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Hey guys, Peter here from southwest Oklahoma. Glad to be among the living.

Henlo borthers. Thankful for rain today in Oklahoma, eating eggs on that keto life.

I worry the WW3 will start next Democratic Administration, if not sooner. Yikes. We must be a voice of peace and stability. It's a popular sentiment.

Trump must do less huwyte virture signalling on Twitter and more hard action.

Real Andrew Jackson hours

Anyone from a critical swing state have an opinion

For better or worse, the Rust Belt is the key to the near future.

Good on you, though. Maryland's shape severely triggers my autism. Why isn't the peninsula just one state? Why isn't the western area just West Virginia? History's mysteries...

Does anyone else hate /pol/? You can post a thread with a novel and constructive (if outlandish) idea, and some foreign-flag will claim you're JIDF sliding threads. Even though there are E-Celeb Gossip and actual porn threads. It's all so tiresome. I'm glad I'm on these servers now so that my need for right wing social interaction can be more healthily filled. I miss the TRS 504um...

No. I'll check it out, thanks.

>"A friend of mine was walking by when the man said, โ€œYour only job as a woman is to keep your legs shut until you get married.โ€ I felt distraught as I yelled at him to get out of the neighborhood. I began to cry and my friend went as far as to call the police. I see the same man all the time. He shops at the supermarket often and every interaction we have leaves a terrible taste in my mouth."

@Nemets I expect pretty much all non-whites to hold such views. As white youth age and find there is no pleasing the left, they will become confused, alienated, and then reactionary right wing. Not all, sadly, but more and more.

@Salo Saloson Seems to me, people take on different "pills" (sex, race, JQ) not all at once. See also: Proud Boys (who are likely aware of sex differences)

@The Eternal Anglo Thanks. I do miss the 504um... Had a lot of great discussion there.

I feel good knowing that my father loves his children more than burritos. Low bar, but it's important.

It means I'm hungry for Italian food.

@OMGDwayne I am glad my fellow Okies were hospitable!


@Asatru Artist - MD Red Elephants is a great channel. Excellent for people on the fence. He's just one micro-step from Tucker.

Hard to beat the Finnish-American Pasties!

Gingers are the rarest, for sure. Waifu-posting intensifies.

Indeed, lift, read, work hard at your job, and be active in your chosen faith community and/or charity groups. And the waifus will come.

Is it true New Balance is legit MAGA? At least for a major corporation.

Anyone listening to the new "Honoring our History" episode? It's on the Spanish Civil War.

@Deleted User Golden Goblin grabs yo Girl. What do?

@OMGDwayne Yeah, she cute, but I can't feel anything, even aesthetic admiration, for actresses. Knowing what we do.

@ThisIsChris It's a spooky one. The anarcho-communists in Spain were monstrous!

@Deleted User Odd stuff. People all have their own views on NoFap, but requiring it of all members seems odd. And martial training is important, but a frat-style hazing kumite has no utility.

And what dissident movement would demand a permanent label on their peoples' skin? Huge security risk, that.

@Deleted User Indeed. I'm glad they're getting into street brawls while IE works smartly at changing the culture, setting up support networks, and serving the community.

@Roland I'm 6'9" fren

Send a female member on the Helicopter Mom podcast.

Who here drinking apple cider vinegar water on that keto meme, er, life?

Recruit Lauren Rose since JF spooked her off.

Murdoch chan isn't real.

Keep all shallowness within private personal listenings of "Love Street"

Become the aesthetic future autists will LARP as.

Now that Harold (great novelist, keen thinker, terrible leader) Covington is passed on, any chance of reaching out to the NWF and getting the into IE?

Now that (good novelist, terrible leader) Harold Covington has passed, any chance of reaching out to NWF

I meant for recruiting for IE, not to colaborate

@greg_p - TX Obviously they'd be vetted heavily, show them a better way than LARPing. Just an idle thought.

I have no affiliation with them, I'd just read a novel, which are if anything less crazy than Pierce's

Cool, I'm not advocating it. It was just a question. I guess you're more familiar with them than me.

Maybe instead, try to get people before other groups do.

Meet-up idea from my time in Vermont and Maine: IE group, incognito, attends Contra dancing event. If you're not aware, Contra is a New England/Quebecois folk dance (think Circle dance to the west/south's Square dance), but it has spread all over the nation and is very I M P L I C I T as a part of North American Colonial Culture. Contra is usually attended by SWPLs and hippies, but notably it always seems to skew majority female. The average testosterone of an Identitarian should command gals' attention and intimidate lower test-men.

But if you're in square dance country, that's good too. I only mention contra because I know females are the majority there.

In any case, it's more wholesome than 'da club.

Slang for "Stuff White People Like" -type white person.


That's pretty cool! There's all kinds of hidden aspects of white american culture to take part in and promote.

Visions of 2003...

Terrible music, terrible politics. Terrible fashion. Late adolescence. Was anything good?

Folk Dance Nationalism

Rubio is the epitome of the hollow nothingmaster. More than JEB(!). Jeb(!) at least has some interesting internal mechanisms going on. Such as, what leads a 6'3" Yankee royal, practically guaranteed power, to choose such a wife?

"Latinx?" Is that one of those later-generation Pokemon?

Presidente Fuentes

Make him supreme leader of Puerto Rico. Could only be a vast improvement.

Physiognomy is real...

Then where will we put EDC? In a man-purse?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Small flashlight makes the keychain bulkier, small book (or e-reader), bug dope and sunscreen (if you, like me, live in Lyme disease land but like going outside).

I have extremely long legs, I kind of need cargo shorts just to not look predatory

@Tyler0317 No, I'm saying I'm 6'9" and non-cargo shorts are inherently too short. Cargos are regular-short length on me.
But yes I do squat and shall continue.

Working on it.

How many more [current year] memes can one acquire? Uber Driver? (((Krav Maga))) instructor?

I'm sorry, I'm just jealous, being an out of date Atkins, Raw Food, Water-Aerobics, Jazzercise afficionado

@Deleted User Identitarian Jazzercise when?

Olives and avacados. A paltry substitute for meat.

Soy isn't keto, so no

Coconut would work too

Anti-freeze is a good sweetener substitute for sugar

@MrDefault just switch aryan waifu in hhhhwheat fields to aryan waifu in cattle pasture

ICE should have blockaded the entire town as per Jazzhands' recommend and checked every single person's status.

But this is good too.

@Roland Absolute hollow bolshevism. They're just going through the motions of their religion substitute at this point. Great job, Utah chapter!

Got my butter coffee, off to school. Thankful for rain here in OK. Everyone have a constructive and satisfying day!

In the long term, It's going to come down to how many people turn to white-identification before the next Dem admin / majority passes Hate Speech laws.

@Procella Eques Sorry to hear that. It is impressive that you've developed a good and constructive outlook, although I wish it hadn't been under those circumstances. You're doing right by your friends.

IE Undergarment line will directly increase white birthrates: guaranteed.

Tim Poole seems a good, honest guy. I enjoy his show.

Look at all of them desperate to show their bellies at the sightest hint of one who won't. Disgusting and aggravating. God help Sweden!

RIP Tay, please come back

Her optics needed work. She just got too redpilled too quickly, and sperged out.

*anarcho-primitivism intensifies?*

Being sarcastic. AI is spooky though.

Not mutually exclusive. I mean, nukes are spooky too.

Different flavors of apocalyptic. Nanotech too.

For now.

Let's just say I hope you're right, but I don't think you are.

@Bjorn - MD Haim Saban is the owner of the Root

Yeah, the Power Rangers Israeli, who also owns Univision. Weird, huh?

I guess twenty five years of diversifying tokusatsu shows to sell plastic toys and broadcasting cheesy spanish soap operas gets tiring? Or maybe it was the more than two million bucks he sank into the Clinton campaign (directly, not counting PACs, of course)

He is, amusingly, reported to have been notoriously harsh to the actors. The original rangers got paid less than minimum wage.

Shocking, I know

@Asatru Artist - MD It's all good, sasquatches and chimps are separated pretty far on the hominid tree. We're closer to orangutans.

Make no sudden movements.

Start reading from Secretary Ben Carson's autobiography.

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