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Can you remind me how I go about paying dues? I don't see anything on the members page about it

And the link the bot gave doesn't work

Ok cool

Thanks man. See you around

Goodness gracious๐Ÿ˜‚

Excellent. Very pleasantly surprised by the neutral tone.

Classical music ftw

I used to go to the Atlanta Symphony monthly

I need to start doing that again

@The Eternal Anglo In some cases, yes very much. For solo and chamber music, I don't think you're gaining a whole lot, but there's a big difference for large pieces. For example, I saw Mozart's Requiem in February, and I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelming an elite choir is from a few rows back.

There's also the fact that you're getting a new interpretation every time, which is something I like about classical music.


Manlets must be stopped

How the hell do you make less than 10K a year?


Part time at a grocery store or something?

What's the thing going on with Georgia or whatever

I came in right as he said that

Hurricane Patrick

We don't need any Minion memes yall


Getting the popcorn ready for the upcoming media cluster

I anticipate a barrage of "fact checks"

The refugee angle will, if nothing else, be absolutely hilarious; to see the media do a 180 on their refugee position

@Jacob Yes. I worked with Mexicans for years and they are very conscious about the fact that they are taking over. Part of what pushed me over the edge on race and culture issues.

Catching up on the news. As expected, CNN et al doing their best to delegitimize any concern for the Boers.

CNN article I'm reading right now actually gives a list of "serious" problems in Africa, with the clear implication that South Africa isn't serious.

I'm so happy I don't have to see or hear Milo anymore

I can't imagine anyone more annoying and gross

Yeah and not just gay but really really gay

It's disgusting how they downplay it. But not unexpected

I asked Trump to end the desecration of Confederate monuments

Sorry man. Itโ€™s infuriating. I hope heโ€™ll speak out about it

Oh nice ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

I think we need to stick with immigration

What exactly does โ€œracial/ethnic population removedโ€ mean? I mean how can they have a graph โ€œwithout blacksโ€ if the racial population was already removed?

Then whatโ€™s the difference between the red and the blue?

So youโ€™re saying the red doesnโ€™t include white people? @Emil Kraepelin

Sorry if Iโ€™m being retarded, but if in (b) the blue bar represents the total us population minus blacks, then what does the red bar represent?

Oh ok yeah i get it now

@Ben Rainsford - OH I think the racial aspect is really critical. Until they understand the importance of race, they can pretty easily rationalize anything else

Some people are just suckers in all honesty

I donโ€™t waste my time with them

Civnat is a good start. The question is whether he is even civnat

A civnat can be pro white

So thatโ€™s something

I think probably most people kind of go through that process. I liked Thomas Sowell for a while lmao

Eventually i realized that Sowell was not honest about race, endorsed race mixing, and cared more about free markets than i ever could

I had been red pilled for a couple years pre-Trump so idk who i wouldve liked if i hadnt been

Maybe Rand Paul

I liked Cruz before Trump entered the picture

And i really liked Rick Santorum but I knew he had zero chance of winning

Yeah ill keep my thoughts to myself re McCain

Inclined to agree with the idea of letting the blind be replaced

If you present someone with the facts and enough time to think about it and they still persist in advocating for their own destruction, then good riddance, frankly

I fight for people worth fighting for, not people who don't even have the will to see their own interest

Where are women even at? Online? Only place i ever meet women are at bars/clubs and theyโ€™re not exactly keepers

The English and Scottish are Celtified Danes


More east coast English you are, the more Anglo/Saxon you probably are

East Coast represent


The Irish element in the South is exaggerated tbh. Most Irish are in the North. What we have a lot of down here are Scotch-Irish.

But yeah weโ€™re Anglo af which is where our funny accents come from

Those carrots look good

Haha I donโ€™t reckon Iโ€™m much the religious type. I wish I were because like you said it would be a lot easier to meet a girl worth meeting. Thank you for the advice. Building a better social network does seem to be the key.

I wonder why in the world someone would pick a madden tournament of all things

Yeah bro just smoking these meats

What tide said

Be great if we could stop having announcements at times most normal people are sleeping. Gonna have to mute the server

@Deleted User you were in the fifth grade in 2014? What? Lmfao. I thought you had to be 18 to join IE but apparently not

Hopefully you didnโ€™t fail fifth grade that many times

Lmao how is that possible

Yeah there's no way in the world that can stand, especially considering the black guy literally got away with assaulting a woman for no reason

We have to make a lot of noise about it so that it will become a national issue

If there were ever a case that normies would side with us on, it's this

Right? haha

I'm afraid I might go to prison for what I said in my car at the black lady who cut in front of me in traffic today๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Who then got mad at me for almost hitting her lmao

Gotta love Atlanta

Happy saturday evening my friends

I didn't know there were enough girls to warrant a girl server lmao

That's cool though

@Reinhard Wolff you can disable the beeps

I'm completely of British ancestry and I think I have a bit of Norman.

So a little French in that sense.

I'm a typical neo-Anglo, I guess: Danish, Celtic, maybe a smattering of French

I have to say Alex is incredibly annoying lol

Nationalist Social group

Reminder that anime is gay

Extremely, intensely gay

Everyone should obsess about the cool kind of pointless nerd fiction like i do

Like sherlock holmes stories

I wonder what the iranians were genetically at that point. Were they still huwhite?

He has good videos about paganism

I love varg even though heโ€™s retarded sometimes

Oh cool

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