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Stop typing


Ok well I was able to get time off to go to Denver. Where can I get some info on the air b and b?

@Valaska thanks

Lol Russians excempt

Blackpill- Irish consider black guy who lives in Ireland as Irish and Irish blood in America is not irish.

What's wrong with flyering a high school? Just wondering.

Legal issue?

I guess most of them are set up like prisons nowadays. When I was in hs it was all open.

Is there a couples discount for patron? Lol

Something like you do you.

But I don't want anything to do with it

They glow in the dark.


It's going to get a lot worse.

I think whites will put up with a lot of abuse before they take action. We may be an entire generation or two away from meaningful change.

Whites telling each other not to be racist while they get murdered by minorities.🤡

Egalitarianism makes repair of republics impossible.

@Reinhard Wolff Couples discounts on patron memebership?

Aren't they like white Muslims?

I tried


That video was deleted.

But I did save it.

🇵🇹 🇵🇹

How did America do it before the income tax?

The income tax, and property tax is honestly semetic af.

Sorry I'm late. Was getting fit for a suit for DTR.

Can anyone fill me in?

Can't be in voice yet

Yes both videis


Beautiful tbh

I doubt it

Insert meme

That's right, I miss Richard Spencer running this place, somehow, sometime? Or something...

Thanks nbc

Apparently it takes nearly 3 hours to buy 2 suits.

Yes, custom fit.

Tailored I think they call it. Not really a suit guy.

I really enjoyed the videos. And so did some non IE Identitarians.

We have to win this $1 billion mega millions.

If I win, definitely becoming a patron 😁


What's vdare?

Got it


He's going to find out that you play destiny 2

That's what I found when I googled you

@Reinhard Wolff as whites, can we take back Halloween, or at least make a flier campaign out of it? "Thanks for celebrating our white festival with us - IE" happy halloween.

Since they try to tell us what we can and can't wear on our holiday.

Maybe a tactically placed pumpkin carving

Oh yeah, I'm saving a database of videos on 2 external hardrives. If you'd like a video saved indefinitely , please dm me the video. I have about 1000 saved now. Normie friendly and not.

Wow that's beautiful

@Reinhard Wolff will IE ever get more NRA friendly?

@Reinhard Wolff the problem with Halloween is that they tell us how we can and can't celebrate. Aimed almost exclusively at whites while it's our holdiday. We don't tell them how to celebrate their manufactured holidays like Kwanzaa or Hanukkah

@Reinhard Wolff will you be checking dms tonight?

@Reinhard Wolff have you considered custom IE rings?

Worth a watch

We must separate ourselves from the violent alt lite 😂 😂

Cookie time

Valentines day kids.

So now that trump used the term nationalist to describe himself, can we get behind him and do the same? Asking for a friend.

I like the term huwhite advocate as well.

Like Grandpa Taylor.

Are we not archiving articles anymore?

Got it.

>Muh Russian collusion
>let illegals vote

Pick one gays

Illegals have already voted in the last two presidential elections due to being counted in the electoral college.

Easily gave a state like CA 2 or 3 extra votes. The equivalent of a place like Wyoming or Idaho.

@ThisIsChris if they would have just not invaded and held their ground it would have probably been enough. In order to win, they just needed to survive.

On the south

Are you telling us to act jewishly?

That sounds very talmudic.

Going robot



It's so B E A U T I F U L

"Be a proud nationalist"

@Reinhard Wolff Is there a difference in benefits between the $50, $150, $300 patron memberships, and is there a reason you chose those specific numbers?

Yeah, men will marry normies.

That or be single.

IE men convert normie women to based women.

It matters, if my wife/mother of my children wasnt on the same page as me, life would be hard.

Thank you! We have some great members.

Yeah man, DTR is going to be a blast. The Colorado guys are working hard to make sure the last quarter of 2018 is a giant white pill. Well deserved.

2018-11-05 03:36:25 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Is Patrick static for anyone else?

2018-11-08 14:57:41 UTC [Literature Club #general]  


Twitter was A M A Z I N G

@Reinhard Wolff Can you mention the fires in California and the members its affected?

Wow, I'm taken back and I'm not even the one receiving. You guys are awesome. Bless you guys.


Get them signed first

She dated jews.

@FACINEMA . If you're coming over tomorrow I'll give you whatever video you want. I have them all on an external and I have some 64mb flash drives you can have.

Take my money


@FACINEMA is the best in the business.


Zelle allows for scheduled monthly payments.

Housing is crazy high right now, at least in California. Locking into a 30 mortgage into a home that could lose half its value in 5 years (like 2007-2012) could be devastating. My .02. Sold my rental last year.

Not to counter signal homebuying, but America has been on a financial boom/bust cycle due to central banking. Personally I think you're better off saving and buying after the next real estate crash. Buy low, sell high. It'll probably save you $100k+.

There are very few Californians who plan on staying here.

Thanks gentlemen, hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

@Reinhard Wolff Congratulations on a year of success; you are truly a blessing to our people!

@William Russell I've done that when talking to my grandparents in English. Didn't even realize I was doing it until after I had done it.

@Jacob Portuguese

I accidently slipped a Spanish word in while speaking Portuguese to my grandma and she laughed at me for probably 30 seconds straight. This is what happens when you work with Mexicans all day.

>24% white county
>not counting illegals
>18% white being born

Very few whites work in blue collar ag here.

That sounds about right, here they just assume they're Mexican.

Agriculture is dying in California. Part of the reason I'm moving.

Government has contempt for farmers here.

@Goose its funny I was looking at some stats the other night that showed on average, a Californian political refugee was more likely to be a conservative than the average person of the new state.

Blaming Californians for turning a state blue is an excuse to ignore demographic change wrecking your state.

Whites overwhelmingly voted I'm support of 187

Yes, it would have saved us.

It even made public workers report them.

From my understanding, the only "race" to vote against it was hispanics.

@missliterallywho I actually voted on Prop 8 only for it to be tied up in court and shut down years later.

Newer one.



I meant gay one.

I voted yes on it, regretted it during my libertarians days, realized I was right later on.

Part of me wants to help vote in the most ridiculous garbage, just to leave this place a pile of rubble when I leave.

Whoa, Rhode island is less than 50% white now.

@SuperTomPerry -RI try to keep it that way.

Let's hope Trump isnt larping and he's actually going to do something.

Beautiful trouble

CSU Stanislaus
Turlock, CA

Nathan's old stomping grounds. I'm just reminding them that we're still around.

@The Morrígan Yes, I just dm'd you.

Merced College, Merced, CA


I'm going to be a little late. In the middle of getting a haircut with my son.

She made white ones too!

Haha cant escape mods friends.

Goodnight everyone!

Thanks @@Valaska! We cant let you have all the fun. Unfortunately we're about out of flyers. Switching it up to stickers.

@here A fellow member, Punisher needs some help redpilling his young family members, here's his request:

“Hey folks I’m trying to put together some very cut and dry clean and crisp facts to red-pill my family this Christmas…I really don’t have the time to work on this and I was really hoping that my brothers and sisters here could help me out…

I need some quips, facts & concise points to convey to my nieces and nephews, brothers and sister that it’s OK to be white and that they should be proud to be white and that without white people the whole world would be in a very worse place... something in the vein of American Renaissance…

There’s no need to talk about World War II or any of that stuff… In fact I’d like to leave the JQ question out altogether-(that’ll come later). I just want something that I could put on single page that would articulate why it’s OK to be white and that we should be proud to be white and that we DO have a culture and that we DO have a heritage…

I’m working two jobs plus I’m building a house right now and studying for a state exam… But I really feel compelled and convicted to get this done before the holiday... would anybody be down to help out ?....if so could you please PM me… it’s my hope that we could put something together and give to anybody who wants it for the same or similar purposes.

Thanks a lot and merry Christmas everybody."

If anyone would like to help, please contact @Punisher

NorCal Christmas Meetup.

Thanks. We had a great time!

Called WH multiple times, still busy. Told commenting online at was an option.

Comments is a direct line to leave a comment with the white house.

Switchboard can lead to other lines including comments. No point is calling the switchboard unless your goal is just to overwhelm that too.

Keep calling repeatedly and you'll eventually be put on hold.

The switchboard is no guarantee that you'll get put on hold either.

@Cato the Younger , its CEO is named Rob Solomon.

Finally got through to the comments line, left the message. Took a little over 10 minutes.

@Reinhard Wolff What was the challenge for a book again? Was busy painting and didn't catch all of it.

Nah, games are dumb. Play them sparingly.

Thanks @celticflame for you help. @wolfwood !!! We missed you today sir.

We will be done with the banner tomorrow.

Finally finished

Yep, it was a team effort. @still brodie - CA @Freiheit - CA @celticflame @John Smith @Mrs. Bogl . Thank you all.

Merry Christmas @Conway - OK . Hope all is well in Oklahoma.

Got dressed up for a Christmas party. Pretty rare.

Thanks, my daughter took the pic. Lol.

Thanks @Sacramento . It's fun dressing up every once in a while.

Nice photos everyone!

UC Berkeley Christmas Banner

UC Berkeley

Merry Christmas from Berkeley, CA.

Thanks to all the people who made this happen from start to finish! NORCAL

Me too. Clever.

Add this to @Henrik and @willsaxon 's pics
UC Berkeley

Nice calendar @Valaska . I actually framed that pic. Great day.

Merced, CA

Slim pickings here.


"He's keeping his promises so he can win the election."- experts

Bravo, peak journalism

Thank you @Argument of Perigee ! Hope your Christmas day is going well.

@Papa Pizzagate read your dms.

No problem

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Vizsla is a good dog. My falconry sponsor had one.

In 1 minute

Mincedmeat > fruitcake

She says thanks! @celticflame

500 ft banner on the golden gate bridge?

Nah I dont need sleep anyways


Me +1

He is a legend among men. Someone to aspire to be.

What was the other book mentioned? Ethno politics?


I can't hear anything

30 seconds

@MrBland - VA . Funny, I just watched it this morning.

Got me pretty angry.

Theres no denying globalist influence.

That guy is has a pretty small sub count. I didn't know anyone here followed him. He puts out good work though.

The term Anti semitism has broadened to the point in which it includes whites noticing anti white rhetoric disproportionately coming from Jews, and saying something about it.

Just listened to James' video on Evan McCarty and I cant even believe he agreed to that. I would rather be killed for wrong think than belittle myself and my family like that.

It might be one of the most absurd things I've ever heard.

I haven't, but it doesn't surprise me. Unfortunately we're going to see more and more of this.

Oh, I did hear about this one. Didn't know he was an illegal.

This isnt very far from me.

I dont have social media or watch TV, so it's pretty much what I hear from family, friends, and clients.

Fantastic effort everyone!

I like the painted rocks idea. We have so much paint, we should mass produce those suckers.

They're invested in our replacement. Never forget that.

Sounds fine to me

Patrick's been talking for 2 hours. Let him sleep.

I made a traditional mincemeat pie during this fireside.

With meat

Apparently crusaders were making it over 700 years ago.

Me too

Risk dox for 10 books

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