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I interviewed yesterday with Sherman

My preexisting discord name isn't helpful, but I was Philip from SC

absolutely. I am trying to decide the best method and will get that shortly. thanks

2018-04-05 01:54:58 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

mgtow tho

depends on the work

not necessarily

talking to is never a bad idea

just be circumspect as you should be everyone

and watch red flags

you have to work them out because you have a preexisting bilateral commitment to do so

Does that link resolve for you

i did laugh:

im not sure who that organization is tho

sim card?

not sim card. the other thing that androids often use.

i think you should not go any place to meet a woman in particular. you should go about your life, increase the social things you do for yourself

and keep your eyes open

if you would go to book club or bible study anyways thats good

McFeels retweeted IE's consulate action. Overall, it's hard to objective but I feel like I am noticing increased recognition of IE among traditional AltRight circles (TRS) as well as more circumspect people (like Southern).

Spirits are high.

2018-05-15 00:07:50 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

him cant unmute

2018-05-15 00:08:05 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

@CarletonJ do you have unmute power

2018-05-15 00:08:40 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  


2018-05-15 00:45:30 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  


2018-05-15 00:53:21 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

kid bedtime, may return

use Vue or react

problem solved!!!!!!!

im reading the problem

but this is the exact reason im so turned off from angular

sounds like an architecture issue that would be hard to guess at

yea log everything between the user and where the url call is ordered to see what is not being called

If u didn't hear ftn Halberstram mentioned Mexico action. "Good on me" I'm just catching up

Good on IE

Not me lol

oops im late



wow that was a high and a crash

i was gonna cry for joy

now im about to just cry

hahahahah wtf

im going to die

we have to keep pressure on congress not to betray him

presssure is getting real

lindsay graham made an uncucked statement, but damn are they coming for him

shorts are degenerate

jeans and flanel and boots or nothing

^ note the lack of shorts

^ note only female legs displayed

my wife does the long skirt then

I wish i was y'all

this is what a man looks like




desantis win

dress like you have some sway


virgin chad kavanaugh

purity rings are for women IRL, also basic moral requirements cant be taken as no big deal

but ive never met someone who actually wore one and made it clear that it was one

girls just wear all kinds of rings sometimes and it not obvious what/if they mean

yea i follow

man im all up in the ethanol

that is true. i guess i kinda like that thing

a crying woman naturally pulls at people's heartstrings. im getting very blackpilled about this.

someone tell me its gonna be ok lol

haha true

well @Asatru Artist - MD thats a real IfF

trump should save the woman nominee for ginsburg's seat

It's victim shaming. No toxic masculinity here, he can show real emotion

I have mad respect for how he is comported

Leahy I think

Is the senator

Lindsay Graham on fucking πŸ”₯



i legit will vote for graham now

what url is tillis talking about

its kamala harris

shes about to pounce

she alwasy gets ugly


just do it



Just catching up


In other words he told the harpies they get what they want by misbehaving

How does he have kids


who volunteers to tell sargon of akkad that Sargon I of Akkad wasn't a classical liberal

lol this is great

not Mr. Casey. He must be referred to as Commandant Casey

keep that on

imma baby mic

lol u went vireal

Whoever thinks they can Jim-Acosta Patrick Casey is going to end up like Jim Acosta

I voted for Joe "You Life" Wilson agian

* "You Lie"

besides the WH action of course

most other midterms went a lot worse

"mia love gave me no love"


in minecraft

NRx tho

you lose 1 twitter follower tho

general life question for you guys

i am in a hotel in Las Vegas, NV

is it normal to be annoyed by sex in the next room

im surprised by how much that triggered me

mostly because ive been at the conference for a week away from family i guess

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