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If I'm still in PA in Aug. I could drive up and get him.

Dumb question but what date is the event?

Jason Kessler is a time traveler.

Top photo is senator Dick Clark.

I'm getting excited.


Seems very Jewy.

I don't wanna find him in bed with a goblin.

(((Globalist bankers))) ARE DESTROYING AMERICA!

We're using pepper spray now? So we are expecting this to be Berkeley level?

Ok. I thought I had missed something.

Yea my bad. I haven't been on the servers for a couple days, then I just see posts about government lists and pepper spray and my paranoia kicked in.

We win either way.

Also it's just fun to be at a huge rally with other alt right people.

I know they were meeting about parking. Did anything come of that?

They have to give us the permit

How the hell does Bellamy even have any political power?

I hate my (((fellow white people)))

Lol, I hate guys like that. He should move to wakanda.

The white mans stoled all the resources, yea so um you gonna have to give us some food aid cracka.

Does the mayor select the vice mayor?

We should all get white power ranger backpacks

@WhiteTrash I need a tshirt with that.

@IceBaine#6571 is it really cancelled?

😂 we're trying that again.

Fingers crossed.

Reeeee wtf is going on?


Good times!

Wait did we figure out he he is?

Does anyone have links on this guy?



I thought it was a druggy guy?

What the fuck! Is it a guy or girl?

How does no one even know who did it?

She died?

How did she die? I'm sorry I just have seen conflicting stories all night.

It's confusing

Oh yea I'm saying who was driving not the dead person

How did terry make his money?

How many have they doxxed I'm seriously paranoid as fuck right now.

Oh sweet I'll check it out. Thank you!

47 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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