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You guys have no idea how much I'm looking forward to the aesthetic creation of the ethnostate

Also glad to be here- lots of interesting stuff so far. Wish I could contribute more, but I am a lowly (((finance student.)))

Are Brussel sprouts trad

They're really good I've discovered

Never had them growing up, but just sautรฉed in olive oil with salt and pepper they're great

Pork chops!

Cooked that individual with some thyme and butter, scraped the bits with some red wine vinegar and olive oil

There's good mead in New York for some reason

All those upstate apiaries

Oh, if we're talking about implicit cooking shows, watch "chef's table" on Netflix. In in French (with subtitles obviously,) and goes around France talking about these little restaurants and the stories behind them: filmed with very good cinematography and set to classical music. Very nice.

Incontrovertibly Aryan

@Erika#9709 I'm glad someone else here likes gook food as much as me

Do y'all white individuals like Thai food

It's so good...

Gook food time

I tried to make something like this, but I got side-tracked as a death in the family happened right after. I feel like it would be better here- I'd prefer to have it all in one place. Plus, there are people here who would be significantly more knowledgeable than me- I'm still a (((finance student)))

We wuz bookz

^ sugar snap peas

Sugar snaps and hummus is my go to snack

Hummus is the only good thing to ever come from the Middle East

Entirely unsurprising tbh

*just act less gay*

Neo-nazi white supremacist racist white nationalist alt-right hitlerian fascist group, Identity Evropa

If one label doesn't work just tack 'em all on I guess

@Marlow also sexist

Implying some normie nog would know what half those words means

Apparently no one does so

"I like existing"
"These motherfucking white supremacists are getting out of hand"

Bring back brain react

Twice as English as London




The first verse of their anthem is a whitepill in itself, "Awaken Romanian, from the sleep of death into which you've been sunk by barbaric tyrants, now or never create a new fate for yourself- to which even your cruel enemies will bow"

There are still countries with anthems this based


That's when they use Weisenthal's numbers

6,000,000 Jews, and a 5,000,000 non-Jew number he straight up made up so that everyone else got less sympathy

It has something to do with an ancient typo. Some letter that has a numerological value was accidentally left out back when Torahs were copied by hand around the part where it speaks about the Jews returning to Zion, so popular custom later gave way to the "you'll return minus the 6 million"

Something in Russia?

I showed you my fashcut answer me

What do those terrorist squiggles say

Fall is coming and it's comfy Caucasian weather

Whitepill is for anecdotes or new information that might help someone feeling down feel a little better. An example would be linking an article showing increasing white birth rates. Discussion should not occur here. Similarly, threats of violence, even joking, are a violation of rule 1.

I probably would have left it had the addendum not been added.

Depends on the time of day and the setting. In any case- black is too dour unless you're the groom imo.

If it's in the morning I'd go light grey with notched lapels.

You can get away with wearing a non-white shirt as long as it's a light color and the tie doesn't clash

Agreed there

Yeah it really depends on how formal it is and what time of day

Make it explicitly pro-white and watch people leave voluntarily. People will follow the path of least resistance largely- and if they were torn from the teat of white guilt's endless gibs, they'd find little reason to stay.

Check mate - Shah mat - the king is dead (in Persian)

It was! Iran - Aryan: literally

SUNY purchase

"The posters reading 'Identity Evropa' were backtracked to the white supremist group, Identity Evropa"

"One respondent simply sent an image known as a 'smug pepe,' an antisemitic amphibian, in reply"

Beautiful! Where is this?

@Erika *quelle surprise*

Shock and horror

Home, ideally.

Is Christmas coming early

>because you cannot tell me by name which alleles are involved in the heritability of intelligence we cannot determine if intelligence is hereditary

Early Socratic "what is the nature of the color white"

All the top comments agree with him

The level of out here we are getting to is profound

German fashion designer

Why was "move to Israel" not an option

Esoteric Shrek nationalism when

Friendly reminder that selma sucks so bad they tried to charge people to walk across the bridge when they did the commemoration of the historical bridge crossing there

I've also heard they tried to pass a law to keep white business owners from leaving but I don't think I've properly sourced it

Jesus Christ

*Gens du pays, cโ€™est votre tour*

>survivors in Charlottesville

Disappointed tbh, expected more MINION


Yeah thatโ€™s fortunately not real

Explicitly at least

2017-12-08 03:05:01 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Christmas dog

2017-12-08 03:12:59 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

Caramel coated onions for Christmas *now*

2017-12-08 05:57:35 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Auf WI ye, a little

2017-12-11 02:07:12 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Does anyone know what effects drinking a lot of tea has on you? Iced tea (sans sugar, of course,) is basically all I think, and several more cups of hot tea before bed. A while ago I experienced kidney stones for the first time, and needless to say thatโ€™s something Iโ€™d rather avoid in the future. Iโ€™ve read that drinking too much tea, coffee, and soda (donโ€™t drink the last one at all,) can sometimes cause kidney stones, but does anyone here know anything about that? How much is safe to drink then? Whatโ€™s optimal?

2017-12-11 04:10:33 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@The Eternal Anglo many different kinds

2017-12-11 04:12:11 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

@bspon001#9873 gainzposting

2017-12-12 05:56:35 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Deleted User sounds like liberal bullshit tbh

Whomever want to learn French, I lived in Montreal when I was a kid for a while and speak it pretty well, so you could practice with me if you want

@spooky_kraut#8307 can put me down for French and Japanese if you want. My written mandarin is rusty but my spoken mandarin is fine

Every post-industrial city in the country

My fellow black people

Anyone speak portuguese?

Kinda tempted to learn a little- I just like how it sounds

Not really no- just kinda interested

@ThisIsChris it's rather different than the brazilian iteration right?

Boomer (Gen X?) Mom just referred to Sweden as โ€œnorth Somaliaโ€ in conversation without batting an eye. Weโ€™ve gone from โ€œObama did nothing wrongโ€ a year ago to this. Baby steps.

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