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Hey all, I’m Nate from MD

Great stuff @Deleted User, excited to get involved here

I’m glad Norway never entered the EU. EU could have pushed them as much as they did Sweden. Now Norway almost totally cut off immigration because of the Populist/ Conservative coalition

A solid majority of Norwegians also see ethnicity as pertinent to nationality

Very impressive figure in Spanish political history

Yeah he was considered the eternal chad in his time 😂😂

The stanzas in “Primavera” about Cara Al Sol are chilling.

Lyrics are awesome

It’s pretty cool that they differentiate between Norwegians and Swedes now

I guess they’ve basically decided to stop trolling. I know someone who got .1% SE Asian which made absolutely no sense

Half of the time I go out, somalis find me and ask to live in my house. All makes sense now

Yeah they are one of the rare societies on Earth that never developed a beverage with alcohol

Has historically been a huge issue for them


Apparently a wikileaks guy disappeared and his stuff was found well off the coast of Northern Norway where he was visiting

It’s rare that snopes manages to legitimately debunk something aside from the common internet myth

Most political stuff on there is just mainstream liberal talking points masquerading as truth.

RIP decent snopes

I’m hyped to get my second interview and orientation done

@Argument of Perigee thanks man, seeing the high energy of the CO chapter is one of the reasons I decided to apply

most arrested were antifa

Can’t sleep. Allsup also posted a picture of his wife preparing food in front of his IE flag a few weeks ago

Was on his instagram story


Dude caught a lot of crap from RINOs in his area, unfortunate


Honestly I’m pretty alright with girls but in my experience the apolitical ones didn’t mind my ideology

Scott Greer’s response to flak about his views were solid a couple weeks back

I find it best to dm questions like that

Makes sense

Really? Wow

China intends to be big on economic development in Syria post war

True, Russia basically threatens counter false flags

White Phosphorus and information campaign false flags

Was great to see conservative types spreading white helmets info

Yeah but it wasn’t reaching significant enough audiences

And now some cable news and breitbart might as well have live tweeted the white helmets setting up the attack

Or rather the footage

I take objection to the claim that the market is too high. Earnings have increased substantially alongside it unlike what you would see from a bubble

But investors really aren’t looking at the possibility of an anti trust case against some of these huge companies like Amazon, which worries me

@Flint Corporate earnings. Wages are increasing due to the tight labor market, but only by about 2 or 3% since last August. If it were too rapid, it could cause extra inflation. Excited to see how much wages increase during the Trump administration. Wage stagnation has obviously been a big issue

Sometimes when we’re interacting with liberal NPCs on twitter we start writing congratulations to each other in Cyrillic

Lmaoo there’s this one hippie who likes to comment irrelevant Dalai Lama quotes under IE posts

Lit up her mentions after the recent news, mad funny

@Sam Anderson and I tag team on this stuff, can confirm

This example has to be at least a couple months old, interesting to see it worn down like that

They really should. I’ve talked to a couple who probably wouldn’t make it in the application process, though.

Not that I’m any kind of judge of that, considering I haven’t made it the whole way 😂

Lol I would imagine

Every member of PF i have talked to has lauded IE

I still think we need to concentrate capital as much as possible. But that doesn’t mean countersignalling ofc

And yeah- their leader designs all the propaganda and stuff. Dude is almost totally out of the spotlight

What’s Mercury



Joking around with a buddy in the bathroom in school. Slipped and hit my head on a toilet, blacked out for a second, didn’t feel anything. Had blood coming down my face like a horror movie and I casually walked down to the nurses office

At least Japan works hard in the direction of automation

Rather than bringing in foreign workers

“What’s going on big guy” reaction WHEN


Lol yeah that’s actually a reference to MDE/ Sam Hyde that he’s using


I tend to be brutal in terms of encouraging people to delete sentences and paragraphs

The best essays are ones that only have a couple sentences that are the same as the first draft

The semicolon is underrated

Morning all, congrats to the new parents!

*trying to put the newborn to sleep*
“For the love of God, Logan, please shut off discord notifications”

They’re non existent. The dude they quote is obviously just being libelous

Russia and China are strengthening their military ties

US is trying to raise more fighter squadrons to counter an unlikely threat from a major power

SpaceX webcast about to go live about BFR’s first passenger taking a trip around the moon, 9PM EST

Reminder that tesla and spacex don’t have diversity departments

Art made for BFR

Yeah they only count campuses and stuff in that one, probably just poached from the new ADL H.E.A.T map

The ADL doesn’t include demonstrations, which is weird

Only appears to date up to late July. Sad!

I’m pumped to get some flyering done in the DMV after I gain full membership

Glad to see this!

Nah guys, people who own cars are our prime audience


Can confirm I am a manlet and do perfectly fine with women

Confidence is everything

Aesthetics help of course. I gained a little bit of weight and girls weren’t interested, lost it and gained muscle and now they are more so than before

The guys in the green hats

Wew. The IE Twitter account has 1,748 tweets

I’m no coder or anything but I’d be willing to help where I can. Applying to stuff, have some time on my hands

They omit things and lump IE in with other organizations

Wiki is the worst

At least IE looks good everywhere else on the initial search in google

@Max Bianco - NY shows the twitter feed, images and videos are fine, and the website is front and center

“Hurr durr they used a blonde girl, so weird, they HAVE to be nazis”

Eh that’s like saying a Syrian would go to Turkey instead of Sweden

Many do but not all

The entire population doesn’t pay taxes

I know of none of these servers

RMC btfo but for real pull a Bundy and change appearance

Flyer looks like it’s from the university and is asking if anybody recognizes him, only says he was putting up flyers that aren’t allowed

(High schools aren’t mentioned in “How we Poster”)

There was a legit police investigation in MD because someone stuck “it’s okay to be white” flyers on the front entrance of a high school

Probably. I tried as well, but failed. Totally different tactics though. Good thing it did fail, I made a fatal mistake in the process

Very small mistake, but enough. Was between my classes

GenZ is pretty great. We had a slow day at lunch when it was only AP kids. Guys I sat with literally started bringing up how much better the school would be if it were all white.

I have met two or three guys irl by coincidence who share our general views

We just have to find them and inform them

Doesn’t Tim Poole have an opposing definition of Identitarian and try to frame it as negative?

Race mixing causes a ton of identity issues. I have seen this and discussed it with an intelligent white liberal woman who was willing to acknowledge it. I know a black millennial raised solely by a white woman (his mother) and he hates white men with all of his soul. Even has visible black power tattoos. Very weird, depressed guy.

Yeah I have never met a nuclear family with a black father and a white mother. Only instances of a white single mother with her single mixed child, and no men willing to date her

Really sad phenomenon


It’s important to build institutions and normalize explicit advocacy for people of European heritage in any case

True that


Latest project veritas exposes DSA members in the government targeting individual political opponents. They have summoned the wrath of COINTELPRO

Apparently they used federal employees in the DOJ to illegally run license plate numbers

@Singleton Mosby WV Veritas got a person to confess it on camera

This was already posted last night

I once flyered IOTBW in a drizzle. Used an umbrella, no chance to be spotted by a security cam


Dunked on

I vaguely remember a bunch of news sites coming out with “redheads are going extinct” and then rebuttals from leftist sites shortly afterwards saying they would still exist as genetic anomalies 😂

Also married men go out of their way to make more money to provide for their families

There’s a lot of US History, big guy

What sort

^^ 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

SO true

Andrew Jackson is absolutely defensible, Indian tribes in Florida were notoriously violent. But you will have people asking you about the trail of tears

Didn’t an IE member do a similar presentation but entirely explicit like a year ago?

My guess is as good as yours, friend. Appears to be for a class

@Procella Eques yeah man it’s pretty impressive

It’s pretty good. Dude has solid enough optics and demeanor that the poster thought he was the professor. Glad I shared it on here

Barron is already like 6 foot

@Asatru Artist - MD does great work

eternally w h i t e p i l l e d

How so I get into the other servers?

I died when he said based hapa kid

Makes sense

Yeah it’s a balance between letting them show their cards and inspiring other white men to stand up for their interests

In front of conservative/ masculine white guys I’m assertive and inspiring. When there is no one around to make it worth it, I let open hatred become a habit for the anti white person

Wew not even MD does that

The fake news sure do love to inject random, unrelated vandalisms into articles about IE as though they are related. Sad tactic, they’re desperate

Nah it’s not illegal. Better that the reds have a false sense of protection from the police, because there is really nothing the police can do about it

If they only report stuff to police for whatever dumb reason, the posters stay up longer and nothing happens except maybe one guy looks over security footage and isn’t allowed to use it

YEP. Pathetic. They hate the police so much, and the police know this

In Denver a police officer was joking with proud boys about wanting to join them against Antifa, and the anarchists absolutely sperged out about it on Twitter

Focus on growing the organization, big guy.

I am willing to help you foster ideas, have some free time on my hands right now. DM me whenever


This was the quote that inspired me to really get into everything

I know PF guys personally, and they tend to be a bit violent and impulsive

She’s married to a white guy I believe

No, the guy she allegedly cheated on is white

Lmao PartyGoy

Lol blue check marks were sperging out about that number on twitter yesterday

Yeah it was awesome the far left ones were all saying that it’s evidence of Nazis and fascists within the Drumpf administration and couldn’t have been a coincidence

You could

The white man's burden

She was murdered. Stabbed to death in a seemingly random incident while on a jog

Suspect is a 23 year old black man

She’s hispanic, can at least be considered white passing and her husband is Columbian, non white

Srbija? Serbia






Ironic cracker barrel activism would be hilarious

Lol what

Fellas we need activists to yell at Trump “what about white people?” Every time he mentions blacks or hispanics

I promise to do this if there is ever a Trump rally near me

Gotta be early in line and up front so he hears it

The United states has mass deported people based on ethnicity at least half a dozen times

Chinese x1, mexicans x2, Indians x3

And when I mean mass, I mean millions

And oh wait I missed when we annexed mexican territory so x3

Apparently the NSM is gonna have a rally about South African farmers. I hope they don’t manage to destroy the narrative

I agree that American groups and such should stay away from Norse runes. I own some clothes with them but my relatives literally bought them for me 😂
Norway is currently in the process of reclaiming their heritage, including these runes, from the connections they have with the Third Reich. Any attempt to use them here will hinder that effort there.

I agree, alls good

Looked through the guys twitter, have information of his. He has a habit of monitoring the IE twitter account, should be blocked.

He also appears to be a member of DSA North Texas, as well as the DFW Socialist Rifle Club- guys who I already have pictures of. I may or may not do some searches

Lindsey Graham just said “back then I wasn’t just a White male republican” on Fox News 🤔

Lmao I’m wondering if he’s starting to feel the discrimination

Not saying he’s uncucked or anything, he’s obviously pretty bad, but it shows he feels dismissed for being a white male republican

Here is the short clip

Really makes ya think

White guys realize they are under attack, even cucks like Graham.

Lol nice avatar

Should i get NordVPN

Where’d you hear that?


One thing VPNs are good for are keeping websites that aren’t friendly to our beliefs away from my IP if I choose to access their website


Indian/ Muslim politicians who can barely speak English are such a meme

Was that the one about the conference with barely any information in it? There was such little detail that I had trouble believing it was real


Tfw entirely northwestern european

I think there is a yuge viking ship touring the east coast rn btw

The draken

@fgtveassassin those are UPF flags, Contrell’s org. United Patriot’s Front, has been around a while

Is the Cuomo postering going to be sustained?

I think i saw antifa chimping out on twitter about CT

Lol is that Jared Holt

Is the curved surface thing because of glare? @Matthias

Makes sense

@Reinhard Wolff what did you argue about with the NBC anchor?

Ah. Odd

Bet he got confused because the streets weren’t numbered 😂

Might acquire actual goth gf

Just get yourself an apolitical gf, fellas. Maybe it’s because I’m in Maryland, but they tend to virtue signal center left politics for brownie points. When it boils down to it, they’ll care more about you than your politics (if they find out) unless they’re legitimately political themselves

Might also be because I’m 18 and they’re young too lmao

I agree

I love how at any given moment on this discord someone is wither playing total war or hearts of iron (i play both)

Wait not at this moment sheeeit

Someone is playing crusader kings tho

Ha! Notch funding IE when??

He doesn’t own it anymore but I remember he tweeted out “It’s okay to be white”

Close to a 1:1 reply ratio, let’s get it to 2:1

He is the one that hates, and he is the one who tries to intimidate us with an “investigation”

I find that these politicians are more likely to virtue signal during election season, to show that they’re willing to “stand up” against our kind of politics and such

If they ignore it, it could be a talking point for candidates running left of them

Record engagement aka tons of pissed off people in their mentions

Lol I mistakedly wore a hoodie, looked out of place

Oh gnarly look at that I’m a full member

Guilly suits ONLY

Matt is tall

Aside from women

Idk maaaan

Manlet solidarity

@Reinhard Wolff I’ve heard a couple things about “activism proposals”. Is that a formal system or is it just something you suggest maybe in regional servers?

SF is very diverse

Vermont is huwhiter

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