than just your environment πŸ€”

wypipo need to capture OUR wild animals and put them in zoos as a symbol of their dominance over us

215: If a physician performs eye surgery and saves the eye, he shall receive ten shekels in money.

Ancient eye surgery <:nervous:359009898115104770>

141. If a man's wife, who lives in his house, wishes to leave to engage in business, plunging them into debt, trying to ruin her house, and neglecting her husband, and is judicially convicted, if her husband wants a divorce, she may go on her way, and he gives her nothing as a gift of release. If her husband does not wish to release her, and instead chooses to take another wife, the first wife shall remain as servant in her husband's house. OG Thot patroling

Wonder how some of these played out, like: 207. If the man dies of his wound, he shall swear similarly, and if he (the deceased) was a free-born man, he shall pay half a mina in money.

Would there be anyone on the side of the deceased who could testify, for example, the killer had motive to kill the person?

At the next banner drop we should do our favorite fortnite dances, the look on the jurnos' faces will be priceless

90% chance of hillary winning

hey man

what's poppin brother

oh gwad

Need IE bruisers for due payments

badda boom

Carve a dragon eye using a snowboard into a mountain

I guess we are the real Dems

Send the meds

When we take over 5'8 will be the new threshold for being tall

Patrick using IE money to buy fortnite skins

Press R to respect wamen

Women should only have to pay $73 a year to make us a truly equal organization


I was doing it in minecraft

Its our word

3 times

If you want to be peak european you'd wrestle naked

muh individualism

I thought it was going to be rocket chat @Reinhard Wolff

lovecraft is /ourguy/

Goth gf

Does intermittent fasting actually work, what exactly is it supposed to do

Is anything happening in voice or just boomer-tech

Where is AFS in all the Swedish polls or are they getting a negligible amount of votes

Yeah, Swed Dems are up Social Dems are down, even if all those Social dem votes didn't go to sweden dems, I think its sign that the swedes are waking up

Swedistan will not happen

Hello epic department

https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1035334044698009600 send this man a paper application in case he's too hesitant to use the website

We should teach him how to do a banner drop

Girl in my class said she has no citizenship of any kind, be a shame if a certain group found out about that <:teehee:381917632359563264>

Does the 2045-50 estimate of white minority factor in illegal immigration in any way?

They're inching towards fitness being racist

There was that article someone posted in her a week ago or so saying dieting is racist, there's the "Powerlifting has a nazi problem" articleand now the one about the guys who do MMA

@The Eternal Anglo yeah if they overlaped them talking like the video if the Sinclair studios it would have been spoopy

The find your tribe poster card is nice, they did half the work for you

Construction worker LARPing is the only IE approved LARPing

In the replies to the original NHS poster


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvdHqS3ryw0 all the comments are against her

All the Carolina boys stay safe <:rebel:377174991046967296>

The fake offer has been slammed by consumer rights officials as "a racial statement masquerading as a scam.”

Consumer rights officals? πŸ€”

Good morning to everyone except those who don't congratulate @Logan and @missliterallywho

Hello latre night lads, I'm having some boomer tech issues with rocket chat, anyone willing to help me? pm me if you can please

Gen Z gang master race

Planning on joining future Business Leaders of America, anyone know if its a decent place to find /ourguys/ at all?

Andy Warski the man behind the curtain

Also with any graph/chart, whatever it may be, like that are stupid and just fear mongering

"I can't follow any connections but it looks wild so it must be bad"

3 cents a day with a population of 325 million

True, I thought about that but thought it'd be too marginal to mention, ie only half the population pays taxes it goes to 6 cents a day

Sitting next to this girl saying she's going to make a case out the fact a white guy gave her a fine <:sad:366743316475281408> they all know they're privileged and want to say they're not

Hello my fellow whites

Is this the fortnite LAN party

I need everyone to hear my Victory Royale


Hey what's up gamers

@TMatthews Any idea if a Future Business Leaders of America/Phi Beta Lambda would be a decent place to find guys who could be pushed over to our side?

The Beta Apostle vs The Chad Perseverance

@V.Balboa - PA Did anyone ask your your IE shirt at the rally

Firemen calendar

Gen Z pizza faces not allowed

Put it on the back burner and leave iot there

Bloatmax calendar

The first child of the new generation

Don't be Madonna

Get that basewd asian guy who sings Dixie

Oh damn

minion posting time

I can clack my keyboard if no ice can be chewed

Fresco over here

tfw accounting major

My mother worked for a retirement home for jews for years and she's lowkey red-pilled on them

"the so-called Islamic State." But we're just neo-nazis and white supreeemists no matter what

That's not even the first time I've seen "the so-called Islamic State" ridiculous what these people do to fill their agenda

If someone wrote an article about us say "so called neo-nazis" they'd be vilified and most likely black listed for being a "nazi sympathizer"

@Deleted User Who's Peach supposed to be?

Zoomer gang rise up

He nose the game

Polls said Hillary had 90%+ chance of winning

Hang in there brother

What's the <#489823000707727360> channel for?

That doesn't sound good at all

What are those flags in the background

Patrick Casey absolutely DESTROYS liberal snowflake news anchor with FACTS and LOGIC

I don't even want to go to my school's gym because of how 'diverse' it is

Need a qt IE gf

In minecraft

Yeah, similar to Denver mural

T**t patrol πŸš”

Respect women

"You are an evil white supreeeeemist and THAT'S the tea" πŸ’…

These terrible people owe IE millions of dollars

It'll never be as bad as the one Alaskan guy


Who do we go to for an invite for the fitness server?

Not bad


Yeah @Jacob That's where shabbos goy comes from

My mom worked at a Jewish retirement home and is semi-aware of the supremacist feelings amongst them, I was talking about what Jews think will happen during their version of the apocalypse and got to some part where they believe all non-jews will come to the Jews for guidance and worship them and she said "Of course they believe that"

Despite what she said and my dad's feelings on race though they're still pretty lefty, my dad says the R's will be the death of the middle class, which I don't entirely disagree with (wow another tax cut for billionares where's my wall) but can't see that the Dems will be the death of his family and his people

I keep trying to slip things to my dad because he's right there but its frustrating when he says things like " noticed most of the kids leaving the middle school weren't that white" yet is a devoted dem

He might be too far into the boomer (he's not a boomer fyi) mindset of "There's black's and n***s" right now but I'm hoping I can push him a little

For spokeo?

I just searched myself and a few friends and nothing came up for any of them nor myself

Or is it specifially for criminal searches?

Oh, also I just found my dad on Spokeo, honestly kinda shook

Wow just did a search on truthfinder and got dragged along for about 10 minutes of loading bars that were probably just for show to get told I have to pay for it

Pit mommies are the worst, I work with one and she posted about how it got off the leash during a walk and was offended whe nthe neighbor kids were running, when I have kids I hope they run from any big dog pitbull or not

My grandma has a shih tzu that has some like developmental disorders but he's the cutest little bastard

He was tripping over himself while turning around one time, hius tongue won't go back in his mouth and his head is always tilted

Bad picture but you get the gist


No doxerino pleaserino with the tag

I'm a cat guy and I feel like a girl fawning but god damn I love that dog, everything he does is just so cute

I think I've very briefly had that happen one time

I've only had one reoccuring theme in my dreams about some personal things in my family and man, dreams never really meant anything to me, I still don't feel they have a "meaning" but I mean I always just passed them off, but those really mess me up when I wake up

Not to damper the mood or anything

Yeah, on a lighter note, i do remember a dream fom when I was like 6-7 probably and I was like fighting my cat, even though I loved him

Uncle Jared statue with his hands on his hips and foot on a pedestal

I want a son that makes me look like a woman in comparison in chad-ness (not that I'm that far along to begin with but that'll change) and carry on the name

My, maybe small brain take is, they're trying to save face with sexual assault claims, same thing with "the GOP is racist" "No we're not here's a BASED black guy" "the GOP doesn't care about rape" "yes we do, see we're letting this baseless claim go in front of congress"

Of course it'll never be different, people will say they don't caree about rape no matter what just like they say they're racist no matter how many based blacks and Hispanics they get

Is Kavanaugh testifying at all today?

"How did you get to DC <:teehee:381917632359563264> "

We watched an episode of Welcome back Kotter my junior year and my teacher was saying basically the same thing as that reddit post

Are you sure he's white

Dad's Google history
FBI crime stats by race
Dad's Google history

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