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hey man

Colorado Rockies crown of the continent

Evropean Fertility Cult when?

Conserve your POWER


Genomic health based tax code, sure you can pair with who you like...but you will not reap the benefits of state care without a minimum standard of caution

Good morning fellow Evropeans

Rocky Mountains are the Crown of America


As AMERICAN as Henry Ford

@micbwilli indeed a true identitarian

Absolutely IMPERIAL

the God King of ambiguity

at least we didn't become Brazil, so to speak

Yankee silver lining

@Grossly Incandescent soon enough, family brand small business will spring up

"that country was broken" "our NATION has been remade" -founding of the Greater United States

Boys lets look at this challenge as an opportunity, I think the pathological altruism/traitor gene is being washed from our people, the surviving geneseed won't suffer of a desire to commit biological sepuku


Arctic to Antarctic, American Empire


the Holy Druidic Roman Orthodox Pagan Lutheran church - IE

I guess she could be placed on a weighted genetic vector map approximating the nation of Georgia or other central asiatic slavs

But alas, not pure Evropa

So does the newest member of the British Royal family count?

A demonstrative point

28 good Sire

Addicted to the Heroines of Evropa

Tangentally related, there were stories of fair haired and blue eyed polynesians, that were unfortunately either bred out or slaved by sailors in the mid 1700

Kind of similar to the nustrians of afghanistan

IE Filipino Territorial Protectorate

@Logan an absolute unit more like

Phenotypic-Territorial Redistributive Economic Governmental models are not endorsed by IE

Guild Oriented Technofuturist Medievalism may also be permissable

Explicity forbidden


Overton window status: shifted

If memory serves in times of old the Kings of England required archery practice for all men after worship on sundays -very Evropa

Look up Garry Chynn on youtube, prolific archer that has a video specifically on this subject

Also he may be an incarnation of Odin like 18 years she'll have one of the most accomplished children in the nation?

D for degenerate?

The virgin flat earther vs the Chad Hollow earther

Pelucidar is real gents

I bet Stefan Molymeme is a deep cover /ourguy/

I actually have a series of campaign buttons from the 80s - Scandinavians for Reagan and Germans for Reagan

bretherin, if you are looking for some excellent Martial Industrial try Arditi

Eivor Palsdottir is some of the best Norse Folk that can be had

Press F

@Dunnski maybe place a flyer or card in acadia, the first light to fall on America, first lands on Evropa

If we're learning to sing for IE we better be learning to dance formally like trve Evropans

She could be cloned in the Emperors labs

We need some flyers that say nothing more than "love your people" very hard to hate

If china can modernize, we can techno-medievalize

@Reinhard Wolff norman rockwell aesthetic, target the heart of Americana

Honestly most people are emotionally driven, be loving and passionate for Evropean heritage is the best "argument"

Seriously be the most loving of your family possible

@Reinhard Wolff opinions on joining freemasonry, lots of infrastructure available across america

SHARK imagined

Rome had an anthem I suppose?

To be honest I wouldn't mind a neo-holy roman type Empire over all evropean and evropean diaspora nations though

Tis true

Resurrect Oliver Cromwell, institute Puritan theocracy....profit?

I do love the propensity of Puritans to pick up and leave the known world to sieze their own destiny, I feel like its the same drive that pushes us to the stars

He can be the ruler of Ultima Liberia

Not going to lie civil war nostalgia hits hard, I think its burned into the American Genome


I just wish we would have actually done the same as Britain and had the government just purchase all slaves at market value and deport them to a nation to fascimile the origin

Yeah, Britain only paid off the debt of freeing slaves around 2014

So modern Britons ended slavery directly

A really great series of stories came out of the Spanish American war, when former Confederate and Union soldiers fought side by side to build essentially the American Golden Age of Empire, led by Theodore Roosevelt, the son of southern and northern families

So...America from 1880 to 1914

@Tyler0317 I would agree the aristocratic nature of the south was destroyed, but the rugged individualism of westward expansion was implicitly southern

So...IE brand long leaf tobacco when?

*has Agency to save his people

Our resolve is the whitepill lads

Those people aren't in IE my man

The threat is real, but we stand against the tide

Honestly we can probably commandeer the entire litany of boyscout songs since that organization is defunct

"The Scouts were broken" ..."They have been remade"

The Dragon Scovts will stand for 10,000 years

Life goal is what my grandfather and great grandfather had, children at the same time, my father has an uncle 2 years younger than him because his mother had 14 kids

The only thing that type of behaviour limits is mate choices down the line, basically any wife material in northern Illionois is off limits lol

Lets be honest people in this country love asian food, its literally fried sugar coated meat

Power move - bring date to high latin mass


*builds spacecraft

Well guess its just my nature

Maids are for people to weak to operate a household like a high functioning human

Goes on a chaperone..."what the hell is this?"

This Knightly Order will reinstill tradition

Ideal world, 1895 Prussia

Dialing down the spectrum

They am not be thinking unfilter water be giving you cancer...but do

The 50s were ok not terrific but actually a mix of futurism -at the time- and traditionalism

A long way down the line I can imagine the media wing evolving a studio for our type of films

IE videos are more wholesome than a g-rated film, really hard to justify a content strike

Tis true, the ban hammer looms without need for a reason

Mobile business, in a perenial service industry with high margins and extreme low IQ competition...

Lol yeah, not going to lie though, any business "immigrants" can operate we can absolutely dominate

Bruv, imagine a dairy run only by us, a bit of modern automation and the overwhelming force of reliable high skill labor

Basically the reason blue collar jobs are demonized in the media is to trick us out of the massive wealth vehicle

An IE run and operated general contracting company is my ultimate dream

Build houses suited for our people at a profit when sold to outsiders and at cost for our folk

I am a suppoerter of forming various non-profit entities or quasi-religious organizations shielded from the govt like the amish, hutterites, and mennonites

"Welcome to Evropa contractors, 50% of all company profits go to the repulican party, how can I help you?"

90% of the problem evaporates

Well I hope to have a house at a decent price built for a large family, and keeping money in the family is always best

Only an IE member discount, structured in a lending scheme that eliminates essentially all costs beyond materials ans labor

*qualified member financing

A credit union would be an amazimg idea

That would completely divorce us from (((lendors)))

There are overhead costs of course which would be fulfilled, but the profit component would be sacrificed for our people @⚑Clark⚑

The idea here would also be a business to employ memebers

Thats calculated into the overhead, any costs associated with the business are computed and amortized into a per unit basis

Profit comes from charging beyond the price of paying for everyones wages and the materials

I feel like the opportunity for a "serves all" libertarian type business is very high in the tech sector right now

And that would serve our purposes very well

Regulation certainly has its place in guaranteeing our rights

Until our views actually become illegal

But thats another rabbit hole entirely

I am all about reducing our financial fragility by any way we can

All the same, we have to work in this world, and our business would almost without exception be explicitly "right wing" so I think pursuing multiple avenues of approach is the wisest path

Depends on if he is technically an employee or an owner, a board or directors can dismis a CEO by firing him if he sold the majority of his company - protip never sell more than 49%

Honestly I love working with companys that have "suicide protocols" some guys build the company so it can never be inverted or it literally kills the entire business

Used to be a tactic against unionist, but now its mostly a protection against hostile take overs

Bocephus will be given a place on the high council of Ultima Liberia

Being exclusive makes the movement much more attractive

*vaccines an invention of holy evropa

*causes autism


Implicitly white - it checks out sire

*looks around at brothers - we are the actual founders of the next stage of our people

@Valaska it is a story telling voice lol

*implies our economy can last into the 2050s

When the cash is gone so is clown world

Dude I have an uncle tht paid for his phd with part time summer jobs

And of course hes a childless leftist fool

Hipster and greenpeace folks could be led to /our/ side of the house if introduced to some of the more surprisig nuances of our movement

Theodore Roosevelt nationalist naturalist, best president or first American King? only history will decide

Approach from the hunting/outdoorsman type of environmentalism not the leftist anti-human type

So many metapolitical angles of approach such as the pro-nuclear power and the energy independence approach

Multkulti should be associated with its reality, genocide

Gents this would take so little effort to turn into primo IE propaganda

*constantly stocking food banks

*cleans up litter

*protects women

@Grayson thats the goal, I think IE can be in its own way a huge reconciling force for all types of Evro Americans

Glacier is where the soul of America lives

10/10 would

All birds came from Africa

Avian nationalism when

All languages pale in comparison to the glory of Finnish

Basically they pump food grade detergent between layers of stone underground

You can actually drink the stuff

Alot of the fracking in colorado is done on old coal seams where oil production wasnt being done

Energy independence until glorious nuclear energy is the way lads

On the water front fracking isnt even close to the most apocalyptic fear, the ogalala aquafer has been drained more than 50% since the 40s, basically the heartland has consumed tens of thousands of years of stored water to feed the planet

I feel like our domestic energy use is truly idiotic, we could cut out half the power demand pretty readily, but industry will still need mass energy like nuclear or hydro, though damaging riverine system irritates me

We need more Henry Fords to save America

Henry Ford was the original /our/ guy

Ooh she was, delightful

In a purely...wholesome way

She lives in the UK so she was probably courting "you got a loicense for that opinion" territory

@William Russell I think the Anglo was rapidly approaching social cohesion levels akin to Japan, but they were inverted due to...influence

The BBC was used to manage the decline of th empire

@Alexander Pechorin theres alot of truth to that, basically all of Evrope suffered that

The history of metrology is pretty interesting, the US standard inch was finalized by Swedish manufacturing to more easily convert to metric around ww1

Yeah each town had its own derivation of cubits and feet, but local nutrition could massively influence the measurement only few miles away

@William Russell the average size of the man was used to determine the length of measure so healthier towns with bigger men had bigger units of measure

How many gents here have seen 18th cooking with Jas Townsend? That is the food of the new America

@Selma which is more aesthetic -beautiful wheat fields or rice swamp

@Papa Pizzagate lol mine too, worked on oil rigs for 15 years

10/10 will serve my liege lord to this

Honestly some good reading on an optimal trajectory for the African Diaspora is the early history of sierra leone

Basically British values expressed in a black ethnostate

Worked REALLY well for almost 100 years

The Foura Bay University was treated as an equal to Cambridge and Oxford

Indeed it was in the early period, early 1800s sorry lads memory lapsed there

Native Americans are actually a great model, basically seperate homelands

First American was Snorri Thorfinnson change my mind

*Siberian immigrants

Build barrier state between The Reformed United States and Mexico as the new Black Diaspora American Homeland

Applies steadfast discipline, oh we will win

Most likely the French will dive headlong into dysfunction, only to shine brighter than ever before

The collapse of Revolution followed by Napoleon

I have an old money liberal cousin, an actual professor, he's a childless atheistic weakling, his kind will be extinct in short order by their own hand

Indeed, its just natural selection

I have on occasion thought of how he would fare in a no go zone in our ancestral homeland sweden, as a thought exercise

Free from the responsibility of operating the planet at our own expense, just imagine it

Anyways lads, i'm off for the evening, have an excellent nights sleep brothers

Arkan...get my Tigers

Would Yugo-Post but must be civil

Hello Genetic nightmare produced by centuries of sibling marriages...

*gets cas can

*fills with diesel

"Here yah go there bud"

Well do you want your son to look...

A pleasure to serve haha

Heaps ah room in the ute tho @Ald

@Nerv - VA I think perhaps some French Legionaires may have contributed to the genomic makeup here - a wild theory

Imagine being a marxist loser and watching the actuall USSR turn into a Nationalist state...SAD!

No calories

EVROPA embraces the age of the machine

Bruv we should out china the chinese and steal the crispr child

Jokes on you, we already built the dome, its just a secret because the illuminati invented globe theory

*record scratch - to protect us

Probably the better to "pass the mortal coil" than be red meme

"Its all so tiresome"


@SuperTomPerry -RI give it a few years our companies will do just that

All members shall render esoteric tithes to furnish our holy capital

IKEA = Identitarian Kingdom of Evropean America

The threshold of every IE home should be inscribed rubicon

Nathan will return to us as a brother and elder in time

Legend has it, this lad once flyered the wailing wall, absolute mad man

Welfare is such a tricky beast, alot of guys (myself included) hate the idea, but in an ethnostate it may actually work, it does certainly serve as a terrific measure of societal health

I remember my parents having a serious fight when I was a small child because my father wouldnt even use the church foodbank

@The Eternal Anglo thats primarily what I mean, we really can't look forward to a state operated welfare system we can ever depend on in our lifetime, but as a policy it could be a hallmark of our people when we have our own place in the world

I imagine it being like Norway...but with a totalitarian natalist policy

The Swiss have some serious failings, but more often than not they opt out of EU suicide

Duginist Reconquista is my bet lads

That or a neo-finnish khanate

Honestly the opiod crisis is GOPe kryptonite - men out of the job medicate to death aka corporate migration kills white men and consequently profits big pharma, don't expect any traction there in mainstream politics essentially only we can fight it metapolitically

Another thing we have to come to terms with is the demographic winter of Evropean Americans, while depressing in numbers the fact is this selective pressure can -hypothetically- serve us quite well, the diseased, degenerate, and pathologocally altruistic have no contribution to the Evropean future, we'll be much stronger once we win

Well...degenerate produced super bugs will probably sort that out...

When the cocktail fails my dudes, that will be a ticker tape day

Needs a sign that says "not trash"

I would love to see what your could actually hide in an art gallery, like actual bags of rancid garbage with "art" written on it

If an "artist" can't produce photorealism with a brush and canvas they should be flogged with a cat of nine tails - figuratively- and banished to mining colonies

Underlying understanding and mastery of skill is necessary to express ideas beyond the bounds of it, in my humble estimation

The funny thing is how many people openly agree from all walks of life that modern art is hideous trash, while anyone can enjoy and be taken in by the beauty of a gothic cathedral, or renaissance art

Beauty is the natural order, we know how to express it

Sadly I heard that modern art was a Pozed project of le CIA in reaction to socialist realism

Traditional soviet artworks meant for mass inspiration

It was actually terrifically beautiful

Let me try an find an example

@PatrickAZ I am not sure

This is an example that comes to mind

Indeed he has alot to offer a mind that has nuance

I think the creator is the name on the jpg line

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