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Matthias 2017-05-02 15:40:51 [Anticom #general]

Announcements are read only @Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe

Matthias 2017-05-02 15:44:32 [Anticom #general]

I'd discuss that criticizing antifa for being 'intolerant' is kind of fruitless. Tolerance was really never a virtue so instead touch on the value of organizing together and recognizing there are irreconcilable differences between what nationalists want and want leftists want and they're ultimately willing to disposes us in order to achieve it.

Matthias 2017-05-04 03:14:53 [Anticom #general]

He's not wrong @Ulst├Ęr-Scotch , capitalism, particularly (((international capitalism))) has permitted social degeneracy and decay while aiding our displacement.

Matthias 2017-05-04 03:21:01 [Anticom #general]

A nation and its people are more than just its GDP.

Matthias 2017-05-15 22:24:00 [Anticom #general]

Given the public nature and increased profile of this event, I'd like @everyone to be aware of antifa encounters outside of the main event. Hotels in town, bars, restaurants, parking lots, and even gas stations are potential places to be ambushed. So bear in mind to stick in groups as much as possible, have a secure and out of the way place to stay, and park at safe distance especially if you're driving with your own vehicle and license plate.

The main demonstration will involve setting up a podium in front of the General Lee statue for the speakers and then forming a white bloc barrier or square around the entire statue + podium. The larger, outer formation will be progressively cuckier as it moves out meaning the the inner group and square around the VIPs should consist of all alt-right activists. @everyone

And given that they know we're coming, we'll all need as many people as possible to be there right when the park opens.

There won't be. They're going to stay on a pro white, nationalistic message. @Gavius Corvus

That's all we ask. And that's frankly not a stretch from where they're currently at.

Not asking them to endorse Richard or Enoch. Just call out the left and antifa as lunatic anti white is all.

We will have that increasingly alt right inner core around the podium and speakers in the event there is another Cuck Knight.

Who cares. Let them be triggered all year long.

If it's legal no one can legally stop you from OC/CC.

Indeed we already are in some places.

Guys. We are not starting Rahowa in August. If you are absolutely adamant about bringing more than pepper spray or a CCW, keep it to yourself.

The optics of black southern cops gassing antifa is perfect.

That's great @MadDimension , even less of an issue if we don't have to worry about them speaking but have their members attend.

>Hey guys let's use the proudboys as bait

Not the brightest of moves.


Of course you do

It means this entire thing has zero focus and zero mission.

And its continually being derailed.

I don't. It was a good idea.

But we are not storming into bars and pulling out leftists and we are not using alt lite idiots as bait for a fight.

This is literally insane.

It doesn't take Nathan to point out that'd be a bad idea.

Our activists would be better suited on the street actually doing activism than in a jail cell and doxed you moron. @Hand Banana


Go storm into a bar and attack some random leftist and see what happens to your life.

You're unhinged.

Jason did lol

And summoning antifa?


And when it emerges that the alt right invited the antifas?



This is a UniteTheRight rally. As Enoch said on the shoah, we're already getting the alt lite to support us for our issues at our event, not merely stand up for free speech.

Pitting them into a fight against antifa is not going to happen.


That was in one of Jason's initial posts.

Which was stupid.

I was speaking of a post that Jason made early when the server was made.

And what happens when our guys were inside paying with credit cards? What happens if someone on our side instigates?

So fucking shortsighted

Holy fucking shit no

Maybe the sensible thing to do is not attack people in bars and go jail/dox everyone.

Defend yourself obv


Jason was talking about advertising your location or even inviting antifa.

Not 'antifa randomly showing up coincidentally'

Then you are looking for a fight.

I would agree, except Jason was also talking about springing it on PB.\


You guys are the ones trying to control a shitstorm and initiate something you won't be able to control.

There has to be trust between the different organizations if this things has any chance. That is not achieved by springing something on them when we've already got them to agree to a lot.

Also the alt-lite members that *are* showing up to this thing are already willing to fight alongside us. We don't have to manipulate them into some bar fight. There'll be plenty of that at the statue, I'm sure, and if it happens at the bar so be it. Doesn't mean we have to stage it lmao.

I need invite permissions.


There are certain people like Allsup, Baked, Augustus who are formerly alt-lite but can't really be characterized by that any longer. They are fine and I now consider many of them trusted friends. But Loomer, Posobiec, Cernovich, many Oathkeeper leaders, Wintrich and so on need to be metaphorically gassed away from our circles. We extended the olive branch. They lashed out in every possible way. It's time to shame every single one of them. @MadDimension

At some level this movement should not turn into just a giant flame war, yes. But this is about taking power and leading people into our movement. Their criticism of this event that it's just a way for figures to fall in with the alt-right is largely correct, frankly. That's what they're afraid of. And everyone in this movement knows that bullying works. That's why we shame them for cucking. We expose them as fundamentally lacking to the normies. @MadDimension

I'm sorry Jason but this is total war. Countering their insane and frankly illegal accusations and responding to literal physical attacks on our guys is not petty. We have to shed the fat and totally distinguish ourselves.

@The Soy Goy is correct though I am skeptical of the Oathkeepers. Nevertheless it's public. Again, I'm referring to shaming the alt-lite figureheads. Maybe that was misunderstood on my mistake.


Stop typing Ericka. I don't care if Vanguard guys are flaming you. There are a million other ways to handle it.

You delete my message?

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