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When will the full video recorded by Wayne be released?

I can't show anyone at home anything other than the 15 sec segment on Twitter @Matthias

Hey there, this is John your interviewer, I will message you shortly

Hey it's Jonalright your interviewer please read the rules before posting and someone will be in touch

Can I get anyone's opinion on day trading? I see alot of tutorials on youtube.

@Deleted User any particular learning software or any recommended tutorials?

I am attracted to the ability to make money from home or while on my laptop. Beats Witcher 3. Just being honest

How much of a return is realistic in as short a period as possible?

Really a living? That's awesome.

Yeah it does. That's what I am aiming for. This stuff is gold by the way. Thanks

Well I'll give some of this a shot. Thanks again

Yeah I'd love to do it as much as possible if I could. I wouldn't have to worry about moving if I needed to. Don't know if I have the math ability to do it though. Any kind of hands on training would help me alot, which this Funded Trader option appears to be. Thanks @ThisIsChris

Ambiguous. Could be a joke coming from anyone,

Would have to have more context

Not me personally. But I did this location in Albany NY

I wish i had the answer to that. I wish I could have faith. But the faithful are adamant that I am "choosing" my own atheism as much as they are choosing their faith

^^^I agree with this. If I could find a relatively close church that isn't pozzed I'd attend

Can anyone recommend a homeschool curriculum that would pass New York states stringent (anti) homeschool requirements?

^^^^yep my feelings exactly

A problem I have @Der Seeteufel - SD is that Christians have actively told me that they do not want non believers attending, especially if they have somekind of agenda, and all they have to do is google my name to find out what my true feelings are.

Thank you Charlotesville

I'd be constantly trying to make darwinism fit into the frame, not taking every scripture literally, and for liberal churches counteracting that stuff too

My own step father has studied the scriptures his whole life and said he would compare Identitarianism to a cult or masonry, and therefore incompatible

@ThisIsChris could you send me an invite?

Awesome this looks good!

^^In regards to the Roman salute high school kids

Can anyone give me a statistical study about whether women or happy or less happy today, and whether they were more happy 60 years ago when they had less rights?

@missliterallywho thanks for the stats on women's happiness. @ThisIsChris I needed this for using against women I am courting (mostly) who don't agree with my views.

@VinceChaos the video you posted "How to find a nationalist girlfriend" I disagree with. One many of us cannot afford a child who can live in a white neighborhood, so having a kid is outright dangerous. The fact is, all the trends indicate that the future is mass suffering for us, and frankly who would have kids, or should, if they think that they won't be able to themselves, spouse, and child away from that? Also note that I might be having a child myself, because I am in a relationship with someone with alot of resources who is older than I am. I would never have a kid with someone less financially able than me, because I have very little resources myself

If you have alot of money yourself, and what it takes to get a nationalist girlfriend, then yes your a hypocrite if your not having children. But if you just can't get a girl, or you have very little financial resources, then that is not being a hypocrite. Also by enough resources I mean alot more than enough to feed and clothe them, I mean enough to live in a white neighborhood

@Jacob Almost all women I meet are against what I believe. Especially the notion that 60 years ago women were happier, even among generally "conservative" women. I think sometimes IE taken Identitarians underestimate just how BAD it is out there finding a woman who is of our views, or even someone capable of being led to that point

More like doesn't want to hear it.

She will read what I give her, watch videos, but yes she wants to see men as having it easy and women as being protected

*being protected today

@NateDahl76 Well because I want her to understand why women shouldn't vote as a whole and why women should be encouraged not to work. If being a career woman isn't the ideal, and she is, what if we have a girl? She will want the same thing for her daughter. If we have a boy, she needs to understand that he will likely end up in trouble if he looks for a relationship that is similar to his mother's and I. In other words she needs to understand that while it may work for her and I, we cannot pretend it will work equally well for our son or daughter

You mean put off till tomorrow what you can do today, AFTER the baby is born?

We are at the point of being ready to conceive but she has all the natural resources. She is 44, I am 27. By resources I mean she has ALOT of resources. We will not be together forever. This is my chance at very high quality genes, better than mine, in making a child. But she will have most of the power, and making sure she is fully onboard is all I have to insure she will be fully onboard with my tradtional plans. To be clear, she already has two kids to someone else who she has raised fairly conservatively- sends them to church, understands the importance of masculinity on the whole, etc

@Zyzz I am all for her working, I am against encouraging our daughter to do the same, or expecting our son to find someone like her, the way I found her

*the way his father met his mother

Like I said, she is 90% of the way there

Yeah and she even takes into account my opinions on porn, video games, etc in raising her current children

@TV It's whip topping on the sundae I guess? I want her to understand exactly what men and women are. Men are the place that power comes from, women wish to submit to this. She needs to understand her own nature fully in order to understand her future daughter and son's. Our relationship is very unorthodox and like I said we both expect that I will move onto another woman in the future. I will have very little power over any issues that we truly disagree on. She is in the supernova stage, the strong desire to have a child., unlike her ex wants a man who wants to be involved with the children. I agreed to that provided that she understands that I must be able to have authority over the child, as that is really what makes fathers want to be around in the first place.

I am effectively courting someone I'd never have a chance with if she were my age, sexual market value would be way to high, she denies this of course. Only reason she accepts me over a older more established man is that I am young and will give her a better shot at viable offspring

We love one another now, but know the age difference is too vast to last forever, and I can only get one kid from her,

I am very alpha, but have very little economic power, owing to a head concussion that resulted in narcolepsy, on top of being doxxed with a very recognizable name in Charlottesville. I can pretty much land an 7-9 woman every other time I go to a bar, and have done that since I was 21. But it's not a fulfilling life. I want a family, or at least children. Problem is I have nothing to offer financially. I'd give anything for a good job, but I am just plain not really good at anything. I planned to be a cop, I even have a criminal justice degree. So my girl was at a bar a year after her divorce, I guess he had a drug issue and wasn't showing any interest in his kids, so she split. I hope that is the real reason, don't have any reason to see it otherwise. But she loves how I interact with her kids, and loves me for my paternal ideas, but just has a small amount of disagreement on the real hardcore stuff

*Not that she expects me to father her boys, but I will be around them as long as her and I have a kid, so I do my best to give them the redpill, and she and I agree that their eyes really do light up when I'm "Telling to em' like a man".

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN it does, but is still a very remote possibility, even so. She also has no problem with having it aborted if it has anything screenable.

But all the more so. I'm getting the arguments out of the way early. She has a much higher IQ than me, though she denies it. @TV I'd love one. But I really have very limited earning potential, and they absolutely shy away once they realize this. I don't blame them. Physically I am in my prime, it's all decline after 26. What you mean is earning prime, of which I have absolutely no sign of an upward trend in that direction. Further, it is my intention to be with another woman, and we both agree that there really isn't another way.

i have height, good looks, and just a natural alpha vibe/mindset. This works for getting laid, not for holding down a woman. Also younger woman are even more at odds with my ideas, and less easily reasoned with about any kind of disagreement, let alone the nature of the sexes and white civilization. I don't know how one removes their ideas and involvement with IE from their spouse. I am proud, and no female is going to take that away from ne

*Proud of my ideas and involvement in IE, and no woman is going to take that away from me.

* so yes their are younger woman that I could have pursued a kid with despite my financial status, but are not down with my thinking at all. And women that were on board, but once they saw I couldn't provide to a great extent, they shied away.

*also their have been women below my league that I'd sleep with, but am not going to reproduce and have a child that isn't going to be high quality. The future will be harsh, and many of us, including our offspring- will not be making it.

They see it in my apartment and where it is located. The clothes I wear. The car I drive. The lifestyle I live. The way I refrain from vacations, or expensive hobbies like skiing or boating. My other friends do these things. I cannot. I don't have women looking at over my financial spreadsheets of course. It is a fact women find men who show signs of wealth to be more attractive.

Women want men who have power. A good looking man is a man who looks like he has power. Wealth is a type of power. Wisdom and knowledge are a type of power (women can't always see wisdom as such however).

@TV I also am not willing to have a kid because I simply can't afford one. With her I will not need to pay child support. As in, if the girls don't see i have an issue, I do! I would be willing to have a child with a girl if one of the higher value one's that I have dated in the past would have been willing but...obviously those were the females that once they realized my situation they became uninterested. I could therefore "marry down", but I refuse to do so. I won't have a kid that doesn't have good genes, at least I will always try to have the best I can. With this woman, I get the shot at the best potential genes, and the only investment she expects of me is to be willing and able to father the child.

@missliterallywho I never said anything about you having a worthless opinion. I appreciate it as much as anyone else. I'd consider buying an egg and surrogate, if I had the money and someone to play mom afterward. But obviously I don't have that money. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a child with someone far outside my class/status (men date down mostly, not up). I feel the genetic potential and financial power are worth the trade off. I've never been tested, but my IQ is likely about 100-105 at most. My GF is 147. I won't throw around $ numbers but it's more than enough, much more than I ever had growing up. She understands that my biggest agenda will be keeping my son or daughter as traditional as possible.

@missliterallywho What "women" in the movement? We outnumber them at least 11-1? Hoping for that kind of woman seems to extremely unlikely. I'd have to get a woman who is willing to live borderline poor in a low income white neighborhood and homeschool. The quality women around me just won't accept this.

@Tanner - SC I absolutely have low self-esteem because of my financial situtation. Because I genuinely cannot afford children right now, and have 0 career options, a combination of having been doxxed, having narcolepsy, and on top of that just am not that smart overall. I think you are implying I can make up for all that by just being "more confident"? Sure, if my goal is getting laid. That works. But mathematically, I cannot afford more children. That is the issue. @Alexander Pechorin Men do become more attractive in women's eyes, but biologically, our genes are always better younger. Generally men do become wiser, better educated, and tend to earn more. Biologically it is downhill for every man after 26, but again some athletes continue to perform well long after, because their skills tend to improve with training overtime, despite their bodies slowly beginning to decline after 26. The fact women find us more attractive doesn't deny that we are physically rotting just like they are, but in fact women's biology has them see our older selves as more attractive anyway. So yes, the "distinguished look" will make them feel more attracted to us, but that does not mean I will definitely be earning more, or that it will compensate for the physical prowness I will be losing

@missliterallywho We do love each other. If I could freeze her age wise until I was 44 myself, I would be more than happy with her.

Also as far as job "within the movement" this is also extremely unlikely. Also, to the extent that it is, I am limited by the same conditions that affect me in the general workforce.

@missliterallywho While this would be highly desirable, I don't have anything to market/sell/service to them. I mean, that would be great, but I still have to have some way to provide that service. I am still at square one. As far as trades go, the narcolepsy makes that difficult, especially really going far in a field to really be able to afford multiple children to a high quality woman.

IQ is the greatest predictor of life outcomes

@Tanner - SC You are or I am? I am not having a kid and not being involved. I am going to play a very active role. I am only having one child with her. She has WAY more financial resources than I do. Private school, white neighborhood, white church on sunday.

We literally do not intend to be together forever.

If the child wasn't as accomplished, it's true, this would be disappointing. So are alot of other really good bets in life

@Tanner - SC I have to keep working at what I can, I hope to one day have enough to afford those 4 kids.

See that is the messed up part. The average woman making that much money, especially if she is my age, wants nothing to do with a guy like me. Its only because she knows finding someone who matches her financially is extremely difficult that this whole deal even works.

How old are you Tanner?

Why were you not open to that?

@Tanner - SC Right exactly. See, we want the same thing. Because relationships built that way tend to last, when the woman makes more, then that can be a problem. On top of that woman usually have the better options, which is almost always true if the SMV of both partners is the same. So most people should not consider that kind of arrangement. It is simply because she CAN'T find someone like that who wants kids she is cool with me- younger and more virile. That, and I really want a kid

@Mikolas AI is going to more and more displace lower IQ members of society.

@Tanner - SC exactly. which is why this arrangement cannot last forever. She is beautiful still, I am financially desperate, at least for now. It can't be permanent.

@Tanner - SC There are way more guys interested in those women than their are women. How does one meet women in IE? There is like 2 in 70 at meetups

And one or both is taken

@Mikolas I expect it to get very bad. I don't want to get into a debate on that here however. I don't prefer the term "black/white pilled"
I just try to be realistic. @Tanner - SC I gotta run, be back in an hour

@Tanner - SC money can absolutely buy a white environment, if your not looking to live far away from where all the work is in a rural area. Women are proven to be attracted (and for good reason) smarter, more successful men. Every woman tingles to $ and @Wood-Ape - OK/MN I have no income source, that is the whole point. I also don't want to leave my home state and region to go live somewhere where you have no family, friends, or any real kind of contacts. I'd have to convince her to do the same thing.

Can anybody name the place with the cheapest cost of living with the highest concentration of white people?

Anyone have a scientific answer on these 2 broad questions regarding male/female relationships 80-100 years ago? The questions being: "Did men have the ability to put a women in an institution at will?" "Were women being beaten on a regular basis?" Is there a way that I could respond using scientific studies in regards to this?

Anybody have an opinion on JF Gariepy's The Revolutionary Phenotype?

Just released

So this Julian Von Abele's phsyics QCI theory of physics- anyone think anything of it?

@@Roland have an opinion on Julian Von Abele's physics theory?

QCI theory. Or is there anyone here with an opinion on it

Yeah I saw people doing that. I'm sure they'll suspend publication once they see an uptick in sales though :(

Hopefully he makes out ok. Doxxing has been devastating for me

Happy New year fam

@Walt why should he stop? Seems to me CA is long gone

@Virgil yes but we are not likely to see proper immigration controls in alot of these places anytime in the future, and frankly not ever, at least before the non whites take over fully. I know I'm not having a kid until the situation is safe

@sigruna14 I also would have one if I had the $ to live in a white place and cope with the level of anti-whitness of the particular time/region I live in. One paradox of getting red pilled is that while I want kids more, it also made it clear that those kids I want will be increasingly endangered as time goes on. Money does make for safety

So @Virgil you said originally that with an increase in wages & proper immigration controls, birthrates will rise. So let me re-word what I stated before: there are no signs of anything close to "proper immigration controls" in most of the West. In Eastern Europe they have controls but none of the economic prosperity.

Bad news on the economic front: there is world wide economic ruin riding on the tail end of Western welfare/pension systems. So I don't know how Eastern Europe will fare as far as that is concerned, but I do know what it looks like from where I am sitting. There will be mass starvation, COMBINED with multi tribal conflict. Our ancestors had one of these conditions or the other, usually not both. They had extensive familial conditions back then , alot of us don't, including myself. I'm not "black pilled", I'm realistic. They also had some kind of a belief in the supernatural, I do not want to get into a discussion here on the subject, but I don't have such a belief. Plus, they didn't have the ability to choose birth control
You have to have enough a combination of these to encourage birth rates:
(Wealth+United racial/ethnic culture+ religious faith)= baby Europeans born. I, and clearly millions of others, don't see it. Just my opinion

@apronandlace I agree but your referring to those who did survive. Not the many who could barely feed themselves or who were murdered, or had the same fate befall their offspring. The winners survived, and at no time had access to birth control, doom and gloom statistics on birth rates, self hating media/media indoctrination of their family, etc etc. I'm arguing that the situation we are in is uniquely bad, and where it is going it is worse.

Even then it would be impossible, as demonstrated by the mice Utopia experiments

And I agree that populations need to decline. But people looking at this and not feeling safe to have kids are not necessarily being too fiscally conservative or not brave enough

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