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Alright, so we have to wait for the pledge group call before the next vetting?

How do I change my name?

"You Europhobic brah?”

@Argument of Perigee How do I contact them?

@Nemets I remember seeing the guy next to me in class browsing /pol/ and we started talking about this stuff right there

Los Angeles. I'm talking to Alexander Volk.

The dudes facial features look like some Latino yeah.

<@323930906261979157> That hairline confirms it.

Heimbach was flawed but TWP had its saving graces imo. Beating antifa ass for one

Yeah, IE's strat is better but I'm just saying I personally can respect what TWP did.

Matt Parrott is back on Gab

Are Europeans a mixture of 3 races basically.

I guess northerners have mostly yamnaya blood and southerners have higher amounts of Neolithic farmer right?

What the hell is corded ware.

What are the Caucasus people today?

Like avars or something

Sometimes chechens look white or they look Arab it's pretty weird.

Yeah their president is probably eastern European blood.


Xbox live gave me this name. I've stuck with it since 2011.

/pol/ is literally just porn now and slid threads now.

Is anyone having trouble signing into Gab?

I don't get that stress levels stuff. It's literally impossible to avoid stress at some point in life.

The guy she was with was African himself.

She was a shitlib so I'm not crying over it TBH. She wouldn't care if you guys got imprisoned for hate speech or any of that

She'd cheer it on

She was a coalburner. A serial one at that too.

Look it up.

@Nota Bene - NY yeah that's shitty but she relaxed and was happy to cavort with blacks so meh.

I'm just saying she probably would be your enemy not your Ally. It's sad what happened to her but don't get blackpilled especially over HER.

TBH the girl was from some rich shitlib family so she got basically indoctrinated from birth.

How the hell is Koba STILL typing?!


Nothing here i
Was that extreme imo

Yesterday CNN was shilling for Orwell level surveillance.

Antioch was a Somalian

@Logan it's honestly really weird how the magabomber, the shooting, Gab shut down happened all in the same week leading up to the midterms. It's extremely sketchy.

Especially since gab was doing well with the support for bolsonaro and all that.


My ancestors all had at LEAST 7 kids until the 20th century

True but the mortality rate wasn't high either. Culture and farming has to do with it as well.

Blacks have mystery hominid dna right?

We don't know what it is.

100% right. Wtf is a homo naledi.

100% right. Wtf is a homo naledi.

There's the artice

Is this where were asking questions?

@@Reinhard Wolff When is and what is the Rocky's event?

@Reinhard Wolff What happened to Nathan Damigo?

@Reinhard Wolff Just out of curiosity, would Muslims be allowed in this group?

@TMatthews Gab was no where near an echo chamber dude.

@TMatthews Alright but It was still a good platform for discussion. People gotta go somewhere.

@Virgil Nah if Twitter keeps banning people, more people will go. A good portion of the site were Brazilians an I doubt they give a shit about any of that.

@Virgil And it already was the fringe Twitter. If allowing anybody to speak without being slienced is fringe.

@Sam Anderson @Ald Step over slave morality

@Virgil Lol I'm not sure who you're talking about but if you think speech is evil and the actions of one man speak for othera, you're being a liberal.

@Virgil Lol no one was pushing anybody off Gab dude. You're probably butthurt about wignats or something.

@Papa Pizzagate It was getting overrun.

But there was no censorship so we could just make them look like fools before they muted us.

@Sam Anderson It some ways it was good because the ones who want full on DR3 got rekt.

@Virgil Gab is a free speech social network not an organization. Should Facebook be shut down because people Livestream murders on it? You were literally shilling for censorship of "evil" people meaning the wignats that trigger you.

@Virgil No one should be censored especially on a platform where ideas are supposed to compete. Advocating for censorship of people you deem "wignats" who are really not that far from you on the political spectrum is dumb as hell. Your point sucks and you deserve to be abuse by Twitter.

@Virgil Do you?!

@Virgil Muh wignats


@Virgil Yeah genius what do you think I was responding to?

@Virgil I saw your arguments, said why I disagreed with them.

@Virgil That's fine by me. But my point, If you scroll up, was that users broadcast horrible things on Facebook all the time and yet they don't get taken down. Gab shouldn't be censored for the actions of one USER. Scroll up and you'll see I said that.

And the term wignat can b applied to anyone. Like how racist gets applied to cuck civnat boomers.

Yeah I wasn't deeply offended. It's everyone else freaking out s whatever

@ThisIsChris My point for keeping it going was that I did indeed have an argument.

@ThisIsChris Well, when someone writes you off like you've said nothing then that's how you'll respond. Like I said tho it's not a big deal. We disagree who cares.

Yeah that's way overboard

Nothing needs to be shut down. C'mon.

Did the announcement happen?

How much can everyone here bench?

@Deleted User In pounds, usually 45 lbs.

Once I got to 225 for 5 I just quit and went back to to pushups

@Ald Me too, currently trying to get shredded tho.

@american_frankenstein IDK man Cali feels like it's been lost a while ago.

@Sam Southern - TN I've lived here my whole life, it's just not gonna be salvageable unless you forcefully relocate millions upon millions of people and that will result in tons of deaths right there. A lot of the whites here aren't even worth saving.

@Sam Southern - TN Huge portions of this state are Mexican colonies with the whites that haven't left already burying their heads in the sand with their asses up

@Sam Southern - TN I'm not trying to be a dick but it's a little naive to think they'll just get up and leave, especially if we're talking about the future, because we'll pay them some money. While I agree with you in theory on everything else, I'm just too blackpilled to think that you'll be able restore California. Trump has to actually do any of those things before we really start talking white pilled like that.

@american_frankenstein Did you vote for senator?

@Sam Southern - TN The problem is this WAS their territory. We took from them and they have an agenda to get it back. Like I said before, in theory you could do it but I'm not whitepilled enough that your plan is going to go off without a hitch. And we're talking about 25 million illegals(who are having children) + All the Mexicans that are here legally. If you somehow got the whites here to be redpilled then maybe, but that's a stretch.

@Sam Southern - TN Also I'm pretty sure the self deporting stopped after like a month.

@Sam Southern - TN I'm talking about whites in Cali

Senate will be red

House blue

It's goin blue guys I'm sorry.

@Flint I'm watching TV.

@Flint I will be extremely surprised of the house goes red.

@Flint#400 No we wont

WTH is going on with Kansas?

@NateDahl76 The don't at all


Dems won the house

@Rabbidsith You're in denial

I'm no happy about this either but c'mon

They got the house

@Virgil The GOP political establishment will die and then the vacuum will open up for us. The question is: will we be too late?

@Salo Saloson it's pretty much in bro

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN wat do you mean?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I mean when you said you were on the other side

Double Jesus Christ

The next 2 years will literally be nothing. Trump had all 3 branches and all he got done was TAX CUTS. Sure, the GOP was still RINO and we'll get more of our guys in over time. But because of all this, immigration reform is screwed or at least doubtful.

@fire.within - FL also because the GOP had more cuckservatives than /our guys/

@Kingfish Everyone understands that, the demographic changes aren't and probably won't be stopped by Trump.

@Kingfish Our guard taking over in the future doesn't guarantee what is already in motion will be stopped.

We still have a chance tho

@Kingfish Yes no one disagreed with that. It's the realistic aspect we're arguing about.

@Kingfish I'm talking about the realism off everything going of without a hitch. People here think theyre gonna save California ffs.

@Sam Southern - TN What we're doing now is good. We're not debating tactics, we're debating expectations of the what's in store for us.

Don't get personal about it

@Sam Southern - TN Once again I never said that at all. In fact I really DON'T think that

I'm just saying being overly whitepilled is just as bad as being overly blackpilled.

Civnats are a dead end, controlled op.

@Kingfish ur welcome.

@Sam Southern - TN Why do you hate Spencer so much?

I asked you first

His takes on JF are pretty good imo

JFs show

@Papa Pizzagate wats the story?

@Papa Pizzagate assessment of what

What are the details tho

Yeah lol

It was an accident kek

I actually agree with him

Eh He's still worth something for the AR imo so whatever.

Whatever you want to call the broader awakening

Did that guy really for that?

Jesus Chris

Wait what's the new merch?

@Reinhard Wolff What's the new merch?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN That is a good take

@Reinhard Wolff What European ethnicities are you?

@unclefesterr Na MW2 or black ops

It's pretty funny how the DS clls the sigeposters bad optics and then IE calls DS bad optics. Its like an optics tier system.

@The Eternal Anglo Nothing compares to custom games on Halo 3. Nothing.

Fat Kid

Jenga on standoff was another good

I think standoff was the name of it

That map

The bloom in reach was so annoying

Still a great game after 3 tho

@TylerHess Never liked those types of games. They're called Moba's right?

@The Eternal Anglo It was pretty globalistic but that's how the future is always portrayed in TV and games etc. They didn't push any real poz tho which was great looking back. Nowadays every game is trying to make social commentary.

I haven't bought a game made after 2015

@The Eternal Anglo Halo 5 was just too fast paced with so much random stuff like Spartan strike. It felt like a totally different formula. And yeah I didn't even bother with the campaign.

Bungie became SJW too unfortunately

@Grossly Incandescent MCC was pretty messed up but the update fixed it right?

@Nemets Ehh it's so-so.

@Nemets Latinas are just thots.

@Felden - CO Half of them are whales so I wouldn't worry about it.

Probably more than half actually

@NateDahl76 If it was very low admixture than he probably was a white Iberian.

But if it was 20-30% than nah brah.

Mexicans are most definitely not, and never will be, white.

@NateDahl76 The crioles, right? They don't even come over here.

Or criollos

@Nerv - VA They're a small minority though. The people I think of as Mexicans are your average Mexican.

@Nerv - VA Yeah probs not

@Alexander Pechorin What do the percentages look like?

Monster or Red bull?

Prager's video about the American Trinity of values went against everything we believe in.

Look up "The American Trinity: The three values that make America great"

He cucks hard

@Nemets His whole view of America as a nation of muh values and not blood and soil goes against everything identitarianism is about but if you think you can win him over by all means do so.

Hey I was wondering what the leadership principle for IE is? Does Patrick decide everything or do we get to vote? Someone IRL asked me about it.

@Sam Anderson Alright thank you.

@Alex Kolchak - NY I was just about to post that

@@Reinhard Wolff Can I tell close relatives where the Appalachia Conference will be?

Holy crap I thought you were like 22

@Selma for real?

That sux

Those are badass necklaces

It's a nod to Latin right?

Fade and undercut are aesthetic af

Could someone tell me how to donate to zelle?

Or the po box

How do I send money over slack tho?

I meant zelle my bad

Strike isn't that bad.

@Nemets Eurasian men are usually goofy looking

@Nemets went to Russia a year ago and I remember how distinct the Central Asian immigrants looked. They had an Asian look without the squinty eyes. Like Mickey mouse or something

@Jacob Like nemets said they seem religion oriented

Me too dude

Christianity as an institution tends to work against people like us unfortunately

@Nemets they happily brought in Jews tho

@The Eternal Anglo Read "Who We Are" by William Luther Pierce. It shows how race as the eternal constant throughout history.

@The Eternal Anglo He was way ahead of his time

TBH all the based stuff in Christendom happened when people couldn't even read the bible

I don't see Quakers going on crusades.

The torch rally was badass

I honestly wish I was there

This might sound cringe but sometimes I watch it and get pumped up to go workout.

It's my preworkout

RamZpaul was calling the DS a Fed Honeypot if I'm not mistaken.

He got Weev banned off Gab

What is the difference between the terms Alt Right and Identitarianism? Alt Right to me always just meant the general awakening of white racial politics which is what we fall into. I guess it means something different?

@Asatru Artist - MD But am I correct that it is a descriptor of the enlightenment of white identity politics?

It's never been a single group to me

Just a new name for WN tbh

Wood ape what the hell are you typing?



@ThisIsChris waaaaaay tl;dr

In all seriousness tho these are good answers

@Jacob what is the L? There was a roman group?πŸ€”

Wow that was so beautiful. My life will never be the same

Just wow

Who would you guys side with?

The correct answer is neither

@ThisIsChris I dont really have to ask this but was there a lot of orthodox Jews walking around? With the hats and stuff?

@Reinhard Wolff the moon part makes sense if it's a campfire song.

@Nemets thats still too high

@celticflame how old r u?

@Ald it got shut down right?

My dad introduced ME to Jared Taylor

Still got redpilled on my own tho.

@Jacob lol how?

Bound for Glory

I doubt it.

Doubt it will be built

Make a big logo on the back

Does anyone know any non-pozzed/low pozzed TV shows?

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