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Thanks again.

So rules for radicals eh? I'll be sure to pick it up.

Santa Fe College, main campus. Gainesville, FL.

So i've been texting this girl for a week, then I ask her out on a date and she says she's not looking to date anyone right now. When I asked for her number initially I was perfectly clear I wanted to date her, so why did she text with me for a week acting like she was into me?

Oof, you are probably right though.

I probably messed up by not asking her out sooner right?

True, my rationale was that I didn't want to come on too strong.

I'm pretty retarded with women though so haha

Didn't one of those guys get kicked out of japan for being too chad rofl?

I'll have to check both those out, thanks bois.

Indeed, sexual market value like Stefan molyneux talks about.

I agree with the general perception that, if a woman lives together with a man, doesn't marry him and then tries to continue dating she is seen as sullied, in the trad worldview at least.

Nothing triggers lefties like refined bourgiouse

Idk if you dress it up a bit, a bomber jacket with chinos and a dress shirt can be aesthetic.

What about this?

The vast majority of us I would say

A lot of people associate the 'slim' look with the soy crowd now a days, I don't think a bomber is necessarily rough like you might imagine 50's edgy highschoolers to be. As long as you can pull it off and still be classy, like you want to appear it should be fine.

I mean 'rough' for that association.

That being said, a nice wool cardigan can really pull an outfit together, only getting in soy territory if you overdo it.

I've always thought of it as a kind of struggle between stoicism and affluence.

Like you respect yourself and others enough to put effort into your appearence, but you don't dress like a dandy 100% of the time.

C o i n c i d e n c e

Book based pickups are the best ways to find redpilled qt's.

What do you goys think about nightclubs/bars for the purpose of meeting grils? Are they inherently degenerate or just have some degenerate qualities?

The language course idea is really great when I think about it.

Thinking about getting the fash cut, any reason why I shouldn't?

Yeah, I don't have a moral problem with weed per say, but habitual use does make you retarded. Smoking in general is unhygienic, a big turn off when females do it.

I wouldn't say you are trying to change who she is, smoking is a superficial thing, and superficial things aren't part of a person's core attributes.

Idk man, if she seems to make an effort about toning it down for you that's good though.

I remember my one experience with pot pretty vividly, I tried and immediately felt pity for the people that had to fuck themselves up this much every day just to cope with reality.

For sure, every transaction is a brush with the law. Not something you would want in a waifu.

We all have to outgrow childish things.

If you show yourself as a strong enough role model with your clean living then she will see how dumb she is being by contrast.

Like all druggies fundamentally are trying to cope with something. If you can show her that she doesn't have to cope with the situation she used to be in then she doesn't have to smoke anymore.

Premium Identitarianism

Yeah goy just go your own way, you don't need those pesky white children

"You'll be free from a nuclear family, a caring home and all that other pesky stuff"

"H...heh....right...*sniffle* "

Craaawwwliiing innnnn myyy skiinnnn

Florida insurrection


Idk man, the idea of dating apps is kinda flawed, like only broken women who can't get a date irl are on them in my experience.

You guys ever think about the Janissaries in the ottoman empire validate identitarianism? Like the Europeans in the caucuses and Anatolia were the most oppressed minority in the empire, who then, by merit of their ability and talents rose to become the administrative and military elite of the empire. Just look at the OG Mohamed Ali who was a white dude who took over Egypt and started arab nationalism.

That's my pretty much my point. We (The janissaries) did well because of our identity in a civ that hated us.

2018-06-08 09:12:22 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Hey bros, any good strategies for gaining weight? I've been upping my calorie intake lately but it seems like I just burn it all off.

Yeah bro I agree. Fashion and physical fitness are very powerful tools at our disposable. We are the ideological vanguard and as such we have a duty to maintain a clean cut, aesthetic image.

Women crave attention more than anything else, so play it aloof and they will respond to you.

@John O - Too late I'm getting a pair

Ok I'll start. The intervention of the US in 1917 in the great war hugely tipped the scales in the entente's favor. Leading to greater negotiating power at the Paris peace accords and the eventual brutal territory seizing and monetary stipulations on the central powers at the treaty of Versailles.

TLDR - It's our fault

Yeah just saw it too

The real question is , why did the (((international press))) want us in the war so bad?

I'm a proponent of the "muh lusitania" argument being insufficient

It's almost like after the central banks were established the US has been used as an attack dog in a series of proxy wars

Like aside from the Mexican telegram and the lusitania, what reason did we have to intervene?

Yeah I love those time lapse map vids

You know Alexander had to do it to 'em.

Muh horse lanes

Though I would say that Ptolemy was ironically a better general and administrator.

Pretty badass guy, my rational for him being better than alexander is thus. Alexander used his Macedonian army to beat all the occidental armies, then Ptolemy beat *that* army with Egyptian levy troops and some Macedonian Calvary.

He might not have been as much as a luminary but he held his territory for a lot longer and his dynasty lasted all the way to that thot Cleopatra.

I guess you could apply that same thinking to a lot of figures. That the guy that beats the guy that was famous for beating other guys is dank.

Caesar in Gaul is one of the earliest anti-insurgent manuals really.

Tfw the romans are balls deep in your territory and you call the other chieftains for help who could completely surround him with superior number but they say "nah"

Rome's early strategy is kind of like prison you know? You pick a fight with the biggest guy on the Mediterranean then no one wants to mess with you.

I mean in terms of them reking carthage over the punic wars

Honestly he really didn't.

tfw you rek a kid so hard it becomes part of your name

Honestly any civilization that relies on mercenary armies that hard deserves destruction.

Ironically as the romans would learn to their chagrin

That's amazing, I'd love to go one day

Yeah, most inner cities are downright depressing nowadays. You know Detroit used to be called the Paris of America?

Which sounds absolutely retarded now

Bismark, did nothing wrong? OR cucked the Kaiser a bit too much and lead to junker repression in the traditional power structures of the country?

Any tips for improving tinder profile overall? I recently added a pic of me playing my violin and added my height to my bio, that seems to have helped some.

Yeah I really need to hit the gym and get abs again

Or hit the kitchen rather

Any of you goys into data mining? I've been fiddling around with R a lot recently.

@ThisIsChris Yeah I structure a lot of unstructured data on the web for economic system research mostly.

Been getting into data science comprehensively lately, I feel like the field is about to blow up.

@ThisIsChris Mostly data on commerce exchanges in SE asia. The place I'm working at now handles a lot of soft/hard currency transactions.

"Tee hee I love to travel and eat pizza LOL I also looove dogs let's go on adventures I'm so quirky hahah no one else is like me teehee"

>Grug talk to grugella >"Unga bunga grug tee hee" >Rock fall out of grug loincloth >grug face when

From what I understand the European involvement was more of a loose coalition of private MCmercs under some African militia colonel. Kind of like the French foreign legion but with the added baggage of Belgium's history of doing nothing wrong in the congo

Mercenaries are usually a pretty retarded solution anyway

Clearly the best solution to insurrection in central Africa is a few good men in short shorts

That being said, King Leopold had a literal gold mine in the Congo for a while, if I was betting on any African country to rise up with the benefits of colonialism in the 19th century it would have been them or perhaps the ivory coast

I think Jarod Taylor actually talks about it in some interview I've seen

It's truly staggering that a people living next to Arabs that had invented the wheel, could not even *adopt* the wheel until civilization was forced upon them

Nice, what's the title? I've been getting into the history of the Berber people lately and the bastion of civilization that north Africa used to be

I still maintain that St.Augustine was white

You ever hear about Mansa musa?

You boys like my new jacket?

Two pockets in front two breast pockets

For fox hunting

We gon praise jeebus yessuh

Yeah they are pretty white

I think they are descended from the original Phoenician peoples that mingled with the romans and just identify as "arab" on government surveys.

@John O - He was an African King that went on Hajj through parts of Europe and dispersed huge amounts of gold (Of which he had no idea the value of) and crashed the economy of several states along the way lol

I like how they will say "We can't actually measure his wealth" and "He was the richest man of all time" in the same paragraph.

We were talking about the ethnic multiplicity of North Africa, Mansa Musa is perhaps a perfect metaphor for the vast riches of an extremely wealthy region being in the hands of people too uncivilized to appreciate or capitalize on it.

If we think about North Africa during the time of the Punic wars or the Ptolemies or even When the Bishop of Alexandria ran everything as a quasi-roman theocracy it was pretty based. I think the region has potential to rise above the ooga booga and tap the vast resources of the dark continent.

With white people of course

Recognize is a relative term when we talk about how much value mansa musa (in this instance) found in gold. Its my belief that , in terms of the periphery of Africa, not the interior, that most of these African ideals of society and economy are simply a simulacra they produce based on interaction with the Arabs.

For the purposes of Islamic traditions that had been instilled on them. The impetus for this entire event, is once again a hajj.

Mali was by no means a vassal state, but I can see the enterprise of gold production to be completely developed on the idea of promoting and appeasing the ideas of piety the Mali people adopted

When a small portion of you on the ivory coast literally wuz kangz

As gay as it might sound, you can't always compare European civilization to African ones year to year. There are some quite interesting things the various super-Saharan kings came up with. The epiothian civilization for instance, they were pretty advanced for their time.

@John O -. Makes a good point about inspecting things in an wider array, even if it feels relativist sometimes.

I've been finding some interesting parallels while investigating Arab civilization immediately after the conquests of Mohamed and the foundation of the Abbasid caliphate. While undoubtedly an advanced society, their rulers thought that they could benefit by importing the (((Persians))) to help them run their new state. The Arabs of course had never had a civilization at this level before and thought that the successors of Cyrus and Darius could help them engineer a better society. However after two centuries the Large Persian minority eventually overtook the majority of governorships and fractured the caliphate into it's second (Ummayid) period. Moral of the story, It's better to organically grow a state rather than looking for fast ways to advance at the cost of your ethos and people.

Same tactic the ADL used to control the FBI, Volunteering their database until the fbi got it's budget cut and had to rely on who the adl deemed a threat.

Providing assistance in fat times make an entity become dependent on you in lean times.

That being said, we can definitely use this tactic ourselves through nice guy identitarianism.

But to get back to the oriental autism, the Persian civilization has a lot to teach us, such as how a low iq majority replaced the high iq minority during the islamic revolution when the ayalollah overthrew the shah.

Or the various ethnic clashes perpetrated by the (((opponents))) of Cyrus the great in babylon.

>Be me 8/10 King of Kings >My dad was kind of dick to the shia in the country but w/e >Get educated in europe and bring enlightenment ideal back to Persia when I'm crowned shah >Things go pretty well, liberalize the economy, westernize the culture >Be the most western country in the middle east with a booming economy >Shia get really mad because "muh homed" >whatever dude.sand >Cia gives me a a ton of money because I support nato, and fuck up the house of saud whenever I can >Shia get really mad and overthrow me > Cia reinstated me as a puppet > Shias overthrow me again >Go into exile in America > Tfw the Ayatollah (An islamic cardinal or some shit) Immediatly instituted sharia law and shuts down all the universities and high level infrastructure I created >Mfw the high iq elites of persia flee for the west and a massive brain drain takes place > mfw the country actually accepts islam because everyone with an iq over 90 just gtfo >Die of cancer a few years later

This is also when the hostage crisis happened when the American consulate workers were taken hostage and carter was too much a bitch to rescue them. All the cia stuff was why they always chant death to america.

Yeah Carter is a huge cuck

We have wild boars at my parent's estate, used to have our ammo bought by camp blanding to keep the pop down

Yeah I was also raising hogs with FFA at the time so it was slightly ironic.

Sometimes I feel like a good grounding in agriculture is a vital skill for a child, it helps bind generations together through the familiar connection of soil.


Welcome everyone

What do you goys think about mustache nationalism?

There's an art of shaving close to me, how much are the strait razors?

Always wanted to learn how do the trad shave

Yeah I have a safety razor now, is there that much of a difference?

You can fly with it and just not have a blade on it right? Or has the tsa ascended autism at this point?


Brother may I have some burger?

Full anime cosplay

IE barbershop when?

The med mafia

Equestrian filth need to upgrade to marble sculpted patrician tier


The sun never sets on the Floridian march

If you have the memes to attend

Man is both the marble and the sculptor, perfection is a european ideal

Autism is it's own currency.

V for victory

Huwhite Identity

A lot of the fat has been trimmed off of "alt right" comparatively.

We can just be "Teal enthusiasts"

Don't worry, he has the meds for that.

Chinese height extension

The day of the step ladder

Harange the troops every wednesday

Respect wamen

The anglo solution to the jf question

>tfw you just want to contribute soldiers to the legions but no qtIII.I IV gf

Our enemies shall legally fear us.

Esoteric autism

This is a Christian server no swearing

1 2 3 good optics goys

Anglos gonna revise

Don't punch down guys

@Reinhard Wolff Thoughts on stoicism, in relation to identitarianism?

Read war and peace


Ooga booga bois

The virgin mexicans vs the chad construction larpers

May I have some chromosomes brother?

Electricians rise up

Class war is a spook

Landed elite gang don't rise up

Illiterate gang gang gang

This is cleanest Christian minecraft server, treat it right.

Quaker gang rise up

Discipline is white

Mountain dew is a thoroughly white drink

IE baby division

Unless it's sunday

I need your help borthers. I have a date with a qt I met at the mall, (I thought she was wearing a generation identity shirt but it was actually a stylized overwatch logo, per the meme) she kinda seems like a twitch thot but seems pretty into me from texting a bit. Anyway we are going to a museum which I am worried will set off my autism any ideas on how to appear normal?

Sounds like a solid strategy

So I should try to strike a balance between getting the focus of the conversation on her without showing too much interest right? I've kind of heard that part both ways, in terms of being aloof or showing genuine interest.

@ThisIsChris Going to a museum tomorrow. Texted a bit with some of the advice from you fine people, (getting her to talk about herself ect)

Yeah I think it would look really good, it would be am eye catcher to generate interest in our org

Kinda like fraternity rings

The white and teal is such a striking combo.

My grandparents were ten years apart when they got married.

It stands to evidence that girls lose value in the sexual market as they grow older and their fertility wanes, whereas men's sexual market value increases as they grow older and accrue more resources.

Like you goys were saying earlier its a natural fit to have something of a gap.

Yeah my last relationship ended because I dared to mention the "Join or die" political cartoon that led to the gadston flag. Somehow that set her off beyond the point of no recovery.

>inb4 platinum dragons eye

Reminds me of the Clovis people.

We can even find traces of clovis dna in modern day indians. Which would posit that they crossed the land bridge after them , wiped them out and then interbred with the remnents to some degree. We wuz indians.

Early american landmass pre-history is such a fascinating topic

I'll definitely check his stuff out

Broke: Immigration demographics changed in 1965, Woke: Immigration demographics changed in 13,000 BC

Really? your okq account got banned? I didn't know they even did that

Wow, I used to reeeee on there all the time and never got banned

I wonder who okq is (((owned))) by?

I remember in 2015 there was a study across multiple top dating sites that showed the aggregate of data by preferences. African females and Asians males were considered the least desirable. With White males and Asian/white females being considered the most desirable.

Nah bro it's never too late

We on that thought elevator life now


Copenhagen gang

Zuck's days are numbered


You know we had to do it to em

Hmnnnnn, what could be different about New York?

Loomer just hates shakespeare becuase of a certain play about Venice

rt or reeee

"Emperor Incel approves this message"

Selling data? No senator

You don't want the meds in the IE tracksuit knocking on your door.

At least we get free tendies

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