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“I realized my 5 year old could always finish his ice cream and cake, but when it came time to eat any nutritious foods like vegetables and protein, he would throw it on the floor! So, obviously I’m just going to feed him ice cream, since children know best, and know one should ever be challenged outside of their current comfort zone. Problem solved”.

no one*

Are we allowed to talk about this?

Have you guys seen this? Get ready for a good laugh.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN she’s actually “very capable and intelligent” — which by the way is apparently the direct antithesis of “delusional”.

Now let’s hope that Trump actually does something about it

When the time is right, you should buy him “A Fair Hearing”.

With his sports ball critique?

@Deleted User hello! That’s very cool, indeed. I bought “generation identity”, that 100 page book for a similar friend of mine. He’s starting to wake up

Is FtN a YouTube channel?

Ahh, gotcha.

Founder of Crocs arrested for DUI, blames Taylor Swift.

I think we can all agree that Crocs aren’t the best optics — unless you’re gardening and harvesting vegetables for your white family

I think that we’re definitely meant to have beer in our lives, exemplified by the potato famine.

@Deleted User I’ve done Keto as well, and it’s quite amazing.

And fat


Very interesting

Off topic: Any chess players? (Although, since chess - or rather, a precursor to it - originated in China 3000 years ago, not totally off topic).

Do you guys have accounts? I’m always looking for a good game

And I’d rather engage with an Identitarian in any activity

Count me in

I would love to play chess with anyone who’s interested. My username is ATigersRide. Also, chess boxing is amazing, and it should be the official sport of I.E.

@Sacramento challenge accepted!

Can anyone remind me why is the patron price more expensive?

I know he mentioned it


@Reinhard Wolff No question, just wanted to say that I’ve purchased my ticket, and I’m extremely excited for the event and for all future events. I joined I.E. recently, although I’ve been involved in the broader alt right since right before the Trump phenomenon. Needless to say, I’ve felt very at home amongst I.E. members and I’ve been wholly impressed with the way in which the movement conducts itself and the veracity of what it espouses. Like Patrick said, everyone in our movement who is serious about identitarianism and pushing our movement forward should be in attendance. Thank you to everyone who put this together!

He’s /ourguy

Speaking of which, just also learned that Elvis had a Jewish grandmother.

2018-11-01 04:21:54 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-11-01 04:29:49 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thanks! Looks like a great channel. Do the books of the month correspond with the “schedules”? I love the idea of voice chat once a week to discuss the same book

2018-11-01 04:31:23 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Going to check out this documentary on the Frankfurt school! Thanks for the link

2018-11-01 04:47:08 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@CarletonJ Thank you!

No thanks, fatty. “Antifa, with their little arms”. Is trump part of IE?

I’m here

As a pledge, I find that it’s best to do more listening and learning than mindlessly spouting nonsense

Is it not of the nature of a pledge or a child to keep their mouths shut when in the company of more experienced intellectuals?

First I need to finish Douglas Hyde’s “Dedication and Leadership”, then I’ll start posting more.

Explaining drag is proportional to speed squared with Bernouilli's Equation

@ThisIsChris it’s nice to meet you Chris! I’m looking forward to meeting you guys for real soon

I googled your equation to know what on earth you were saying

Have you all voted?

In 5-10 years IE will be large enough to have lobbying power

It will be comparable to vying for the union vote

Have you guys ever hazed pledges by making them carry out nude activism?

Lol, that was a joke. The optics wouldn’t be good

I assumed there wasn’t any hazing, as there’s no central IE location, for one.

That would be fantastic

I’m a sub-contractor, so let me know if I could help in building/constructing it

Contractors hire subcontractors to do their work

I mostly do home-remodeling.


Right. They take a big cut to just walk around

I usually do non-contracted work, though. So I haven’t worked for many contractors.

Yeah that’s how I started too, my dad taught me everything.

For those of you living in IL, you and Kanye probably had the same ballot.

The most important one

French New Right —— > American Alt Right

It’s really hard to know what must’ve been different about those south/south-east counties

@Hakujin - CA who are you referring to? Jared Taylor denies the JQ — to my understanding.

“I’m a Nationalist”

@VinceChaos That’s good to hear

Make lifting mandatory

Just a sec

It’s a 2 min vid, well worth the watch. Huge laugh! Big!

In 2020 trump should drop Pence and name King his VP

@Rabbidsith IE should do autism outreach


@Freiheit - CA Thernovich?

Learn from Blockbusters mistakes

Patrick’s telling us about his day now

It’s funny....because it’s funny

Pythagorean theorem

IE is implicitly Keto

Did everyone catch Trump vs Acosta?

Good stuff


Acosta?? I hardly knew her

@Volkmom Hello, and thank you 🙏🏻

I joined just a couple of weeks ago! Just after getting back in the States

@Volkmom I’ve lived here for most of my life, and elsewhere for school and such. However, I just got back from traveling in Greece and Romania

@Volkmom Quite wonderful! It was an Orthodox pilgrimage of sorts. I also met with several Nationalist groups to discuss their movements and history.

@Volkmom sorry, my device died. No, mostly German/Scottish. I went to those countries primarily for their rich Orthodox Christian history.

Since we’re all sharing pics of our dogs...

@Selma Eevee? Is that a Norse God that I’m unfamiliar with?

@OMGDwayne 😂 I can’t wait for your pontifications

Ahh, is that an abbreviation I don’t know? It’s just interesting. It’s about the inconsistencies in what Stefan has said about his Jewish (or lack thereof) heritage.

@Flint 👌🏻

For sure

Is this a clip of an earlier video?

I have my concerns about Richard as well, but he’s still done a lot for the movement, especially in catapulting the Alt Right into mainstream discourse. Punching right only goes so far

I’m not standing up for him, but I don’t think he would ever say he dislikes all IE members. Maybe the leadership, but that’s between them. There doesn’t need to be so many divides within our movement. We need all of our people on the same side, working towards the same goals. Spencer has dedicated his life to the movement. He’s made some serious mistakes, and is definitely not leadership material at this point. I just don’t feel the need to ceaselessly criticize him


@Virgil I know. He’s egocentric

Am I the only one that enjoyed “Alt Right Politics” episodes?

@Virgil I believe it. I haven’t talked to nearly as many as I’m sure you have, but the topic did come up in my 2nd interview. He clearly has flaws. However, he’s one of the first Alt Right figures I started to follow, along with Jared Taylor. He’s had inspiring days. And I wish him no ill will. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have the energy, nor the reason to critique those within our own movement. There are so many bigger fish

@Flint Fair point. Since we’re on the subject though, I thought I’d share my views. Obviously, you can criticize him all you want.

There are people sleeping in the next room over, otherwise I would join in.

Haha, I think they’re on a good roll. Btw, that Spencer vs Dawson video was hilarious — epitomized by them choosing him to stay on in the end, making Ryan leave.

Interesting. He wants to talk to God, but deny the Holy Spirit.

Did she just learn what couth meant today?

@Selma singlehandedly turned “Couth” into a meme


Goodnight everyone, have the whitest of dreams ☁️🧖🏻‍♀️

Have you guys ever watched Patriot? It’s one of the few tv shows I like.

@Selma amazon prime

Looks like blueberry

@StevePines -WA There’s so much to unpack here

It won’t let me comment for some reason

No, just created my account to upvote this

I’ll be there

@Jacob I found some inexpensive raw-almond butter at Menards the other day

@Jacob In a pot or rice cooker?

@Selma Receipts?

That’s unbelievable. I typically decline receipts anyway — instincts.

I just heard Spencer say the same thing last night

Namely, that the term “Alt Right” is no longer viable

And that being pro-white it normal and necessary

“European roots, American greatness!”

@Reinhard Wolff @ 8:20PM tonight (during the orientation) I received an invite to a Mercury-IE server, and a minute later I received an email telling me my account was deactivated. I was wondering whether this IE-intentional, or if the mercury server malfunctioned.

@Reinhard Wolff who can I talk to about becoming a patron?


@Reinhard Wolff I’ve had two interviews, but I’ve been told that I need a 3rd for additional vetting. Should I assume that after the 3rd I will be a full IE member and have access to regional servers for participating and planning meetups?

@Reinhard Wolff are there any other major activism events like DTR coming up soon that I could participate in?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN All men are mortal / Socrates is a man / Therefore, Socrates is mortal

Google says there are 10,000 mushroom verities (though, apparently {everyone} agrees there are more) and 25% are edible — that amounts to roughly 2,500 edible mushrooms.

Who all here agrees that there are definitely more than 10k edible kinds of mushrooms??

I’m skeptical

“And philosophy”

Seems like an afterthought

Is Philosophy an objective 3rd super hero?

That looks more like appropriated culture

I had to

We should just go ahead and make it the official word of IE (what - not to be)

On second thought, it might make more sense to simply make “couth” our word. I could see it working on T-shirts.

Nice work

Just need an accent of the ü to make it peak-pretentious

This is an analogy...

@Reinhard Wolff have you considered going on JF “The Public Space” to discuss IE?



@Selma It was you!

The “Th” is silent

Domestic violence


I started on mandolin when I was 9 and subsequently learned guitar, violin, bass, banjo, etc.

@Flint are you Pagan?


I’m Orthodox Christian

Or, we can highlight ways in which Christianity and paganism are intrinsically connected

Are you catholic?

Christianity and paganism are both innately white

Have either of you read “For my legionaries” or “The Political Soldier”?

Yes, top. Probably my favorite book

The Political Soldier is a 25p ‘pamphlet’ that can be found easily online in pdf. Well worth the read

Sorry, my powers been out so I just saw this. Commented and such

Did you guys see the news about the proud boys a few days ago?

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