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@Logan did it send?

It would probably also be important to discuss with people the history of that area. They see it as the natives pushing out the invaders without knowing that SA was basically uninhabited and uninhabitable till the 1600s with whites built it up. I had a discussion about this with a girl I worked with. It affected her opinion on the violence their and she looked into the issue more.

I love the first comment to this image. The teacher is obviously uncomfortable with a diversity of ideals.


Pick one

I wanna buy that dad a moon pie and a domestic beer.

These are the real questions we need to be asking. πŸ€”

Wow that's huge. If this gets heavily spead it could be a real mind changer.

Their is a really specific term to that unconscious conformity, but I can't for the life of me remember it.

I'm not sure how any of this works. Someone said on here thar BTC was down so maybe buy. I put $100 in and made $13. Wish me dumb beginner's luck. πŸ˜…

I'm not sure where to ask this, but how do you guys feel about common core?

I don't trust it. It was brought in with no studies on efficacy. All the teachers on the ground seem to hate it.

I get nervous about a lot of these programs of dubious effect. If the outcome is equality than the mechanism is to bring down the top students, because rasping the others to meet them is not usually a possibility. One of the major backers even said CC was a way to stamp out "white privilege".

I miss read that as autism workshop the first time.

I might could. I haven't done math in a bit, but I can do things like the last question posted.

Is there an equals sign?

54/54 = 1 and 1296/54 = 24

If you are trying to reduce a fraction start with a common number and just work down.

So like with 54/1296, both are multiples or 9. I knew 54 was and I checked 1296. That's 6/144. I see if 6 can be used to divide 144, and since it can it becomes 1/24.

If you are unsure there to start diving top and bottom by 2 works if both numbers are even.

Come back Internet money. πŸ˜₯

I lost a little. I only had $100 in. It got up to $140, but now it's $83. It's not a big deal or anything, but it makes me sad that it's going down. Is the bounce back coming soon?

@ophiuchus when all the characters have died from AIDS.

Wrong place. :P

I wasn't saying this above thing was wrong. I made a post here that was supposed to be in another section and I deleted it.

FBI-senpai didn't notice us... 😒

I'm gonna file an FOIA on Kim Klippenstein now. I know the FBI has info on him now.


Tweet you bank or credit card company and let them know that if they push this you'll go elsewhere.

$1100 Invicta watch picked up on sale new for $158. Did I win at FASHion?


Corcoran and Double H brand jump boots are the nicest. Toss on a coat of parade gloss shoe polish and you are in business.


I can do calls if you have numbers.

Spuds! πŸ˜ƒ

Emails sent and calls made. 2 of the people I got on the phone said they had already had calls on it. The last number said they were trying to get the mayor to comment on it.

Less..... 😳

You were 5 mins away from me. πŸ˜ƒ @William Russell

I saw a black card twice. Both times were at a bowling alley I worked at. I don't think they were Ti at all.

Looks wonderful. I really miss having a house to work on. I hate apartment living and not being able to make nice changes to the place.

Did someone call me? πŸ€”

Oh no worries.

Does anyone know about Ice Rock ICO? It seems like a reliable passive income for a small investment.


When you go to the barber or salon for a cut what are the exact words you use to describe the cut? Last time showed a picture of Mike Enoch on my phone and I don't wanna do that again.

If I didn't know the context that would be a really scary quite. πŸ˜…

TFW no boat... 😟

Farm stuff..... 😍

I bet you wouldn't. I bets she's absolutely fantastic. πŸ™‚

Come on ladies. Wheat fields are standing by.

No but I'm not looking. I just kinda see post here and check them out. I'm discord obsessive and can't stand unread messages.

I don't even know why I was added to this part of the server.

I'm not a lady bro... πŸ˜…

No worries. πŸ‘Œ

Is the new one better?

So I think we sometimes underestimate the importance of image so I wanted to bring up a story from this mourning.....

I get up and quick shower and shave. I get my hair in the fashy style and toss on some cheap aviators. I got my summer shorts and a nice collared shirt.

As I'm walking into work I feel good. The sun is prefect and it's a real present walk. I got my head up and chest out. I'm looking right forward and walking at a good pace.

On the sidewalk I see another person. It's a chubby black guy in blue jean daisy dukes with earings. He's walking slow so I'm catching up to him. As I do he turns around. He then turns back and double takes at me. He stops and steps to the side of the sidewalk and I see his face.

His face turns from dull to absolute rage in a single second.

I smile and nod at him and keep walking on.

His face was a kind of "how dare you!". How dare shave myself clean. How dare I dress normal and classic. How dare I commit to keep my body in shape. How dare I smile as I walk. How dare I be confidently masculine. How dare I be content and positive. Didn't I get the memo? Didn't I know the time of the white male is over? Didn't I accept our fate?

Our style and attitude enrages them. It reminds them in no words that we are still present. It psychologically damages them.

I like the cat.

Neat. πŸ˜€

What the fuck kinda construction job has a dress code? I get shoe and hard hat requirements, but no shorts is just dumb. Also agree that they need knee pads on.

Maybe I just never did that kinda work with a reputable place.

I think it depends on where you are. I wear shorts all summer. I'd heat stroke walking into work if I didn't. Alabama Summers are like a damp oven.

I didn't think a varnished tree root would look nice as it does. Good job.

It's current year and you are current age. Why don't you have a nice professional looking pen yet?



Well this is only for fashion. Work horse writing is much different.

These do great for on the job or in the field stuff. Writes on anything. Makes other markers look pathetic.


Does anyone have a good video explaining the referendum in Crimea?

I just notice I didn't put this in General. Sorry about that.

This might be a really dumb idea, but I was thinking the other day about the state of children's media. It's all very promoting of negative traits and multicultural society.

Would making kids books be a nice idea? We could use old stories of European heroics like Siegfried and the dragon. Some simple art and I bet it would be desirable.

Is fireside starting soon?

Oh hey a baby. πŸ˜€

The only acceptable hotmic. πŸ‘Œ

RIP headphone users.

This hotmic is what we are fighting for.

ice chips

Some one do Henry Ford!

Fresh air. πŸ€—

I like Wayne. πŸ˜€

Real uplifting stuff Patrick. πŸ‘Œ

Around whites. Never relax. <:4dchess:439923932062154782>

TFW the president is talking about South Africa. πŸ€—

I've not seen anyone sharing this guy and he is only at 26k followers. He acts like a joke, but his facts and figures are spot on and he even hits on race issues a bit making some shots at white privilege.


These might be good videos so share with normies.

How very wonderful. πŸ˜€

What the hell is this latest Alt Hype video? πŸ€”

@Tyler0317 I want one too!

I have mixed feeling on the video.

Just a reminder.... Phalanx. πŸ˜‚


I just listened to TDS Monday episode and fell over laughing at James Alsups' part. My coworkers thought I was gonna pass out and I couldn't even share the joke.

Yeah that what I yhought. Only 6 people are in voice.

Thanks for the reminder on the mics.

Coming in clean.

Hi Wayne!


ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding! ba-ding!

Sam will stand!

@Deleted User Does he know it's doing that?

Is the ice chips?

I got worried when he said shorts.

I tend to mess up and say something dumb in chat, but I'm trying to do better.

Say hello to white fashion and goodbye to all your money.



My bank is gonna start letting me use Zelle! πŸ˜€

Bush lied and people died! 😒

Did anyone else just hear heavy breathing?

@ajman I'm on headphones and it scared the junk outta me. 😬

@wayne peek If I come to Atl will you take me shopping?

@wayne peek What's your favorite watch brand?

Sounds slick.

Jacob and Co level stuff.

Gotta go dudes. Night!

The term is basketball-american

Planned economies can work in a homogeneous and high IQ nation.

"Jones describes β€œwhite people food” as salads, fruits, yogurts, cottage cheeses and lean meats ― the standard low-fat, heart-healthy foods promoted by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines."

These people actually wonder why their is a difference in life expectancy. Maybe she need to move to Haiti and eat dirt cookies.

"Every five years, a 14-member advisory board writes those guidelines, which dictate what the average American should eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The current board has only two black members. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services didn’t respond to HuffPost’s request for comment."

2/14 = 14%. So equal representation to the US pop?

This has to be the dumbest take on this I've ever seen.


Srupidest verified opinion.

All I see is a giant blank space.

Also It's real Momiji Hours. Labor Day Edition.


I volunteered to do things at work so others wouldn't have to drive in. I regret this now... πŸ˜”

I wonder if this is smart or dumb? πŸ€”


This is the future liberals want... 😬


Is boss here tonight?

Hooray. πŸ˜€

Ice free zone!

I'm an evil eternal anglo.

Does anyone else hear wind?

A year is $100 right? I'm pretty sure I paid for a year.

TFW You don't get to see the data and you're an autistic stats weirdo... πŸ˜”

1d3n717y 3uv0pa!

@Valaska That would look neat. Like the teal and dragon's eye over the blue and star.

Neo Bonapartists!

Why did he laugh evil there? πŸ€”

Let's get him a box to stand on.


TFW Family. πŸ€—

Maybe a 2 min speech each firside.

Identity Her-opa! πŸ’…

I love seeing stuff get instantly deleted. πŸ˜…

Oh sweet he gave us a break! πŸ˜€

Momiji break


No tears... Only awwwoooooo now...

CPS would be at their door.

The FBI does not get irony.

I made a dumb "yo momma" joke the other day and deleted it. I felt bad afterwards.

Gotta leave. Night guys.

Slavs. This could be your future if you fight for it.


I was 780 at one time. That was a while back tho.

I like the new stone toss comic. Pretty accurate.



Yeah. Their is a big difference between those in Che shirts and those that actually study planned economics. It's too much for a 4 panel to get into of course.

I love people like Chapo Trap House. They see them selves as anarchists and they have a book on promoted on Amazon and Barns and Nobles.

It feel weird when I talk and then everyone stops talking... πŸ˜”

We got fireside in 30?


Looks like Patrick announced that their would be one at this time yesterday as part of another announcement, but on one is around really and no one said anything else about a fireside.

Can we talk about fish? 🐟

If I ever visit the north I wanna learn to fly fish. No one really does that around here.

I hear voices..

TFW No dog director... πŸ˜”

Should we make accounts to call for the censorship of the Alt-light prople? πŸ€”

Was the a duck?

It's as American as (insert whatever Roman people ate).

Why is Russia so much cooler than us. 😒

They have to come legally. They have to assimilate.

So glad I didn't have to do that. Chat is too fun.

"Please no bully." - Patrick Casey

@Ben Rainsford - OH You are also now a dog.

Executive Dog-rector

"You're fat." -Patrick Casey

@Grossly Incandescent You beat me to it.

8 months as a member and I'm in the best shape of my life. 😀

You can't post terrorist threats ironically. The fed don't get irony.

Can we really not post anime memes? πŸ€”

Can we Momiji post tho?

Costal elites and rootless cosmopolitans

Did I just see a cat girl get deleted? 😢


White pill ending. Glad he got locked up. <:whitepill:439924104406106113>

Dog coup!

Did anyone have to restart Discord just now?

My android phone

Avoid fornication and be normal.

It's so weird to have no tell people to shower.

TFW I won't starve to death. πŸ˜€

I got drunk with my boss once and told her a bit about my politics.

She laughed nervously.

No. She is like 25 years older and has a serious boyfriend.

We are high IQ and high Autism

"Don't hang around terrorists."

Thanks dad... πŸ™„

Please no weed.

Gotta leave now. Night guys.

There was some campus a while back that edited in a black student that never attended there achool. They had to give an apology and gave him a free fide.

I watched Black Panther as a laugh. It was even more disgusting than I imagined.

It's disturbing that people can support something like this and even celebrate it.

My family always thought they were German. Our great grandmother was found as a 4 year old alone in Germany. She was taken in and brought to America. Turned out we were totally Anglo.

I'm so glad I never made a facebook.

Just something pretty I saw.


I didn't know gifs played instantly on discord.

@Salo Saloson make sure to lay on your side so you don't choke on the mouth foam.

Guess who fracture their elbow today? πŸ˜€

How was the weekend my dudes?

I smashed down on a rock on Labor Day and it's been hurting since. Got it xrayed today. Turns out it was just a bad bruse.

I meant to say "didn't fracture my elbow."

I was drunk on a rope swing for Labor Day... πŸ˜”

What's the coolest injury you've ever had?

Mine was playing king of the hill on a lexan board being dragged by a 4 wheeler when I was 14.

I cut my thumb down the middle on a rotory meat slicer. Don't try to do tomatoes on them.

A bowling ball stuck on my middle finger and broke the bone sideways. I should go bowling again soon.

I worked at a bowling center for 2 years. Used to be good. I bowled a 280 once.

It ruined my back tho cause it's a very asymmetrical exercise. I play pool now.

Quick! Send them refugees!

I have a guy in my office that is Japanese-American he always goes on about how clean and nice it is and that everyone has health care. I got him to admit yesterday that it was due to homogeneous population and that culture is downstream of biology. I was honestly scared to stay it, but felt I needed to speak up.

@Tyler0317 I thinning is no good if it's not equal across the age classes. They are thinning on future workers.

Same guy made a stink about how blacks commit more crime due to poverty and said most people didn't understand the statistics. He didn't get the outcome is maintain when you stratified the groups by economic status, but I wasn't gonna touch that one at the time.

@Tyler0317 They need to start making jar babies. They are smart and can figure it out.

This is not new, but it is pretty funny. I've seen so many articles like this that were serious.


I wish my brother and dad wouldn't do Japan... 😒

What's a wholesome movie I can watch tonight?

Man it's been years since I watched one of those. Good idea man. πŸ˜€

@YourFundamentalTheorum Number only matter in certain types of combat. If you have sufficient placement and tech you can take on a much larger army than yourself.

Oh I see. Your getting into thing like the migrant crisis as well.

Has anyone here read Camp of the Saints?

Really nice book.

When Japan invaded China they had large uninhabited areas they had to pass through. It used up a lot of resources and made it hard to hold captured areas. They usually had to genocide whole cities rather than leave them behind their lines. @⚑Clark⚑

I made myself sad... πŸ˜”



I've already watched most of them.

They are super comfy.

I remember seeing Princess Mononoke 15 years ago. I think it was the first DVD I ever owned.

What did you study?

My favorite of the new CK memes


I liked mine. We had to make a movie for our final project. We did a modern version of The Wife of Bath.

We had a part with a fog machine and Stranglehold by Ted Nugent.


This is great to listen to while moving the yard and sipping.

Bama is nice, but it's has some crazy pockets of diversity.

It's always the parentheses.

This had me rolling yesterday.


Discussion boards are the worse.

I had a lab mate the would steal my ideas on the discuss boards and laugh in my face about it after.

Pretty Chad move all in all.

@ophiuchus He wasn't a lab partner. He was in the lab I was going grad work in. Like another PhD student. πŸ˜‚

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN "gun that is alive." is my favorite part. πŸ˜€

Four more swamps! Four more swamps!!

It's antisemitic to not bath in the swamp.

Yeah I think a bot would have done better.

I've seen things written by bots and they are usually more sane.

@YourFundamentalTheorum God rest her code. πŸ™

Never forget what they took from you.


@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I remember the Hillary Clinton tweet blaming that on whites not listening.

They even yelled about him being called Micah X.

They definitely flipped the off switch on BLM, but I always wonder if it was due to them becoming indefensible or them targeting certain people in power with echo names. They got pretty radical near the time they were no longer funded and fully supported sanctions against Isreal.

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