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Ok I believe I finally am able to access here. Thanks for the help and support

Greeting from RI

Thank you Matthias

Anyone in the New England area message me. Thank you

What part of Mass ya from?

Good morning All

Can I send a check in to IE? For dues payments?

Ok will do

Good Morning All

Well done, cant wait to drop Its ok to be white flyers in Rhode Island

Get activated here in New england more

@Deleted User 100% thats what peaked my interest in IE and i cant wait to influence the white boys here in their identity. Hopefully itll have some effect

They look awesome great job

@Jacob do ya have a link?

@Why Tea hilarious and true

According to the ADL they call us supremacist which is such bull!!

We want the preservation of White American Culture, ..but aparently that a bad thing according to the ADL. Thought id post it cause want sure what they had classified Us as; but of course im not surprise; any pro american group seems to be an enemy of the ADL

2018-02-22 18:10:45 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-02-22 20:20:16 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@John O - ok sweet thank you

@Argument of Perigee man thats awesome i need to get me one of them

2018-02-25 01:28:56 UTC [Literature Club #language]  

@AleisโŠ•ccidentalis id love to learn Gaelic

@AleisโŠ•ccidentalis no im not familier with cletic mythos at all... only norse

2018-02-26 18:37:23 UTC [Literature Club #media]  

I think a good book to add here may be Fake News by Mark Dice (sorry dont have a picture)

@Jacob whats tfw mean?

Done! Gave 5 Star and a long positive reveiw

2018-03-08 16:25:43 UTC [Literature Club #media]  

@SamanthaM sorry i dont get on the read club as much as i should

2018-03-08 16:26:40 UTC [Literature Club #media]  

I havent read it yet but if you watch Mark Dice and any of his youtube video itll give ya more of an idea, basically he i think is a great way to redpill people cause hes normie friendly

2018-03-08 16:28:18 UTC [Literature Club #media]  

Also not sure what aspect as i havent read it but, i think he focuses on a little bit of everything and i know he hit CNN alot for their lies and he also kinda exposes hollywood and the media ingeneral, and who is behind it all

Amazing what this group did for so called womens day. Thought this may raise some awareness bout this group, i believe a video interveiw was done on youtube about the 120db movement, great job from evrope

@Erika yes thats a video for it, i was thinking of one i saw by Bre or one of our girls in an interveiw style video, ill have to find it again

It was by Brittany

2018-04-04 23:01:47 UTC [Literature Club #arts]  

@SamanthaM the boy and the fife...classic art

I vote senate

Very good thanks Wayne

Portsmouth my town 95% white very nice

Newport use to be but the subsidized low income housing and overwhelming darkness made the school system and certain areas just... Not nice

They were just monkeying around

I'm sure somone back at that air Bnb can

She was probably not white.......

Knock em down....

With love

Mma? Monster mash action

Monster is superior... But it is white monster

Jared wants you โ˜๏ธ

Uncle Jared*

His Vision

Working on that!

That'd be sick.. Duplexs are where it's at

Passive income

Frat house would be sick though

@Madd Dogg work for joy i. e. (IE)

Coors light on me

@Patient Zero good scotch nothing like it

@BryceB-ND cargo pants??.. Maybe

IE booms

Ie =bachelor pad

Drink is good. Moderated

My. Opinion

Just don't be stupid cause all ur mistakes cost so much money

@missliterallywho that's so bad, I knew a kid distant friend who's dad was a closet alcoholic

One day he just decided to quit and ended up In the hospital

@Reinhard Wolff I'm buying you a nice bottle of scotch for christmas

Know how to be professional, my Sgt told me this today

@StrawberryArmada if your here (in IE) you should know this. Not preaching cause I'm not perfect but. We came here because there is a standard!

How hard is this concept to understand! Lol

Can I quote that now 70 of Hispanics anti. Trump, (Patrick) that's my source

JT books all day

I have a few good. Old books here at. My. Home

There's a youtuber I follow named Grahm Stephan, I may be spelling that wrong. Anyhow, he does finance videos about buying houses and if that's somthing anyone is interested in I'll post a link below

@Tanner - SC I have to chime in in that. I met my wife online, I'm 28 and she's 20 we dated for bout 3 months, before I met her, then I met her and weve been together ever since, Also we were married after 8 months, but also were living together so maybe this sped up the getting use to each other cycle I don't know. But weve been together over 2 years now, and have a 5 month old babygirl. So I would side with a fast marriage because that was my case. Also I've know guys who are thinking bout getting married and just like @ThisIsChris stated they were together bout 8 years dating. I just think that seems insane. But that's just my opinion.

@Francis V i understand where your coming from I was raised catholic and my wife is non Dem Protestant. And it makes things harder because of that. I dont really have any advice on it, just would like to talk to you or if you feel ya need to talk I'm here as well on this issue. Cheers

@John O - could I get a new invite thanks

Yea that makes sense, we lived together for 8 months so

@Freiheit - CA always wanted to learn German as well, I just DMD @BryceB-ND cause he said he spoke

That makes sense, personally I don't see an issue of living together because it worked for me, but that's not like I would reccemend that for other people.

@Der Seeteufel - SD be careful with people from other countries though alotta fakes out there. Just use caution and logic and reason as much as possible. Don't let ur emotion take over ur senses

@Der Seeteufel - SD OK good to go. Me and my wife both homeschooled as well.

@missliterallywho dreams are wild sometimes, self fulfilling prophecy sometimes it seems

That's sick

@Der Seeteufel - SD I've eaten my own vgtables but from my garden, nothing like what you guys have lol. Little Rhody aint got that kinda land.

@Argument of Perigee could I get a link to that. Although I'm Catholic

@Matthias I've seen this same basic thing in walmart that say they float in water made by piranha (I can't spell it)

@Tanner - SC I have some MREs that I'd sell

If anyone wanted those for emergency supply

@JesseJames my Voo owed 100 acres off jepson lane I'm middle/Portsmouth RI but sold the farm in 1990,

3 main races of huWhites, Celtic, Ayran, Slavic

That a like sub Slavic... Loljk

Cough* bs cough*

It was the dragons eye,... Admit it

No one can pronounce ur username, all in good fun

Lost audio


Them, isn't that the 1950s horror movie bout giant ants

@rowdyroddypiper always a good way to spend 100%

Please don't throw!

Gently place would be great

That's some gross graffiti

Wonderful painting

Shut the mic up!!!

@Shutter the color code? 14

@BryceB-ND all good Brother

@Asatru Artist - MD Thule Teal I believe is what you wanted to say!!

@Shutter we got a new color Thule Teal color code 14

Same color new name!

I have the Marine Corps Ball during the November meetup sorry gents

Less skraeling like

@rowdyroddypiper cause of the jazz duh

Its a ni๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿ‡ง a drug

Sips scotch

What bout kilts?

Fade or nothing!

Kilts I think would be pretty awesome

Mainstream, but better

U covered alot!

Aviators... Mandatory... Votes? !!!

I'm voting Yes

@NITRODUBS my wife is 6" so she knows your struggle

@NITRODUBS that and flip flops vs heels

I'm 6'2 and my wife in heels is taller than me, doesn't bother me at all, I love the long legs

@Flint I don't know the feeling lol

@NITRODUBS y'all tall girls

That man has a big snake!

Around his body

Need to get my wife in IE, suggestion in a DM are welcome

@BryceB-ND hazing familier.. I like it

@NITRODUBS shame! Shame!

Got anyone

@Salo Saloson poseurs.. Is that French... Lmao

@NITRODUBS makes sense but you should try having him talk to us. I'd be happy to volunteer

@John O - haha good point

@NITRODUBS long as he is woke

All the more reason To join

Comeraderie, I use to think I was the only one who thought like this, who was also mainstream and not a skinhead

Charge ur phone man

@NITRODUBS same, spirit action matters

@TylerHess there's a name for a California accent back east,

I think they call it the same thing down south too... Hahah

@Valaska tracksuits for fidget spinners sake!

I need to figure out when my dues are due

Gotta be soon

Big Yank huh?!

@Roland I flew outta Logan in Boston with a coyboy hat, stuck out though

Then landed in Atlanta and fit in

Minus the color

That image was gross... Thanks for that

I'm out, night all

Also if anyone likes Oakleys I get a discount for being military gladly get u whatever u want at the discounted price

@AleisโŠ•ccidentalis stay strong brother, i can only imagine how hard that is

Always remember we are here for you! Reach out if you need anything, or..just to talk

@missliterallywho funny how women feel like that when they talk alot

Yet guys will ramble on and on without a thought, I wonder if it's women are just more aware of their effect on the surrounding environment, although why I don't know

The same way women will cover their mouth when chewing, I always find it funny in an odd way

They acknowledge their actions in the world around them, with a specific set of rules thats seem to apply only to them

Ive been on both sides of it, if we are talking about a topic I like and the girl seems intelligent then I usually am interested in what she is saying but ive also just nodded along when girls gab on , more so when its about somthing stupid, and the only reason to pay attention is cause shes cute. So then its fake

You seem more interested in how they brought you to speak so much and easily when normally you don't but maybe you hit a topic you enjoyed speaking about that normally you dont get a chance to talk about. Or maybe your just socially awkward hence you dont say much and when you are able to talk in a comfortable setting with a seemingly interested person you gab on

Which I can kind of speak from experience there because I use to do that.

Yea I do the same thing with strangers go way to into personal details, not sure why i was homeschooled maybe thats why. I dont know. But ive become alot less socially awkward thr older I get

But it's still there..haha

Thats a good thing in my mind

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN stench of a pagan haha, that was a great way to describe it

I myself come from that background, back to catholicism now due to my protestant wife. And no not literal at all, just in the context of your conversation with the Hymnist i can only imagine her thoughts, would be much like my wifes were back when i took the northern road

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Okie, ive heard bad things, twisters for one, too many non huwhites for 2

My current wife was 17 when i was 25, it works, 8 years is a good distance in my book

My parents are 8 years apart as well

Yea I thinks thats perfect

Just my opinion

Has this started yet? I dont hear anything?

No reward...thats harsh

TMI is what we can hear

Wall should of been built by now

The code is more like ...guidelines

Quoting a movie

What about the dolphins and whales

I saw a lot of whales at the womens march

@Deleted User with red hair hmm interesting much like Morgan Freeman

@Deleted User haha, always working on it. Least I'm here

Be serious or be lame

Pledgelings we call them

Discord = family + awesomeness

1 ant vs the colony

We are the Colony

It is Italian after all

Columbus day appropriate!!

The spaghetti not the mead

We shouldn't have to be told that, that should be implied with the values such a organization like IE represent

And in my blood

Alone on discord last member standing, stupid and alone

@FACINEMA same with my wife

Shouldnt it be vacation in Evrope ...

@micbwilli dont temp people

All is lost!!...

Eternally White..pilled

Top of the world Ma!

Meet myself

Aesthetic... Inspiring....Genuine IE

@Valaska just missed how not to flyer high schools, Patrick plans to retire in Bahamas, and Wayne wants to meet himself but with power

Huge!!!! Loved it

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