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Done avatar set.

@unclefesterr My avatar is set.


Indeed. This state is mostly white and I don't want to see that end.

People here are unfathomably polite to a degree that I have never seen in more "diverse" areas.

Perhaps. I am not a Mormon. However, just so that you know, the church's influence is in considerable decline as of late.

Indeed. I went into the mountains about a month ago and I was stunned at the natural beauty. You know the 1950's advertisements about camping? The trees are perfectly triangular in that same fashion.

Fields of flowers as far as the eye can see, nearly vertical rock faces, and waterfalls just off the trail.

@Bjorn - MD It is very nice. If you've never been, I would recommend going there.

If you're into rock climbing, check out "God's thumb".

@Bjorn - MD Hopefully. I hope to move to the pacific Northwest soon though.

They already are. They brought in a bunch of asshats from California. I have never seen more disrespectful people in my entire life.

*not that all people from cali are bad



I'm sure that all of you are wonderful.

@Asatru Artist - MD If we had one state to ourselves, we would be able to say "Hey! Look out how harmonious our State is. We don't have massive amounts of ethnic conflict. Funny how that works." ๐Ÿ˜‰


@Sam Anderson On point exactly.

Indeed. The funny thing is that the libtards are going to say that the "diversification" of Utah is the cause of its growing economy.

However, they forget that we have some of the best colleges in the entire nation.

95%+ white as well and San Francisco now has excrements in its once fine streets.

My father once told my about the August glory of California. I cannot imagine how he would see things if he were still alive.

*august glory

Well crap.

That sucks.

That explains a lot.


Yup. It's our fault when things go badly. If people are suffering, then it's obviously because we aren't doing enough.

I swear, the Left has the idea of the white man's burden engrained in their unconscious minds.

It's fascinating how this era of emotional incontinence has manifested physically.

Indeed. It's insufferable. The level of condescension is absurd.

@The Eternal Anglo Indeed. In 2013, I told everyone that in a few years, this exact situation would happen.

@Bjorn - MD There's no way...

A "nation of immigrants".

Well. *sips glass of sherry* Here's to yet another 1934.

@MrBland - VA It is indeed a disgusting phrase. I hope it goes down in infamy.

@Bjorn - MD Imagine if we said that about Israel.

@Asatru Artist - MD They technically committed genocide against the native tribes of that area and brutally enslaved them. Naturally it can't be their land.

What's next? Filthy xenos from space? "Terra is a world of immigrants."

Heresy I tell you.


However, I have seen some ridiculous Polish cops before.

That being said, they were like 3rd generation in the U.S..

@Bjorn - MD While I won't argue about what he said about Spencer, I disagree with his "ideological filter state". It seems needlessly totalitarian.

I wish that people would just realize that with freedom of association, the ethnostate is perfectly feasible.

Not necessarily.

We could simply refuse to do business with them.

@Bjorn - MD It would require a radical restructuring of existing relationships.

ffs why can't we just be left alone?

@Asatru Artist - MD Hence why they term the access of whites as "civil rights". Btw, here's a good response to the "redlining" argument: "You aren't entitled to access the financial services of private businesses. Loans are privilege, not a right."

@Bjorn - MD While I agree that a state should be the end goal, I think that the practical way this is going to happen is through grassroots actions.

@Bjorn - MD In other words, we will have a concentrated population centre with freedom of association first.

Sounds good.

He's not even white from what I hear.

Indeed. (((Fellow white)))

Can you post it?


Yes. Katz. I can't understand why such an individual could ever be misidentified.

However, I'm using "logic" here.

To be a liberal, I would have to use emotion.

Only in such a manner would it make "sense".

Have they lost the capacity for subtlety?


@Asatru Artist - MD Indeed. Merkel has made Germany a much better place.

It's not as though there are literal anti-Semites arising in Europe.

@Infineon Thanks for the reminder.

Indeed. However, I should be more precise about what I meant.

Yes. I could look bad. That's why @Infineon was right to point it out.

@Infineon Fair enough. It's a good idea not to mention that era. A lot of things can be taken out of context.

@Infineon Thank you for moderating.

We do. They actually help the thread.

They will. That's why people like @Infineon are necessary.


McCain is gone and nothing of great value was lost.

"Glass the planet" McCain

Question. How do I get paraphernalia to hand out?



I hope that AltHyp will come to his senses.

The whole "ideological filter state" sounds mildly Orwellian to me.

Furthermore, it's also extremely impractical. It would probably be easier to just #Redpill the entire country.

No way.


I thought Walt was dead.

The greatest musical mind in our generation is finally back...

Fascinating. The stars are beginning to align.

May the wyrd be woven in our favour...

I can. It can either become great or it can fail. The most dangerous thing to happen for us would be to become complacent.

Trump has bought to breathing room. However, we can't treat Trump's victories as signs that we have unchecked power.

If Trump wins, then we need to understand that it is only a stemming of the tide.

It is. We shouldn't tie our fortunes to Trump. Besides, Machiavelli said that one should not risk one's entire fortune without the support of one's entire forces.

We can't rely on every member of our race. Ergo, we must remain flexible.

@Patrick Thank you. You are also correct. Trump has the Sword of Damocles over his head right now. We should question whether we want that blade over our head as well.

@Patrick They would impeach him because Trump is a symbol. Furthermore, Mike Pence would be much easier to manipulate.

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