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2017-03-19 00:40:47 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #music]  

Hey, does anyone know where I can download Mr. Bond music? i've searched all over for downloads

2017-03-22 22:44:23 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #effortposting]  

Yeah. I agree.

2017-03-22 22:51:46 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #effortposting]  

I guess I was shifting to a more ideal future time in which our people were already strong again. Even then someone will occasionally be born with a physical defect or something. And at that point, it I think it might be wise to use a case by case strategy. For instance, maybe there's a guy born with a gimp arm, but is a badass still with only one arm, then he's probably making the group as a whole better off and maybe should not be kicked out. That said, there are probably things which can get someone booted regardless of their otherwise good qualities, for instance committing unsanctioned violence against another member of the tribe.

@StrawberryArmada Night splints worked wonders for my plantar fasciitis. I only had to wear them a few nights and it was gone, after weeks of pain.

MAGA! Make Africa... wait. Dammit

We memed Viking space force real lads. Here we are! Moving forward

I propose law number 1: dumbocracy shall be from here on "that which shall not be named"

@Suomi Stronk is King here. We call this place Stronkland! Welcome!

Await the words of our King...

Hail Suomi!

Let's get on this volks

That song is strangely compelling

What's 3R history?

I get it now. Thank y'all

I searched it and could only come up with reduce, reuse, recycle. I just knew that couldn't be right.

Never thought of that but now that you mention it... @Patient Zero

Was thinking Shapiro vs. McDonald would be interesting but McDonald seems to have that kinda slow academic type speaking pattern. But, there is someone who has the knowledge and speaking skills to debate Shapiro...Allsup

@Rogue only Suomi yamakas available. You still interested?

Official merch of Stronkland. We're taking this to all corners of disc

You mean Benny right? @Patient Zero

Yeah hes not Stephen Hawking, but he's smart enough to remember stats and skilled enough to make people look dumb if they aren't prepared and equally skilled. Like remember spencer and that hypoteloristic talk show host? @Patient Zero

@Rogue there's been some changes, scroll up, we're all finnland now

But yeah I know what you're saying. @Patient Zero

We monarchy now. No vote

It could be worse

I like Mark Rippetoe's program. Focuses on building strength, not glam @Ben Rainsford - OH

@Bjorn - MD heck yeah, they do go πŸ”₯ sometimes, it's awesome

@Ben Rainsford - OH You're welcome! Mass gains to you!

From rabbi selsburg's blog:
"The future of the Land of Israel, in 2013, should have less to do with centuries past and more to do with finding a way for the present residents to live peacefully with two states for two peoples"
... two states for two peoples? He couldn't possibly be meaning like ethnostates or anything, right? He's committed to diversify though. Just can't figure this out.

Yeah, awesome when he quietly says "the sources of the guilty". No quarter

>"when I was there in capetown, which is a bastion of diversity, despite having a very high crime rate"
>realizes: oh hell just effed the diversity is strength meme
> Pause
>" Uhhmm..."
>"[We be transition, Trump not smart]"

IDK Candace kinda hot

And hot

Jesse Lee I think is trying to come up with evolian transcendent leadership but just expresses as christcuck "love"

Yeah, masculine Christianity nationalism=good

Larry elders not wypipo keep me down

Space force yes!

@Ben Rainsford - OH we had a large discussion about this the other day here. It's gone now but I support Anglo pronouncing everything.


Was interesting

We should start pronouncing Mexican words with a Russian or Chinese accent. Just to mess with people.

Yeah it's a legitimate issue.

I'm going to get triggered if I watch that

Demiboys in das capital? You're joking? @Karl

That book is boring, I couldn't get past like 4 pages, just sounded all...boring!

A lot better

@Aeyannic_Order you mean that the group is lethargic and you want them to step it up?


@Caboose you rainbow me bru? I can't abide that. Name your contest! (not golf) When I best you, then you must don the rainbow flag! Else I will accept defeat and wear the flag in shame.

Contest!? You rainbow flagger!

(okay maybe, but that video will actually make me anger sad). @Caboose

Max push-ups contest? Sudoku nvm I suck at that. Sprint?

Yeah. We bringing back aristocratic duels.

Sweet!! @Caboose stands by his word and accepts challenges!

Odin's eye! Now that!? You're going to be wearing the rainbow my friend!

Hell yeah, pragerU! Haha

Challenge him to a duel!!

@Doc34 you gonna let him rainbow you?! Challenge that man!

@missliterallywho is right. Always a voice of reason. DISCLAIMER to noobs: we're LARPing/boomerposting (except the pushup loser wears rainbow flag challenge, that's real)

So, it is actually a good time to buy?

No I'm serious, I don't follow this stuff at all. I'm not sure exactly how to interpret those charts in the context of previous performance. So, just stupid I guess although ignorant might be more technically accurate.

@ThisIsChris okay thank you

Stop eating. Longer term fasting, less than 72 hours Jack's up HGH by 1500% @Anti Weeb Aktion

Amazon just bought whole food so I quit shopping there.

@Anti Weeb Aktion Thomas delauer has some good videos about longer term fasting.

@Tanner - SC maybe that's true

I can see that aspect of it. I still buy from Amazon main.

Most people are missing critical information that would allow them to correctly interpret the world. Once one has that knowledge everything becomes more clear.

@Caboose maybe something that subversively encourages miscegenation

Hail Angoy-Saxon!

No. Is it good?

Yeah they push some fringe-ish ideas sometimes


@Albo Greychak - MI going with the suit? That's good. We need to bring back suits and proper attire. That or armor and bracers.

My preference also but I don't think anyone else agrees

They always say something about larp or whatever

@Asatru Artist - MD you here Texas recently did away with blade length laws? Swords are legal here now to carry around!

Good point

What's your opinion on revelatory/experienced paganism vs. study book recreation paganism? @Asatru Artist - MD


@JC yeah easy to get frustrated with that sometimes. Smarter people than me say "we're a vanguard, we can't expect everyone to accept our ideas"

Gen x unity. Member when mtv brainwashed us? That was cool...err... evil

Hell yeah!

Steady decline?

The opening riff...Prong... Steady Decline?

It does. But if the interwebs ever fails we remember how to do stuff without it. Well, barely, but still.

But I know what you mean, I have often thought the same thing. Nonetheless I still make an effort to get some of the dynamics of the way millennials communicate and language and stuff, I think a lot of it is cool.

I just started college when internet came

@Asatru Artist - MD you have Woden statue? Make offerings?

Cell phones changed alot about the world too. It's very different now. Before when your friend wasn't home you'd just have to drive around and hope you find them.

Yeah, it was fun. Usually able to use looking for friend as excuse to look for girls

Yeah cell phone addiction is real

There's some data suggesting that might be the case, unfortunately

Are y'all putting white identity issue and going real name?

Eh... I just saw the above about the "soft sell". Makes sense.

He delivers that line with so much confidence and conviction, if liberals heard that they'd be screeching for weeks.


@Deleted User what happened with AJ and trap meme?


@Balbo I'll be glad when wsj is "hmm maybe democracy is dumb"


@William Russell did you have to go pick her up the next morning? Or they just stayed in same hotel?

I like spencers vests

Texas is become Neo-Monarchy

Hq where?

Other states have as much state nationalism as Texas? (Except Cali)

I like that vest though

Its very English

Yeah real cowboy. Just like nfl guys are actually tougher than navy seals

Showboat sports=tough
Riding range 1000 miles=wimp


Went party today, several boomers pissed about kneelers

Every single one of our guys I've met seems smarter than average people

People are sick of it, work normies are even getting pissed

About immigration, social media crap, all of it

Not all of course but more than say 5-6 years ago

Yeah. I get surprised all the time. I'll hesitantly start discussing slightly redills and normies are agreeing and amplifying

Maybe they're hiding power level...

@Asatru Artist - MD State farm is particularly bad about that.

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