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How does a goy go about getting housing around here?

@here does anyone know anything about growing mushrooms?

@Alexander B. - SC I am open to whatever works best

Thank you for the input thus far everyone, especially Alex and Thomas. I will do some more research and probably be back to further the discussion.

@Deleted User dm @Marius your email, and you'll be good to go

@Deleted User message @Marius your email you signed up with

@Deleted User you make quite the entrance with that name; PM me when you can

And, of course, welcome

I see Apollo is Jewish now, what would the Greeks think?

@ANACHR0N1SM do you have a link to the thread you got that comment from?

>built on inclusive excellence

Where do they get the audacity to so clearly and utterly lie all the time?

Nice Guy Nationalism

Holy shit, we out here now fam

Nehlen totally knows

Just LOL at Operation Homeland

>making arguments acknowledging HBD

Heh, I've got these Nazis right where I want them

^few know this...actually, everyone thinks this

"I agree with the cops...I mean all cops are bastards, they should all be abolished."


Good thread, very much vindicates the concept of doing 'cyberstrikes'


Absolute garbage

Yes we are

It can't be any worse

Bruv, how can it be worse than state enforced homosexuality?

Patrick we aren't even allowed to watch Alex Jones

Materially we are rich yet our souls are rotting

Patrick waxing enmity with this gay world right now

Hell yea, where has this Marcus Aurelius Patrick been

White people always stealing platonic forms of truth and shit

Answer me, I gave you my EBT card

Around whites, you have no rights


Energy drinks are turning the men gay!

"I wasn't scared, I was startled."

-Patrick, sweat dripping

I see Patrick is embracing his racial roots

"I have superior reflexes."

-Patrick, reflex supremacist

Irish cant sweat. Blacks sweat profusely. Coincidence?

Patrick Casein, 100% pure protein

IE enforced homosexuality

We are ushering in a new ideology, so in a sense yea

We also have Chad's

So we are warrior-priests

Keep this to yourself

Track suit, no underwear, dress of champions


Where's fascinima

"It happens temporarily from time to time. Not a big deal."

-Patrick, sweat dripping

Phew, I was panicking. Now I'm reassured

Broke: Wall with Mexico
Woke: Dingo fence

Do you guys know why the Twitter account has been stuck at around 30k followers for many months now?

Something's up with Patrick's uber drivers

Something's going on here

We could make a recruitment campaign based off of footage of Patrick in his ubers

There are successful uber channels on youtube

This could work

One second you're uber driver is your DD, the next he's RR

"We must become like the Jews."

-Patrick Casey

"If you don't pay your dues, I would like to direct your attention to a policy update: Meds are now allowed in the organization. Just something to keep in mind."


If that one person needs protection, my hourly rate is $1000. Thanks.

Fellowship Squad stand up

That said, very πŸ™ thankful πŸ™ for our activists

That is awesome

Now, that is success

This is honestly a huge milestone

Being able to hire internally

Congrats @Matthias, well deserved

"We're gonna be bringing in millions of dollars a year."

-Patrick Casey, in response to seeing the SPLC's d'nations streams

V for Vendetta

"70% perfect means 100% crap."

-R O M A N V S

"I would like to believe that I am capable of smiling."

-Patrick Casey

"Look, I need to be more high energy. I get it."

-Patrick Casey, forehead vein bulging

"I'm like 5'9...and a half."

-Patrick Casey, a manlet that still hasn't learned

>6 inches of reach advantage

Patrick, let's be honest

Woah, woah, woah

"If I need to become an e-celeb to save the white race..."

-Patrick Casey, in disappointed exasperation at his feckless membership

"Hell yea we should build a cult of personality around me."

-Patrick Casey, Caesar-elect

"Even if you don't like me, I'm not going anywhere."

-Patrick Casey, ascending the throne

Patrick, I will put a bounty out on you marrying Lauren Southern. Time to put the unholy union of orbiters and patreon to some actual good use.

If Patrick marries a Pettibone, the identitarian Pettibone alliance will be complete

"Facial hair? Wtf? I can't grow facial hair."


Patrick I must say, the one thing you have raised the organization in regard to from before are the Twitter bantz

You must conserve your speech power like you conserve your seed

The seed question is about to go mainstream

Where'es the elevator music

Women paying $73 a year is a seriously good idea. Imagine the lulz and the shortcircuiting when the left tries to attack us.

"My old phone can't handle it."

-MrBland, coming out as a boomer

Just kidding MrBland, Baywatch will always be how I remember Southern California 😒

We should buy IE babies stocks. We are the Jews now.

"We should be the white ADL. People should be afraid of us."

-Patrick, picking up steam

Optics is a cover term for V I R T U E. There will never be a replacement for E X C E L L E N C E

@Droek I resent that comment

Murdoch chan is the platonic ideal of tfw gf

"You can go find another organization that won't go anywhere."

-Patrick Casey, laying it on thick

Woah, Patrick having to reference a rule; building some real organizational bureaucracy here.

Didn't know Ian moved in with Patrick

Lol great idea

We should keep a blacklist...as a joke

"I don't think I've ever violated a rule on the server."

-Patrick Casey, speaking in his capacity as identitarian high priest

"If you LARP, I will find you. And I will ban you."

-Patrick Neeson

"The road to hell is paved with LARPers."


Today is a glorious day in IE history

"I don't see myself as Irish. I joke about it, because it's funny."

-Patrick Casey, distancing himself from his potato brethren

"If I were to go to Ireland and claim to be Irish, I'd be met with, "The bloody hell you are."

Well, considering they have a gay, immigrant, Indian PM, you're on the right side of that impasse lol

"If I don't laugh at your really creative Irish joke, then [redacted]."


Hey pal

Transgression for transgression's sake is fake and gay

"Don't be that guy."


I guess you could say, Heimbach was the straw that broke the cuck box

Pat Buchanan squad rise up

You don't want to be on the point spectrum. The only spectrum you want to be on is the autism one.

Good nights, kings

Alex Jones has never lost an IRL fight. As soon as he touches your shoulder, it's game over. First Cenk, now Little Marco. He has the hand of Bane. Prove me wrong.

When did Johnny Depp join IE?

Going from literally Hitler to literally Goebbels now?

That's one way to signal how deeply you understand Nazism I guess

Peterson's argument: Kavanaugh should step down to own the libs

RBG to croak during the 2020 campaign

Trump winning re-election means death of Democratic party

Peterson is thinking with his vagina

Woah, when did it become Handsome Thursday?

Badda bing badda boom

>women let out primal scream

Next on the agenda: Right Wing Exorcism Squads

cut out a little

"I'm autistic."

-Patrick Casey

Oh shit


Matt would never break up, he has always been faithful

"We are at the ground level of Amazon 1997."


Triple threat

Tucker is woke

There is no denying that Tucker is woke; he is so woke, he might be more woke than us and be executing a better strategy

My hunch is that he knows about IE, but he won't do much more than give a sheepish smirk

Where were you when Patrick went full pinebro?

Woah, we are the arc of history now

Can't be seen talking like that about God Emperor of IE

That widow's peak is peak European

Militancy of the soul, pacifism of the body

Fellas, there's gonna have to be an upgrade to suits

Suits are the best the modern world offers

There can be better

Damn, suits thrown into the globalist camp

Once you know the truth...

The truth will set you free

Live look in at latest Peterson lecture


@Wotan Klan-GA what do you mean imagine? He literally suggested that Kavanaugh step down because of the level of buttmadness lol

Who believes in democracy anymore except the dregs of society? :^)

This attrition guy is ringing alarm bells

What's this APY?

Max is also ringing alarm bells now

Broke: Charlottesville crippled the alt right
Woke: Charlottesville was a secret op that cleared out all the pretenders and bankrolled IE

Can Patrick see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

@Reinhard Wolff answer the question please



Globalism is peak the gay

Caesarism is peak big dick energy

Did you say the size of the forehead on that Caesar lad? Absolute unit

Correct, they'd have to worry about being executed

"If you have more than twenty [bronzed and muscled men], you'll need a cover story."

-Patrick Casey

Lol that's brilliant

We're the save the earth club

*every leftie reads into that what they want*

Double take: What do you mean you want to maintain European demographic supermajorities?

"They didn't call me any names, because they knew they'd be sorry if they did."

-Patrick Casey

Sweet potatoes, golden potatoes, red potatoes...

No comment he says

What about fruity pebbles?

*Ahem* the question was: Can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

*Patrick, how long have you been an identitarian?*

As an aspiring spokesperson, I answer:

I didn't choose the identitarian life, the identitarian life chose me

I will never LARP as a fortnite player, as a Med, I will only ever LARP as white

The autism meme knows no bounds; NPC territory now

Gamers deserve to be a protected class

Will there be a wall and a moat around the HQ?


"When I was 18 or 19, I had my first AND LAST black friend."

-Patrick Casey

Alt right caught teh gay

New Age racism is my political ideology

Did you guys get that?

I hope someone recorded that

"God damn it, not Romanus again."

-Patrick Casey

Bespoke: We are Mormons

Get it?

Pitmommy Patrick

I am very online

Patrick, we will meet again, my friend

@NITRODUBS nothing bad about that

Do you mean hwhate?

HQ will indeed be in Virginia, and only virgins will be allowed to live there; Incel HQ rises

"A fairly high up identitarian"

We Masons now

Whats wrong with Armenians? Kanye has married one; good enough for him, good enough for me

Virgil is the real MVP

We need civilization building video games to train for when we become political leaders

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I don't know what that is, but if it's good, I'm down

All gave some, some gave all; ie, some got doxxed, some lost their Minecraft accounts

Notch patron when?

We're all in Notch's world


We should sponsor professional gamers with the IE Sipp we recently came out with

Someone post the pic please

Ave Patrick

What's the Roman version of Patrick?

Want to say Patronus even though that's not right

Couldnt say that

That sounds wrong



But that's Greek

Close enough

Is that a name though?

Ave Patricius

Vidya is for incels

...and volcel gods

@Zyzz I see you've been busy


were all gonna make it brah

Press Z to make it

Speaking of comparing DNA results, good news; I am officially whiter than Richard Spencer

Patrick right now

This could have continued indefinitely if Candace didn't overplay her hand, smh

It's a hyperbolic term, but they are getting a worse deal as Hispanics makeup a greater demographic block; Democrats are increasingly going to have to deal with black attrition

You mean the leprechaun suit, I hope


Let's see what this announcement is all about

@Logan asks the guy with a MT in his name tag now 😎

>something worse

What did he mean by this?

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