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Hey guys! I'll have to get an avatar set-up. I'm with the guys down in DFW. I meant to join the new member orientation @ 8pm eastern but missed it due to having trouble getting on the national server here.

Im going to hop in now and see what I can still hear

Alright @Helbrecht - WA I got an avatar on.

Hey some I got here late, what do I need to do to pledge? I think at about Guideline 5 is when I got here. What did Mr. Patrick cover before the guideline coverage? Should I go ahead and attend next month's pledge session as well?

Hey so*

I think it was 7:40pm ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Had trouble getting in on national discord but someone helped me out.

@Reinhard Wolff What sort of payment system is set up for Patrons? I had to mail in membership dues b/c Zelle was being lame and giving me technical issues.

@Matthias Darn. Guess I have no choice but take it up with their tech support haha.

I'd like to add that seeing the interview with Am.Ren. and Patrick was one of the primary factors enticing me to 'pull the trigger' and join IE! Keep up the excellent work.


I tell ya' what!

I have land that'll be passed down from the family. But it'll be 5-10 years before I can do anything with it probably, sadly. I envision a glorious(ly homely) meeting hall.

First haze right there, eh?

@Der Seeteufel - SD Howdy Andrew. New recruit here from down in Texas. Do you happen to have any experience with smaller operations, say involving greenhouses and aquaponics? Or 50-100 acres?


Dvoล™รกk space battles!

Be a leader. Don't set a bad example and enable detrimental behavior when it comes to the ladies.

That would be golden seeing Patrick defending identitarianism in a court, actually!

Oh! I meant to ask about that last night. Anything else to know not in the guidebook?

Or tips from a vet, etc?

There's a decent compilation of history by a fellow named Arthur Kemp

"March of the Titans: Complete History of the White Race" theres two volumes and a combined edition

@Argument of Perigee @ThisIsChris Unfortunately I'm in a city that's an hour or two from my locale yet its a campus ripe for flyers

@NITRODUBS nice fundraising idea

@Reinhard Wolff Do we have any members or resources with advice for those who have been through a divorce and want to expose their kids to the positive influence of the organization? (Under the context that ex-wife is a lib. and would be hostile to the notion, etc.)

@celticflame @ThisIsChris I'm already in and noticed relationships are a topic there, thanks for the advice!

@Deleted User Seriously and unironically, unsarcastically, regardless of the Chad powers, at the end of an otherwise crappy day when you hit a PR or just have a good, full workout, one ascends to the heavens

@Bjorn - MD lmao well I fly as a hobby, literally, so kind of?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I would join the group given scheduling works out, OK close enough to TX!

@Jacob Well I know one thing, it frustrates me no end as a dude that loves nature that lefties will embrace environmentalism before proceeding to turn around and screech about needing immigration for the 'economy' and such

@Jacob "Dont have kids" but "more immigrants"!

@Reinhard Wolff Also, I brought this up to Greg, but a good way to support families in the organization is a carseat recycling program. They're rated at a duration good enough for two-three families.

@Reinhard Wolff But it would have to be local, shipping might get out of hand haha

http://www.ournationalparks.us/park_issues/park_officials_work_to_attract_minority_visitors/ cleaning parks implicitly serves the white community, apparently

Hey so random and off-topic but a while back I made what I believe is personally my greatest independent discovery of an artist in years; I've mentioned it to several people before but being the random plebs they are I doubt any took my recommendation to heart. Do you like bluegrass, country, folk, or simply wholesome/clean (to the point you'd let your toddlers listen to it!) music for the soul? Well look no further, because I found an indie maiden untainted by artificial (((Hollywood))) glamour or degeneracy.
I thought at least a few of y'all would really enjoy her work. I cant help but try and find at least one person that'll appreciate the music.

Presenting Mean Mary!

Something more upbeat
Darker, Somber narrative

Hope you enjoy, have a good weekend folks.

Excuse the wall of text too ๐Ÿคฏ

@Asatru Artist - MD @Deleted User @Tyler0317 ๐Ÿ‘ Again, Excuse that spergy outburst but my soul was touched to the core haha. Don't mind me anymore!

Quick nooblord question here, just got an e-mail invite to the Slack Workspace for IE South Central region, what is this about? (I'm a new member.)

plz help


Yep, came for some help, got some bad goys instead ๐Ÿ‘Œ

you mean the CHAD chin?

So does anyone know if there's any ulterior motives associated with all the recent negative press on Musk?

Something he did to trigger the (((wrong))) person?

I was about to say, yeah haha he has definitely made some edgy comments in the past. The attack just seemed somewhat sudden, didn't seem too passive. Guess they needed time to concoct/coordinate a plan first. Idk though, I try not to spend too much time on the news. Leave it to the ADL to insert anti-semitism where people may have not previously suspected it, though!

Ahahah this Jap dude bought out all the seats on the first private passenger rocket to the moon.

I found a set of like 10 books from this series https://www.amazon.com/Barbarian-Europe-Great-Ages-Man/dp/0809403803 Flipped through them at a local library clearance sale for used/donated books. Are there any particularly large or active homeschooling groups from IE that could make use of them? Seem to be some quality stuff. Also have a 4 part set on frontier life in USA (Wild West type stuff, etc.) that are leatherbound, really nice. Would like to see them put to good use.

(Change of topic but coming here reminded me to ask.)

Thanks for the share!

"Every ethnic group has a seat at the table and everyone's ideas are accepted and everyone is a part of this wonderful community," Spano said. Literally can't go more than a couple paragraphs w/o contradicting themselves. Sad!

@Argument of Perigee would really like to go, gotta get a couple things squared away first.

If someone asks you about whether you've heard about Patrick little in a positive or at least open minded light be worth bringing IE up to?

There's a lot of normal / average people that feel something isn't quite right, they need to know we're out there fighting for them ๐Ÿ˜Ž

If u shoot ur enemy, they win

@FACINEMA @Reinhard Wolff on a more somber note, I worry about preventing infiltration etc. when our membership gets to be large, in the thousands, eventually our enemies will get desperate enough to commit agents to pass screening etc. Have you given this any thought, Patrick? Not to be a worry-wart but I figured it's a valuable issue to ponder.

@Grayson @Reinhard Wolff maybe a system that tracks someone's involvement and attendance within the agency's events? So that admins can check for (((coincedences))) on the roster for events that go south? It's a catch-22 because the members themselves have to protect their identity in the first place so that in itself isn't a red flag.

@Grayson that's a good place to start, for sure!

Haha speaking of PA, I bought this yearbook at a used book sale recently that was put together in the 20's or something with love and craftmanship you just don't see anymore today, made a story of the class and everyone had a bio. (How many of those poor lads died in WWII?) Best part? Author's surname was Wokeatitus. WOKE-a-TITUS an affliction caused by overdose on red pills. I'd be happy to send it to someone up in PA lol.

Haha does anyone here play trumpet or percussion? Might come in handy in the future.

Expecting the least expected is to be expected though.

"How dare you call me the N-word! I'M A ROMAN LEGIONNAIRE thank you very much."

Someone redpill me on Gibson?


They only sample their brightest or something like that, right? Same with Chinese?

@Logan Roger that!

I'm going, just gotta get Zelle/payment to work!

@Deleted User How well/compact does it deconstruct? (assuming you take the stove out of/c) I may need interested as well, if it stores decently.

Going to bed now FYI so won't hear back from me till tomorrow.

@The Morrรญgan good thing you caught me in time, but whoops yeah meant to tag you.

I've once read of playing music on an instrument being shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer's?


Although here it says it only applied to people with 10 or more years of active experience, your Boomer mom better get started soon haha.

Oh and also dementia

@Bjorn - MD F.

The damned GNU/Linux pasta meme will only get worse and more true from now on :(

@Bjorn - MD referring to this, it's been spammed in Linux discussion threads/forums a lot lol. https://www.lurkmore.com/view/GNU/Linux_interjection

@Asatru Artist - MD I've watched Computing Forever for a while now, great TRU conservative stuff (sans identitarianism) although he still criticizes mass immigration and there's nuggets like that interview so he's just hoping his power level most likely.

TL;DR is decent as well but he's strictly politically neutral. He's good at picking apart feminist and neomarxist arguments using scientific articles, basically.

Hiding* idk where hoping came from

@Bjorn - MD I thought at one point he did a video critiquing either a British or Irish conservative nationalist group as being too extreme or something, basically the using a horseshoe theory-esque 'Theyre the same as SJWs in screeching at and shutting down anyone that opposes their views' approach. It's been forever since I saw it and I put so many videos on the background to only pay half attention to but yeah those are probably to maintain a sense of being fair/unbiased.

I figure he started off as genuine CivNat but has progressively couldn't help but become an identitarian in private after all that's gone down since he began political commentary.

And realizing how screwed and leftist of a trench Ireland has dug itself into haba

Like a reluctant identitarian or something, idk this is all conjecture but yeah I'd trust and work with him personally. Natural ally.

@Bjorn - MD idk those honorary samurais are pretty deviant themselves, but point taken. Just like environmentalism, leftists have double standards and contradictions because they just do things to virtue signal and feel good about themselves with some oversimplified cause, since they've already deconstructed and torn down traditional causes that would actually be worth going full martyr over.

Probably already read it, but hilariously enough Unibomber put it succintly in writing with an analysis on what's psychologically wrong with lefties.

Also said conservatives are naive and practically dug their own grave which id agree with too. So much wasted potential, that guy.

(in the context of industry and tech having unmanageable consequences damaging society)

@Bjorn - MD interesting, I've never heard that opinion before. Got any reading material on how the west has corrupted the Japs?

I mean obviously McDonalds and general consumerism, but besides that I'm sure there's more

@Bjorn - MD still a neat idea, worth a study by some sociologist haha.

@Asatru Artist - MD You know what I think? This isn't to convince Democrats or Republicans one way or the other in general, but I bet a scare tactic to drive le BASED minorities towards the Democrat side.

@Grossly Incandescent Haven't seen this before, thanks. Gave my morning a boost!

@Rick What was it, the K selection theory? Or something like that, to differentiate reproductive strategies of different races?

Anyways, good afternoon my Huwite Knights in Evropean armor!

@Grossly Incandescent Retard/lazy-bum question but who's/what's Arktos?

Ugh don't have the red and white pill emotes when ya' need em lol.

But that's great news!

For starters, how about a tale about a kid running away from his forest tribe to another, (he did something bad and got rejected/shamed, idk) finding out he doesn't feel at home with a different people, and returning back to his loving family and accepting responsibility for his actions?

Or a her

but theres a good theme/plot/motto there lol

Also just presenting the right role models on nonfiction educational books would be a good place to start. Most top-tier powerlifters are white, for example.

Tesla is an embodiment of the Faustian spirit

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