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2018-05-14 19:54:48 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-05-14 23:41:12 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Great to be here.

The Sweden Democrats are seen slipping in various polls with only two weeks until the next election. Sweden is irreversibly doomed. In other news, the ocean is salty and water is wet.


SD are the Sweden Democrats.

@Jacob They were polling between 10-12%. The actual result was 12.9% in 2014.

@StrawberryArmada They were last time too.

They've dropped.

With the past week or two.

I agree.

The Social Democrats, Moderates, and Greens will all lose seats though. So that's somewhat redeeming.

@Goose The best among those that have the chance.

@StrawberryArmada I'd like to think they perform better than the polls say, especially considering the stigma faced by nationalists in Sweden.

@StrawberryArmada The Alliance includes the Liberals and the Center Party.

Still better than the red-green-red alliance.

If anything the Sweden Democrats will make it harder for the rest of the parties to get away with their criminality.

Maybe even make the country ungovernable.

Let's hope so. I would like think Sweden could be turned around though a mixture of government and nationalist movements like the NRM.

Youtube reinstates IE's channel, but makes it impossible to share any of the videos. Super Jewy


God help us.


A poll recently showing a 14-point lead among dems was the same polling firm to predict the red sweep in 2010.

Similar poll results.

How the hell do you reverse such a formidable lead?

Within only 2 months...

Hopefully he has a trade deal by the end of this week.

Labor unions approve of his approach.

@The Soy Goy You suspect the silent majority still support Trump?

Will confirming Kavanaugh be good for the Republican party?

@Deleted User FiveThirtyEight
They take all the polls and weigh them based on methods and accuracy.

The dems didn't even ask Kavanaugh a question. They just ranted and raved the whole time.

@Goose How about white women?

@Goose White women are moving away from the GOP. At least that's what polls say.

Maybe I'll stay in LA after all.


God bless Bolsonaro!

Sweden just had their final election debate. The Sweden Democrat leader got heckled by the other party leaders for stating that stepping on Swedish soil doesn't automatically make you Swedish.

@Gerald Cunningham I'll get the tweet to you.

Disheartening election results in Sweden. Results 80% in.


SD is the only decent party.

They were the third largest party in 2014 too.

@Jacob True, but SD should have done much better.

@Deleted User Those are the exit polls. The actual results paint a different picture.

I can't believe 28.2% of Swedes voted for the social Democrats.



@Wood-Ape - OK/MN They're already in an alliance.



The government also plans to raise the retirement age to 70.

Meet Japan's globalist foreign minister, Taro Kono.

@Tyler0317 I agree, but the Japanese government is obsessed with economic growth.

The 65-69 age group was the biggest in 2016. 2rd biggest 40-44 and 3rd biggest 45-49.

The death pyramid.

As of 2015, 48% of white people are 45 and over. We are moving in the direction of the Japanese. With 19% under 18 and 19% over 65, we have the opportunity avoid going down the same path.


Has anyone ever volunteered for a political campaign? I'm trying to make phonecalls for 7 different senate campaigns, but I don't know if I have to donate money first.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN For sure. I'm volunteering for the Missouri, Indiana, Arizona, West Virginia, Texas, North Dakota, and Florida senate races.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN At least I'm trying to. I've only gotten an email from the Martha McSally campaign in Arizona.

Maybe they don't want someone with a Southern California accent making calls to West Virginians.

What does this say?


I really need to study German.

A 9 page article about the AfD and I can't understand any of it. It's probably all slander, but it would still be interesting to know what the German press has to say.

(((German press)))

Election blackpills in 2019: based on polls...
Danish general election: Loss of conservative majority in parliament
Finnish election: Heavy losses for Finns Party, sharp swing to the left.
Portugese Election: Sharp swing toward left

Estonian election: Ethnonationalist party to become third largest party, up to 20%.
European Parliament election: Nationalist Gains
Greek election: Left wing loss, conservatives gain, moderate gains for Golden Dawn.

Unclear elections:
Ukrainian parliamentary election
Belgian federal election
Swiss federal election

Despite gaining a slim leftist majority, the Danish government won't be purely left-wing due to the new anti- immigration stance among the Social Democrats.

The Danish People's Party could coalesce with the Social Democrats. You never know.

@Jacob No, but Social Democrats can be very slimy. In New Zealand, the Labour Party campaigned on immigration cuts, but hasn't done anything in the past 11 months, and just increased their annual refuge intake from 1,000 to 1,500.

What does everybody think about the latest allegations against Kavanaugh?

A woman named Deborah Ramirez accused him of teabagging her at a college party when they were both 18. Michael Avenatti just claimed to be representing a client that accused Kavanaugh of organizing gang rapes.

Avenatti successfully took down Cohen.

Many of Kavanaugh's fellow Yale classmates have disputed the claims made by Deborah Ramirez.

@TV I need a link on that.



@YourFundamentalTheorum We shall see. Apparently millennials are responsible for the drop in the divorce rate.

@YourFundamentalTheorum I thought the same thing, apparently the rate of divorce for married millennials is low so far.

Compared to boomers that is.

@Rick Are you suggesting that we don't get married?

I get it now. Haha. That was very dry.

95% white

Eastern Iowa is pretty cucked to my understanding.

Don't forget Des Moines.

I'm so glad Iowa passed a sanctuary city ban this year. They did it at just the right time.

Tennessee did too.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Omaha? That's in Nebraska.

Looks like Poland's baby boom might be short lived. will enough babies be born in these last few months to make up the difference?


Just goes to show that you can never bet on government to solve the problem of low birth rates. Only Poland's nationalist youth will be able to change the culture toward being more family-oriented.

That is our mission here in America.

One of many

The whole of 2017 showed a natural decrease of only 870 people. I guess polish couples like having their babies in the fall and early winter.

I agree with you, but a bulging elderly population is tricky business. 28.1% of Japan's population is over 65 and 20% over 70. That will take decades to stabilize, and many Japanese politicians nowadays prefer bringing in immigrants rather than tackling the root causes. Because muh GDP growth and muh global competition.

If politicians stopped focusing on economic growth, then it wouldn't be a problem.

They plan on bringing in Southeast Asians, not much better.

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