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@Logan Can you verify me?

I liked Damigo, but Casey taking over was necessary after Charlottesville and he's done a great job restoring IE's optics.

@V.Balboa - PA Interesting how the SPLC quote was fairly reasonable while the ADL just says we're white supremacists. Perhaps the SPLC is getting more careful due to the lawsuits it lost

@Asatru Artist - MD I haven't seen anything in Delaware, but hopefully I can change that this Fall

According to a map I saw, we missed Maine, New Hampshire, and Hawaii

@celticflame They matter to us, but not to the dominant institutions of society, which is why, inevitably, ordinary whites will be forced to side with us. Good video by Jared as always

IE is elitist in a good way. It's about having the best people, not the wealthiest or most well connected.
That said, I sure wouldn't mind having some of those trust fund babies joining and donating much needed money

@WilderBeast In my experience, appealing to fairness is one of the best ways to win sympathy from normie conservatives.
Their idea of fairness is, of course, being "colorblind" and treating everyone as individuals. The trick is to say "nonwhites already act in their collective interests and will never stop, so true fairness means whites doing the same."

@WilderBeast From the summer of 2015 until early 2017, I commented extensively on Breitbart, so I'm familiar with some techniques that are effective in reaching these people. Getting pro-white top comments on their article denouncing white nationalism is still one of my favorite achievements lol

@Freiheit - CA I sort of already did but I have no idea how to go about getting it approved

@WilderBeast I'm on twitter. That's it.

Should I make it specific to IE? It was written for a broader alt-right audience

@Asatru Artist - MD True. That's an easy fix. Broadening it to Europe will be a bit harder because the context of my examples is the American two party system and the 2016 election

Is that considered an IE poster or an amren one?

This is the kind of stuff that made me love IE

She was separated from her family...forever

IE just tweeted out pictures of the memorial our guys made for Kate Steinle. Last time we did this, it trended on r/TheDonald and was very well received. If anyone here has a Reddit account, I encourage you to post it on there again. Also, post favorable comments about IE on any post or article you see about it.

How I responded to a guy accusing us of exploiting Kate's death (and being white supremacists). So far, the MAGA crowd seems to be supportive.
His tweets aren't visible b/c he blocked me

I hear Kansas is getting a lot of Hispanic immigrants. No surprise that the skilled labor is still huwhite. Big Agribusiness seems to be the problem

So we've done 230 in 47 states in the last 22 months. I think with our membership today, we could easily hit that many colleges and all 50 states in just this next school year

Good way to get media coverage

Koch Bros are very much our enemies. They are top GOP donors, but they use that influence to push open borders. One even ran as the Libertarian VP candidate years ago

Third world immigration won't make you rich if the third world immigrants vote to redistribute your property

I'm torn between amusement and annoyance over how many think putting up posters they dislike is a hate crime

Too many good photos to choose from is a good problem to have ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

I once saw the guy in front of me in a lecture hall looking at Baked Alaska's twitter. Wish I'd had a business card to give him

@Johnny B. Populus Unfortunately, no. My normie friend sat down next to me a minute later

He's a decent friend, but he's pretty much apathetic about everything besides sports haha

Brunswick is really out here singlehandedly dominating New Jersey local news.

Really pathetic that not hiring illegals gets your business attacked these days

I like that new pro-ICE poster

Vigil? What an overreaction. Nobody died. The only thing hurt was their feelings.

The NYT article is copied over from Reuters, which explains the lack of bias

Get ready for an application surge from this

I'm sure Ben "I'm glad the NYT kept Sara Jeong" Shapiro is celebrating this

Koba is a deity. Protector of dogs and identitarians everywhere. He can't be stopped by mere mortals

College indoctrination goes far beyond high school

Of course, regardless of what they say, the vast majority of white girls prefer white guys

They're actually more likely to have in group preference in dating than men

Tucker knows more than he can say

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Wal-Mart nationalism??? ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Colorado has done some nice activism lately

Another benefit of group actions is that they're less likely to be physically attacked

European architecture is unrivaled

Sober nationalism

@missliterallywho Being drunk is doing something stupid

I've never been drunk. Afraid I'd get political and dox myself if I did.

Tucker has done more for our people than most of us could ever hope to

Without him and Ann Coulter, Trump would most likely never know

One of the biggest benefits of this, beyond simply raising awareness, is that the partisan nature of politics has every Trump supporter echoing Lauren Southern now that Trump came down on our side

Just forcing whites to think in terms of race is huge. A lot of people got red pilled in part due to BLM riots

@Freiheit - CA True. I just mean that they're in that range which is anti anti-white but not quite explicitly pro-white

I'm still really white pilled from Trump tweeting about South Africa

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you (we are here). Then you win.

Between her time spent with GI and then investigating the farm murders up close in South Africa, I don't see how she could stay civnat

I think after Farmlands, we can forgive her for whatever she did during her civnat years

Good thing we're not alt-right

@Distracted We're changing that

The marketplace of ideas only works without censorship or diversity

Hopefully the actions you do as a small group will inspire the others to join

Time to meet up in real life

It grows tiresome when you can only speak your mind anonymously online

I'm literally the only Delaware member, but I plan on going to PA meetups this fall. Really looking forward to it. Could also go to events in Maryland

I don't think we can win a libel suit over the term white supremacist because it's so ambiguous, but we'd have a great case against those calling us neo-nazis since our official rules ban posting anything pro-Hitler

They don't care if you're a nazi or not. Just look at the people on twitter celebrating the slaughter of the Boers

Civnats don't really believe in magic dirt. They attribute everything to culture and simply refuse to ask why different peoples form different cultures in the first place

Civic nationalism requires 24/7 cognitive dissonance. Most civnats will always feel uncomfortable because they know deep down they're wrong, but are afraid of taking the steps to be right

"My friends, it's an immense responsibility. We are living in a historic hour. Do remember that always. Do live in that sense, I beg of you, of history and of destiny. When the period, this period, comes to be written and then looked back at, if we did right, if we stood firm, if we stood greatly, it would be a matter of honor and of veneration for generations to come. I could not ask to live in any other moment of history than this! Because never has mankind been confronted with such possibilities, with such choices, of disaster, or of greater heights and greater glories. My friends do live in that sense that you are Englishmen, that you are European, that you come from people who have faced tremendous odds again and again. That much is against you, but you've got within you that will, that spirit, and above all that faith and that belief which will lead the generations to come to look back at you in the pages of history with the proud words To England! To Britain! To Europe! They were true!"

Italy still had the Renaissance and was the wealthiest region of Europe until the industrial revolution. It just failed to achieve great political power because it wasn't unified

The people who deny the Armenian genocide are denying white genocide. I'm shocked! Just shocked!

Alex Jones has very little left to lose. There's no reason for him not to go all in now

"Those who march with us will certainly face abuse, misunderstanding, bitter animosity, and possibly the ferocity of struggle and of danger. In return we can only offer to them the deep belief that they are fighting that a great land may live"

@Deleted User The Mexican government literally complained to him about us. He knows, and I'm 100% sure he sides with us over them

It's hard to imagine any remotely pro-white figure hating us unless it's a personal vendetta

Privately I think we have a lot more support than we'll ever get publicly

Look at Tucker. He talks about all the same issues as us then adds a little "It's about culture not race and I'm egalitarian" bit at the end

That's never stopped them before. They just redefine racism to suit their agenda

Yes, but not in the Dinesh D'Souza way

I tend to sound a lot like Tucker when I'm talking to ordinary republicans. Maybe a little extra emphasis of how demographics determine crime rates and voting patterns

Ducey is a republican and a Trump supporter, so his replacement should be an improvement

That's a pretty bad list apart from Salmon

@ThisIsChris Salmon had a good NumbersUSA score. If former gov Jan Brewer was in the running, she'd be good too. Appointing the former senator who would retire in 2020 is the "respectable bipartisan" thing to do. Hopefully Ducey just goes for a solid young conservative who can hold the seat a while

AZ is turning purple from demographics

Keep your shitposts where they can't be used against IE out of context

I fight for people who haven't been born yet. My future children and grandchildren and all the white kids who will have to grow up a reviled minority in a third world country. Not all of them will be great people, but collectively they deserve saving.

Buying from local farmers is the last stand of implicit white identity

Salvini singlehandedly shifted the entire political spectrum of Italy our way. He's an inspiration and a white pill for whenever you feel the political establishment can't be overcome

Jared Taylor is our Uncle Iroh

Bespoke: replacing u with v

A shitpost a day keeps the black pill away

The poor FBI agent who has to summarize this conversation to his boss tomorrow

Invoke: rule #7

With all this practice, an IE member can become the next Dr Seuss

Isn't the owner of Red Bull a supporter of the nationalist FPO in Austria or something?

To Virgil's point, Identity Evropa is a good name because Identity encompasses more than just biology. Obviously there is a biological component to race, but this wording lets us use normie friendly culture talking points too. Evropa also avoids the "what about dark skinned Italians?" nonsense

Another point. The single biggest reason for using identitarian is that most people don't know what it is. Say you're white nat and they'll call you racist without considering anything else you say. Say you're identitarian and they'll ask "what's that?" This gives you the ability to define what you stand for on your own terms.

That's why the term alt-right was so useful before it went mainstream and the media branded it as neo-nazism

@Asatru Artist - MD If they try to use that argument, just ask if Elon Musk is African American. The double standard is obvious and white people like fairness

We're not trying to reason with leftists. We're trying to juxtaposition our ideas with theirs so that the average MAGA type sides with us

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