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This is interesting

I like that idea a lot

Hijacking parties and taking their money basically

Most Judges run unopposed

Haha Erica got an incite too hey there!

Yea exactly, you have to ask them questions to undermine them

This is Europa tactics

Passive offensive


Haha I watched that song a few times haha

I think it's so funny haha, but not the direction we want to go for sure

@Koba as long as we educate them I suppose

But do South Koreans even like North Koreans

I think they have problems with each other as a United nation

Just like the Irish and English

They probably have so many tunnels there already

Probably have tunnels in the basements of their spic shops there

Antifa WILL claim they are bystanders

Just so they can file a lawsuit

Antifa WILL claim they are bystanders so they can file lawsuits

Ur breaking up very bad

At least on my end

Yea in Minnesota we got an ally charged with a felony for wearing body armour

Bathroom pass, some neckslae that says Bernie for prez

The only way they will know if someone in here is in a mole

@Ignis Faatus reminds me of any Walmart up in Minnesota

Wow. Of course

We shouldn't get our guys arrested

That's sort of what they want :/

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Im confused, joined this earlier and got kicked

Aeyannic_Order 2017-08-15 07:54:44 [Ethnoserver #welcome]


34 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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