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thirstposting hahaha

POST DAT 23andMe


Not worth it to spiral on the guy, I'll stick up for someone who protected people on the right

We have the world we have, not the one we want

We need some kind of recommended gear guide for these street protests. I'd post on the forums about it, but it's public. Today could have got hairy if they started macing people. Respirators or recommended safety goggles and maybe bump helmet recs

How many TX goys do we have going? I'm gonna fly out on Friday probably leave Monday

I've got a buddy from my local pool party group that is coming, can you add him? @Anthony#4978

I like how he(they) try and take credit for an event they didn't set up

what a jackass

Everyone should have a battle buddy, pair up for safety

When is that document being released?

Need two invites for guys in my local pool party network that will be there

I need an invite for another Austin area goy

What do you have to gain? What do you have to lose? Idk fam. I don't know that it's necessary to do the interview. Who listens to counter currents that doesn't listen to the rest of our media sites?

KA used to be pretty badass. Fraternities have been pozzed as well. Individual chapters of KA would still be rife for recruitment.

Maybe a spoken password?



That or we'll just have to wait until valhalla

Talk about potential risk with all of the leaks in this server

I didn't even see anyone talking about her, all she had to do was stfu

Now she's in here talking about cultural Marxism yet she is a byproduct of it and wants us to respect that

General OPSEC, I don't know how we can trust someone like that.

So she's apart of RTC and comes in here to draw attention to herself in an effort to possibly stir shit up. "I'm against cultural Marxism, but I'm a byproduct of that and you need to respect that." This is ridiculous. Someone should talk with Augustus Invictus to get this chick in line.

Love this last minute d&c by this chick

All she had to do was shut the fuck up. 90% of us don't even know her

Seems types like her love drama and it's possibly a play to grow her own image via controversy


The original permit was for 400, I don't know what's gonna happen since it's clear we're going to surpass that number

What is

That's good news

I deleted mine a few weeks ago in preparation. I'm about to delete my LinkedIn as well

At least my LinkedIn will remain down for a few weeks

Makeup counts as a mask

they arrested some dude who did a joker face makeup not long ago

Armor will get you tagged with a felony

VA laws.

body armor will get you tagged with a felony, the helmet won't AFAIK

You get arrested "in commision of a crime" wearing body armor, it gets escalated to a felony


It is considered premeditation

Yeah, good luck with the shitlib judges and DA

You're just giving them more ammo

hat and sunglasses? I've not heard that at all

yeah and I'm not deviating from that at all

Body armor is generally considered a no go. In the end it's up to you, but I would not advise it

Yes, it has.

Yes, and they will fuck you even harder in court if you give them a reason


Do we have a decided route into the area yet? Obviously do not share specifics.

@Tyrone didn't know if we knew about the road blocks beforehand, my bad man

@Tyrone sorry for the confusion. Just didn't know if the roadblocks had changed our initial plans. I've got a group of around 30, trying to figure out if we can walk in or if we'll have to get to the shuttles

Fuck, Chef. That's terrible

Like I said the other night, let me know if you need anything brother

Yes we're good

flying real low so we should be okay

Yes sir

Class action suit fam

Sheeeit Looks like heavy rain tomorrow goys

Hope ya'll brought your ponchos


Windows, tires? What happened?

I can help

I wouldn't call it a scalp

He's going to grow, and he's going to release dirt on her

plus Rebel Media is all but dead

As funny as it is... retarded

Guy should have just shut up, or said something more intelligent

"This woman was in the road blocking traffic. Already in between two cars, as someone attacked this guy's car...."

But kessler isn't that bright.

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