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Hey I'm Vince

Ciao. Looks like I just missed the last pledge meeting

And time is determined soon before?

Gavin McInnes lol

He must know a lot more than heโ€™s letting on. Doesnโ€™t say anything about the echos used in the title

Start calling him Drumpf until he pays thatโ€™ll show him

The master plan is definitely to tank the American economy so nonwhites leave

With a queen or a motherly historical figure featured

In the future: The Identity Today Show

But itโ€™s not all ages right? Or is it to say adults of all ages; no children

Gotcha yeah someone could purposely misunderstand as the media is want to do

Market to based WW2 vets

Someone mentioned get small time celebs to endorse or talk about us....could call up white recipients of the Medal of Honor or similar honorees

Wine em and dine em

Wasnโ€™t Keemstar on the Ralph retort the other night

Or was that a joke

I wasnโ€™t sure if it was really him

Not afraid of us either. Like Notch

Need a JT emoji

I like that a lot. Thatโ€™s almost like a first step before speaking to them too

Thatโ€™s very cool and good to keep it separate. How many pre-members as of now?

I was just thinking it probably is. Jc

Oh you donโ€™t even know

come to northern VA you can run on infinity tax cuts

My fav NPC memes are programming themed

One lucky winner....!

So we have a UFC member now basically

That was on purpose wasnt it lol i never noticed that

Allergy Gang

@Hyphenstein mine either. download the app you can still use it

you should at least

"all walks of life" so diversity is our strength basically

AEPi is a common fraternity on campuses

AEPi is the jewish frat yeah

and join the hotep wing of IE

founded by Peter Brimelow

Fighting with our MINDS

OANN may be a more sympathetic outlet sooner

I hear Gun Owners of America is based

but we dont use guns for sure

no but it's assumed to be some holiday or event that everyone celebrates when really it's only white countries

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN at least it's a different universe thing. They didnt just make Peter Parker black lol

Thor 3 was as based as a Marvel could get

>when IE goes corporate

You're doing great @Reinhard Wolff


@Nutter Butter big fan of the song

anyone know how to play harmonica

Playing Sinatra earlier made me think of this article about a movie Frank was in in 1945. Shows the beginnings of our current problem with diversity messages in mass media. This stuff was even happening back then

Welcome guys I guess were pledge brothers lol


President Trump donated his plane instead of paying his dues

Gavin himself knows more than he lets on. He had Jared Taylor on his old show of course

He couldnโ€™t swallow more redpills bc he has 3 kids with a feather indian of course

@Bjorn - MD oh I donโ€™t see an actual contradiction on that front either I bet it serves as a mental block for him tho. He loves Ann Coulter

Not sure heโ€™d take miscegenation redpills well

@Roland oh really I didnโ€™t know that

Itโ€™s stronger than his own weak chin he hides under his beard

The King is on

"'There will be collateral damage.' They're talking about you, [white man]"

bruh what the hell is a black native. must just be mixed race


Heavenโ€™s Gate

Oh whatโ€™s that militant socialist redneck group

Antifa types

Thatโ€™s it

Proud Boys

Black Israelites

@Sam Anderson Yeah calling them black supremacists is openly mainstream

AEPi aka JewFrat

@Ald the Pauls are half Jewish

Ah maybe. I knew partly. Enough for it to be listed on

Oh there it is on the site too


Why does reporting the facts of the case result in a mistrial and you get contempt of court? I get that if thatโ€™s the rule you donโ€™t report on it so you can put child rapists behind bars, but I disagree with that law


Ah I thought it was just me

Yeah the Zionist thing irked me before but that was about it. I thought he was being persecuted by the state previously though just not this time even if I disagree with the court rules

Little Marco

Iโ€™ve found the radical ones talk about it in a more spiritual way than biological. โ€œYou donโ€™t have the feminine auraโ€

A 10 year moratorium on all immigration would be so popular

>lives in CA

yeah that checks out

@Jacob Yeah I made money off it!

It was nice for awhile

@Jacob gotta do your part even indirectly

the barstool guys are pretty chad tho no?

I thought it was mainstream in an ironic way

thats my bet yeah

more RW than ESPN

@ophiuchus that is horribly botched usage lol. thanks boomers!

Shitlibs must be so confused rn

More than usual

@Ald Iโ€™ve noticed that too. My cousin loves the Union Jack more than the average Briton

I was a big fan too. But I saw through the BS

Theyโ€™re own fantasy stories donโ€™t even support their own worldview. The wizards have their own school....

@missliterallywho The movies lined up like that for me lol

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