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2018-08-22 04:22:09 UTC

Highschool 😃

2018-08-22 04:23:01 UTC

I've learned everything I know from people who have been doing it for years, for all of my post-highschool jobs. I've done a lot of contracting work.

2018-08-22 04:24:55 UTC

^Run by a Canadian living in S.A. They’re hiring in U.S. Contracting work.

2018-08-22 04:25:04 UTC

Good place to look

2018-08-22 04:26:35 UTC

I'll check this out

2018-08-22 04:27:17 UTC


2018-08-22 04:28:14 UTC

Is the site the best way to contact them for work?

2018-08-22 04:32:12 UTC

I’d call them.

2018-08-22 04:33:11 UTC

Do some research on LinkedIn first

2018-08-22 04:33:22 UTC

I'll do that

2018-08-22 04:33:26 UTC

Thank you

2018-08-22 04:33:44 UTC

Look for “Founder” or “Co-Founder”

2018-08-22 04:34:02 UTC


2018-08-22 05:39:31 UTC

this will hopefully be my last Silent Sam post, but all I can say is that I'm utterly disgusted by those in power


2018-08-22 05:45:01 UTC

If I ever fulfill my dream of owning a large piece of land, I swear to God I'm erecting a museum to the CSA

2018-08-22 05:51:16 UTC

That's a great idea.

2018-08-22 05:51:51 UTC

It's similar to something Bill Marchant outlines here:

2018-08-22 06:15:16 UTC

You can offer to buy statues now...maybe IE should have a statue at future HQ.

2018-08-22 06:15:41 UTC

In the courtyard, or in the IE garden in the back by the greenhouse.

2018-08-22 06:15:45 UTC

@Freiheit - CA the statues are held by the cities like prisoners

2018-08-22 06:15:53 UTC


2018-08-22 06:17:20 UTC

a few have been released and relocated though

2018-08-22 06:17:57 UTC

Monument Ave in Virginia could use some help if we want a proactive action

2018-08-22 06:18:52 UTC

celebrating at founders' monuments would be some good optics and help tap into American identity

2018-08-22 06:18:58 UTC

You are free to make statues of me (or Koba) and place them on your property.

2018-08-22 06:21:26 UTC

Koba was banned for eternity I thought...

2018-08-22 06:22:07 UTC

Wasn't he banished from our history?

2018-08-22 06:26:47 UTC

He's back

2018-08-22 06:29:02 UTC

Based doggo, overcoming adversity.

2018-08-22 06:39:53 UTC

Koba is a deity. Protector of dogs and identitarians everywhere. He can't be stopped by mere mortals

2018-08-22 06:47:16 UTC

Jobs is more than just some dog. Koba exists within us all

2018-08-22 06:48:42 UTC

Noise cancelling headphones are an extremely worthwhile purchase if you live in a city. Being able to go from *The Sounds of Diversity* to *Debussy* in 5 seconds really makes walking through downtown much nicer.

2018-08-22 06:49:19 UTC

Plus you have an excuse to ignore being hounded for money or street preachers.

2018-08-22 06:49:56 UTC

Ordinarily I think explicitly ignoring people is a little rude, but my opinion changed when I met black Israelite street preachers.

2018-08-22 06:52:00 UTC


2018-08-22 06:57:31 UTC

I have a pair of Beats somewhere, but I feel like they were so obnoxious that I never really wore them out.

2018-08-22 06:57:47 UTC

The apple ear buds are too uncomfortable for long usage.

2018-08-22 06:59:09 UTC

I got a nice pair of Sony on ear headphones, but sadly I may have lost the aux to usb-c (?) connector.

2018-08-22 06:59:14 UTC

Agreed on apple buds. Beats are mega bassy.

2018-08-22 06:59:28 UTC

So I just use the Sony’s at my desk.

2018-08-22 07:05:37 UTC

I can’t ever really wear earbuds for long at all- the shape of my ear is odd or something and it makes them really painful.

2018-08-22 07:07:59 UTC

I just have some generic Bluetooth headphones that I bought for 20 bucks and they last like 20 hours.

2018-08-22 07:13:17 UTC

That’s good. Does your PC have bluetooth?

2018-08-22 07:15:38 UTC

I didn’t think to set that up when I built mine.

2018-08-22 07:15:49 UTC

Usually the Bluetooth headphones will have a corded option as well, like mine do. That also lets you use them with your computer if their battery is dead.

2018-08-22 12:00:01 UTC

Goodmorning IE.

2018-08-22 12:11:43 UTC

GOOD MORNING @Sam Anderson


2018-08-22 12:12:54 UTC

West Coast up early get after it @FACINEMA

2018-08-22 12:13:30 UTC

My shifts start at 5:30. Sadly the one day I have off I didn't turn off my alarm

2018-08-22 12:14:28 UTC

Thats terrible. Whats your plan on the day off?

2018-08-22 12:14:57 UTC

Go around to wineries and companies and offer to do hq videos for free to build my resume

2018-08-22 12:19:16 UTC

Nice man!

2018-08-22 12:30:06 UTC


2018-08-22 12:35:35 UTC

Good morning saviors of the West!

2018-08-22 12:52:59 UTC

james is next target

2018-08-22 12:53:20 UTC

His videos got striked and he cant log into his youtube

2018-08-22 12:53:47 UTC

they aren't even hiding the fact that they are silencing the whole right wing before the midterms

2018-08-22 13:10:36 UTC

@Matthias I recommend the LG Bluetooth ear buds, they're comfy, light, you often forget you're even wearing them

2018-08-22 13:29:37 UTC

@ophiuchus A man of taste. Debussy is my favorite composers. I really enjoy basically all of the impressionists.

2018-08-22 14:20:14 UTC

@Deleted User Rare photo of Gary Debussy playing for a crowd

2018-08-22 14:20:18 UTC


2018-08-22 14:21:42 UTC


2018-08-22 14:42:49 UTC

@ophiuchus When someone approaches me on the street or in a train I just start mouthing "no", shake my head, or wag my finger. It's always enough, just need to signal "nah guy I don't take cold calls" and they'll move on pretty quickly.

2018-08-22 14:43:41 UTC

http://archive.is/tonTs I think the WSJ opinion page is probably the best of the major papers

2018-08-22 14:55:14 UTC

I wonder what happened with this http://archive.is/HIssx

2018-08-22 15:05:57 UTC

@here Is there anyone willing to compile the best Sara Jeong tweets and send them my way? We need her best anti white/anti American tweets. Maybe if there's something that is extra spicy that isn't necessarily todo with above two you can throw it in but only if its extra spicy lol. I need this done today so if there is anyone who can do this please help us.

2018-08-22 15:06:17 UTC

Screen shots preferred.

2018-08-22 15:07:54 UTC


2018-08-22 15:08:23 UTC

@wayne peek i had this saved on my phone

2018-08-22 15:09:26 UTC


2018-08-22 15:35:16 UTC

We all need Salvini's in our countries. 💪🏻

2018-08-22 15:40:22 UTC

Yeah, awesome when he quietly says "the sources of the guilty". No quarter

2018-08-22 16:55:28 UTC
2018-08-22 16:57:21 UTC

I hate this piece of crap traitor Governor Brown! I always said he cares nothing for us!!🤬

2018-08-22 16:58:58 UTC

@celticflame can you link the story directly?

2018-08-22 17:14:27 UTC

@Deleted User same. Ravel and Fauré are probably my favorites

2018-08-22 17:33:19 UTC

Hang on..

2018-08-22 17:34:47 UTC

Jerry Brown Signs California's Death Warrant—His Ruling Signals The End

2018-08-22 17:35:10 UTC

Sorry i have trouble with doing links.. @Deleted User

2018-08-22 17:36:36 UTC

Gets pretty good near the middle.

2018-08-22 17:38:16 UTC

This isn't by Debussy btw - that's just what the guy who uploaded the video calls his channel

2018-08-22 17:51:20 UTC


2018-08-22 17:52:38 UTC

How exactly is being involuntarily celibate an "ideology"?

2018-08-22 17:54:39 UTC

@Deleted User also found the source on Breitbart but having trouble sharing..

2018-08-22 17:55:56 UTC

Classical music ftw

2018-08-22 17:56:05 UTC

I used to go to the Atlanta Symphony monthly

2018-08-22 17:56:09 UTC

I need to start doing that again

2018-08-22 18:00:48 UTC

Anyone have the pics of the cops watching them cut down Silent Sam

2018-08-22 18:01:01 UTC

Like the over the shoulder one

2018-08-22 18:01:31 UTC

Isaac Albeniz is great

2018-08-22 18:02:57 UTC

His classical guitar pieces are ridiculous

2018-08-22 18:07:53 UTC

@Sherlock I have not been to a live Symphony since I was very little, does classical music sound better in person?
I imagine not all of the musical sounds can be replicated by technology, similar to certain sounds only being heard at actual concerts

2018-08-22 18:11:21 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo In some cases, yes very much. For solo and chamber music, I don't think you're gaining a whole lot, but there's a big difference for large pieces. For example, I saw Mozart's Requiem in February, and I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelming an elite choir is from a few rows back.

2018-08-22 18:11:46 UTC

There's also the fact that you're getting a new interpretation every time, which is something I like about classical music.

2018-08-22 18:13:45 UTC

He's wearing headphones, I assume for a translator

2018-08-22 18:16:38 UTC

Defense making motions now for having private hearings and/or to exclude "expanded media rights"

2018-08-22 18:18:18 UTC

The defense attourney is arguing that the media has been one-sided against the defendent.

2018-08-22 18:18:28 UTC

of course

2018-08-22 18:19:05 UTC


2018-08-22 18:19:09 UTC

Manlets must be stopped

2018-08-22 18:21:47 UTC

Prosecutor arguing that expanded media is fine and that it's pretty typical for high profile cases like this.

2018-08-22 18:22:09 UTC

the judge is going to let this guy off

2018-08-22 18:22:14 UTC

just look at her

2018-08-22 18:22:29 UTC

The defense now arguing that he didn't get to hear about the expanded media request until noon today because a computer system was down.

2018-08-22 18:22:53 UTC

The judge now responding to him that she specifically told the defense attourney about it this morning directly because she knew in advance the computer system was down

2018-08-22 18:24:25 UTC

Judge made her decision, she is granting the expanded media access request.

2018-08-22 18:26:29 UTC

omg the camera actually zooms in on some little mexican girl in the courtroom to try and gain sympathy

2018-08-22 18:30:43 UTC

They're going to have a preliminary hearing on ~~September 4th.~~ August 31st

2018-08-22 18:32:16 UTC

I love how he gets life in prison, *here*, if found guilty.

2018-08-22 18:32:29 UTC

He *still* gets to stay

2018-08-22 18:32:42 UTC

"A Guilty verdict *may* effect your citizenship process!"

2018-08-22 18:34:09 UTC

God forbid a murder conviction affect someone’s inalienable right to US citizenship

2018-08-22 18:34:16 UTC

"a very heinous crime" no kidding.

2018-08-22 18:35:49 UTC

Without getting too graphic, how exactly did he kill her?

2018-08-22 18:36:21 UTC

Nice, put a 5 million bond on him, which was the larger bond requested

2018-08-22 18:36:51 UTC

anyone know the name of the judge?

2018-08-22 18:37:46 UTC

Have they mentioned evidence of rape?

2018-08-22 18:38:03 UTC

they mentioned sexual assault

2018-08-22 18:41:05 UTC

Apparently they’re conducting an autopsy today.

2018-08-22 18:41:56 UTC

No mention of sexual assault in that one

2018-08-22 18:46:51 UTC

@missliterallywho i believed the judge mentioned it during the hearing

2018-08-22 18:55:12 UTC

Drumpf 👌

2018-08-22 19:07:53 UTC

Should we cyberstrike that comment section before it goes viral?

2018-08-22 19:12:26 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Looking at the comment section, it's got all kinds of <:redpill:439924063377555497> folks already. 💪🏻 but it certainly couldn't hurt.

2018-08-22 19:15:27 UTC

arlington national cemetery received a bomb threat
it's almost like the left hate america 🤔

2018-08-22 19:16:10 UTC

Wow that's dumb, literally threatening to kill people who are already dead

2018-08-22 19:16:56 UTC

Videos like that are heart breaking and so infuriating knowing there's so many people in this country that are ok with it and want even more of it

2018-08-22 19:32:44 UTC

only 51%?

2018-08-22 19:33:11 UTC

That's great to see @Patrick

2018-08-22 19:34:25 UTC


2018-08-22 19:34:45 UTC

It's Trump's party now. I can only imagine the fallout of an impeachment trial over these fringe issues nobody knows nor cares about, like Michael Cohen or Stormy Daniels lol

2018-08-22 19:35:28 UTC

trump becoming caesar lol

2018-08-22 19:38:55 UTC

do y'all think an impeachment trial is even possible at this point?
my money is on a failed coup

2018-08-22 19:39:26 UTC

November is going to be a really interesting time

2018-08-22 19:39:44 UTC

I bet there’ll be no blue wave, and this will be blamed on Russia again

2018-08-22 19:39:49 UTC

Russia probe 2.0

2018-08-22 19:40:00 UTC

Rachael Maddow Ascendant

2018-08-22 19:41:54 UTC

Red wave in November and HRC is going to jail. I can dream...

2018-08-22 19:43:26 UTC

So many people on the Molly Tibbets video saying the family are crisis actors

2018-08-22 19:44:56 UTC

@TV so the left have gone full Alex Jones?

2018-08-22 19:46:06 UTC

Yes and I can't tell if it's intentional or not

2018-08-22 19:46:25 UTC

is this irony or salt?

2018-08-22 19:47:10 UTC

Salt disguised as irony is still just salt

2018-08-22 19:48:26 UTC

"Front hole" 😂

2018-08-22 19:48:51 UTC

we should have never defunded the mental asylums

2018-08-22 19:50:45 UTC


2018-08-22 19:51:22 UTC

I want my language back! NOW

2018-08-22 19:54:44 UTC

>vagina is no longer gender inclusive

2018-08-22 19:54:48 UTC

>no longer

2018-08-22 19:54:52 UTC

>it ever was

2018-08-22 20:05:15 UTC

The Sweden Democrats are seen slipping in various polls with only two weeks until the next election. Sweden is irreversibly doomed. In other news, the ocean is salty and water is wet.


2018-08-22 20:05:45 UTC

SD are the Sweden Democrats.

2018-08-22 20:06:26 UTC

Sweden yes!

2018-08-22 20:06:54 UTC

What were they polling at around the last election?

2018-08-22 20:08:46 UTC

@Jacob They were polling between 10-12%. The actual result was 12.9% in 2014.

2018-08-22 20:09:16 UTC

They're the third biggest party

2018-08-22 20:09:27 UTC

Okay so they're not doing too bad

2018-08-22 20:09:27 UTC

They could pull an AFD this election

2018-08-22 20:09:36 UTC

@StrawberryArmada They were last time too.

2018-08-22 20:09:38 UTC

They were polling at like 23

2018-08-22 20:09:52 UTC

They're certainly on the up and up

2018-08-22 20:09:54 UTC

They've dropped.

2018-08-22 20:10:06 UTC

It's still a huge gain?

2018-08-22 20:10:12 UTC

With the past week or two.

2018-08-22 20:10:14 UTC

Any gain is a gain

2018-08-22 20:10:23 UTC

I agree.

2018-08-22 20:10:32 UTC

Think about how wrong our poles were?

2018-08-22 20:10:43 UTC

Now imagine that on steroids

2018-08-22 20:11:01 UTC

The media in Sweden makes ours look like the word of god

2018-08-22 20:11:18 UTC

so the SD are the gud guys?

2018-08-22 20:11:19 UTC

The Social Democrats, Moderates, and Greens will all lose seats though. So that's somewhat redeeming.

2018-08-22 20:11:39 UTC

@Goose The best among those that have the chance.

2018-08-22 20:12:31 UTC

Social Democrats are the ones mostly responsible for the mess

2018-08-22 20:12:36 UTC

If they lose seats

2018-08-22 20:12:46 UTC

The opposition will have more

2018-08-22 20:13:05 UTC

It's neck and neck. The Alliance will surely overtake them

2018-08-22 20:13:11 UTC

@StrawberryArmada I'd like to think they perform better than the polls say, especially considering the stigma faced by nationalists in Sweden.

2018-08-22 20:13:39 UTC

@StrawberryArmada The Alliance includes the Liberals and the Center Party.

2018-08-22 20:14:12 UTC

Still better than the red-green-red alliance.

2018-08-22 20:14:21 UTC

Yea the Greens and Socialist run the gov but

2018-08-22 20:14:29 UTC

The numbers are already close

2018-08-22 20:14:40 UTC

anything would be better tbh

2018-08-22 20:15:10 UTC

If anything the Sweden Democrats will make it harder for the rest of the parties to get away with their criminality.

2018-08-22 20:15:34 UTC

Maybe even make the country ungovernable.

2018-08-22 20:18:25 UTC

They'll be a really strong opposition but also

2018-08-22 20:18:37 UTC

Despite other parties claiming to never work with them

2018-08-22 20:19:03 UTC

The SD have disrupted stuff just by being involved

2018-08-22 20:19:22 UTC

They can make the other parties give up on things or redo things

2018-08-22 20:20:49 UTC

Let's hope so. I would like think Sweden could be turned around though a mixture of government and nationalist movements like the NRM.

2018-08-22 20:23:40 UTC

Even if the SD lose this election, the political climate in Sweden will have shifted more right, and another party, or the SD, may have a better chance of becoming majority government during the next election

2018-08-22 20:25:17 UTC

I would highly encourage anyone who can do it to find time to go to one of the events listed. I understand that many of you have busy lives, however, if you can make it, it's worth it, even if you have to drive out a bit. If you don't necessarily live in the Northwest, but live close enough that you make a day drive to Seattle, you should definitely consider making the trip. For example, Northern California, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah.

2018-08-22 20:26:12 UTC

Same goes for other regional events, I just mentioned the Northwest Forum because I'm local and I've attended many events here in the past

2018-08-22 21:04:21 UTC

“The Fellowship Of the Eye” @Reinhard Wolff

2018-08-22 21:08:28 UTC

The SD are probably the best option for Sweden right now. But still they are not an ethno nationalist party, they are more of a Tommy Robinson-esque civnat party.

2018-08-22 21:18:43 UTC

@Virgil That's pretty much ethno nationalists in Swedens eyes. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-08-22 21:24:25 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Unfortunately to some, but the Nordic Resistance Movement are pretty solid guys from what I gather.

2018-08-22 21:30:09 UTC

Absolutely NRM have a lot of potential but I don't think that France is lost. France today is as white as America was in the 1950's plus it has one of the largest and most robust nationalist/Identitarian movements in Europe.

2018-08-22 21:33:26 UTC

Yeah, European countries are mostly Whiter than the US, but the US is far larger.

2018-08-22 21:36:20 UTC

It won't take long for Europe to get mongeralized.

A good portion have already picked up the belief that a country is nothing more than a place of occupance.

They are even closer to nonwhite hordes and there's better means of travel. They could go to a white minority in 30 years.

2018-08-22 21:37:54 UTC

Hey Everyone Smitty from Boston just joining awaiting second interview. IE has breathed life into me and inspired me. Thank you all who are involved amazing work!!

2018-08-22 21:38:25 UTC

Welcome to the finest U.S Identitarian organisation around!

2018-08-22 21:39:30 UTC

Welcome, @Smitty83!

2018-08-22 21:41:14 UTC

Just saw you on red Ice. Loved the South American Embassy demonstration! Wow amazing work Brother

2018-08-22 21:41:43 UTC

@Smitty83 welcome aboard!

2018-08-22 21:42:48 UTC

Thank you

2018-08-22 21:51:02 UTC

Thanks Eternal Anglo!

2018-08-22 21:53:26 UTC

Hey! How do I get in contact with the TX coordinator? Excited to get this going!

2018-08-22 21:59:20 UTC
2018-08-22 22:02:22 UTC

Murdered by a brown man, still thinks diversity is a strength. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-08-22 22:02:46 UTC

Welcome aboard @Smitty83 !

2018-08-22 22:03:29 UTC

Welcome to the finest group of people you will ever meet @Smitty83 <:deye:359010025223618570>

2018-08-22 22:06:02 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff True, I think that the small size of European countries works more in our favor because they can't build infinite suburbs to escape the diversity. They have to face these people directly on a very regular basis.

2018-08-22 22:08:05 UTC

The brain washing runs so deep that even when a family member is killed people still won't see the problem.

2018-08-22 22:12:08 UTC


2018-08-22 22:13:14 UTC

It's all so tiresome

2018-08-22 22:13:30 UTC

Womp womp

2018-08-22 22:15:04 UTC

oof, now thats a hot take @Bjorn - MD

2018-08-22 22:15:14 UTC

wonder what her last thoughts were...

2018-08-22 22:15:21 UTC

"atleast im not a racizzzt"

2018-08-22 22:16:58 UTC

That's not her

2018-08-22 22:17:48 UTC

That's what antifa uses to mass report YouTube channels and get them deleted

2018-08-22 22:18:08 UTC

To be fair that just looks like one of the typical cringey things that teenage girls do.

2018-08-22 22:18:34 UTC

lol what....

2018-08-22 22:18:54 UTC

This is like the eighth girl whose done this and has been killed by an illegal alien. Why is anyone shocked tbh?

2018-08-22 22:19:13 UTC

i dont know any teen girls who would talk wear a shirt saying say no to white boys

2018-08-22 22:19:25 UTC

every girl i knew in highschool would think thats disgusting

2018-08-22 22:19:37 UTC

You don’t go to a high population shit lib university

2018-08-22 22:19:49 UTC

College indoctrination goes far beyond high school

2018-08-22 22:19:52 UTC

There’s so many that do this exact stuff

2018-08-22 22:19:53 UTC

Jesus Christ that picture

2018-08-22 22:19:58 UTC

This is Sad

2018-08-22 22:20:11 UTC

That is not Tibbets?

2018-08-22 22:20:38 UTC

Of course, regardless of what they say, the vast majority of white girls prefer white guys

2018-08-22 22:21:10 UTC

They're actually more likely to have in group preference in dating than men

2018-08-22 22:22:50 UTC

@TV I just reported it to the Chrome Store. We should out-✡ them and mass report their Chrome Extension.

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