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@Munich Right there with you bro.

So are we bringing shields?

I've seen the guys over in Sweden using shields when they march. Looked interesting. They are all uniform though.

Prob should bring other protective equipment right...?

No it.

So if shields will be used, how many would need to be made to make everyone look "uniform"?

I thought the black sun was an ancient symbol spanning over several different cultures across the planet.

When does Lee Park open?

I agree with the concealed carry. Then its less likely some antifa ass will grab it off you when youre not paying attention

They already grab our posters and phones...why not our firearms

True but most of us would need to be showing that kind of force to work

So bring something along the lines of a broom stick...

haha that would do.

We prob shouldnt sharpen the ends on the concrete...right...

That could work.

The carolina guys have been talking about getting shields...haha

So that may be possible

I agree with that statement @Lukas - NC


@Havamal posted about these

There we go.

So are we doubling down and getting these..?

All I'm saying is that a gun won't stop a brick from smashing your face.

Sure thing. So body armor and concealed carry?

I thought open carry was being deemed as a no go...

I agree with you. I thought one of the admins put out that we shouldn't open carry...trying to find which tag it was under.

It was under announcements.

Ive got a vest to wear underneath.

mouthguard is prob critical

Still skeptical

Was my exact idea

Check out the Demonstration_tactics tag. There have been a discussion about shields there.

Thats what it seemed like during the Portland protest last weekend. He wants everyone to like him...

Copy that

still watching him though

It will totally back fire

Most people see that as being the epitome of the Nazis


The idea is to bring everyone on to our side and book burning just wont be it

I would like them to underestimate us...

@Matthias I will be getting with you on that topic soon

My bad.

@Kevin Pierce-VA if it gets too crazy I may take you up on that offer.

Here we go with all the anti white propaganda...


So did they shoot this fuck?

just read it. thx

never kill shots

So how will they know if someone is a WN?

Or muh trump supporter?

I doubt they will be able to enforce it. But I do like the idea of having our own thing instead of spending our money in those bars.

Give em hell.



They don't. They're commies

What's the crowd size for this event happening now?

I'm bringing the gun show

are we inviting retards...?

Well there are medicinal purposes for mary jane

No mercy, no quarter

for bad writing habits


I suggest if you haven't watched you, that you should.

Evil magicians.

Good thing we covered our bases.

Looks like the work outs that I do...

So we cant live in a van down by the river...?

Better than living in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea.

Shit he's in Roanoke...?

I live in Roanoke. Plenty of leftist tards.


Do we know if he's attending August 12?

Lmao true.

You all ever try the Dansk Mjod? Danish mead...

Its my favorite from the ones ive tried so far.

I like them all honestly haha.

I like the hops added. Gives it a little different taste

I feel much better after having a few drinks than when I drink beer or liquor

Its easy to kill a bottle. but at 19% youll be feeling it.

Daggum. Ive only had the Viking blod, Ribe, GI, and Vikingernes. Theyre all 19%

Its $30 here.

Im willing to pay for it once a month.

Its not a nightly drink for me.

I would like to start making my own once I find some land and get some bees.

I do agree. I need to buy one. Ive been looking around for a while but havent thrown any money down on one.

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