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Hate hoax of the week...

Man, what the heck is up with AltHype? Is he about to have a Kraut and Tea moment? It's like he's hit peak autism.

He said something in today's video like, "I've been looking at other races as-is, but at whites like they've been corrupted or something."

I'm thinking, "Yes, Faulk, that's _exactly_ what happened." Are other races being told they're responsible for all the ills of the world?

He's hit peak autism.

Faulk is stuck on the data and not considering the overall narrative.


That's true, but he's also just wrong. He's basically saying whites don't have an excuse for having the wrong opinion on select right-wing issues.

Like we haven't been under psychological attack for the past 100+ years.

It's in Chemnitz.

Non-sequitor here but that giant Marx head in Chemnitz is creepy as hell.

@MrBland - VA Yeah, I like the current name.

Even Sam Dickson at AmRen said that we should keep it.


@Caboose So what? We need bold change. I think we should be conscious of our image, but I could care less about optics cuckery.

*couldn't care


No disrespect intended.

And none taken.



@Tanner - SC Good point.

Thanks to @Valaska and @Roland, the Rocky Mountain Road Warriors.

@Sam Anderson Tell them to stop playing vidya and hit the gym.

Stop being so Chad, CO. You're making Utah look bad.

Surveys aren't democracy...



Generation Identitare has AnCap colors.

I think teal is cool.

Super Chat Nationalism

@Reinhard Wolff Any plans for a coordinated simultaneous nationwide action?

Thanks, @Valaska.

@Singleton Mosby WV Charlottesville 1.0

@Valaska Yeah, I'm proud to have done my first action with you guys!

@Ben Rainsford - OH Keto is legitimate but it requires a good deal of discipline. At the end of the day, it's calories in, calories out. Eat less and excercise more and you'll lose weight.

If your inseam is longer than 5" you are wrong.

Baste Tuckah

The less sportsball watching, the better, IMHO.

Regardless of the politics, sports fandom has reached ridiculous levels of bugmannery.

There is literal 24/7 coverage of this crap.

As nihilistic as Aaron Clarey is, he has some good insights on women.

Clarey will tell you that the percentage of marriable women is terribly low for millenials.


Queen Ann strikes again.

I'm still blackpilled about r/milliondollarextreme, though. It was the only subreddit I cared about.

Holy crap dueling is based.

Rachmaninov FTW.

Yeah, wow - that Wikipedia page is pure lies.


You must disavow Roosh V.

Cargo shorts are banned from the ethnostate.


@Rick Yeah, Xurious is awesome. Did you catch his recent interview with Mark Collett?

@Rick Ah, sorry it wasn't Mark Collet - it was Jason and Jared from TWOTAR. You have to fast-forward about an hour. Also, Jason and Jared talk too damn much, but it's still good.


Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

A few more from Weber State University in Ogden, UT.

Welcome aboard, @Deleted User!

@Asatru Artist - MD King's Quest was my game back in the 90's.

I would say that being uncompromisingly compromising is a little like being an idealogue, too.

Jus' sayin'.

We don't need to convert 50% of Americans, though.

If we target political and financial elites, and sway enough of them, we win.

Yeah, compromise should be a strategy, not a philosophy.

Ha ha! Glad to be of service.

I like the rigorous debate. I haven't seen too much of that in here.

Some SLC activism with @Grayson , @Roland and @Rabbidsith . ๐Ÿ‘†


Hey, total _non sequitor_ here... Does anybody know what happened with Patrick on Heel Turn? I wasn't able to watch live and it looks like the video was removed or never uploaded.


I see you're staying busy, @Valaska . Lookin' good! ๐Ÿ‘Œ


To be fair, I dated a German a while back and she hated living in the US.

You take someone from Bavaria and drop them in a multi-culti major city in the south and they're like, "WTF is this?!"

Going hard with the black pills this morning, eh gents?

I actually unsubbed from BPS months ago. I was fed up with his sanctimonious attitude.

He's all "odious this", "odious that".

Really gets the ol' noggin' joggin'...

I heard Poland's economy is actually doing really well now.

"We want gibs. We want Air Jordans."

Yeah, eastern Europe has its own problems. They still have a lot of poverty, prostitution, _etc_.

Ah, I see. Yeah, I think a lot of Polish emigrated to the UK, right?

I see your point, @Jacob .

Well, I could obviously see how Poles would be for immigration as long as the immigrants were European, and then change their mind as the nature of the immigrants changed.

Makes sense.

No doubt.

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