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2018-06-09 00:51:46 UTC

The puppy avatar threw me off.

2018-06-09 01:07:40 UTC

Is the new one better?

2018-06-09 01:42:59 UTC

@micbwilli very unambiguous

2018-06-09 02:24:38 UTC

@ThisIsChris @Zyzz Thank you for the advice. Yes, it would be nice to have an honest talk about career and finances. Not asking for a lot, but maybe it would be nice to know any prospective children could have a decent future.
Just looking for someone who would be "in charge," if that makes any sense?

2018-06-09 02:27:25 UTC

@SamanthaM Of course, sounds like what I would describe as "a stable family oriented person", seems reasonable to me.

2018-06-09 02:27:27 UTC

@SamanthaM Yeah i think the only responsible thing to do is to make sure your career/finances are in order prior to bringing children into this world. Nearly all women want a man who is "manly" as in they are masculine. A part of masculinity is the willingness and ability to lead or take charge

2018-06-09 02:46:57 UTC

Ok, so honest question, and this is probably asking too much of someone, but I have the responsibility of taking over a family business. Ideally, it would be great if there was someone was interested in both kids, and a small business. Is that too high a criteria to look for?

2018-06-09 02:49:23 UTC

@SamanthaM I don't think so, that's effectively what my wife and I are going for. Actually in my view I think it is quite normal as (professional and stable) people get older that they strongly consider having their own small business, and only don't do so if they have a great opportunity elsewhere.

2018-06-09 02:50:05 UTC

i wouldnt force him into it, no. with that said he should be able to understand the opportunity you have and be willing to let you do what you need to do

2018-06-09 02:50:35 UTC

he may want to pursue another career path and thats fine

2018-06-09 02:54:34 UTC

@SamanthaM in reflecting on what @Zyzz says, I do think it's better to focus on finding a life partner apart from finding a business partner. If those line up it's a coincidence. There's other ways to keep your spouse close during the work day without them having to co-manage a business with you.

2018-06-09 02:54:54 UTC

@SamanthaM would you be mobile with your business or would you need to stay where youre at? is it that he didnt want to live where you live?

2018-06-09 02:59:25 UTC

@Zyzz Good question. Theoretically, I could move the business anywhere in the continental U.S., but the vast majority of our clients are in the Mid-Atlantic. Also, there are some family circumstances that prevent a major move.

2018-06-09 03:00:56 UTC

@ThisIsChris What you and your wife have is definitely ideal. But you're right, it would be unfair to expect someone to make a career switch.

2018-06-09 03:07:23 UTC

@SamanthaM my grandmother used to say "god closes one door and opens another". i would try to keep an eye out for the next one

2018-06-10 01:59:51 UTC

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola it's all about reading their body langauge man. If you get eye contact or smiling that is very good. If she positions herself near you or so you can clearly see her that is good too. And if she touches you in any way that is a dead giveaway.

2018-06-13 18:05:28 UTC

"How to get out of the friend zone" ^^

2018-06-13 18:43:45 UTC

The best way to get out of the friend zone is to not get in it in the first place. i.e. first impressions are important

2018-06-13 18:43:58 UTC

they set the pace of the rest of the interactions

2018-06-13 19:11:33 UTC

I have a little theory about the friend zone... your personality worked, your attractiveness didn’t... therefore, you are friend zoned.

2018-06-13 19:12:09 UTC

In harsher words, stop being unattractive

2018-06-13 19:12:55 UTC


2018-06-13 19:36:36 UTC

yep ^

2018-06-13 19:57:07 UTC

Or just being too much of a friend. Being too available, and too open, etc

2018-06-13 20:02:06 UTC

Nothing makes them want you more than apathy

2018-06-13 20:02:16 UTC

Or at least controlled apathy

2018-06-13 20:03:25 UTC

Ex. Don’t message them back as soon as you are receiving messages, don’t act like it is all or nothing, desperation is a major “turn off”

2018-06-15 20:14:15 UTC


2018-06-15 20:15:20 UTC

Women crave attention more than anything else, so play it aloof and they will respond to you.

2018-06-21 01:53:14 UTC

I found my fiancé on accident, remember those women you were friends with in school? That is a good place to start, perhaps unrequited love is why they stayed around you?

2018-06-21 01:53:53 UTC

Just message them, your maturity and familiarity may be just what the doctor ordered.

2018-08-05 23:57:30 UTC

Yea I think you are right on that analysis

2018-08-05 23:57:37 UTC
2018-08-05 23:57:52 UTC

Well his analysis too I suppose

2018-08-06 00:00:49 UTC

@missliterallywho congrats again on the child

2018-08-06 00:01:22 UTC

Yea I’ve still got a lot of growing up to do and need to work on making myself a better person physically and mentally before I’m ready for something.
Congrats on finding someone whom your love and your first child. That’s awesome you met them through IE

2018-08-06 00:03:52 UTC


2018-08-10 17:34:55 UTC

@missliterallywho Thank you for the advice! Yes, the idea of marriage can be intimidating. Makes complete sense. 😃 Congratulations on your first child!! That’s so awesome ❤️

@missliterallywho the ChadanChad?

(The Chad of Chads)

2018-08-26 19:12:29 UTC

@Sherlock I had the same problem with finding a place to meet women and honestly I'm sorry to say it's really tough. I was looking for years and when I finally found her she's on the other side of the planet and everything is more difficult than I expected.

All that being said, they are out there. I of course recommend going to church. It's the best way in my opinion to find an actually traditional woman. If that's not your thing though you should still be setting aside at least one day per week to engage with a community of your choosing. Maybe your thing will be cars, hunting, bowling, or community gardening. The point is just get out there and grow your non-political social network. Even if what you do is a primarily male hobby people have sisters and daughters and they will be much more comfortable with you if you are part of their community.

Forget about all the PUA bull that people are selling on the internet. Social engagement and social proof is how you meet and attract women.

Also if you want to convert to Hardcore German Lutheranism I promised my girlfriend that I'd help her sister find a husband.

2018-08-26 19:17:58 UTC

Haha I don’t reckon I’m much the religious type. I wish I were because like you said it would be a lot easier to meet a girl worth meeting. Thank you for the advice. Building a better social network does seem to be the key.

2018-08-26 23:13:20 UTC

Agree with @Der Seeteufel - SD , PUA will only attract you to women who are attracted by PUA. I'd also reiterate what I said to @Sherlock in the other channel, that night classes are a great way to meet people. I meet my wife at a foreign language course.

2018-08-26 23:13:50 UTC

Foreign language courses are great for this purpose since conversing with others is a goal of the course.

2018-08-27 01:21:45 UTC

This was recommended to me by another IE member and I’ve found it very helpful.
Models: Attract Women Through Honesty https://www.amazon.com/dp/1463750358/

2018-08-27 02:00:13 UTC

Isn't a lot of PUA stuff just social skills, though?

2018-08-27 02:13:14 UTC

Yeah, but social skills written by guys who only figured out how to be social when they were 25

2018-08-27 03:34:11 UTC

Any advice for messaging a girl on Instagram? Someone that has mutual friends followed me and I figured why not, she's cute and her page is free of thottery. She goes to the university I'll be transferring to next year. Obviously my intention would be to get to know her in person, but any tips for just making an attractive first impression?

2018-08-27 03:35:40 UTC

I'm not sure if this is the best first impression, but an easy innocuous way to start talking would just be to say your transferring in and have a question or some shit.

2018-08-27 05:00:18 UTC

Why not just follow her IG with an alias and show up to an event she's at? Then pretend you know nothing about her and it's all a coincidence

2018-08-27 05:04:55 UTC

very Machiavellian here

2018-08-27 14:04:42 UTC


2018-08-27 23:48:49 UTC

What tide said

2018-08-31 12:08:26 UTC

Being confident and just knowing how to talk to girls like theyre humans is a good first step for a lot of the guys in IE that are transitioning from a NEET lifestyle

2018-08-31 12:09:13 UTC

Not every social interaction with a girl should have her teetering on edge thinking youre gonna ask her out at the end too

2018-09-01 03:58:33 UTC
2018-09-01 06:12:59 UTC

Tfw no gf

2018-09-01 09:40:08 UTC


2018-09-06 01:25:18 UTC

@Warren H Make sure your account is public so she can see you. Once she sees a photo of you, she's going to decide if you're worth talking to or worth curving then screenshoting to show her friends in the first three seconds

2018-09-06 14:44:55 UTC


2018-09-11 01:23:40 UTC

Two days ago my woman and I ended an extremely turbulent relationship. It was the first time either of us have been in love, or have considered raising a family with a partner, and she has described her attraction to me as being so intense it simply overwhelms her. There are other factors, too, which have complicated things and more or less doomed any kind of future between her and I. The both of us are a bit devastated, to say the least. She's moved out of town, and I've asked her not to speak to me for awhile, although I feel constantly compelled to reach out to her.

2018-09-11 01:33:58 UTC

@Aleis⊕ccidentalis sorry to hear that, brother. Stay strong, no contact.

2018-09-11 01:35:29 UTC

Thank you, man. I was honestly wondering if no contact is the right way to go...it feels so wrong, especially considering it's a person I genuinely care about and feel a protective instinct for.

2018-09-11 01:35:41 UTC

Absolutely no contact.

2018-09-11 01:36:37 UTC

I think it's necessary for me to get on with things, and not invest emotional energy towards someone who isn't here anymore.

2018-09-11 01:36:54 UTC


2018-09-11 02:05:03 UTC

@Aleis⊕ccidentalis stay strong brother, i can only imagine how hard that is

2018-09-11 02:05:41 UTC

Always remember we are here for you! Reach out if you need anything, or..just to talk

2018-09-11 02:23:33 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI thanks much man...it's great to know people are in my corner

2018-09-11 17:29:07 UTC

Are you so sure that the relationship should end? @Aleis⊕ccidentalis I don’t know the reasons y’all are splitting but if you all have that much of a connection sometimes it is better to work things out. But if the reasons are strong enough to compel you to think it is over and can not be worked out then no contact is the only way forward. At that point what good does having contact with her do for you or her?

2018-09-11 21:06:13 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI That's certainly kind of you, Tom. And I extend my empathy and/or advice to you or anyone here who needs it. I feel a protective instinct for my fellow Euro-folk, especially those who strongly identify with their heritage, and I sincerely wish for us all to find a right partner, to be loved and have the opportunity to raise a healthy, stable family.

2018-09-11 21:44:14 UTC

Basically, I've told her to not speak to me in any way until she's had a good amount of time alone on this trip of hers, and she's had a chance to sort things out for herself and come to a clear decision. Until then I simply cannot invest the emotional energy or entertain thoughts of a future between us. It causes too much stress and anxiety that truly interferes with my life.

2018-09-11 21:56:45 UTC

That’s a pretty wise approach @Aleis⊕ccidentalis. A lot of guys don’t have the discipline (me when younger included) for that.

2018-09-11 22:01:09 UTC

@Deleted User I'd like to think so, but it does hurt like hell. I care about her, a lot, and so obviously I'm compelled to stay in touch and know she's doing alright. Ultimately though, I'm just trying to be grateful...I've gotten to spend a ton of time with a woman I'm crazy about, even be intimate with her. I should be thankful for the experience, and content with whatever comes after.

2018-09-11 22:03:49 UTC

@missliterallywho I've actually told this to her, almost word for word, and she broke down crying, saying that she absolutely hates that I think this about her, though she realizes its her fault. Even if we do end up together in the future, those thoughts will be lingering in the back of my head and it would take some serious trust to not let that potential for error ruin a relationship/marriage.

2018-09-11 22:06:12 UTC

On the infidelity point, it’s been my experience that young people (is she young) often change what they want dramatically in the blink of an eye. Though @missliterallywho’s point is well taken.

2018-09-11 22:09:40 UTC

She's 24, I'm 26. She grew up like a typical suburban girl, but in the last year or so she's taken a huge interest in traditionalism, with little influence from me. Since I've known her, I'd say she's a generally rational and mature person, but is slightly insecure and undecisive. I honestly believe this has been harder on her in many ways than myself.

2018-09-11 22:27:28 UTC

sucks dude. something similar happened to me a few years ago except i was cheating on her. Sometimes i miss her but the best thing to do is let her go and find someone better.

2018-09-11 22:30:59 UTC

I think only you know exactly what you want from this woman. I would say that some time between now and the next time you all talk would be a great idea. I am of the belief that the right relationship doesn’t come hard. There are trials and tribulations but you never truly second guess being together. If I where you I would go with my gut. My only advice is to look out for yourself as number one in this situation. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of. It is hard for us to tell you what is best for you you’re the only one who knows that.

2018-09-11 22:42:05 UTC

i wouldnt even talk to her again. the more you stay involved the longer it will hurt. its almost like a bandaid, you just need to rip it off.

2018-09-11 22:52:11 UTC

Thanks @JesseJames. Like I said, we are very much victims of circumstance here. Had this been a normal relationship we would not have all this extra baggage and neurosis, and instead be able to love each other freely. I agree with you, though, a true relationship with the right partner should be effortless in a way, not that there isn't struggle involved.

2018-09-11 22:57:22 UTC

@Caboose I know that is the case in most failed relationships, but I can't confidently say going zero contact would be the right decision. Before we ever hooked up, or even put our feelings for each other out there, she was simply a great friend of mine. Someone I was compelled to be around, help out and care for. None of that has changed...so it sincerely does not feel right to break contact completely and abandon this person.

2018-09-11 23:02:05 UTC

Also, it's not like she dumped me. She did move away, and effectively chose to not be with me, but she's also fully admitted that she is terrified to be apart from me, because she has such a strong affection for me and knows that I'm her mate and have helped her grow stronger in many ways. One of the last things she did before we split was to reaffirm that she loves me, more than anyone before by a strong margin, and won't be able to stop thinking of me.

2018-09-11 23:09:12 UTC

@Aleis⊕ccidentalis protect yourself and do what you think is right.

2018-09-11 23:11:15 UTC

Interesting. In my personal oppinion it sounds like she could either be just telling you what she thinks you want to hear, or she could be telling you that to keep you around in case she gets bored with the other guy again and wants another option. But yes protect yourself. this is the beginging of a very toxic relationship that could possibly cause years of depression like it did to me. i wouldnt trust her and look at other options yourself. if she really loves you the sight of you with another woman will drive her crazy.

2018-09-11 23:49:47 UTC

Whether it's guilt you feel for cheating, or disgust you feel after being cheated on, infidelity will always remain a stain on a relationship. It's possible to work through it and forgive, I guess, but it will always be there in some form. I don't like the mentality of "taking a break" because that translates to "let me explore my options and get back to you if they don't pan out."
I know generalizing women is misogynistic and should be illegal (sarcasm) but the "strong feelings" she has for you will suddenly vanish when she finds another guy she likes. Sort of like exactly what happened when she left her boyfriend to be with you... You should follow your gut here and commit to no contact, including removing her from social media and anything else. Don't wait for her to bring you closure, create the closure yourself. Do what you know is right, and be confident in your decision. I promise you she will be fine.

2018-09-12 00:01:56 UTC

@JesseJames @Caboose @TV Thank you all for the advice, that is what I need to do, look out for myself. Really, I need to stop thinking about it, and stop trying to put all the pieces together in my head. It's driving me insane.

2018-09-14 16:07:10 UTC

Henlo borthers. I asked a churchy QT classmate to lunch today and I am going to meet with her and her friends in the cafeteria today. Could be nothing, but good practice in any case. (And who knows maybe I'll hit it off better with one of her friends )

2018-09-14 16:22:08 UTC

Good luck, my dude

2018-09-14 18:54:06 UTC

At lunch:
"Wow, so you're, like, thirty!"
"Not only am I *like* thirty, I am in fact past it."
Is autism to blame?

She did say I looked more ~24. She probably thought that when she agreed to the meal lol.

2018-09-14 18:54:33 UTC


2018-09-14 18:56:57 UTC

But it was fine. I talked more to her friends than her, because her friends talk more and she is very succint. One of her friends, a 9.1/10 hhweat-field tier trad blonde dominated the discussion with a passionate dissertation on hymns. But she's even younger so not going to try that (plus I have the stench of a pagan-curious former atheist).

Point is, they're out there. Just don't believe the (((meme))) that you need to "explore" and "find yourself" until you're in your late twenties.

2018-09-14 18:58:21 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN stench of a pagan haha, that was a great way to describe it

2018-09-14 18:58:48 UTC

Not literal I hope. Oklahoma is a bit muggy though.

2018-09-14 19:00:15 UTC

I myself come from that background, back to catholicism now due to my protestant wife. And no not literal at all, just in the context of your conversation with the Hymnist i can only imagine her thoughts, would be much like my wifes were back when i took the northern road

2018-09-14 19:01:02 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Okie, ive heard bad things, twisters for one, too many non huwhites for 2

2018-09-14 19:05:46 UTC

We're 66%. So not great, but not 45-40% like most of the south.
But only state other than West Virginia to have ZERO Democratc counties last election.

2018-09-14 19:07:05 UTC

I didn't really comment on any faith matters other than saying (the old "Helicopter Mom" podcast line) that a lot of modern praise music sounded like trying to convince Jesus to be your boyfriend. Which she laughed at.

2018-09-14 19:09:01 UTC


2018-09-14 22:38:02 UTC

I've gotten the "wow! You're so old" comment before. She was 17 and I'm 26 and I wasn't even hitting on her. She clearly was crushing on me though. We were at a beach and she told me she liked my tan lines.

2018-09-14 22:40:13 UTC

I have a pretty definitive farmers tan.

2018-09-14 22:44:27 UTC

My current wife was 17 when i was 25, it works, 8 years is a good distance in my book

2018-09-14 22:44:41 UTC

My parents are 8 years apart as well

2018-09-14 22:45:25 UTC

My current girlfriend is 19 I'll be 27 next month.

2018-09-14 22:45:35 UTC

Yea I thinks thats perfect

2018-09-14 22:45:46 UTC

Just my opinion

2018-09-14 23:34:37 UTC

Last fall I was dating a 20 year old, 8/pol/ meeting, Evola-reading redhead. I almost thought it was some kind of antifa plot it was too perfect. But ten years was a bit too much gap for her. I hope some younger goy can scoop her up someday.

2018-09-14 23:35:58 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD lol yeah I look pretty Med in the arms, neck and face, but pale Celtic shirtless. In the summer I wear a long sleeve fishing shirt so the Amish tan goes up to eleven.

2018-09-15 02:46:52 UTC


2018-09-16 06:21:53 UTC

My grandparents were ten years apart when they got married.

2018-09-16 06:25:09 UTC

That was when there was a rooted culture and wiser traditions. Now we live in a youth-worshipping morass of ever-spinning pop-culture. Not relating to the same media bullshit seems enough to prove a "gap." Also feminism tells girls they have to be more mature, more advanced and more skilled than men.

2018-09-16 06:26:35 UTC

It stands to evidence that girls lose value in the sexual market as they grow older and their fertility wanes, whereas men's sexual market value increases as they grow older and accrue more resources.

2018-09-16 06:27:07 UTC

Like you goys were saying earlier its a natural fit to have something of a gap.

2018-09-16 06:31:10 UTC

Oh I agree. It's just getting girls in [the current year] to understand the most basic truths is tough.

2018-09-16 06:33:09 UTC

Yeah my last relationship ended because I dared to mention the "Join or die" political cartoon that led to the gadston flag. Somehow that set her off beyond the point of no recovery.

2018-09-17 00:45:40 UTC

Dude if she cheated on you, no way

2018-09-17 00:47:23 UTC

Like a week late on this but just catching up lol

2018-09-17 03:52:21 UTC

If a woman cheats on you she is toxic. Literally the worst thing a woman could ever do to a man is cheating because until relatively recent history a man could not be sure of paternity. Even now it isn't something that gets tested until there's another reason to doubt. A cheating wife isn't only genetic death but robs you of the resources that you could have used to care for your own children. If a woman I loved ever cheated on me not only would I dump her, I would also do my best to make sure any guy she was ever interested in knew her history.

2018-09-17 03:55:52 UTC

The worst thing a man can do to a woman is abandon her with his children, but I still think a cheating wife is worse.

2018-09-17 04:07:07 UTC

The reason I say that isn't even because I'm a patriarchal chauvinist, which I very well might be. The reason is because society has developed to the point where a woman being abandoned by her man isn't a death sentence. She likely will continue to live a relatively comfortable life and her child will most likely survive. She will probably even be venerated by her peers.

2018-09-17 12:55:10 UTC

There is no coming back from infidelity. There is no way you could have a healthy relationship after someone cheats on you. I don’t know why anyone would want to stay with someone who betrayed you in such a way to make you look like a fool and to abuse your trust in the worst way possible. If they would cheat on you what wouldn’t they do to hurt you?

2018-09-19 23:34:33 UTC

Press "F" for my okcupid account mk2.

2018-09-19 23:34:48 UTC


2018-09-19 23:34:58 UTC

zucked again, although I haven't the faintest idea for.

2018-09-19 23:35:21 UTC

I haven't trolled anyone, my profile is normie Trumpian without even stating it.

2018-09-19 23:35:29 UTC

Really? your okq account got banned? I didn't know they even did that

2018-09-19 23:35:43 UTC

second time too.

2018-09-19 23:36:16 UTC

Wow, I used to reeeee on there all the time and never got banned

2018-09-19 23:36:38 UTC

I can only suspect I gave the "wrong" answers on "do you want to date someone the same race as you?" "are you Jewish?" "should illegals be deported?"

2018-09-19 23:38:56 UTC

The login screen gives the game away. Two lesbian I couples, a black couple, one soy boy/white and TWO BM/WF.

2018-09-19 23:39:20 UTC


2018-09-19 23:39:35 UTC

I wonder who okq is (((owned))) by?

2018-09-19 23:40:57 UTC

I think I have their business model figured out. String along beta whites, push non-monogamy, race mixing and homosexuality on the gals. The achieve dysgenic goals and profit.

2018-09-19 23:42:55 UTC

I remember in 2015 there was a study across multiple top dating sites that showed the aggregate of data by preferences. African females and Asians males were considered the least desirable. With White males and Asian/white females being considered the most desirable.

2018-09-19 23:46:48 UTC

Yeah. Blackening is a problem, but less of a problem as we hyper-aware people sometimes blackpill ourselves into thinking. The real danger is the up and comong generation, with the propaganda pushed much harder

2018-09-19 23:59:00 UTC

I live in a very small town but am far past the age opportunity of picking up "le trad waifu" meme. Sadly internet is about the only avenue. Oh well back to the read and lift.

2018-09-19 23:59:35 UTC

Nah bro it's never too late

2018-09-20 00:32:51 UTC

I don't mean in a fatalistic foreveralone . jpg sense. Just saying at 32 with little wealth, there's a small to zero chance of a prime bride.

2018-09-20 00:36:05 UTC

Which makes sense. at 32 with little wealth, I'm not a prime groom lol

2018-09-20 01:32:59 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Religion bro! Get one. It will not only improve your chances at finding a trad waifu it improves your life over all.

2018-09-20 01:42:03 UTC

How do you just "get" a religion? I don't know how to have faith without evidence

2018-09-20 01:42:19 UTC


2018-09-20 01:44:02 UTC

I wish i had the answer to that. I wish I could have faith. But the faithful are adamant that I am "choosing" my own atheism as much as they are choosing their faith

2018-09-20 01:58:23 UTC

Actually Christianity has an answer for that question. Romans 10:17 "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." I would encourage you to go to church even if you don't believe. The ritual of having a specific set time and day every week where you engage socially with a community is good for you regardless.

2018-09-20 01:59:16 UTC

^^^I agree with this. If I could find a relatively close church that isn't pozzed I'd attend

2018-09-20 02:00:54 UTC

Look for Confessional Lutheranism. Missouri, Wisconsin, or preferably if you have one nearby CLC Lutheran. I'm CLC Lutheran my pastor knows I'm in IE and thinks it's great.

2018-09-20 02:03:03 UTC

It's also how I met my girlfriend who is so trad she has literally never worn pants and her favorite song is Edelweiss from "The Sound of Music".

2018-09-20 02:05:12 UTC

She plays the harp bro! In a sailor dress bro!!!


2018-09-20 02:05:33 UTC

Also she has a sister.

2018-09-20 02:29:59 UTC

I have tried to feel both Christ as well as pagan gods, and I never feel anything. I can't believe anything. I'm willing to go through the motions in the hopes something clicks. But the only pagans around are fat leftists, and the only Christians around are universalist, Israel-slave, football-player worshiping cucks.

2018-09-20 02:30:21 UTC

I tried praying this summer while out in the woods.

2018-09-20 02:30:31 UTC

^^^^yep my feelings exactly

2018-09-20 02:30:54 UTC

I don't want to countersignal or insult those with faith. I fully acknowledge I am the defective one.

2018-09-20 02:30:59 UTC

Society is better with a healthy faith.

2018-09-20 02:35:04 UTC

I think a big problem with America is diversity of religion. It makes having one cohesive church impossible, but I don't have any problem with someone "church shopping" lots of Christians are pozzed straight to hell, and I mean that literally, but there are still lots of based Christians too. You just have to find us.

2018-09-20 02:38:34 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD I listen to the Godcast (lol and Helicopter Mom). I thought about an Orthodox Eastern church, an hour away.

2018-09-20 02:39:14 UTC

Catholic churches are pretty much just Mexican here. Not a lot of Irish or Italians.

2018-09-20 02:40:31 UTC

A problem I have @Der Seeteufel - SD is that Christians have actively told me that they do not want non believers attending, especially if they have somekind of agenda, and all they have to do is google my name to find out what my true feelings are.

2018-09-20 02:40:49 UTC

Thank you Charlotesville

2018-09-20 02:42:27 UTC

I'd be constantly trying to make darwinism fit into the frame, not taking every scripture literally, and for liberal churches counteracting that stuff too

2018-09-20 02:42:49 UTC

Well then they suck. Like I said my pastor knows I'm in IE and that I was at Charlottesville. He doesn't see any conflict that could affect my faith.

2018-09-20 02:43:48 UTC

My own step father has studied the scriptures his whole life and said he would compare Identitarianism to a cult or masonry, and therefore incompatible

2018-09-20 02:44:56 UTC

The comparison with masonry usually stems from the fact that it is a pseudonymous group which aims to acheive power. I see the resemblence.

2018-09-20 02:44:56 UTC

We're probably dipping to deep into a religious discussion for the being single channel.

2018-09-20 02:45:27 UTC

Yeah we do have an unofficial religious server where most members are IE

2018-09-20 02:45:30 UTC

It's weird that we want a society where elders are heeded, but our "elders" (boomers) are anomalous sabatague against all tradition, and therefore, a liability.
Care for and honor, sure. But they need to have power taken from them.

2018-09-20 02:46:10 UTC

@ThisIsChris could you send me an invite?

2018-09-20 02:46:14 UTC

I think what we want is not neccessarily elders heeded but rather *tradition* heeded

2018-09-20 02:46:19 UTC

yep just a sec

2018-09-20 02:51:52 UTC

I'm a voting member of my church and will eventually be an elder. In order to get there though I had to start from the bottom. To try to redirect this back to a conversation about being single I think that sometimes we tend to think more about the ends than the means. You can't introduce yourself to a girl with a marriage proposal. You have to be willing to start small and be patient.

2018-09-20 02:55:36 UTC

Very true. Putting cart before horse is a problem for the very intelligent as well as the identitarian, i.e. ethnostate speculation when most white people aren't pro-white...

2018-09-22 18:45:00 UTC

What if you’re 🅱agan

2018-09-22 20:07:25 UTC

Good luck finding a pagan gf lol

2018-09-22 20:07:58 UTC

Hard to even find pagan guys to hang out with much less a pagan girl who isn't a whale

2018-09-22 20:56:03 UTC

@Sherlock Sad but true. For every Blonde Buttermaker there are 33 bluehair, fat, leftist wiccans

2018-09-22 23:51:56 UTC

Haha yeah the struggle is real

2018-09-29 16:10:42 UTC

Very good points.

2018-09-29 16:36:43 UTC

Well put, my big issue is that I have trouble striking up conversations with strangers without feeling like a creep

2018-09-29 16:38:20 UTC
2018-09-29 16:38:50 UTC

And I live way out in the sticks. No real activity groups to speak of

2018-09-29 16:40:35 UTC

Sorry to hear that man. It's already hard for me and I'm near plenty of people, I can't imagine how bad it is in a sparsely populated area

2018-09-29 16:44:50 UTC

Yeah.. I guess I am just focusing on my classes (I commute an hour one way to college) and lifting. Maybe in the spring...

2018-09-29 16:46:38 UTC

Yeah, same I guess. It's probably better I spent my efforts on self improvement, but its still a little depressing at times

2018-09-29 16:54:45 UTC

Striking up conversations just takes practice. You only feel like a creep because so many women complain about "creepy men" bothering them

2018-09-29 16:55:23 UTC

pro tip: be attractive

2018-09-29 16:56:03 UTC

I'm not unattractive, just uncomfortable

2018-09-29 16:56:12 UTC

IMO at least

2018-09-29 16:58:21 UTC

I kind of have a weak chin. It isn't terrible, but the neck fat that won't disappear doesn't help. I am working on getting contacts to replace glasses though.

2018-09-29 16:59:16 UTC

You're probably fine

2018-09-29 17:00:26 UTC

I've taken enough selfies to know now that you can make your chin look stronger just by jutting it out a tiny bit, not ridiculously so it's like underbite though

2018-09-29 17:02:04 UTC

just like, line up your teeth where they should naturally fit

2018-09-29 17:03:10 UTC

A girl's body language tells you how she feels about you more than anything else you can pick up in a conversation

2018-09-29 17:06:57 UTC

What should I look for in particular? Are there any tell-tale body signs that have worked for you guys?

2018-09-29 17:07:12 UTC

honestly, you'll know

2018-09-29 17:08:13 UTC

Yeah, pretty much you'll just know, but it something you'll have to start paying attention to.

2018-09-29 17:10:46 UTC

There used to be some videos on the subject but they all got taken down because it's sexist to recognize micro expressions

2018-09-29 17:11:54 UTC

For good reason too, readable body language is a tool of male dominance

2018-09-29 17:12:20 UTC

But thanks for the advice so far, I'll definitely be more aware of it going forward

2018-09-29 17:12:40 UTC

like, if you're not full on autistic (literaly they're unable to recognize body language and emotion), you're fine lol

2018-09-29 17:26:17 UTC

oh and experiment with your facial hair

2018-09-29 17:26:42 UTC

I find for me, a great shave really makes my jaw stronger

2018-09-29 17:27:00 UTC

Yeah, same, whenever I have the time I always stay clean shaven

2018-09-29 17:27:48 UTC

though I still want a beard... In time 🙄

2018-09-29 17:28:05 UTC

@Nicholas1166 - NY That's exactly why those videos were taken down lol. People used to get so worked up over the idea that there are observable beta and alpha traits. Even though one of the videos was just comparing footage of gorillas in the wild.

2018-09-29 17:28:39 UTC

The virgin/Chad meme really changed the game.

2018-09-29 17:30:51 UTC

It really is a high caliber meme, and a very versatile one at that

2018-09-29 17:37:03 UTC

oh and I totally neglected to mention the obvious: lower body fat = more chiseled jaw

2018-09-29 17:37:17 UTC


2018-09-29 17:39:34 UTC

@TV I don't think that's true. I didn't know about that complaint until I read internet forums, and I kind of always would have felt weird just going up to someone in public and striking up conversation.

2018-09-29 17:41:38 UTC

What's not true?

2018-09-29 17:43:27 UTC

That the only reason you feel weird striking up conversations with strangers is because women complain about "creepy men"

2018-09-29 17:44:02 UTC

Oooh. It's true for a lot of guys though.

2018-09-29 17:47:35 UTC

And maybe it's not 100% of the reason, but part of it, for some guys.

2018-09-29 17:59:55 UTC

more generally I'd say it's just lacking confidence

2018-09-29 18:06:08 UTC

That's the main issue.

2018-09-29 18:08:00 UTC

A confident, fit, white man is exactly what they don't want you to be.

2018-09-29 18:32:01 UTC

we live in a society

2018-09-30 00:59:34 UTC

here's a good video to observe body language.

2018-09-30 01:00:03 UTC

look at his wife throughout this journey

2018-09-30 02:08:59 UTC

Wife of the year if she stayed with him that long

2018-09-30 14:12:24 UTC

Lack of confidence will ruin your chances chicks will pick up on that instantly

2018-09-30 14:13:43 UTC

Always appear confident if you find yourself unable to do that then try some self improvement

2018-09-30 20:09:21 UTC

In that video, look at the guys shirt at 2:09

2018-09-30 20:09:27 UTC


2018-09-30 20:22:18 UTC

Or I dunno, his wife is cute, maybe NAZBOL GANG?

2018-09-30 20:22:24 UTC

(probably not)

2018-10-01 04:06:28 UTC

Thoughts on the glasses question? Been thinking of getting contacts. Sometimes I think I look good with them, sometimes not.

2018-10-01 04:09:28 UTC

@Attrition in the desert I have been thinking the same thing.

2018-10-01 04:14:00 UTC

Well, I know when looking at screens for extended periods (its exacerbated at night or the end of a day,) my contacts can really irritate my eyes. So on a day I'm going to be much more active, or need to look my best, I'll don the contacts. On days I'm doing a lot of work at a screen, or just to give my eyes a break, be lazy, w/e , I'll go for glasses. It's quite nice having both. And I usually end up going a month and a half to two months per pair of 1-month lenses before having to replace since I wear glasses sometimes. (They'll start to split/tear, get warped, etc.)

2018-10-01 06:17:18 UTC

Acuvue Oaysis contact lenses are so comfortable, I never have issues wearing them, highly recommended.

2018-10-01 18:17:40 UTC

Contacts worn everyday will dry out and hurt your eyes. It's best to put some drops or gel in before bed if you wear contacts everyday. I don't think glasses or no glasses is much of a factor. If you feel confident in glasses then great if not try some new pairs or switch to contacts.

2018-10-01 18:49:53 UTC

I take out the contact lenses before bed and store them in cleaning solution overnight.

2018-10-01 18:50:33 UTC


2018-10-01 18:51:33 UTC

Anyone who sleeps with contact lenses on their eyes is not intelligent enough to be in IE.

2018-10-01 19:03:55 UTC

That's not what I'm saying lol

2018-10-01 19:05:28 UTC

Contacts restrict oxygen getting to your eyes. So when you take them out at night your eyes are often dryed out. Putting some sleep eye gel or drops is a great way to keep your eyes healthy. Both my uncle and my fiance's best friend are eye DRs.

2018-10-01 19:06:32 UTC

Or you can wait untill you are 40 and need restasis.

2018-10-01 19:07:29 UTC

You shouldn't assume what people are talking about then insult them based on that assumption.

2018-10-01 19:07:38 UTC

million dollar idea: perforated contacts
(I have no idea what I'm talking about)

2018-10-01 22:51:35 UTC

@Louis Loire - NY I'm not good with clarifying my statements' context. I was not assuming you sleep with contacts in. I was building off of the thought flow of what to do with contact lenses at night and should have written "**as an aside**, anyone who sleeps with contacts in ..."

2018-10-01 22:52:54 UTC

People have varying levels of natural eye wetness. I've certainly had issues with other contacts, but since wearing Acuvue Oaysis for the past decade or so, I have zero issues with dryness. I'm 31.

2018-10-01 22:53:34 UTC

I'll consider the idea though.

2018-10-01 22:54:53 UTC

What is crazy is getting laser eye surgery. I know multiple people that have to take eye drops now and have screwed up night vision. No thanks, contacts are not that bad.

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