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My account got nuked over night.

Yo nibbas

Can i get back into the server?

I moved it over to general.

Older photo. Downtown Rochester

2018-06-26 20:00:46 UTC [Literature Club #general]  



We are more Democratic than the reds. Noice.

It is most likely antifa.

Yeah @Deleted User is probably right.

Im concerned for sure. Will see.

Will see

All the media and journalists are painting it like its our guys.

Without even knowing

Well i know alot of people in the broader movement and no one knows anything.

It sounds like no one knows anything tbh.

"Hate group identity evropa"

If you guys don't have FB

@Virgil Sure have. Its picking up.

It sure does.

"The Brighton School District and Brighton Police are now investigating a white student union Instagram account that allegedly had offensive content"

These kids are great. They released a fantastic statement.

I can DM it to you.

Break downs in Richmond now this.

Based and red pilled.

Sup fam

Oh nice dawg

Read Israeli news

They talk pretty openly on it.


Amazing isn't it


Those people are frauds and freaks

That's good

Turner diaries is a massive larp

Spencer actually said that


Is anyone going to amren this spring?

You know what's kind of funny... This is the 2nd time one of IEs events has fallen on the same day as a national socialist movement demonstration.

The larp group

Some demo in georgia

How are you πŸ…±ibbas at DTR holding up?

Heimbach is nazbol

I used to defend TWP

but then it turned into complete trash

It was fine at first

I know some of the founders other than Matt and they had good intentions

Heimbach hijacked and turned it into a really hardline NS thing that dressed up in costumes

I used to chat with Matt back in 2015 and early 2016 and he wasn't always like that.

Then he went on a little skinhead and klan cross country tour


The groups that push it are usually complete trash

William Pierce had a good video on these types of people.

I think we can argue about economics later

Oh no

Here we go

Deep dive

Awesome photo

Im confused on why police departments do this.

What laws does hanging "Paper signs" break?

They keep making a big deal about our posters and flyers.

Ah ok Chris

That makes more sense.

The police said they launched an investigation in the past but noting came of it.

This has happened to me numerous times before... Over the last 3 years before i was even involved in IE.

And noting has ever come about because of posters.

Its an Elle trick bro

The fish

That is what heimbach called women in the TWP

No joke

Titus flavius?

@Goose that is a good question.

@John O - im the regional vetter for TRS in my area.

I work with them quite a bit.

I run my local group. So i try and hold my guys to high standards.

@John O - their good people for the most part i was hanging out with Mike and striker this weekend at an event. I view mike as a good leader.


I understand

I am not. Please red pill me on that.

That's why i love this organization

@John O - fair criticism

We should be able to have these discussions for sure

Identity evropa posters with a big black X on them all along monroe ave

Someone took a marker to many of them

Anyone with a sock plz jump on this

Is anyone going to Amren in the spring?

Augustus Invictus elected head of Proud Boys. First decree was they can openly associate with the alt right.

Not bad news

Its positive because gavin was a cuck and a loser

And made his guys wear scarlet letter As if they had our beliefs

Really don't like the way we are painted in this article.

By far one of the worst I've seen.

Yeah its pretty funny

If you guys have a sock jump in the comments

Oh my goodness.

Look at that thumbnail

The police are sitting around looking at posters in evidence bags like they are shell casings from a shooting.

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