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How does a goy go about getting housing around here?

@here does anyone know anything about growing mushrooms?

@Alexander B. - SC I am open to whatever works best

Thank you for the input thus far everyone, especially Alex and Thomas. I will do some more research and probably be back to further the discussion.

@Deleted User dm @Marius your email, and you'll be good to go

@Deleted User message @Marius your email you signed up with

@Deleted User you make quite the entrance with that name; PM me when you can

And, of course, welcome

I see Apollo is Jewish now, what would the Greeks think?

@ANACHR0N1SM do you have a link to the thread you got that comment from?

>built on inclusive excellence

Where do they get the audacity to so clearly and utterly lie all the time?

Nice Guy Nationalism

Holy shit, we out here now fam

Nehlen totally knows

Just LOL at Operation Homeland

>making arguments acknowledging HBD

Heh, I've got these Nazis right where I want them

^few know this...actually, everyone thinks this

"I agree with the cops...I mean all cops are bastards, they should all be abolished."


Good thread, very much vindicates the concept of doing 'cyberstrikes'


Absolute garbage

Yes we are

It can't be any worse

Bruv, how can it be worse than state enforced homosexuality?

Patrick we aren't even allowed to watch Alex Jones

Materially we are rich yet our souls are rotting

Patrick waxing enmity with this gay world right now

Hell yea, where has this Marcus Aurelius Patrick been

White people always stealing platonic forms of truth and shit

Answer me, I gave you my EBT card

Around whites, you have no rights


Energy drinks are turning the men gay!

"I wasn't scared, I was startled."

-Patrick, sweat dripping

I see Patrick is embracing his racial roots

"I have superior reflexes."

-Patrick, reflex supremacist

Irish cant sweat. Blacks sweat profusely. Coincidence?

Patrick Casein, 100% pure protein

IE enforced homosexuality

We are ushering in a new ideology, so in a sense yea

We also have Chad's

So we are warrior-priests

Keep this to yourself

Track suit, no underwear, dress of champions


Where's fascinima

"It happens temporarily from time to time. Not a big deal."

-Patrick, sweat dripping

Phew, I was panicking. Now I'm reassured

Broke: Wall with Mexico
Woke: Dingo fence

Do you guys know why the Twitter account has been stuck at around 30k followers for many months now?

Something's up with Patrick's uber drivers

Something's going on here

We could make a recruitment campaign based off of footage of Patrick in his ubers

There are successful uber channels on youtube

This could work

One second you're uber driver is your DD, the next he's RR

"We must become like the Jews."

-Patrick Casey

"If you don't pay your dues, I would like to direct your attention to a policy update: Meds are now allowed in the organization. Just something to keep in mind."


If that one person needs protection, my hourly rate is $1000. Thanks.

Fellowship Squad stand up

That said, very ๐Ÿ™ thankful ๐Ÿ™ for our activists

That is awesome

Now, that is success

This is honestly a huge milestone

Being able to hire internally

Congrats @Matthias, well deserved

"We're gonna be bringing in millions of dollars a year."

-Patrick Casey, in response to seeing the SPLC's d'nations streams

V for Vendetta

"70% perfect means 100% crap."

-R O M A N V S

"I would like to believe that I am capable of smiling."

-Patrick Casey

"Look, I need to be more high energy. I get it."

-Patrick Casey, forehead vein bulging

"I'm like 5'9...and a half."

-Patrick Casey, a manlet that still hasn't learned

>6 inches of reach advantage

Patrick, let's be honest

Woah, woah, woah

"If I need to become an e-celeb to save the white race..."

-Patrick Casey, in disappointed exasperation at his feckless membership

"Hell yea we should build a cult of personality around me."

-Patrick Casey, Caesar-elect

"Even if you don't like me, I'm not going anywhere."

-Patrick Casey, ascending the throne

Patrick, I will put a bounty out on you marrying Lauren Southern. Time to put the unholy union of orbiters and patreon to some actual good use.

If Patrick marries a Pettibone, the identitarian Pettibone alliance will be complete

"Facial hair? Wtf? I can't grow facial hair."


Patrick I must say, the one thing you have raised the organization in regard to from before are the Twitter bantz

330 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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