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Hi! My name is Stephanie and I'm so humbled for having been invited to the most exclusive birdwatching group on Discord(TM).

Thank you for that lovely picture of that peregrine falcon, Nate!

I knew I was in the right server!

Well, I did set one up, but it doesn't appear to be working.

Okay, there we go.

I think I had not press saved.


Yeah, electroman from Digimon X

That pikachu picture is very cute.

Thanks for sharing it.

It's the only bulbasaur I had in my Pokémon folder, but you've got good taste in starters.

Yeah Ian! Looking dapper

The princess and the goblin is a good one too

Tchaikovsky ballets are great for little girls too!

I'll stop there

Genuinely good article. It's well written and eye opening for your everyday person.

On the other hand, if there were a catastrophic pandemic (which there's typically at least one or two or three every century), densely populated places like Africa would lose significantly more people than sparsely populated western countries

Oh, I was referring to if the population truly grows to such a high number

Such low hanging fruit though it's entertaining.

And he uses male pronounsss :(

Shaquille O'neal is definitely Irish

Or Scottish

My white father and black mother feel the same way, Jacob. /joke

She's talking about phosphorus at 1:27:15

Not ie

Or anything related

I can't find it. My folly : (

Exactly. It's so unfair


I mean it's gonna be even scarier when 'transgender' kids grow up and look exactly like women and are the same size/build as women.

Also also liberals: Transgender woMEN are not womyn

No. Still feminists

But they're good one trick ponies for the whole transgender thing!

Thanks. I had 3 hours of sleep but that is refreshing to see.

Did an oldish video game predict the NPC meme?

Sorry if that's irrelevant, but there's no "memes" server thingy

Out of genuine curiosity, how does screening prevent infiltraters? Aren't most of antifa and other groups typically completely pasty whites?

I know! But they also probably read up on all the talking points


I'm sorry to have brought it up because it could be a sore spot if it happened in the past

Dragon age origins

Is pretty much like those but not top down

Thank you Chris and Asatru!

Very informative and relieving to hear

Jesus, on HIS burfday?

The music in Murdoch Murdoch is phenomenal. They use good anime and vg music

That's a total fus ro DUH, Alexander.

I'll show myself out.

Which one is the bill Clinton one?

Today is not busy at work, and my boss will think I'm watching a cartoon

Thank you.

The psychiatrist stays in his office


Every comedy is also a tragedy

Funny but scary

There's a huge difference between friendship with people and having babies with those people!

My best friend was Jewish who hated his ancestry and culture. Poor guy

I haven't had the pleasure of making your acquaintance yet, Mrs. Logan, but it sounds like you dodged a bullet there.

Stunningly beautiful pictures. They're very pure. Lovely job - and Nathan Hale was a true hero.

@Asatru Artist - MD - Neapolitan ice cream is so good because the flavors are distinctly separated in the carton!

If whites disappear, future people will think anime characters are based off of mythical elves.

Bps was who red pilled me initially. He's also whom I used to red pill my sister

What an interesting tweet!

The original one gave me an awful headache, but that one is just right.

Anecdotal evidence criticism aside, I have a transgender person in my extended family

And they were definitely not abused, I'd say closer to spoiled

Those are nice colors

Female sexuality isn't as rigid, less visual, etc. But that's pretty bad, salo!

Maybe replace the words 'attacks' with may?

Orientation is in 1.5 hours. Anything we need to know? Or do we just listen?

Thank you, Matt.

@Salo Saloson -are you're speaking of certain rituals that involve the skulls of rams?


violence dude!

^ ha ha

everyone is too shy shy, hush hush eye to eye

Yes, but the current guy in the chat is being hilarious

No! Only one or two people did!

It sounds like a williams street show in there


voice chat

How about your humor can't be non sequitur humor

"I ate a spoon because my birthday party was on the moon when i was 7 and im hungry xD"

You should try to genuinely get to know each other before "joking" like that!

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

@Deleted User - I'm heartily sorry for disappointing you, but I have no idea what that is, but it looks delicious.

@Deleted User - Thank you. I have a bit more tact than people who think they're still "anons" in this chat.

@Alex Kolchak - NY - That's just about a lovely idea.

I suppose there's almost no activism in the MAINE area.

It's sad, because I just lived right next to Philadelphia

That would be wonderful if we could unite.

But it might be hard to get people to meetup if the drive is far.

Thank you, Aaron.

@Virgil - Yes, but I may be moving to Virginia or Pennsylvania quite soon. So, who knows. Those states probably have tenfold the opportunity to participate in activism.

Maine is lovely, especially because of....demographic stuff.

But it's not nearly as vibrant with youth and hubbub.

Haha, well, it's actually a good exercise in patience and maturity; keeping your views close to your chest despite provocation.

I'm in Bangor, so...

Portland seems like it would be more active.

Stephen King lives here. It would be great to hide IE cards in all of his books in the college libraries.

Wait, aroostook county>

Like presque isle?

He has a very cool house, admittedly.

I'm sorry for prying, but I will say that Aroostook county is absolutely beautiful.

Very vacant though.

@Virgil , I actually got a few pictures of the mountains in Aroostook county, if you'd like to see them.

I can DM them to you.

I'm not a real mainer!

Baltimore always had video game tournaments for Super Smash Bros. I used to go every week.



@Aaron O'regan - WHat sort of touraaments?


Oh, just overwatch once and a hearthstone one.

Probably nothing you played.

that dudes definitely been taking the neck pill

@Dunnski - You are absolutely right. It can just feel daunting to go it alone.

Orono would be great!

renn faire

You get to dress in a fun manner and act.

A kilt, h ahaha.

: O

timestamp : (


thats not a ftm?

female to male

@BigBadSaxon - ID - Just be prepared to pay a hefty dowry

at least 5 horses

Hahaha. You'd be the one paying the dowry!!!

But OY, she is.

Doesn't red in your beard mean you are related to Vikings?

Redheads for the win

It would be cool to share pictures of our grandparents and stuff. Show red hair and old army pictures and stuff

Yes, exactly.

It would be honorable and down to earth

Make sure the on button is switched on, make sure in sound, you have the right input device picked

And in discord settings, input too

Describing yourself on the internet feels very "asl?"

It's probably archetypal

Where do I post a very very inappropriate thing but that's relevant to space kangz?

Will do

That's hilarious and true

When I was 8, I made a joke about 9/11 and had to see the school counselor for 3 years

In regards to what someone said earlier

Hahaha. Thank you, Green Nation.

You wouldn't mind living in a white world?

But the Japaneseee

Unless they're honorary whites

I suppose even in hypotheticals, it might not be good of which to speak.

If you were a naive 20 year old and in Philadelphia on election night, you would have thought he was gonna lose.

In regards to that Dr. Phil promo - her name is 'Treasure'. It's no wonder she hates her own kind.

Couldn't her mom have named her something normal? Like Shaquanda?

Treasure isn't even creative! You learn that word in first grade! But definitely true about the Muslim thing.

No way Jose

Doesn't that mean womens cycles are kicking in and they're casting spells?

Full moon

No. You certainly do not

But there are stupid people out there

I mean Iranians are white

I certainly get mistaken for albino a lot, but I much prefer that to being mistaken for someone from the middle east.

Do those DNA tests lie?

My dad got 1 percent or less south Asian


Thank you very much, Nemets.

Because I have his entire family tree back to the 1600s

My great grandfather came from Denmark

But on his mother's side, from the 1600s

I've seen ALexander

He's seen me



I didn't say he was cute

I said I texted him

Will do, sir.

I did not flirt. grrr

SHare it NOW

*scouter breaks*


Very powerful

I'm just listening to this gentleman

Is high energy preferable?

Ha ha.

I have a 6'6 norwegian frend

can he join

Thank you, Nate.

ANd wood ape

Thank you for listening to me say that


William Russell is playing Sid Meier's Civilization VI. Gamers unite?



You joined right after the riveting discussion about bug chasers.

My apologies.

> anime

hey ijm ginger



Totoro is literally the reason I wanted to have children.

It is white pill and red pill

: (

have a friend stream for you?

You were very athletic, Asatru

They say it actually can make you grow up more attractive

Asatru you should speak out loud!

You're very helpful

Yes, if you ever need a secretary

Unless you become a swiss banker

then you can work full time for the oranization

To whom do we send amazing ideas for strategies/optics?

Thank you, TMatthews.

Passing the first interview gives you access to the discord, does that mean you're already accepted, Alexander?

Speaking about economics is actually the quickest way to get women out of the VC

pretty genius, seriously.


Well, it's still important about which to speak.

But it is making me sleepy


I know, I was joking trying to sound like Kevin Trudeau, the scammer on TV

Yes, my father used to build houses, with just one other buddy.


ALso live with your parents

to save money


Aw, my apologies in regards to that.

just mumble and speak no english

it's the easiest way to make money


post trudilpom



and wite

I am not nate

I am


THe moors

My IQ is not high enough to understand half the words Nemets is saying.

But he is very learned.

Delayed gratification? Nope. Vacation!!!

Probably if it's a vacation to the mall

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