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Checking In.

That's Better.


Wow. 85% of immigrants want more of themselves in the country? That means 15% are self haters.

Maybe they are just coming here for toilet paper.

I don't think the Overton Window is moving the the right, I think the Overton Window is splitting in half and now there is one for the right and the left. Even the centrists are being attacked viciously by the left.

See Kavanaugh.

My prescription is for Euromericans to be openly ourselves and unashamed of it. Those "optics" are only bad for those who hate us. Let the moderate right see that being a coward is worse optics.

It's not just a privilege, it's an honor.




How about "visitors"

I was thinking vapor rubs.

Mine's a dialogue with shouting. Is that normal?

It's the two sides of my brain arguing I think.

To me? I think maybe one side has to verbalize the thoughts before the other can consider them.

@Nemets Sometimes I come up with a concept and discover a new word that way.

7 - Productive Conversation
All conversation on the server must be productive. 'Shitposting' and spamming are not permitted. Theoretical discussions, like the sort of 'this is what we should do when we have an ethnostate' are likewise prohibited.

Seems like this rule is the most ignored.

Just now I wonder if size of a group's vocabulary is related to their ability to form a variety of concepts.

Same. Or shivering.


Try writing them down. You will find your room littered with little bits of tissue paper, cardboard, envelopes, anything you can write on.

Sketches too.

Many of my dreams involve spelunking for some reason. They can be suspenseful.

@Nemets I'll bet he would. Something about homosexuality or anal retentiveness symbolized by the cave?

@Balgias They did say they represented the "lollipop guild".

@Deleted User I believe all races have some admix except pure Sub-Saharan Africans.

I will be friends with anyone who is a mutually respectful identitarian. Leave it at that.

@Nemets From now on we will celebrate mulatto history month.

What about Jordanetics?

The meek WILL inherit the Earth.

This conversation is WAY more theoretical than shitposting about the future ethnostate. Remember Rule #7.

@Procella Eques That's what I mean.

@Asatru Artist - MD Ethnostates are not theoretical, just far off in the future for us. Just like space colonization.


@Reinhard Wolff I read that IE is primarily interested in recruiting college students. Is there a chance that IE could expand its recruiting to other areas (government, military, certain private sector, etc.)?

Regarding flyering, is it only for recruiting or is some about spreading messages? Or are these just two sides of the same coin? Thanks for answering previous.

Thank you.

Why not use InfoGalactic?

@Grayson I read that too. Vigil Wednesday. I feel a shrine coming on.

@Nemets Andrei Chikatilo

Look up "Russian Serial Killers" in Wikipedia. There appears to have been many in that same period.

It wasn't just USA and USSR. The UK had a few: Dennis Nielsen, Fred and Rosemary West, Harold Shipman...

Within a few decades.



Hmmm. Sorry I guess.

@Reinhard Wolff As I discussed with my coordinator, potential new members might be encouraged if there was a "member map" so that they know there are active members in their area. Would this be a good idea if it was cleared with those members? Just for general areas, not addresses of course.



Oh no! I can't read this book it's torn!

"Open enrollment away from Liberty diverts over $1.5 million in annual funding from a district that can't afford to replace torn books or its dilapidated running track and likely couldn't pass a local tax increase to help, Nohra said."

My books need to be shiny and smell new!

@Selma I had my second interview.

https://archive.fo/oPcKc Disturbing article by The Saker. My question is, if the Chinese can develop their own microchips without American immigrants, will they be able to manufacture tacos on their own?

From Tolkien to Token!

I used to love watching(err) I mean reading her books.

If you have never done it before, I can't really explain it to you.

To be honest, I have never heard of Stormy Daniels before Trump.

Everybody quiet! Autism is trying to speak!

The Supreme Court has never ruled that the children of people who are here illegally are eligible for Birthright Citizenship. Only the children of people who are here legally with a few exceptions (diplomats, occupying soldiers).

Defend the Rockies!

We should grow children so that we can secure their future.

Don't despair my friends. Trump is POTUS, we will keep the Senate, and we have a conservative SCOTUS.

We can lose a few seats in the House, but still keep it.

The cucks have to lose before we can win.


It will be entertaining to see Ocasio Cortez speaking to the American people about all the changes she plans to make.

Let's turn black pills into red pills.

Force multiply.

We need to unite like Voltron. Monochrome Voltron.

@Selma Thank you. You too.

Trump can't name the son in law.

I'm thinking of networking with my local religious organization.



23 & Me must be British.

Abrams tanked!

It is actually a fake headline I made.

It would make a good prank though.

Amazing how all those people can mobilize in 24 hours for a protest. The rest of us have to work.

God has his hand on her.

If anyone thinks that their European identity is more important than their European-American identity, then I would suggest going back to fortify your true homeland rather than trying recreate it here. They need your help too. (if they will let you back that is)

@Jacob Do you think you will move back to the motherland someday?

@Jacob Good luck, whatever you decide.

I had a Mexican friend who told me he was glad his son was taking Chinese classes because he believed the Chinese would take over America. I said "that's funny because I thought the Mexicans were going to take over America!"

@YourFundamentalTheorum Unfortunately you are right. I think at some point they will eclipse the Jews in cultural power. We often forget their ascendancy.

Imagine if the Chinese started calling us "Goy".

goy lo


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