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This is Flying Dutch Mann #5705

Both. But private might have trespassing rules. Go to their website and find out.

@Deleted User My guess is the membership applications shot up after that event.

@everyone I promised IE matching funds from the last fireside chat. That came to $610. Now I need IE leadership to tweet our "flashing" video out from yesterday. If we can get it out TONIGHT in case IE gets kicked off twitter we would really appreciate that!

Our Orlando banner drop was not tweeted. πŸ™

2018-01-19 03:55:55 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@ThisIsChris thank you for the post

2018-02-09 17:16:02 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@John O - what are your qualifications and experience. If you have a resume please forward to me. I might be able to get you into a well established construction and engineering firm out of Lakeland

2018-02-09 18:08:15 UTC [Literature Club #economics]  

Looks good

@wayne peek. Please check dm. One more request

Racist shirt.

@Conway - OK from the SPLC site so it doesn't bother me at all

So she found our flyer "deeply hateful". If she found our flyer deeply hateful then she has bigger issues than an IE flyer.

@Reinhard Wolff what can we do to help James Allsup?

I'm waiting for the counter suits to be filed....

Could any of you post the wall Street journal article from today

Hopefully we will get more Constitutional judges before then

Florida man!

That hot mic didn't receive it's hush money...

Hopefully we won't have a hurricane when Patrick visits! His first hurricane party...?

You dirty deplorable! Walmart...

Homework? What's that?

There goes the neighborhood! @wayne peek

Perhaps you can post your 7 point plan?

So we all can go off that baseline.

Rocky Mountain Nationalism! @Argument of Perigee


While I strongly disagree with John McCain on many issues, I wish his family condolences during their time of loss.

We love you Wayne!


John O!

Goyiskrieg is a flyering animal.

Mick. Sounds Irish

Super white pilled

Big Tech.


Whose space? Our space!


We thought they got you

Heed the call...awesome.!


Thank you!


Get into contact with @Grossly Incandescent as well!

Free marijuana?

FYI..never smoked it.

I never did any illegal drug

Good point Wayne. Easy come easy go. Focus on the work!

Bush 😱

@wayne peek good red pill story. How's the new place?

Well I think that's a night. Good night.

Can't be ruled by fear

Hey's time to call your senator!

Ted Cruz on fire!

@Sam Anderson conquer your Wi-Fi space

@Asatru Artist - MD I love my white privilege!


Everyone stays at @Argument of Perigee s house?

I don't own a winter jacket

I'm a tropical Caucasian

John denver

U tube will ban John Denver after our action

There is always an individual....

@Grossly Incandescent back when the NFL was still made of real men

Make sure IE flag doesn't fall during interviews. 😊

Napoleon was short too!

Drive to st Augustine the end of the month........

Rocket Mortgage?

@Kingfish. Now we are a true fraternity...

That's life in general..

Don't get fat

Judge Patrick set amount for bail

Just Make America Great Again

Drinkin Lincoln?

The infamous . "Pull over I'm gonna puke!"

German monks make their own beer!

@Bjorn - MD Patrick signed it.



Open relationships are inherently non white!

Daddy issues?

A professional organization requires professionalism....

Can I be a radical Muslim?


Starving is bad

Davy Crockett?

@NITRODUBS the leftists killed him

Sounds like Megan is the desperate one. Lol

@Ian-PA#965 πŸ€”

Patrick retires in the Bahamas?

""Ask not what IE can do for you, ask what you can do for IE"! Wayne Peek 2018

Sounds like a third world city

Don't flier the IE baby ward.

You can gauge then amount of change by how nuts the left gets........


Saved a baby squirrel

@Grayson yes . Fell out of the nest and mama didn't collect him. Took him to wild life refuge for care and rehab.

Carlucci's head looks deformed.

"Tweet or retweet" Patrick Henry

Is German village still around?

Is the Lenin monument in Seattle??

@Valaska I'm heading out for defend the Rockies...


Thanks for coming!

Three cheers for John!

Thanks to all Florida crew!

Is it just me or does Patrick sound a bit tired??

@Deleted User. We should meet in the not to distant future...

@wayne peek you need a vacation too! Well have you down here soon!

Thanks Wayne

Waiting for Jeff Sessions to indict Antifa!

Especially driving your pregnant wife in a car with no air conditioning!!! That takes dedication!!!

Yeh Samantha!

IE chamber of commerce!

IE bank? No usury....

Thanks for the IE sticker outside the Supreme Court!

We caused an international incident!

IE..a well oiled machine

@Reinhard Wolff any new updates on the lawsuits?

"The interview we did together" that's what a good leader says!

Our interview to Vice:

Large numbers of applicants underscore the reason interviewers need to be on top of their game. Interviewers are our first line of defense and offense. @Reinhard Wolff

@Reinhard Wolff what activities do you do to keep yourself grounded and focused?

Well Mr. US attorney, the final chapter has not been written..

Cool painting I saw in a museum today:

@Deleted User looks like you lost more weight?

A historical marker was located at this spot since 1956 celebrating Jefferson Davis gave a speech from this house balcony in the marker is gone and this leftist black lady's poster is up. Make no mistake about it. Historical and cultural attempt at our extermination is real.

Everyone in IE needs to vote!!!



@Singleton Mosby WV then sooner or later they'll make something up

Getting divorced

@Ben Rainsford - OH that's OK. Just identify yourself as wealthy

It's a natural trajectory

@FACINEMA IE is the only friend you need!

CALIFORNIA....time to restore her greatness


Not yet

I love Red Ice!

@Freiheit - CA. Faith was in Prague shortly before announcing her campaign

@Logan. Cute baby!

Maintain your physical fitness

@missliterallywho plausible deniability 30 years from now...

The type of Republicans must change

Patrick is only referring to the terrorist elements in the caravan he would blow up

Buy American or European! @FACINEMA

Mr. Roboto

He being jammed by the deep state


Interesting how the world's largest lawfirm is representing the C - ville commissioners pro Bono on their monument case

2018-10-30 17:13:10 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

@VinceChaos the President is betting on success at the SCOTUS.


Anyone who does not vote, should resign from IE.

@FACINEMA I thought your name was Sam. Lol

Don't ask don't tell

No ice chewers this year either!

Red Ice

Great Job Lex!!

No degenerates

People in IE have been very understanding about my studies at the yeshiva.

Don't be a patsy!

@Sonic I plan on deleting that pic!


@FACINEMA super cameraman!

This old white guy kept up with the young white guys up the mountain!

No infiltrators either


Official dog of IE

When I first saw this article I said...I bet these folks are black....hmm...why was I right???

@Goldstein Riots lost in the brawl..coupled with natural inclination

Drop the expensive car, invest in a home.

@Andreas Cincinnatus Thank you for your presentation.

Long before Trump

Manhood robbed

@Reinhard Wolff Have we received any press from Defend the Rockies?

@Reinhard Wolff I believe one of the goals of the action was to capitalize on the prior press IE received in Colorado. I certainly agree with your position that not all press is good press; however I think if we combine -in one tweet- footage from the action with footage from the hike ,I strongly feel it will be picked up.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

The mysterious speaker

We need to buy Patrick a cake with one candle.

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