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Hey guys, Peter here from southwest Oklahoma. Glad to be among the living.

Henlo borthers. Thankful for rain today in Oklahoma, eating eggs on that keto life.

I worry the WW3 will start next Democratic Administration, if not sooner. Yikes. We must be a voice of peace and stability. It's a popular sentiment.

Trump must do less huwyte virture signalling on Twitter and more hard action.

Real Andrew Jackson hours

Anyone from a critical swing state have an opinion

For better or worse, the Rust Belt is the key to the near future.

Good on you, though. Maryland's shape severely triggers my autism. Why isn't the peninsula just one state? Why isn't the western area just West Virginia? History's mysteries...

Does anyone else hate /pol/? You can post a thread with a novel and constructive (if outlandish) idea, and some foreign-flag will claim you're JIDF sliding threads. Even though there are E-Celeb Gossip and actual porn threads. It's all so tiresome. I'm glad I'm on these servers now so that my need for right wing social interaction can be more healthily filled. I miss the TRS 504um...

No. I'll check it out, thanks.

>"A friend of mine was walking by when the man said, β€œYour only job as a woman is to keep your legs shut until you get married.” I felt distraught as I yelled at him to get out of the neighborhood. I began to cry and my friend went as far as to call the police. I see the same man all the time. He shops at the supermarket often and every interaction we have leaves a terrible taste in my mouth."

@Nemets I expect pretty much all non-whites to hold such views. As white youth age and find there is no pleasing the left, they will become confused, alienated, and then reactionary right wing. Not all, sadly, but more and more.

@Salo Saloson Seems to me, people take on different "pills" (sex, race, JQ) not all at once. See also: Proud Boys (who are likely aware of sex differences)

@The Eternal Anglo Thanks. I do miss the 504um... Had a lot of great discussion there.

I feel good knowing that my father loves his children more than burritos. Low bar, but it's important.

It means I'm hungry for Italian food.

@OMGDwayne I am glad my fellow Okies were hospitable!


@Asatru Artist - MD Red Elephants is a great channel. Excellent for people on the fence. He's just one micro-step from Tucker.

Hard to beat the Finnish-American Pasties!

Gingers are the rarest, for sure. Waifu-posting intensifies.

Indeed, lift, read, work hard at your job, and be active in your chosen faith community and/or charity groups. And the waifus will come.

Is it true New Balance is legit MAGA? At least for a major corporation.

Anyone listening to the new "Honoring our History" episode? It's on the Spanish Civil War.

@Deleted User Golden Goblin grabs yo Girl. What do?

@OMGDwayne Yeah, she cute, but I can't feel anything, even aesthetic admiration, for actresses. Knowing what we do.

@ThisIsChris It's a spooky one. The anarcho-communists in Spain were monstrous!

@Deleted User Odd stuff. People all have their own views on NoFap, but requiring it of all members seems odd. And martial training is important, but a frat-style hazing kumite has no utility.

And what dissident movement would demand a permanent label on their peoples' skin? Huge security risk, that.

@Deleted User Indeed. I'm glad they're getting into street brawls while IE works smartly at changing the culture, setting up support networks, and serving the community.

@Roland I'm 6'9" fren

Send a female member on the Helicopter Mom podcast.

Who here drinking apple cider vinegar water on that keto meme, er, life?

Recruit Lauren Rose since JF spooked her off.

Murdoch chan isn't real.

Keep all shallowness within private personal listenings of "Love Street"

Become the aesthetic future autists will LARP as.

Now that Harold (great novelist, keen thinker, terrible leader) Covington is passed on, any chance of reaching out to the NWF and getting the into IE?

Now that (good novelist, terrible leader) Harold Covington has passed, any chance of reaching out to NWF

I meant for recruiting for IE, not to colaborate

@greg_p - TX Obviously they'd be vetted heavily, show them a better way than LARPing. Just an idle thought.

I have no affiliation with them, I'd just read a novel, which are if anything less crazy than Pierce's

Cool, I'm not advocating it. It was just a question. I guess you're more familiar with them than me.

Maybe instead, try to get people before other groups do.

Meet-up idea from my time in Vermont and Maine: IE group, incognito, attends Contra dancing event. If you're not aware, Contra is a New England/Quebecois folk dance (think Circle dance to the west/south's Square dance), but it has spread all over the nation and is very I M P L I C I T as a part of North American Colonial Culture. Contra is usually attended by SWPLs and hippies, but notably it always seems to skew majority female. The average testosterone of an Identitarian should command gals' attention and intimidate lower test-men.

But if you're in square dance country, that's good too. I only mention contra because I know females are the majority there.

In any case, it's more wholesome than 'da club.

Slang for "Stuff White People Like" -type white person.


That's pretty cool! There's all kinds of hidden aspects of white american culture to take part in and promote.

Visions of 2003...

Terrible music, terrible politics. Terrible fashion. Late adolescence. Was anything good?

Folk Dance Nationalism

Rubio is the epitome of the hollow nothingmaster. More than JEB(!). Jeb(!) at least has some interesting internal mechanisms going on. Such as, what leads a 6'3" Yankee royal, practically guaranteed power, to choose such a wife?

"Latinx?" Is that one of those later-generation Pokemon?

Presidente Fuentes

Make him supreme leader of Puerto Rico. Could only be a vast improvement.

Physiognomy is real...

Then where will we put EDC? In a man-purse?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Small flashlight makes the keychain bulkier, small book (or e-reader), bug dope and sunscreen (if you, like me, live in Lyme disease land but like going outside).

I have extremely long legs, I kind of need cargo shorts just to not look predatory

@Tyler0317 No, I'm saying I'm 6'9" and non-cargo shorts are inherently too short. Cargos are regular-short length on me.
But yes I do squat and shall continue.

Working on it.

How many more [current year] memes can one acquire? Uber Driver? (((Krav Maga))) instructor?

I'm sorry, I'm just jealous, being an out of date Atkins, Raw Food, Water-Aerobics, Jazzercise afficionado

@Deleted User Identitarian Jazzercise when?

Olives and avacados. A paltry substitute for meat.

Soy isn't keto, so no

Coconut would work too

Anti-freeze is a good sweetener substitute for sugar

@MrDefault just switch aryan waifu in hhhhwheat fields to aryan waifu in cattle pasture

ICE should have blockaded the entire town as per Jazzhands' recommend and checked every single person's status.

But this is good too.

@Roland Absolute hollow bolshevism. They're just going through the motions of their religion substitute at this point. Great job, Utah chapter!

Got my butter coffee, off to school. Thankful for rain here in OK. Everyone have a constructive and satisfying day!

In the long term, It's going to come down to how many people turn to white-identification before the next Dem admin / majority passes Hate Speech laws.

@Procella Eques Sorry to hear that. It is impressive that you've developed a good and constructive outlook, although I wish it hadn't been under those circumstances. You're doing right by your friends.

IE Undergarment line will directly increase white birthrates: guaranteed.

Tim Poole seems a good, honest guy. I enjoy his show.

Look at all of them desperate to show their bellies at the sightest hint of one who won't. Disgusting and aggravating. God help Sweden!

RIP Tay, please come back

Her optics needed work. She just got too redpilled too quickly, and sperged out.

*anarcho-primitivism intensifies?*

Being sarcastic. AI is spooky though.

Not mutually exclusive. I mean, nukes are spooky too.

Different flavors of apocalyptic. Nanotech too.

For now.

Let's just say I hope you're right, but I don't think you are.

@Bjorn - MD Haim Saban is the owner of the Root

Yeah, the Power Rangers Israeli, who also owns Univision. Weird, huh?

I guess twenty five years of diversifying tokusatsu shows to sell plastic toys and broadcasting cheesy spanish soap operas gets tiring? Or maybe it was the more than two million bucks he sank into the Clinton campaign (directly, not counting PACs, of course)

He is, amusingly, reported to have been notoriously harsh to the actors. The original rangers got paid less than minimum wage.

Shocking, I know

@Asatru Artist - MD It's all good, sasquatches and chimps are separated pretty far on the hominid tree. We're closer to orangutans.

Make no sudden movements.

Start reading from Secretary Ben Carson's autobiography.

Leave Lana and Henrik alone you globalists! 😠

Notice that neither the Daily Beast nor that mass-flagger has actually *denied* that they want us dead, white men.

Trying to learn how to speak.

It seems I am unheard on voice. Or else there is some elaborate, yet very light, hazing...

New posters, maybe some family stuff?

Don't worry I am having boomer-tier tech problems too

I will take temporary leave to sort myself out.

I think I got it to work will join soon.

it worked!

life is rough technology is rougher

Heading to bed, take care fellows

the tennis player?

Even tennis is thuggish now....

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL There's probably some easy tells. Some confluence of scraggly, mangy, but signally. Neoliberals aren't antifa, despite serving the same global corporate-left agenda in different capacities. So not every soy-addled hashtag resist t-shirt qualifies.

Cat lady.

See, leftists are like, forgive the autism, D&D classes. You have Cat-Ladies (Wizards), BLM/LaRaza (Fighter), Antifa (Rogues), and the Media (((cleric)))

Watch out, their blubber provides them with +3 natural armor

Lana and Henrik (and Patrick!) make the radical normal, with the calm, reasoned takes, effective points, and clean production. That's why the corporate, globalist left is so desperate to silence them with cyber attacks and this push to censor.

Theme music for election night πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

New FtN episode today is pretty good. Got me amped to lift and sprint, and progress is noticeable. Now sipping my "cocoa" (chocolate whey isolate and coconut oil in hot water). Family burger cook out later. Hope everyone's' Sunday is productive and/or refreshing.πŸ‹πŸ» πŸ”

If we're buying media shares, might get more bang for buck buying up Christian media.

Maybe it's my geographic location, but Kirk Cameron / Kevin Sorbo movies punch way above their weight financially.

There's many token and based ____ characters, and some implicit Israeliphilia, but keeping the message on wholesome families, masculine responsibility, and functional communities are a natural fit for identitarianism.

Just make a movie with some Antifa, Opioid Dealers, or MS-13 or Pakistani grooming gang villains, and the normie Christian watches Tucker and starts to figure it out.

Did anyone else watch "The Buttercream Gang" growing up? It's a weird name, but I could definitely see a reboot with the villainous gang being anarcho-communists. If no one else has seen it, it's a surreal yet heartfelt look into what nostalgic Amerikaners wanted back, even in 1992.

Something masculine and NORTHERN. Spruce or Fir.🌲

Living in a small town without 24/7 food itself is a diet plan.

@John O - It's all good man. No judgement.

I was more talking about my own impulse-hunger. I'm glad I no longer have the option.

@John O - Sonic is Okie, but Braums is the superior Okie chain.

Sorry about the bad optics bolo tie.

I should edit the meme

Fixed for good optics.


Anyway, Braums is top-tier burgerfood.

They have good... tendies

Consider the discount a form of hazard pay

The important thing is to raise consciousness. Any non/post-system scenarios can only happen if white american consciousness is raised.

That's a chicken/egg thing. Can do both at once, and progress in either makes the other easier

Get 5,000 full families in IE, or a few chapters at 300+, it will have the same effect with less liability and a smaller target.

Obama resurfacing and actively campaigning really says it all. There are two 'Americas.'

The GOP-E (McCain/Ryan/Romney/McConnell) seems happy it only has 12 years left.

Bernie has been listening to Eric Striker, clearly.

Those Ozark volleyballers are are QTs too.

Anyone excited for deer season?

Mostly white tail and elk in SWOK. Mule up in the panhandle.

Turkey and Boar everywhere

The land my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were raised on still has our hunting "lodge" on it. No place I value more.

Yeah most states with a hog problem don't require a license for it as long as it isn't another season and you are on private land. In OK there are no limits on hogs taken OR firearms used!

Considering getting a 50 Beowulf for hogs lol

Well if we ever meet at a national event, then maybe you can come down here!

For hogs all I will charge is beer

Unironically my dad's friend's dad when he crashed into a hill, shooting coyote from a biplane

well you can always use a spear

Bowhunting turkey and deer is cool. Of course I support using the meat

I disapprove of hunting predators in anything but defense

although I have met fur trappers up north and have grown to understand them better

Round is a shape

I am talking the Canadian border and north of that. Yes, most of the fur is used as riffs on anoraks

and wildlife is actually well managed in this country for the most part. ( because it is usually a state instead of federal purview). Most weavers, otters, etc taken are at a sustainable level

Endangered species act etc is federal, but non threatened game animals are handled by State governments

dang. Why can't Marcus marry some princess and become king?

Latvia is worth watching due to the NATO vs Rus dynamic

I'm up for hazing as long as it's PG-13.

I'm 31. Anything absurd is just...


An entire frat at OU got shut down for terrible optics.

They were throwing N-word around on video. Poor choices.

@unclefesterr That's the one.

Redpill carefully

How would I get confirmation on whether or not my dues got in (snail mail)? My member profile says they didn't, but it's been over a week.

Thank you!

"Woke capital" or "Globalist Corporate Leftism" is the enemy, not simply "communism" or "capitalism". It's third way vs third way now. Of course the same dark forces as usual, they're just in a new host.

You all get what I mean. Nothing new here.

Anyway, good afternoon! A pleasant 77F here in west OK. Commute sans a/c was actually nice! Got my 5x5s in. Probably going to shower and read some homework.

Add Patrick or Allsup as a possible leader in HoI4 Modern


The more aware corporate oligarchs are willing to lose a bit of money to promote white replacement/displacement. Much else is echo-chamber effect via corporate elites being drawn from the same CA/NY pools.

@Washington Honestly that clock should stop at 2035 at latest.

An important issue that isn't discussed stateside is the American right to private/home schooling. In many EU nations there is no right to avoid Marxi-er, public school. In my opinion that is a significant factor. The next democratic majority / administration may push for gun controls and hate speech laws, but don't be surprised if mandatory public, integrated, trannyfied school occurs.

@Gerald Cunningham Japanese and Chilean transfer students to avoid suspicion.

I don't think there's any chance of sympathy from non-whites. Even the conservative Asians end up with tumblr-tier offspring like Sarah Jeong.

The cat lady meme is real. If they indefinitely remain childless, they will put their motherly affections into surrogate populations (non-whites) and their grievances into those they subconsiously blame for their miserable state (effing wyte mail!)

To which most of them would say "yes"

In the eyes of the j-left we are the root of all evil. It's that simple. We need to convince as much of the FUTURE (re: young or parents) of white americans as we can. Everyone else is of dubious use and even more dubious loyalty.

Real black pill hours .

But on the good side, [totally not racist] Tucker is speaking to whites over thirty.

No red wave if Trump doesn't do anything.

International finance would prop-up MSM. And the anti-white messaging would, if anything, only get more intense under an explicity Steyer/Soros/Saban CNN

Which, if you're an accelerationist, could be good. I dunno.

Accelerationism maybe later, not now. We need more time to wake people up.

And frankly, Clinton's impeachment was a huge meme that got Bush2 over the edge.

I wonder, Bush wasn't even tough on immigration. Maybe Gore would have been better? That would have given us a Republican in 2008, and maybe no Iraq and resulting European invasion... Oh well. Who knows?

I think the environmentalist in me is being histrionic.

Tucker is #3 on all of cable, right (Hannity lol is #1, and Maddow is #2)

Wow, that Mr. Wang Lin lives rent free in those peoples' heads

Drop Pence, Add VP Tucker

Queen Anne on the supreme court when Ginsburg dies (peacefully in her sleep of natural causes)

See how they've wailed over a normal, reasonable man like Kavanaugh. I M A G I N E the screeching at a Coulter confirmation hearing.

Time for Sam to shave and join I.E.

People watch movies and sports to try to escape, but the Hollywood types won't LET THEM escape in the era of virtue signalling.
It does seem a risky gamble, to force the complacent white male to face his dilemma. They must be confident in Amerikaner sloth.

I watch him to avoid echo-chambering and he usually takes the ___-right on good faith. Usually.

Is Styx the Diet Mt. Dew?

@Salo Saloson I am really mad right now. Trump admin okay'd the sulfide mine upstream from the Boundary Waters (where I have spent several years guiding in summer and winter).

The owner of the mine is a landlord of (((Kushner)))

I mean, I want to save the white race, but can we also NOT poison paradise?


Ely makes most of its money from tourism

Poisoned boundary waters, no tourism economy.

Puts me in an awkward position with all of my friends. And lots of centrist outdoorsy types I was starting to win over are now really anti-Trump.

My hope is Identitarianism can be the first political faction in a century to advocate for our Land AND People.

I know there's no hope for nature in a post-white future (see: china, india, brazil)... But there has to be a better way.


Maybe we can get some T.Roosevelt style conservation Republcanism going.
Trump needs to pull a TR and trust-bust big Tech anyways.

Google deserves it more than any oil or steel magnate ever did.

I'm not against mining. There's just a lot to lose with the BWCAW right there.

"keep your eyes to the ground around your betters, goy!"

mark my words, there's going to be a big push to pathologize 'racism' as a mental illness. They'll outlaw gun ownership for diagnosed mentally ill FIRST (which cuckservatives will go along with). So then later if you're found "Racist," you'll be disarmed, institutionalized and probably drugged into being 'inclusive'. Probably with estrogen, because "toxic masculinity" will also be a mental illness (but black violent offenders will coincidentally never be diagnosed as such).

That's probably twenty years down the line. But not too far.

@Deleted User Another reason to be discrete (but legal) about weapons ownership. Be as discrete (but legal) as you can.

I was unironically told to read the Emma Lazarus poem today...

Henlo sistar

Are Orientation and Fireside this week going to be on Slack or Discord?

"Lol, let felons vote (for democrats)" - Exciting black republican [so-called]

Almost could be a Paul Ryan scheme it's so retarded

As liberals say, "a lot to unpack there."
1. In America, the mestizos (who continually claim they are just other Americans) see American imagery as implicitly threatening.
2. The Patriot kids intuited this, and went there.

Didn't other center-right black TreeOfLogic accuse her of running a doxxing website? This is old stuff from last fall.

Then this "get felons to vote" ploy is completely in character.

Candace was involved in gamer gate? How bizarre. The intricate metapolitical struggle of modern times is, at times, kind of silly.

You're certainly not alone. Take things from people and they get as curious as they do upset.

tfw no real martial arts near me.


Was? I mean Pool Parties still exist...

Polk's march when?

Just kidding, we have enough desert.

Huge membership first, secured families and finances second, placed politicians third, THEN the streets.

Most of spencer's flaws are easily explained from his wealthy upbringing.

HR cat lady pls don't rise up

Make the Helicopter Mom podcast gals proud

Can we go to pool parties under a different alias?? :( no IE mention, no NatSoc behavior?

very woke

No brother wars

Are sunglasses okay? Sunglasses with beard? Sunglasses without beard? Smaller lenses vs aviators?

Well, there were kings

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