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Hello, just checking to see if this is working, never used discord before

cool, i love making the art for memes but suck at coming up with the text

i live by San Francisco and it's crazy how racist/hatful against whites out here, even from other white people its sick. its like its an agenda being pushed to brain wash people. im from WI but moved out here for a job not knowing how it is out here

let me know if you need any graphic art memes etc

i'm from CA as well, around the North Bay but from Wisconsin. have you had any issues with the fires in your area?

what file format are you saving it as? and pixel size? you can save as a vector image or make it larger and save as a PNG and will come out a lot clearer

cool, looks pretty good, i had the same issue before until i found out about the pixel sizes and formats. here is a good trick... when you start your image make the image bigger so when you blow it out it doesn's pixelate and if you save it as a PNG file it saves a lot clearer

do you know how to change the image pixel size when you start a project?

you can make it larger for example, in the 2000 range so you get a lot more pixels into your artwork so it doesnt pixelate

looks good

also i found out about vector graphics that never pixelate which are pretty awesome

yeah, they are really awesome, what program do you use? you can chose to make it a vector image in some programs, i recommend going to yourube and searching a vector graphic tutorial. helped me out a LOT it's an awesome format

sweet, same here, for roughly 4 years but i mostly worked in Powerpoint, not much freelance work around this area these days

there is a lot i don't know about it though because i didn't go to school for it, i had a friend that i ended up working with where i learned about the professional end of it. i'm more of a painter with some tech skills. i know how to make something look good but not particularly that fast at it

i have been working on a website and concept for awhile that i want to try to submit for crowdfunding through places like and other places to try to make a campaign to raise awareness of the assault on history and destruction and lies about the figures for example Christopher Columbus. and protect our history. after i get the 2nd background check ect would love to go over it and see if it's something i could get some kind of help with. the MSM is mostly globalists trying to cause harm to our history

that is so messed up... they are being driven around with trailers being funded by globalists. when it shows them walking it's just for photo's for the media. groups like "the Open society foundation" funded by George Soros

BRB need coffee

any of you have troubles with not showing up in any ones feeds on FB?

i had a FB page but all my posts stopped showing up to people on my friends list

sorry if that came out of nowhere i just saw someone mention FB a few messages ago lol

by SF everyone is really focused on Genders, leftist media etc, i'm from WI so i'm like an alien out here lol

Hey how's it going? it's the first 2 Tuesdays and last 1 or 2 Saturdays of the month they do the 2nd Interview/Background check right?

i think it's because factually white men and women created our modern society and globalists feel by destroying the white identity they can take control of society.. it's like an agenda to destroy our identity so the can create a global government... MSM warps our history and promotes hate

i have worked at many places that where mostly hispanics who where always racist against whites, i believe whites are the most non racist groups but we need to embrace our race because a lot of people hate us.

I agree, I'm at a point in my life where I want to maybe have a family etc and I just want my children to have happy lives and fair shots at life but it sucks knowing there is an agenda by these people to try to destroy our children's chances. MSM and globalists are preaching hate against whites and to disadvantage whites. it's so messed up. that's where our empathy needs to come in and be used for our families and children and not the people taking advantage of us

living by SF every government building is 99% brown and maybe 1 white person, they are extremely hateful of white people here. i plan on moving back to SF

to wi i mean

i live in CA and trying to move away but im from Wi only been out here 4 years came out stupidly for a job, people in CA are the most dumbed down self hating people iv'e ever met

not all but most, i mean as far as voting and politics

it is, iv'e been so miserable since i came out here, a lot of the people here especially in SF hate being american and the mid-west

i'm in the process of saving up to come back to the mid-west. i can honestly say i hate CA

i love the nature out here but however the people and politics out here are really twisted, i was actually spin on by a total stranger in SF for wearing a trump shirt

was very tempting but not worth going to jail for though. i'm just going to get out of dodge save up and get back to the midwest. if someone is so bitter he/she feels the need to spit on strangers with trump shirts or has an opposing opinion they can rot here with the crap on the street

i think a lot of it is brain washing from the Media, a lot of people out here actually believe the MSM and a lot of it is the couture, this area of CA has no morals they actually have things like folsom street fair ect which would be illegal in any other state

when i moved out here it was for a job with a friend that came out here, had no clue how it was, if i knew ca was like this i would have never came in the first place

they actually have public bondage sex festivals in SF it's really sick, a lot of drugs as well. it's like everything that builds a stable foundation for a society is frowned on in SF thats why it's so corrupt

it's mind blowing how crazy and messed up SF really is.

i have always loved the Mid west and am actually a bit appreciative of getting to see CA and SF because it's really enforced my love of our country and has opened my eyes to the damage people are trying to us and our country

and i miss cheese curds they don't sell them around here lol, got to have the cheese curds

SF actually has full time trucks dedicated to cleaning human waste off the sidewalks, it's pretty nasty

however people are waking up to the issues i believe a lot of it is the government brain washing the public

colorado is beautiful

it's so stupid, i don't understand why it is that googl etc can get away with labeling anything to do with white heritage as "white supremacist" or some kind of insult. i really hope trump does something about how leftists groups can get away with that

been working on a website about how places like google and other special interest groups use labels, fake news etc to control society. it's crazy picking up a history book today and reading one 20 40 100 years old and seeing how history is changed. we live in a society where entertainment and politics are creating a narrative and using it against us. for example christopher columbus and other figures being turned into villains

im for the internet being free speech but places like google are dangerous and being used to change our history and push political agendas and really should be controlled

exactly, silicon vally has become an enemy of the people, it has to be controlled

google for the most part are globalists with an agenda, someone with the power to control the narrative like that needs regulation

i believe in freedom of speech and all of that but however it's for the safety of the country, like for example it's legal for people to own gun powder but however it's not legal for people to make bombs, google is kind of like a bomb, it can and has caused a lot of damage to the country

just making sure i have my time zone right, so the weekly fireside chat will start in roughly 35 minutes?

ill go get some coffee creamer quick so ill have some coffee and ill be back in a few mins

back, always have to have the coffee ready

i feel off without it

i drink roughly 3 pots a day

but it's all i drink though

act professional to be taken seriously

thats awesome congrats

people are so brain washed from TV

i know around my area there are a lot of people that would want to become part of here. where do we get the flyers?

boggel 647?

is it ok for us to to make a page for example or are there any ways you would recommend for us to help raise money?

sorry new to discord

@Reinhard Wolff is it ok for us to to make a page for example or are there any ways you would recommend for us to help raise money?

@Reinhard Wolff yeah whenever you are free and have some time to talk about it that would be awesome. i have some ideas etc for contributing and trying to raise money, i also write and do Graphic art as well if any writing or graphic art is needed

brb getting another cup of coffee

best job iv'e ever had was working at a stable . love horses

its for the future of all of us and our families

i have been researching it and i really think George Soros hates White /European people and the reason he is trying to bring in all these brown males 18-30 is his way of trying to wipe out white skin, he also funds ads in collages saying it's actually racist for white woman to merry white men

there are barely any woman and children on that caravan its mostly brown males 18-30

so annoyed whenever i mention it I'm the racist one, i hate california

for fun i wore my maga shirt when i had to stop in San Francisco today, i go out of my way to be nice and friendly to people and for the most part it was a normal day but there are a lot of people in SF who are so angered by the sight of anything maga, i am thinking it would be fun to hide a go pro in my suitcase just to record the looks i get... most people are cool but something bout SF in general, i love california but the people around SF and LA are crazy

working on mapping out some paintings i want to make a few sets of important European history figures that have had a smear campaign ran on them like christopher columbus, anyone have any suggestions?

cat girls seem kind of scary

how much is it?

only stable thing to do is collect silver and gold, the petro dollar is going to crash

they already own the land and water ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

oh thats awesome congrats

i bet there would be a lot of people that would be into that. you could market it online, do you have an online store?

etsy, it's also free to join yelp

the marketing costs though

do you do any other types of art?

do any of you paint sculpt? or do any type of art?

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